Flat Earth Critic Takes Bible Verse Out of Context

Flat Earth Critic Takes Bible Verse Out of Context


Sheol means gave and not ‘hell’ as most people think. Otherwise, this image is good.

A good point was brought up by flat earth critic William Finck who wrote to this ministry. His words are in italics.

Jeremiah 31: 37 Thus saith the LORD; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.

Wow, liars and clowns, taking my entire perspective out of context. Actually, Yahweh said that man would not be able to measure or search out the foundations or the heavens, so you are all stuck on stupid.

What Jeremiah 31:37 said needs no interpretation. I’m in agreement with it as I’m sure that you are, too. The problem is, that flat earth critics who use this verse as their proof that the earth is not flat is – that we NEVER said, “That we have found and measured the heavens and the foundations!” You will not see this claim in this website, nor have I seen this in other flat earth websites. This is typical of flat earth critics – to say things that we never said or insinuate things that we never said.

We flat earthers can not:

  • Measure the heaven above
  • Measure the foundations below

But what is the problem, I ask flat earth critics, with knowing that there IS a heaven above and foundations below? But to know that there is a heaven above and a foundation below does not mean that we can travel there, take our measurement tools and find out what it is. Just like you can be in a house. You may be told that it has a foundation but if there is no way for you to get under the house, you will not be able to get the measurement. People all agree on this, so why can’t they agree on this?

Jeremiah 31:37 actually is TELLING US, using other words, that the earth is flat and not a globe. Mr. Finck, since when does a globe have a foundation? I never seen one! Perhaps the Establishment – whom we know never lies, lol, – will be telling us that are on a globe with foundations! Now, that would make it more ludicrous. But with earth being flat, it certainly is easily to have foundations. The earth also has to be stationary to have a foundation – and this is what flat earth believers say all along. A globe earth, spinning globe AND a globe traveling around the Sun certainly can’t have a foundation. But a flat, stationary earth can!

About heaven, we flat earthers know that there’s the atmosphere, we know that there is a dome (as the Bible calls ‘firmament’) but that doesn’t give us the measurement. Then, there is the measurement IN the firmament – where the stars are. We can’t break through this – nor should we dare. So, we KNOW that we can’t measure the inside of that. Then, there is Heaven, where Yahweh, God resides. We CAN NOT measure that. But just to know that it is above us is not a problem and it does NOT contradict our belief in the flat earth and believing what Jeremiah 31:37 says.

Yahweh speaking Jeremiah is TELLING HIM that there are foundations. But if you talk to Christian globe earth believers – including Christian Identity people – they will brush it off. When pressed, they will say it’s poetic or figurative writing and not to be taken literally. We know that the Bible has certain verses that are like that, but does that mean this verse is like that? Then think in reality, we have foundations to our homes, it’s flat and stationary. Wouldn’t it make sense that our Creator created our greater home – earth – with a foundation and stationary? It does to me.

Let’s talk more about the Dome, or the Firmament, as God calls it. Flat earthers theorise that the Firmament comes down to earth somewhere in the Antarctic. (The Antarctic forms the outer boundary of the earth.) IF we reached it, it would be the military, and they are not telling us. But even if they did, they would not be able to get through it to measure inside.

As for the Foundations, man has only been able to drill down so far. The Russians drilled the deepest oil well and it went down to about 40,000. And no matter how much they drilled, their drills broke. Perhaps God was telling them something. This, flat earth believers know about. There is a limit to how deep we can dig down to. And even if we could dig deeper, you would have to drill horizontal to the ends of the earth and hope you come across the foundation and measure that. No flat earther claims this, so why do flat earth critics use this as their ‘proof.’ It’s not using God’s Word correctly!

Jeremiah was also told that heaven is above. There is the heaven that we call the atmosphere. We all agree on this. Then, there is the Heaven above the heaven – that we all agree on. However, globe earth believing Christians should not believe this if they ALSO believe what they are TOLD by the Establishment. If CI people believe in the globe earth, how can they wrap their heads around Heaven being above the earth?

When out in space, what is above? What is below? With the vastness of space what is ‘up’, what is ‘down’, what is ‘sideways’? After all, 6 billion light years is vast; 6 thousand light years is vast. But we are told – in more than one place in the Bible – that heaven is above. And it makes it very easy to get in our mind ‘above’ understand this when ‘above’ right above us and it’s the same for everyone!

Think of this you globe earth believers. Say where God resides is 10 trillion miles away and it’s situated where the North Star is and that is ‘our’ above’ – as some sphere earth believers would say. OK, it would be above the North Pole but it would not be above Australia where our brethren lives. After all, they are ‘down under.’ On a globe, God would not be above; His Domain would not be above, it would be BELOW!

And what about Europe? Well, traveling out in space, Heaven would be off to the side! So, by globe earth believers, Yahweh, God would not be telling the truth.

Take the above example, and use the figure of 10,000 miles, instead, and you’d have the same problem on a globe earth. But a flat stationary earth, there is no problem. There is only one ‘up,’ one ‘down,’ – even for you Aussies – so so there is only one location for Heaven and it would be the same for everyone.

Now, globe earth believers, answer me this: How do you get water to stay on a ball? Don’t say ‘gravity’ as that is saying you must believe in the most preposterous fiction out there. So, if you can’t answer this ‘water on a ball,’ question you shouldn’t be asking any more questions or making claims.

With that said, let me close with this:

A judge was holding trial and a man, we’ll call Mr. Snyder, for burglary. The judge said, “Where is accused Mr. Snyder?”

One man said, “I know why he is not here, your honour.”

The judge had him come to the witness stand and said, “Go ahead.”

The man said, “There are 10 reasons why he is not here.”

The judge said, “OK, let me hear the 10 reasons.”

The man responded, “The first reason why he’s not here is that he is dead. The second reason…”

The judge interrupted him and said, “Stop!”

The man in the witness stand said, “Don’t you want to hear the other reasons?”

The judge said, “There is no reason to!”



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