Mask Wearing Debate

Mask Wearing Debate by Two Well Known Alternative Media People

Here what Mike Adams defense – who is for wearing a face mask. Then listen to (or read) the response by a scientist about the uselessness of wearing a face mask. Then you’ll be able to defend your position – or change it, depending on your situation now.

Mike Adams Article

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Joseph Mercola Article/Video

This video is two hours long.

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Highlights of The Video

Not a single randomized controlled trial with verified outcome has been able to detect a statistically significant advantage of wearing a mask versus not wearing a mask, when it comes to preventing infectious viral illness

If there were any significant advantage to wearing a mask to reduce infection risk to either the wearer or others in the vicinity, then it would have been detected in at least one of these trials, yet there’s no sign of such a benefit

There is no evidence that masks are of any utility for preventing infection by either stopping the aerosol particles from coming out, or from going in. You’re not helping the people around you by wearing a mask, and you’re not helping yourself avoid the disease by wearing a mask

Infectious viral respiratory diseases primarily spread via very fine aerosol particles that are in suspension in the air. Any mask that allows you to breathe therefore allows for transmission of aerosolized viruses

All-cause mortality data are not affected by reporting bias. A detailed study of the current data of all-cause mortality shows the all-cause mortality this past winter was no different, statistically, from previous decades. COVID-19 is not a killer disease, and this pandemic has not brought anything out of the ordinary in terms of death toll.


The Quickest Way to Make People Think Twice About What They Are Told About Covid-19

(You can make this shorter if you they don’t have time to listen to the following.)

We all have heard about the number of cases and deaths of covid victims. We hear it on a daily bases. Each county, state and country have their numbers; the numbers on a daily bases and the total numbers.

Now, from whatever country you are from, find the figures of what covid deaths are. Do you have them? Write it down.

Now, look up the number of deaths from heart disease for the same period of time. What is it? Do it for cancer and pneumonia. What are the numbers.

Which numbers are higher? Where is Covid-19 on the list? What is the difference?

Tell me, do you hear what the deaths are each day from heart disease? No. Do you hear it for the other diseases? No. Is all the news on TV around the topic of heart disease? No.

If you believe in Covid-19, let’s think about the numbers they tell us.

You’ll see that the deaths from heart related diseases are much, much higher than Covid-19. Yet, we closed down the whole country; put millions out of work and have 100s of thousands of business closed for good. You have the whole nation told that they can’t go out, to be on the alert, keep your distance of 2 metres, put up plastic screens in shops, the forced wearing of face masks. All for what? These low numbers?

Yet, with much higher numbers of other causes of death, we have business as usual. We never closed down businesses or whole countries before, yet life went on.

“Oh, but the coronavirus is contagious!”

Really? If that is the case, why aren’t half the beach goers dead or even got sick from covid after the lock down? They are all doing fine!

And what about the common cold and other viral infections that we are TOLD are contagious, did we ever lock down a town, a state or the whole country? No. So, why are we doing it now?

Well, that’s another story. But I just want you to wake up, think about what you’re told, do some research and decide for yourself.

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Attack on People Who Believe Coronavirus Is a Hoax

Attack on People Who Believe Coronavirus Is a Hoax

Here is the latest hit piece of by those who attack people who believe the coronavirus is a hoax.

I will put my answers in regular font and the statements/questions in italics.

Question #1) Many in the alternative media reported on the New York City nurse who filmed undercover video and blew the whistle on how NYC hospitals were killing patients by rooming non-infected patients with coronavirus-infected patients, allowing transmission to occur. But how can non-infected patients be killed by the coronavirus if the coronavirus is a hoax?

First, no one was infected with the coronavirus. That does not mean that no one died. The “non-infected patients” we were “told” that they were infected but, in reality, they were killed by other means, such as: by putting them on a ventilator and being heavily sedated the whole time.

Question #2) Alternative media outlets that are currently reporting the coronavirus to be a “hoax” are also reporting on how the mainstream media lied and covered up the story of how hydroxychloroquine can effectively and affordably treat coronavirus patients. If the coronavirus is a hoax, then what exactly is hydroxychloroquine treating, then?

When a person says, that “critics of the coronavirus says,” is a blanket statement. That does NOT mean that everyone who is a critic of the coronavirus said this.

As far as the hydroxychloroquine, this could be good to fight the common cold and other flu-like symptoms not something that is called covid-19. There are many other things that fight a common cold – which has no side effects. I, personally do not recommend hydroxychloroquine, as getting plenty of vitamin D with zink is better and has no side effect! Staying away from processed food, white flour and white rice, etc., is a better option.

I will break down the following into separate parts.

Question #3) Many in the independent media are now pushing “mask hysteria” and claiming that wearing a mask causes death by asphyxiation or carbon dioxide poisoning. Yet Asian cultures — Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, etc. — have been wearing masks in public for decades, without a single recorded event of someone dying from wearing a mask.

Did this person look at all the records, from all the nations, from all the health organizations in the world? No. Again, this is a blanket statement. What usually happens is:

  • a person takes off his/her mask before they die
  • a person falls down do to a lack of oxygen and someone else helps him/her
  • if a person dies, it would be because of other conditions

The other conditions could be: heart failure, COPD, other breathing conditions. They certainly would not put it down to a face mask.

So, culture can have face masks for decades with people thinking that they are harmless.

Surgeons wear masks during surgery without passing out,

Yes, they do, however, there are the following to consider:

  • doctors do not wear face masks all day, as many workers are required
  • doctors do work up a temperature and that is why you often hear of nurses having to wipe their brow

Some doctors do work too long and thus, make mistakes in surgery because of a lack of oxygen. Though you won’t hear them admit it. However you do hear of many deaths caused by medication and operations that could be avoided. For operations, some of them would be a lack of oxygen. This is where a doctor thinks that he’s alright but really isn’t.

Here is an analogy. A man is driving down the road, gets sleepy and has an accident. A second man is sleepy but keeps on going and makes it home. Finally, another man, realises he is sleepy, pulls into a motel and has some sleep. Does that mean it’s OK to drive while sleepy? No. But driving just a little, while sleepy puts you into higher risk.

and masks are routinely worn by construction workers to filter particular matter such as sawdust, drywall dust and paint.

Yes, masks are safe and somewhat effective for this kind of work. Coronavirus septics do not deny this. The reason why is, that the particles, as described above, are larger than the pores on a mask. That makes a huge difference!

If these masks have been safe and effective for more than fifty years, how did masks suddenly and magically become deadly and toxic in the last three months? Did the laws of physics change?

This is implying that masks are safe and effective. This is an old trick when trying to beat your opponent when you don’t have the facts. Face masks are effective against sawdust but not something as small a viruses or even molecules. So, this has nothing to do with the laws of physics but with people who are dishonest!

Question #4) Coronavirus pandemic skeptics claim all the infections and deaths are faked. But if all the deaths are faked, then why did those who are faking the deaths decide to keep dropping the daily death numbers from mid April through the end of June? If they’re faking all the deaths, then wouldn’t they want to keep faking more and more of them to make the pandemic look worse and worse? Why would they fake fewer deaths over time?

Not all deaths and infections are fake. What the people do who are involved in this coronavirus scare do is a combination of things. Keep that in mind, as it’s very important. Those who do die of the flu or pneumonia are put down as covid-19; those who die of a heart attack but also have flu like symptoms are put down as covid cases, then put down as a death statistic. Then there are numbers that are completely made up. The combination is given to the media and in turn, tells you.

As for the numbers dropping, this is to give the public that some success is made. After all, the medical profession has to come up with something that looks like success to make it look like the lock down did its job. So, they play with the numbers. If the numbers remained the same; if the numbers increased, people would start saying that the lock down was useless. So, now that the people see “success” they will be like sheep for the slaughter when the “second wave” comes along, which we are constantly reminded will happen; that there will be another lock down; that the “second wave” will be worse than the first one. It’s all part of the game.

Question #5) Many independent media outlets that originally reported the coronavirus was a “genetically engineered biological weapon” designed to depopulate the planet are now reporting it’s all a hoax. But then they simultaneously report that Obama’s NIH, under Dr. Fauci, directed money to the Wuhan virology lab that built the weapon in the first place. If the coronavirus is a hoax, then there’s no story about Obama and Fauci funding a biological weapon “gain of function” program in China. How can both be true?

It’s normal for someone to think that an event is real only to find out that it’s a hoax later – it’s called learning! Since no one that has an alternative media blog or any individual knows the deepest secret that is going on, can only speculate. There could have been plans to make this coronavirus a weapon, and maybe they did. But it fizzled out, that it was not as contagious as they hoped it would be. It could have started in a lab, but it did not go as planned, but the “Elite” that were behind it, thought it would be good to run with it. So, to make it look real they just made up cases, they widen the symptoms to add more to their cases, and added people who had other underlying conditions. But the bases is still a hoax and rightly be called that – because of how they get X number of cases and X number of deaths per day.

Question #6) In June, it was widely reported across the independent media that coronavirus infections caused the body’s cells to “sprout tentacles” that allowed the virus to attack adjacent cells and infect them. This was widely reported as more evidence that the virus was a genetically engineered biological weapon. As an example of the coverage, Zero Hedge reported:

There are long strings that poke holes in other cells and the virus passes through the tube from cell to cell,” said UCSF’s Director of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute, Professor Nevan Krogan. “Our hypothesis is that these speed up infection.”

So how can the coronavirus sprout “tentacles” if it doesn’t exist and is a total hoax?

That does not mean that everyone who believes covid is a hoax believe this story – certainly not those, including myself; that virus do not exist as we are told. So, this is an example of putting words into your opponent’s mouth!

Question #7: As Gary Heaven recently wrote in a Natural News article about coronavirus treatments that work, the common inhaler anti-inflammatory drug budesonide works extremely well to treat and cure covid-19 infections. A well-known doctor, Dr. Richard Bartlett, has been actively promoting the treatment as an alternative to expensive Big Pharma drugs and vaccines, proving that he’s not a pawn of the drug cartels:

If budesonide successfully treats patients who have covid-19, curing them and allowing them to leave the hospital and return to normal life, then what is budesonide treating if the coronavirus is a hoax? How can anyone simultaneously claim the coronavirus is a hoax and also claim the media is suppressing cures that work to treat it?

Again, many critics of coronavirus never heard of budesonide, including myself, so you can’t speak for everyone. But IF this drug is treating something, it’s most likely the flu from the common cold. The common cold, pneumonia and other lung diseases IS real but not this covid-19 AND how it’s suppose to be traveling through the air.

Also, keep in mind that the medical industry/government/media is very wicked; they do as much as they can to set up a person or organization and knock them down, as has been done in the past. With that in mind, it’s common to have one alternative news outlet contradict themselves in order to expose them later. Thus, getting more people on the side of the government party line. This could be the case here.

Question #8) Coronavirus skeptics explain that coronavirus deaths are faked in the United States because hospitals receive extra funding for every death that’s considered coronavirus-related. Thus, people who die from other causes are said to have died from coronavirus so that hospitals can receive extra funds from Medicare. But Medicare doesn’t pay hospitals in Italy, Brazil, Mexico or Russia, and the same financial incentives don’t exist in most countries. So how do you explain all the dead bodies in Guayaquil, Ecuador? Or the skyrocketing death rates in Brazil? Or the massive die-offs in Italy, where it would have been impossible to recruit thousands of doctors and nurses to participate in a grand false flag theatrical production?

First, you admit of the corrupt government are paying hospitals extra money for each covid patient. That should tell you that you only do this is if you are perpetrating a hoax. As for the other countries, the following could be or is the case:

It northern Italy, people were dying off because most of them were 80 + and had several underlying health conditions – as one government official admitted. This is also an area of 5-G towers in use – which has flu-like symptom effects that was added to the numbers.

As for other countries, they probably use the same tactics that were mentioned above. Also, we don’t know how much the country or political leaders get from those that are pushing this NWO. Though this is speculative, there is a motive behind all this, so each nation plays its part.

Question #9) If the initial lockdowns didn’t work, then why did coronavirus daily deaths plummet soon after the lockdowns went into effect? And why are coronavirus deaths now beginning to surge back a few weeks after the lockdowns were relaxed? If the doctors, nurses, hospitals and coroners wanted to fake all the deaths, wouldn’t they want to keep faking more deaths, not fewer deaths?

The government/industrial complex had to make like the lock downs work. Otherwise it would be harder to come with another lock down – which they admit many times is coming. You can’t lock people down forever without them rebelling without showing some sign of “success.” Now, that they know that this tactic works, it will be used again and again.

As for the “surging” of covid cases, it’s to “prove” to the people that by gathering in large numbers and not keeping 2 metre distance, covid-19 is real; we must obey the authorities. This strategy that they are using is working and that is why they have local or state lock downs – because people are convinced that this covid is real. The numbers go down with the lock down. Then, after a time, with too much “close contact” the numbers go up again, so another lock down is needed.

So, faking more and more deaths will not do it – the government has got to create a roller-coaster ride to show that their strategy is “working.”

Question #10) For months, we’ve been told by the independent media that “fear” is the problem, and that those talking about coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths were “pushing fear.” They said things like, “We need to flatten the fear curve,” and urged complete calm for everyone. Not long after, they turned around the told everybody you should be terrified of masks. So if “fear” is the enemy here, then why push fear about masks? Will all these same media pundits also tell us that children shouldn’t wear masks this Halloween and claim that children will drop dead all across America if they put on masks?

Again, believers in covid are painting their critics with a wide brush, which is a common technique when you don’t have all the facts. They use part of the truth and that part is, yes, we say don’t fear covid but we never said don’t fear anything! This is a deliberate case of taking something out of context.

People with independent minds, people who see through lies are not afraid of going out with our friends, of being in large groups and traveling on public transport without a mask. But there are times when we should be fearful. Example, when you see a mama bear and you are near her cub. Or when you see a wolf near you. This is a God-given emotion you are given. In short, there are times t fear and times not to fear. And, you don’t fear a lie.

Now, dividing the fear and no fear of masks is this: We do NOT fear to be in a group without a mask and everyone else has one – they are the ones who fear. But we should fear having to wear a mask when it inhibits your breathing; we fear (in a way only) of the face mask being USED by the government of taking our freedom away down to the smallest detail. But to say that we are “terrified” of face masks is completely wrong. In fact we fear for the ignorant, of the boot-lickers who are in poor health that think they have to wear the mask.

Some people who claim to be Christian, or more concerned that children would be fearful of wearing a mask for Halloween – which is a pagan celebration, a Satanic one at that. So, if the children are fearful of wearing a face mask and don’t wear one for Holloween – GOOD, they shouldn’t (though they should be told the real story behind Halloween).

Again, Truth-Seekers never said “we would drop dead of wearing a face mask” as this is putting words into our mouth. But the believers in covid know this so they can “win” their argument.

But what is not mentioned is, that Truth-Seekers see the deeper implications that our critics do not bring up. Wearing a mask is the pretext for keeping us separate from each other, as we can’t see the expression on peoples faces, of seeing their smile, of being HUMAN. Maybe because all of this is being perpetrated at the highest levels of children of the devil.

Question #11) If the coronavirus isn’t real, then why are many publishers who claim the pandemic is a “hoax” also telling people to take vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and anti-viral supplements? Obviously, if the pandemic is fake, there’s no need to protect yourself from it. So why recommend immune-boosting supplements in the first place?

For the simple reason that it does fight the common cold but this is only part of what you should do to stay healthy. Many Truth-Seekes also know about alternative healing modalities and nutrition. Part of that is – to consume things that are natural. This will not only fight the common cold but other health conditions. If you have the common cold, bronchitis or pneumonia, you will certainly be classified as having this super-infectious Covid-19, which means you can be put under house arrest. No body what’s that, so this is one way to avoid it.

In general, you always need to have vitamin C, D, zinc and many other nutrients. So, by recommending this, is in no way saying that we believe that covid is real out of the other side of our mouth. So, this is a very weak argument by the covid believers. It’s ALWAYS good to boost your immune system, even if this covid never came about. It’s COMMON SENSE.

Question #12) If masks are so dangerous and kill people, then why are so many pro-liberty people perfectly fine with wearing Guy Fawkes masks? What about Halloween masks?

Again, generalisation, generalisation. You can’t compare a Guy Fawkes mask with a medical mask, as there is more open space to breath. In fact, the mouth is open on some. Then, they can put it on and take it off when they want – you can’t do this if your employer requires you to wear it! Finally, about 99% of the pro-liberty people, including myself, have never worn this mask. So, it’s a pointless argument.

These 12 common questions are a weak defense for believing in this covid nonsense.

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Gravitational Attraction is a Myth

Gravitational Attraction is a Myth

From Earth Not a Globe Review, January 1895

By “ Zetetes”

The attraction of gravitation a myth ? Y e s ! a fabulous story, with

no foundation in fact, though having an APPARENT support in some

terrestrial phenomena. Many people imagine that gravitation is a word

representing some discovered fact or force in Nature ; but let them

proceed to show us what fact or force, and they will discover their

mistake. Gravitation was an invention, not a discovery; and a supposition

necessitated by another hypothesis, viz .; the globular theory. One

was invented to support the other. Without gravitation the globular

theory falls ; and without the globular theory what would become of

gravitation ? I t would become less and lighter than our little molecule

of hydrogen, and fly away into unknown and uncivilized regions.

“ Parallax” proved the globular theory false, by the F A C T that the

surface of water is horizontal; and “ Zetetes,” the investigator after

Truth, practically proves, that the theory of gravitation is utterly false,

by a little molecule of hydrogen gas ! No one can even tell us what

gravitation is, or how it acts. Now, although we may not know what

electricity is, or magnetism ; we do know how they act. As I showed

in No. 2 Earth Review, Newton did not know how gravitation acts, or

whether it really be attraction, or repulsion ; that is, he did not know

whether there is such a thing as attraction or not. Where Newton

failed to guess, what other mathematician dare try ? I f the inventor did

not know, who amongst his pupils can tell ? But they should first prove

that gravitation does act before they attempt to explain how it acts.

The magnet is no proof of gravitation. Its power is selective and

limited. It seems to attract steel and soft iron, but it will not draw

stones and wood ! Gravitation is supposed to attract all bodies, even

the stars. They are all supposed to be pulling hard at one another, yet

they never get any nearer together. It is strange ! But does the magnet

really attract steel ? The iron or steel goes towards the magnet, but is

its motion caused by the attraction or the repulsion of some force ? It

may be carried by a magnetic current, not drawn by the magnet itself.

Newton confessed that the idea of bodies acting “ upon one another at

a distance,” and “ without the mediation o f anything else by and through

which their action and force may be conveyed from one to the other,”

is “ so great an absurdity, that,” says he, “ I believe no man, who has in

philosophical matters a competent faculty of thinking, can ever fall into

it.” Yet many do fall into this error. They are not Zetetics. I stand

on a bridge and I watch a log of wood coming down the stream towards

the bridge. Is the bridge attracting the log from a distance ? Yes, as

much as ever the magnet attracts the soft iron ! I f there were a weir by

the bridge, the log would remain by it, as the iron remains attached to

the magnet. I f not, and if the arch under the bridge be sufficiently

wide, the log would pass under and follow the stream. Then the bridge

would seem to be repelling the log, like one “ pole ” of the magnet will

repel the magnetic needle. Ye t by such flimsy arguments and pre

texts is the theory of attraction supported. No man in the world can

define gravitation, nor tell how it acts ; it is a tissue of philosophical

speculations and falsehoods, unworthy of honest men and thinker’s,

perhaps the most ingenious theory of gravitation ever proposed is that

of Le Sage. He “ imagines,” says Mr, J. E. Gore,

“ An infinite number of ultra mundane corpuscles of excessive minuteness, speeding

through space in all directions, and with enormous velocities. Two bodies in this

ocean of flying corpuscles screen each other from the molecular bombardment, and

would consequently move together with a force varying inversely as the square of the


Upon which Professor Tait remarks:

“ It is necessary also to suppose that the particles and masses of matter have a cagelike

form, so that enormously more corpuscles pass through them than impinge upon

them ; else the gravitation action between two bodies would not be as the product of

their masses.”

Well might Sir John Herschel say:

“ The hypothesis of Le Sage, which assumes that every point of space is penetrated

at every instant of time by material particles sui gene7-is, moving in right lines in

every possible direction, and impinging upon the material atoms of bodies, as a

mode of accounting for gravitation, is too grotesque to need serious consideration! ”

“ Too grotesque to need serious consideration!” One of the

theories of gravitation “grotesque!” And a clever astronomer says so,

not an humble zetetic! An humble zetetic agrees with him though.

What then must the poorer theories be ? Readers, take your choice

between common sense and reason, theories “too grotesque to need serious


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The Politics Of Obedience

The Politics Of Obedience The Discourse Of Voluntary Servitude

Etienne De La Boetie

For  the video click here

For  the book click here

States are more vulnerable than people think. They can collapse in an instant — when consent is withdrawn. Though this booklet is nearly 500 years old, it’s as relevant today as when it was written.

This is the thesis of this thrilling book. Murray Rothbard writes a classic introduction to one of the great political essays in the history of ideas.

In times when dictators the world over are falling from pressure from their own people, this book, written nearly 500 years ago, is truly the prophetic tract of our times.

Étienne de La Boétie was born in Sarlat, in the Périgord region of southwest France, in 1530, to an aristocratic family, and became a dear friend of Michel de Montaigne. But he ought to be remembered for this astonishingly important essay, one of the greatest in the history of political thought. It will shake the way you think of the state. His thesis and argument amount to the best answer to Machiavelli ever penned as well as one of the seminal essays in defense of liberty.

Boétie’s task is to investigate the nature of the state and its strange status as a tiny minority of the population that adheres to different rules from everyone else and claims the authority to rule everyone else, maintaining a monopoly on law. It strikes him as obviously implausible that such an institution has any staying power. It can be overthrown in an instant if people withdraw their consent.

He then investigates the mystery as to why people do not withdraw, given what is obvious to him that everyone would be better off without the state. This sends him on a speculative journey to investigate the power of propaganda, fear, and ideology in causing people to acquiesce in their own subjection. Is it cowardice? Perhaps. Habit and tradition. Perhaps. Perhaps it is ideological illusion and intellectual confusion.

Boétie goes on to make a case as to why people ought to withdraw their consent immediately. He urges all people to rise up and cast off tyranny simply by refusing to concede that the state is in charge.

The tyrant has “nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you, if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you?”

Then these inspiring words: “Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”

In all these areas, the author has anticipated Jefferson and Arendt, Gandhi and Spooner, and those who overthrew Soviet tyranny. The essay has profound relevance for understanding history and all our times.

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Gravitation And The Apple

Gravitation And The Apple

From Earth Not a Globe Review, January 1895

By “ Zetetes”

A correspondent, interested in Zetetic Truth, asks me for “ Something on Gravitation.” I propose, therefore, to give a few of my thoughts thereon in the Earth Review, as others besides my missionary friend may be interested in reading something on this subject.

But a difficulty meets one at the outset. How am I to write “ something” about nothing? I cannot create, as some erroneously suppose the world was made, out of nothing. Paul says the things which are seen were not made out of “ phenomena,” or things which do appear ; but he nowhere teaches that they came out of absolutely nothing, except invisibility. Now, “ Gravitation ” has been created, not only out of invisibility, but out of nothing, except the vain imaginations of astronomical minds. I t was not “ discovered,” but invented; and I shall proceed to prove that there is no such thing as the “ attraction of Gravitation ” in God’s universe, and that the phenomena supposed to countenance the theory are capable of other and more natural interpretations.

Of course, I speak of “ Gravitation ” in the astronomical sense of a universal power in all bodies, celestial and terrestrial, to attract, or pull one another together, with forces directly in proportion to their masses, and inversely as the squares of their distances. So that terrestrial attraction and phenomena will be seen to be only a small part of this question of Universal Gravitation. The former we may explain by weight and currents ; but the latter we utterly deny. Let us try, in the first place, to realize what is meant by, and implied in the astronomical theory of gravitation, and its attraction.

Universal Attraction

According to this idea, every body in the universe, however large or small, has the power, by some means or other, to attract, or pull towards itself, every other body in the universe, however near or distant. Yea, not only is every body supposed to have this power, but the power is said to be in actual operation every moment of time for ever. So that, if I hold an apple in my hand, it is connected with, and pulling at all the apples in the world ; all the pears and plums, all the trees, gardens, walls, houses, all the stones, rocks, rivers, and mountains; yea, and every separate drop of water in the ocean, and every grain of sand on the sea shore. A n d these are a ll pulling at the apple. Yet it remains passively on my hand, while I study gravitation, or decide whether I will eat the apple now, or leave it for further experimentation.

This apple ought to dance about, or at least to show some symptoms of the awful internal struggles going on within it. Perhaps it has learned the art of appearing passive, an art which some astronomers seem to acquire, and to keep a quiet and serene countenance, while internally tortured with ten thousand doubts and pangs. Ten thousand ! Yea, ten thousand times ten thousand gravitating cords or strings are pulling at it ! For we must remember that sun, moon and stars, and supposed millions of millions of “ other worlds than ours ” are each and all interested in that apple; and they send out their innumerable long and filamentous fingers to clutch it out of my open hand. Ye t it remains outwardly unmoved in serene and blushing passivity. I shall have to eat it, threads and all, with whatever tentacles, or other attractive matter may be attached to it! What a peril! But there is such an attractive force, either in the apple, or in the natural taste God has given us for common fruit, as well, as for common sense, that I take all risks and disappoint the sun and stars. I am glad that Newton was led to muse over an apple falling to the ground by its own weight, when the stalk was rotten. He would have mused more had it “ fallen ” upwards.

But we, dear reader, can also muse over apples. While so musing, I wonder why my apple makes no tremulous motion towards the moon, which is rising as I write, especially as she is now between the two “ponderous and superior” planets. Mars and Jupiter, which are approaching towards conjunction. Ye t through the varying positions and relationships of the heavenly bodies, as they roll around the world and my apple, it remained on the shelf twenty-four hours perfectly stationary, as though no such tremendous forces were playing their mighty artillery upon it. They may try from their various vantage grounds, east or west, north or south, mid-heaven or sideways, yet the apple will not move.

Yet a breath would have caused it to roll. There is no proof for Zetetics of universal attraction in this apple. But perhaps mine is different from Newton’s. It will not bow to fair Luna as she pulls it sideways, assisted by the two powerful giants, one on each side, attending her like guards, much less will it attempt to rise towards the mighty sun as he pulls with all his meridian power and glory. Its weight is the same throughout the twenty-four hours. No ! friends. I must see an apple fall upwards before I believe in solar gravitation.

But a superficial thinker may object that the reason bodies only fall downwards to the earth is, because the earth being nearer than the sun, its force of attraction is the greater of the two. Is it? Let us take another instance, which proves, not only that there is no such thing as terrestrial gravitation, or attraction, but which shows that this supposed power may be defied.

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Mark Of The Beast Is Coming

Changing Your DNA

Here is a very important video about covid vaccines that pharmaceutical companies are working on around the world. We already know some of this information but this doctor ties it all together. In short, she said that with what they are working on will change your DNA, that you will no longer be human. It’s what Monsanto has done to make GMO food will be done to alter your DNA.

I know that this is off topic of what CFEM is all about. But when something that is life-threatening, and it effects EVERYONE, it should be brought up.

If this is not the Mark of the Beast, I don’t know what is. If you can’t watch the whole video, just watch the last half of it.

Let me know if this is no longer on YT. If that is the case, and someone let’s me know, I’ll put an alternative link up. (Always trying to think one or two steps ahead of the System 😉

Have you made plans on what you will do if the NWO wants you to take “The Mark”? If not, start thinking about it and make your plans accordingly.


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FDA Raids Church: Will Your Church Be Next?

FDA Raids Church: Will Your Church Be Next?

BREAKING: U.S. Marshals raid Genesis 2 Church in Florida over MMS supplement, violating First Amendment rights of religious expression.

Click Here for more.

You can be sure that this church was raided because they also sell a natural product that fights the common cold/flu. But the FDA looked at it that it’ll fight Covid-19. The primary purpose of their MMS product is to fight malaria. However, with the way that America has turned into a Communist state, it’s not surprising.

I hope you realise that America is really a Communist country but they continue to use the name Democracy. With that in mind, you should plan according.

For a long time the government not only wants to silence the truth about health but everything else that will hinder or stop their agenda for world control. And that covers many other areas, including the flat earth.

Take care, and continue to prepare.


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UFO Believers and the Flat Earth

UFO Believers and the Flat Earth

Do you believe in UFOs and Aliens visiting us from other planets? If you do, you’ll probably have a strong bias against the flat earth theory. If you have made your reputation on UFOs and you are known as “the UFO guy” you’ll probably have more of a resistance of listening to flat earth information. Why? Because this is how most humans are. If they have more than just a belief in the possibility of E.T.s visiting the earth, they will probably reject the flat earth – even if you give logical explanation after explanation, they will not believe it.

Now, think about those who have made money from the UFO dissemination, people like Jeff Rense and George Noony of Coast to Coast AM. They have a lot more at stake. These two people probably have the most popular websites in the world if you are into UFOs. They have guests on their talk shows that give UFO updates and they have authors of books on the subject.

What would they do if Rense, for example, were to listen to the flat earth information – would he accept it or would he reject it? If he accepted it, then he would have to publicly announce that he doesn’t believe in Aliens from space, Planet X, Alien abductions and the rest of it. Would he take down all the articles that pertain to this? Would he delete all the audio files of interviews with people who do believe in it? And what would he say to those he calls his friends that have written books on the subject – would he risk losing their friendship?

Now, what about those who have written books on the UFO phenomenon – would they believe in the flat earth? Would they risk future income by not writing on UFOs? Or would they ignore the facts that are presented to them – no matter how strong?

Unfortunately, mankind will deny anything that goes against their long held beliefs – especially if they have made money on it in some way.

Now, I’m not picking on Jeff Rense. I think he is a fine guy and he does expose other conspiracies that is going on and he does have guests that talk on other subjects on government scandals, false flag operations, ect, but I just used him as someone who has made his identity, if you will, on the subject of UFOs.

Now, there is an exception to the rule and that is when Mark Sargent was guest on the Coast to Coast AM program back in May of 2015. So, how did Mark talk on the flat earth with host of the largest radio program who has one main topic of Aliens? He lied, as he claimed that the dome (firmament) above the earth was created by Aliens, that they created the earth, that they are observing us! This is out right rubbish and he knows it. No other flat earther – with the exception of deceivers – state that. With these lies it did not “ruffle the feathers” of Host George Noony. Mark did not get this information from Eric Dubay and he did not get it from old flat earth booklets and books. So, that is how Mark was able to get on Coast to Coast radio – he admitted that E.T.s are invovled. If Noony had someone like Eric on, the outcome would have been quite different.

For those who are new to this blog site and who don’t know about the flat earth. First, I would encourage you to read the articles and watch the videos here. Before you do, I just want to say that there are no Aliens out there, no E.T.s built the dome, and you can’t fly in and out. However, there is a Creator God who did build the dome (firmament), who created the earth and who watches over us.

Before I leave, I know that you may have many questions as to:

What about all those abductions?

What about the ancient astronauts?

What about the thousands of UFO sightings world wide over the millennia?

This would take a book to write about. But I do suggest you look on YouTube for the documentary film “Ancient Aliens Debunked” and this will answer many of your questions.

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The Flat Earth: Above and Below

The Flat Earth: Above and Below

When we are told something with the word “above” or “below” we know the meaning of it. “The dishes are above the counter,” or “I put the books on the shelve under the nick knacks,” for example. But most of us don’t realize the importance of these simple words. To us flat earthers, “above” and “below” should have more importance.

If people believe what the astronomers tell us about space and the infinite suns and planets – there can be no “above, below, up, down.” We all know this – even globe earth believers. The reason is, (assuming space exists as we are told) that is no above, below as there is no base line. For how can one galaxy be above another if there is nothing to compare it with?

Now, let’s look at the earth. Regardless of beliefs, we all use the words: above, below, up, down. And we all know the meaning of these words. But when heliocentric believers use these words they use the words in how they perceive things; they can’t use it in the same sense as geocentric believers. They may think they do but they are wrong.

Here is an example of heliocentric believer’s use. If he was in Australia he would say, “Look at that blue bird above us.” But what would be above for the Aussies, would it be above for someone in Denmark, for example? No, as it would be in opposite directions. So, the word, “above” has no absolute meaning. This, includes the words: below, up, down.

Heliocentric believers would say, “This is how we use the words; it’s based on our perception. That’s the only way we can describe it.” Well, this may be true but what if there’s an absolute – where is there a base line in which we can use as a reference? Well, there is with a geocentric world. IF the world were really round, we would still use these words, as it’s the only way to communicate to others. But what I hope to show later is that with a flat earth, these words take on more of a meaning.

With the earth being flat – that means there is a line (though imaginary) where anything above it is “up” or “above,” or “down” and “below.” Thus, what is “above” for the Aussie, is “above” for the Dane, as well. In a geocentric world these words have truly become universal. In a heliocentric world, it’s a different direction for everyone.

It’s impossible to have a universal direction on a round planet. Look at the drawing as an example:

As you can see, the base line that can be used for a reference point does not exist on a planet. If you were standing in Australia, you “can imagine” a straight line or surface you are standing on but if you draw that out, it would not be the same for everyone in the world. In fact, it won’t be the same for someone in your own country. A person 100 miles away, his angel will be slightly different. Compare this to someone in Denmark, for example, the degrees out of alignment from the guy in Australia is really off.

Heaven Above

For Christians, we have read verses of with the words “heaven” and “above” in them. Here is an example:

(Gen 49:25) Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breasts, and of the womb:

(Exo 20:4) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

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One Way to Survive Troubled Times

One Way to Survive Troubled Times

American Family Moved to Russia

You may ask, “Why would anyone want to move to Russia?” Here is an interview with Joseph Gleason and why he and his 8 children moved there. From what I hear from people who live there, Russia is becoming more and more Christian; they have built over 20,000 churches in the past 20 years; all the monasteries that were destroyed (800 in total) by the antichrist Communist have been rebuilt or built brand new. People there still have their values, you only saw in America several generations ago.

Some other things that will surprise you about Russia is in this video

It would be nice to visit Russia one day. You might consider it, too, and then decide if Russia is the place for you. Whatever country you live in, I’m sure you’r sad to see your country turn into a third world country. The problems we have is because we have forgotten our God. Returning to Him, we shall once again receive the blessings that He promises.

Here are some things to consider about Russia:

  • Russia doesn’t allow GMO food
  • Russia is taking in White refugees from South Africa (I think Americans will be the next wave of refugees)
  • There are no BLM groups or other groups that hate White people
  • Russia is a food exporter nation
  • Russia is a major producer of organic food
  • Maximum income tax 13%
  • Russia only pays lip service to this covid nonsense
  • Russian economy is not ruined like the American economy because of this covid situation
  • Just this past Wednesday (1 July 2020) the Russian people voted that only one type of marriage is recognised and that is between a man and a woman

Think of all this when it comes to surviving. Even if you have the money to own your own home in the country and you have two years worth of long-life survival food, what good is it if the people who live in your area are hungry? What if the people from the city comes looking for food? But if you live in a nation that is prepared, your chances of living a peaceful life is much better.

“What would I do to make money?”

That is a topic for another article, but there several things you can do. In the meantime, do a little brain-storming and see what you come up with. Think of what you can make, sell or a service you can provide.


Revelation 18:

2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Find out the nations that will be destroying Mystery Babylon (about 33 minutes in). Yes, one nation will be Russia. Think of this in light of Russia today, as it has rallied around the Standard of Christ more so than any other nation among the northern countries. I believe they will have a big part in destroying this Beast System, as foretold in Jeremiah and Revelation.

Click Here for the audio.


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