Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

Wikileaks NASA

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Alien Invasion Is Judgement From God

Alien Invasion Is Judgement From God

Crime-EnglandWeekly Sermon, 4 September 2022

Alien invasion in Christian nations is a judgement from God, part 1 (of4)

It’s not that the enemy is smarter than us or was able to infiltrate, but these people are brought into our nation as a judgement from God for not following his laws, statues and judgements. We will only be able to defeat our enemy (domestically and foreign) by obedience to his Word. This is the reason why the establishment doesn’t want us to believe in God. And for those who still do, the Edomites make sure that it’s a water-down twisted version of what the Holy Bible really says.

(The other three parts are below the link.)

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Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada Desert

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Converting an Acquaintance to the Flat Earth

Converting an Acquaintance to the Flat Earth

This past Thursday (1 September) I had an opportunity to tell an acquaintance of mine about the flat earth. She is in the alternative health field and already knows some lies that the government and media tell us, so I thought she would be receptive to the flat earth – and I was right.

I started off by saying some things that I know that she would agree with. The general public would agree, also, to such statements as: water seeks its own level, 200 mile per hour winds would destroy most buildings, ships going out of site.

This lady, whom I will call Eveline, has an open mind. So, I was able to talk for about 45 minutes. In the meantime, she asked questions, which I answered. Eveline asked, “Why would they cover this up?” Which is a good question and I told her as much. I said it was to hide God. She, not being a believer asked again, why cover up God.

I went on to say that they got us to believe in the Big Bang and evolution, and that a globe spinning ball going through space fits right in. With the government and educational system telling us that we are just a speck among billions of other planets, we are insignificant.

She wanted more specifics, which is a good sign, as this shows that she is still interested in this. When someone doesn’t ask anything, it shows a complete lack of interest. So, I told words to this effect, “If they can get the population to believe that there is no God of the Bible, that leaves only man. Therefore, it’s man’s laws that we have to follow – which is logical. So, that gives man the freedom to make laws and to make money where they should not, and to control us where they should not.”

I went on to explain, “Under God’s laws, there is peace, prosperity and health. And you know, they make money from disease. They will not dare tell you that there is a cure for cancer, as the average cancer patient is worth about $300,000 in the U.S.” This really resonated with her, as Eveline knows that there are natural cures.

I gave her some literature that I printed up which came from an old booklet titled, “100 Proofs of a Flat Earth.” She said that she would read it. In fact, she read some of it while I was there.

Anyhow, it’s feels good to witness to others and when they believe, it makes you feel better. So, the next time I see her, I’ll ask here what she thinks and if she has other questions. I will add questions that she might not think to ask and tell her that I did not have time to cover in the previous meeting.


Do you, dear Reader, have any experience about talking about the flat earth to others? What did you say to start off? What was your experience? Would you like to share it? I would be glad to print it as this would be good reading for others. You can put down a fake name if you wish. If I get enough people to respond, I will make a special section on the blog (known as a Page) that other reads can go to.

Thanks for being here and take care.


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Christian Guide Warning About Mass Media

Christian Guide Warning About Mass Media

Mass-Media-Mythology pic2The things that we believed in that we found out were not true, in large part, comes from the mass media. Find out what to look for when we hear the news. We’ve been lied to about Earth being a globe. It stands to reason that we’ve been lied to on many other topic – which includes biblical topics.

When it comes to biblical topics that we’ve been lied to, is all part of separating us from our Creator, God.

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Red Babylon, parts 1-4

Red Babylon, parts 1-4

Weekly Sermon, 27 August 2022

by Pastor Sheldon Emry

Who and what is Babylon in the end of the age? Find out from these 1980 sermons. You had the old Babylon but there is one at the end of the age. Click Here

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Flat Earth and the Virtual Reality Theory

Flat Earth and the Virtual Reality Theory

Flat Earth Beating a Dead Globe

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If I Were The Devil

If I Were The Devil

by Paul Harvey

It’s For Your Own Safety


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Flat Earth Breaks the YouTube Scoreboard

Flat Earth Breaks the YouTube Scoreboard

by Mark Sargent

There are a lot of flat earth memes in this video. Take a screen shot of the ones you like and put them up on social media.

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The Bible and Vaccines, part 1

The Bible and Vaccines, part 1

Weekly Sermon 14 August 2022

By Pastor Sheldon Emry

God told us in his Word, that disobedience will bring upon us all the diseases of Egypt. Is it possible that vaccinations are violations of God’s Law? And, if so, could they be more of a cause of disease than a prevention. Listen to Pastor Sheldon Emry on this vital topic.

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