Questions and Answers About The Flat Earth, 2

Questions and Answers About The Flat Earth, 2

I hope to write more articles in the future on Q&A about the flat earth. For new people to the flat earth, they would have their most pressing questions answered. For those who are already flat earthers, it will be a reference when you are asked such questions. Of course, there will be those who will never believe but that is their choice; don’t worry and just move on.


What if you go up in a balloon, won’t you see the curvature of the Earth?


The appearance presented to him, even at the highest elevation he has ever attained, is that of a concave surface – this being exactly what is to be expected of a surface that is truly level, since it is the nature of level surfaces to appear to rise to a level with the eye of the observer. This is ocular demonstration and proof that Earth is not a globe.

If you see the Red Bull video of a high altitude balloon, they use a fisheye lens. But in one shot you see level horizon – that is the true shape. After all, the horizon doess not change shape on its own.

Whenever experiments have been tried on the surface of standing water, this surface has always been found to be level. If the Earth were a globe, the surface of all standing water would be convex. This is an experimental proof that Earth is not a globe.


Is allowance made curvature of the Earth when railroads are made?


Surveyors’ operations in the construction of railroads, tunnels, or canals are conducted without the slightest “allowance” being made for “curvature,” although it is taught that this so-called allowance is absolutely necessary!


What about long rivers, can’t you measure drop-off of them?


There are rivers that flow for hundreds of miles towards the level of the sea without falling more than a few feet – notably, the Nile, which, in a thousand miles, falls but a foot. A level expanse of this extent is quite incompatible with the idea of the Earth’s “convexity.”


when looking at light houses, when you get far enough away and you can’t see them any more, it’s that proof that the earth is round?


The lights which are exhibited in lighthouses are seen by navigators at distances at which, according to the scale of the supposed “curvature” given by astronomers, they ought to be many hundreds of feet, in some cases, down below the line of sight! For instance: the light at Cape Hatteras is seen at such a distance (40 miles) that, according. to theory, it ought to be nine-hundred feet higher above the level of the sea than it absolutely is, in order to be visible! This is a conclusive proof that there is no “curvature,” on the surface of the sea – “the level of the sea,”- ridiculous though it is to be under the necessity of proving it at all.


I see ships appear on the horizon – isn’t that an indication that it’s coming over the curve of the Earth?


If we stand on the sands of the sea-shore and watch a ship approach us, we shall find that she will apparently “rise” – to the extent, of her own height, nothing more. If we stand upon an eminence, the same law operates still; and it is but the law of perspective, which causes objects, as they approach us, to appear to increase in size until we see them, close to us, the size they are in fact. That there is no other “rise” than the one spoken of is plain from the fact that, no matter how high we ascend above the level of the sea, the horizon rises on and still on as we rise, so that it is always on a level with the eye, though it be two-hundred miles away, as seen by Mr. J. Glaisher, of England, from Mr. Coxwell’s balloon. So that a ship five miles away may be imagined to be “coming up” the imaginary downward curve of the Earth’s surface, but if we merely ascend a hill such as Federal Hill, Baltimore, we may see twenty-five miles away, on a level with the eye – that is, twenty miles level distance beyond the ship that we vainly imagined to be ” rounding the curve,” and “coming up!”


What about the hull of a ship disappearing from view?


If we take a trip down the Chesapeake Bay, in the day-time, we may see for ourselves the utter fallacy of the idea that when a vessel appears “hull down,” as it is called, it is because the hull is “behind the water:” for, vessels, have been seen, and may often be seen – again, presenting the appearance spoken of, and away – far away – beyond those vessels, and, at the same moment, the level shore line, with its accompanying complement of tall trees towering up, in perspective, over the heads of the “hull-down” ships! Since, then, the idea will not stand its ground when the facts rise up against it, and it is a piece of the popular theory, the theory is a contemptible piece of business, and we may easily wring from it a proof that Earth is not a globe.

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Questions and Answers About The Flat Earth, 1

Questions and Answers About The Flat Earth, 1

  I hope to write more articles in the future on Q&A about the flat earth. For new people to the flat earth, they would have their most pressing questions answered. For those who are already flat earthers, it will be a reference when you are asked such questions. Of course, there will be those who will never believe but that is their choice; don’t worry and just move on.


How can the government keep a secret of the flat earth if it was true?


There are many ways for the government to do it. Briefly stated, in all police and intelligence agencies they use compartmentalisation. This means, if you work for the FBI, for example, you will be told “on a need to know bases.”

Also, many people, including private industry those who work in the military, have to sign a “oath of secrecy.” If you violate it, you can face a military tribunal and put in prison. If you work for a company you can lose your job.


How is it possible for thousands of people to keep a secret?


Secrets have been kept by thousands of people. Look at the Manhattan Project, there were something like 26,000 people working on it. However, keep in mind, that though there are thousands of people in all the agencies, very, very few are actually told about the flat earth.


How does NASA keep a secret if the flat earth is true?


Again, it’s on “a need to know” bases, so most of the people working there do not even know that they are part of a cover up. Think about it, you have many technicians working on rockets. They are not told that this will never to go Mars. All they do is work on their job at hand. You have sub-contractors that do the same. When you see rows of people sitting at a computer screen, they sit in front of some program that they are “told” its monitoring the temperature of Mars, for example. While all it’s doing is some software running in the background producing numbers for them. They are ignorant of what they are doing.

When confronted by a flat earther, NASA employees say, in their smug way, “You are crazy. I work for NASA and we send satellites to various planets. I should know!” When, in reality they don’t know, they just assume they are told the truth by their superiors.


What about those photos and videos of the Earth? We see that Earth is round and spinning.


The photos that you see are actually computer generated pictures (CGI). The videos are done with special effects, too. Don’t believe me, but look at some “pictures” the next time; look at what NASA and astronomical departments of universities have on their websites, and you’ll notice some strange things that are not possible in real life. For a short response, here are just a couple of examples:

You might find one photo from a NASA website that has North America very large and not enough room for Central and South America.

You might find a “video” where the clouds do not change, though hours have went by. Looking a little closer you may find several other clouds that are the same shape and size in other parts of the Earth (a copy-and-paste job).

All of this is not possible if they were real pictures of reality.


If you are saying that these pictures are made in Photoshop, wouldn’t that person know something is wrong?


Again, anyone that is doing it is just told to make some pictures of a globe Earth. They are NOT told, “We need some pictures of a globe Earth to cover up the fact that the Earth is really flat!” In fact, I would not be surprised that NASA now outsources this work; have an individual place the order and say, “I would like a pictures of the earth.” This way, making it look like it’s a private order from John Smith.

The person making the Photoshop picture probably already believes in a spinning ball Earth so this is not strange to him. In fact, you can go to sites like or and get anything you want do like this.


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More On Heaven Above and Earth Beneath

More On Heaven Above and Earth Beneath

Commenting more on heaven above and earth beneath.

The southern constellations revolve around a so-called South Pole, so we know that water everywhere is level, and the earth therefore a plane. If the earth were a globe, according to popular belief, the surface of all canals, rivers and seas would be convex.

It is as inconsistent of the global believers to deny that water is level as it would be of me to deny their evidence about the southern stars. Both are evidently facts, and no fat should be contradicted. The fact that water is level is utterly inconsistent with the globular theory, but the motions of the heavenly bodies have, speaking generally, nothing to do with the shape of the surface of the earth. But you and I are both Christians, and we ought alike to respect the Word of God and the Ten Commandments which God spake on Mount Sinai. In the Second Commandment God said that “Heaven is above and the Earth is beneath. And the water under the Earth.”

Can you reconcile this with the whirling globe theory? Where is heaven on such a hypothesis? Shall we as Christians accept the teaching of God’s Word respecting his own Creation, or shall we accept the “hypothesis” of “science” falsely so-called?

If the statements of the Bible respecting the for and order of the universe are not reliable, how shall we credit it on other matters? If you try to shake the faith of flat earthers who are Christians in the inspired descriptions of God’s Universe, will you not as a Christian teacher incur a grave responsibility?

We flat earthers hold to the plane-earth doctrine because it throws so much light on Scripture statements, and strengthens our faith generally in God’s Word; but I have publicly debated the question here on the basis of “science” alone, and I have never yet met a man who could give me one irrefutable proof of the Earth’s global shape, or its supposed awful motions. We know that all infidels stand on the side of the astronomers, because modern theoretical astronomy subverts Bible teaching. Where, then, should all Christians be found? Let us stand together on the side of God’s Word. You in the south could help in the north; and we in the north may be able to help you in the south.

You say, “the Sun moves apparently from east to west.” why not believe the evidence of yoru senses, that is, that the sun does move? The Bible says the Sun moves; and the same good book says that the Earth is established so that “it cannot be moved.” Can you give me proof that the earth moves as astronomers affirm? I would like to see such proof.

One thing is certain, our teaching does not tend to subvert faith in the divine inspiration of the Bible.


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UK Sports Radio Interviews a Flat Earther

UK Sports Radio Interviews a Flat Earther

This is a recent interview of a flat earther on a UK radio station. Fast forward to 18 minutes for the start of the flat earth interview.




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“Science” Asserts vs Christian Asserts

“Science” Asserts vs Christian Asserts

The unthinking public believes whatever “science” propounds, and to spurn today what yesterday they worshipped, because the great god “Science” commands it. However, modern so-called science is directly opposed to fact and common sense.

Science Asserts:

1 The earth is a globe, the product of evolution.

2 Man is the highest species of evolution, from lower forms through incalculable periods of time.

3 The Sun and planets are superior to this Earth, which is as mere speck compared to the myriad (possibly inhabited) worlds around us.

4 The Moon is a reflector, and not a giver of light.

5 The stars are millions of times larger than the Earth.

6 All life having started by spontaneous generation, there is no room for God in Nature to create or direct its forces.

Christians Asserts:

1 The world is stretched out structure built on foundations, and the result of Special Divine Creation.

2 Man is the result of Special Creation and was made perfect at one time.

3 The Sun and stars are inferior to this (the only) world, which they were created to serve.

4 The Moon is self-luminous – a giver of light.

5 The stars are small objects. Some of them will at a future time fall upon this Earth, and it is manifestly impossible for bodies millions of times larger than the Earth to fall upon it.

6 All life was created by Divine Power and made perfect at the start, and that God creates and controls all the “forces of nature,” which without His sustaining hand would cease to be.

A slavish obedience to the popular thing is unworthy of any man; and if men are to free themselves of popular prejudice, it can only be by following a true free-thought method of learning.

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The Flat Earth: Above and Below

The Flat Earth: Above and Below

When we are told something with the word “above” or “below” we know the meaning of it. “The dishes are above the counter,” or “I put the books on the shelve under the nick knacks,” for example. But most of us don’t realize the importance of these simple words. To us flat earthers, “above” and “below” should have more importance.

If people believe what the astronomers tell us about space and the infinite suns and planets – there can be no “above, below, up, down.” We all know this – even globe earth believers. The reason is, (assuming space exists as we are told) that is no above, below as there is no base line. For how can one galaxy be above another if there is nothing to compare it with?

Now, let’s look at the earth. Regardless of beliefs, we all use the words: above, below, up, down. And we all know the meaning of these words. But when heliocentric believers use these words they use the words in how they perceive things; they can’t use it in the same sense as geocentric believers. They may think they do but they are wrong.

Here is an example of heliocentric believer’s use. If he was in Australia he would say, “Look at that blue bird above us.” But what would be above for the Aussies, would it be above for someone in Denmark, for example? No, as it would be in opposite directions. So, the word, “above” has no absolute meaning. This, includes the words: below, up, down.

Heliocentric believers would say, “This is how we use the words; it’s based on our perception. That’s the only way we can describe it.” Well, this may be true but what if there’s an absolute – where is there a base line in which we can use as a reference? Well, there is with a geocentric world. IF the world were really round, we would still use these words, as it’s the only way to communicate to others. But what I hope to show later is that with a flat earth, these words take on more of a meaning.

With the earth being flat – that means there is a line (though imaginary) where anything above it is “up” or “above,” or “down” and “below.” Thus, what is “above” for the Aussie, is “above” for the Dane, as well. In a geocentric world these words have truly become universal. In a heliocentric world, it’s a different direction for everyone.

It’s impossible to have a universal direction on a round planet. Look at the drawing as an example:

As you can see, the base line that can be used for a reference point does not exist on a planet. If you were standing in Australia, you “can imagine” a straight line or surface you are standing on but if you draw that out, it would not be the same for everyone in the world. In fact, it won’t be the same for someone in your own country. A person 100 miles away, his angel will be slightly different. Compare this to someone in Denmark, for example, the degrees out of alignment from the guy in Australia is really off.

Heaven Above

For Christians, we have read verses of with the words “heaven” and “above” in them. Here is an example:

(Gen 49:25) Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breasts, and of the womb:

(Exo 20:4) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

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The Great Falling Away

The Great Falling Away

by Rob Skiba

How Christians are being deceived, which includes: evolution, aliens and multi-universe.


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Flat Earth Image Wrong

Flat Earth Image Wrong

In the above is this image of the flat earth. This is wrong, of course, and it’s typical that the news media deliberately makes it wrong. Let’s look at the computer generated image carefully.

Firstly, we see the earth floating in space with the stars all around it. This is not how flat earthers see it. There is a firmament (dome) surrounding earth and the stars are going in a circuit right above it. This is what makes idiots like Elon Musk say, “Why isn’t there a flat Mars Society?”

Secondly, we do not see the Antarctic surrounding the Earth. This leaves the impression (done on purpose) that the water will fall off – thus, giving globe earthers something to laugh at flat earthers about. In order for them to laugh at us, they have to lie first, as in this case.

Thirdly, we can see North America but only the very north of South America. There, obviously not enough room for the whole of South America. What is more glaring is that there is no room for the rest of the continents of the world. Where did they go? Very sloppy work by whoever did it. But it was probably done on purpose to make us look foolish. This is just proof of fake news!

Fourthly, America is positioned in the centre of the disk, that would mean that the North Pole is in America!

I recently heard someone named Dave Hodges say that the End Game is that the Elite has a plan already in effect, that for those who are not taken in by all the other methods of control, they will make the news so confusing that people, will not be able to chose between right and wrong by having fake news.

Fake news is one way of controlling the people.


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Exposing Editorial Lie About Flat Earthers

Exposing Editorial Lies About Flat Earthers

Exposing editorial lies about flat earthers is not hhard to do. This one came from The Globe and Mail. And they are talking about the flat earth – what a joke! Of course, they would be biased! If they should ever believe in the flat earth, they would have to change their name, get it registered, change their logo, and let their customers know – which all leads to a pain in the neck for them.

Their comments are in italics.

A funny thing happened on the way to the 21st century: Even as old conspiracy theories were growing more implausible, they also became more popular.

Right off the bat, it sounds like Cory Doctorow is talking is circles. If something is ‘growing more implausible’ how can it become ‘more popular’? It’s a contradiction!

Take the Flat Earth: Never before in human history have more people seen the Earth’s curvature with their own eyes.

This is an outright lie! If he is referring to people were passengers in planes – they do NOT see the curvature. I never saw the curvature of the earth flying in a plane, have you? Now, if Doctorow is talking about pictures – yes, there are many fake pictures of the round earth or seeing a curvature of it. I guess this guy hopes that virtual reality will take over reality when people form their beliefs. Unfortunately, for many people, it does. But if you are not a flat earther yet, just think of the times you looked out a plane window and saw a flat surface. Now, compare that with pictures you see on the web. Which one do you believe?

From climate denial to anti-vax to a resurgent eugenics movement, we are in a golden age of terrible conspiratorial thinking, with real consequences for our species’ continued survival on our (decidedly round) planet.

This is what we are, or should be. There are the so-called ‘Elites’ that want to destroy our race and if you are against it, you must be a conspiracy nut or a hater of some kind.

I think that this is the ‘golden age of conspiracies’ but why is it? Did we wish it upon ourselves? Or could it be that corporations and governments (read: capitalism and democracy) is trying to control us and kill us? They do this while making as much monkey as they can in the process, and in order to do that, they have to keep secrets among themselves – that means, by definition A CONSPIRACY. They have to create conspiracies least the people wake up?

Think of the vaccines that is being pushed on us, do you think that the pharmaceutical companies will tell us that it causes autism and neurological problems? Of course not. So in order to continue, they have to keep this from the public. This is known as a conspiracy – which has to be exposed.

When the public has to be won over to be against guns, a mass shooting has to occur. If this is not possible, a fake shooting has to happen, i.e., Sandy Hook. Crises actors are used, certain people in the police, the FBI and Homeland Security is used and told to keep their mouths shut. When just a group of people know something and it’s deliberately keep from the public, it’s call a conspiracy. With thousands of things going today, the government and certain rich people have to have a conspiracy for each one. There are more conspiracies than ever before because it’s the result of evil people and NOT those who are uncovering them.

Ideas spread because of some mix of ideology and material circumstances. Either ideas are convincingly argued and/or they are delivered to people whose circumstances make them susceptible to those ideas.

Why are there mixed ideologies? Because not everyone believes what they are told. For Truth Seekers like us, we naturally have a different ideology than the Edomites. When one group worships the devil, or whomever, and you have others that worship the God of the Bible, you’ll going to have mixed ideologies. Big corporations would like us all to have one ideology and don’t dare think of another. This sounds more like Communism to me!

Conspiracies aren’t on the rise because the arguments for them got better.

Another lie – our arguments are better. How? Simple because they will not debate us; they use the excuse that ‘they don’t want to lower themselves.’ This is a lie. After all, if we have bad arguments it’ll be easy for them to tell the world that we are wrong. But they often turn down offers on debates because other that went before them looked foolish. So, the best thing that they can do is ignore us.

The arguments for “alternative medicine” or against accepted climate science are no better than those that have lurked in the fringes for generations.

We have very good arguments for alternative medicine. All they have to do is look at their own medical journal where it was admitted back in 1999, I think it was, that about 200,000 died each year in the US by taking prescribe medication. Whereas, for example, in 2017 NOT ONE person died by taking vitamins!

Look up the 19th-century skeptics who decried the smallpox vaccine and you’ll find that anti-vax arguments have progressed very little in more than a century.

Yes, there were smart people back then. In fact, you can find old books that exposed vaccinations. The fact is, that those who get smallpox are those who get vaccination. When a certain disease, such as polio, could not be contained with all kids getting vaccinations back in the 1950s and 60s, they changed the name of the disease – to make it look like they eradicated the disease. ( Click Here for alternative health information which includes vaccinations.)


Click Here



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Flat Earth In The News, 28 September, 2019

Flat Earth In The News, 28 September, 2019

Retired Champion Boxer Carl Froch Claims The Earth Is Flat

Click Here

Limerick Astronomy Column: More on the flat earth conspiracy

Darren Barry Darren

Click Here

They Really Hate Us

One sick Google write up from a website has the caption, “And if your response to that is “climate change is a hoax” then you can f*** off to the flat Earth with your un-vaccinated kids and wait for the aliens to…

This came from a site called KnowTechie. One thing that they are right in is that they are putting us on the right side with people who know climate change is a hoax and vaccines are dangerous for people. But they hate us so much that they have to curse when using the words “flat Earth.” All I can say to them is, get vaccinated and pay the extra taxes that’ll come with climate change and take a bicycle to work – they deserve what they get.

Another site had this in their news caption as it appears in Google, “The only thing worse than raisinng a climate-change denier is raising a flat-earther.” This shows that some people are really scared of us. This is good as we are changing the world. This is from – a real Leftist publication.

When you look at what groups the media connects us with, I hope that you really know the issues involved. In other words, if you believe that vaccinations are good for you, then do some research. Once you do, you’ll be against vaccinations, too. If you believe in global warming, I understand, but do your research from an unbiased source, think about it, and you’ll come to the conclusion that global warming is another lie that is being pushed on us. Then you’ll see that all the things that are “politically incorrect” is something that we should be for. That is one thing that the lying media has right, or mostly right, is that they do tie us up with the right conspiracies, as that is what it is – a conspiracy against God’s people.

The reason why I have other conspiracy topics and why some other flat earth sites have this, too, is that we are group together with others. If you are new to the flat earth, you may not know the other conspiracies that are tied to flat earthers.

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