Star Trails: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

star trails 1

“Star Trails in Northern Skies” Click Here.

These two time-exposures show the paths traced by the stars as they swarm around the Pole over a period of about eight hours. As the nearest bright star to the Pole, Polaris appears as the small bright crescent in the center of the images.


Lest anyone wonder how these stars can be going around the earth viewer every 24 hour day as the time exposures plainly show, there is the usual heliocentric explanation under this picture: “As the Earth turns on its axis, the stars in the sky seem to turn around the North Celestial Pole.”

The familiar saying about a picture being worth a thousand words was never better illustrated than in the cosmological phenomena depicted above. Hundreds of photographs showing this phenomenon with varying lengths of time exposure are available on the Net.

If you can do so for a few minutes, just lay aside the Copernican indoctrination that accompanies such pictures and take a good hard look at these photographs of something that really, really happens every single night.

Do you see what I see? I see all the visible stars in the northern skies going around the North Star in perfect circles. In other words, I see all the stars which these time exposures have recorded actually going around that navigational star that God put there for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Remember: the first two pictures are eight hour exposures. Again, look closely and you can see the third of a circle in the center and in the next star trail or so. This means that each star circles in one 24 hour day (i.e., 23 hours and 56 minutes). (The same thing is captured in circumpolar photos taken in the Southern Hemisphere….)

You see that too, you say, but you “know” that this is really an illusion caused by the Earth rotating West to East ccw every 24 hours. Right? The stars are really not going around the Earth; you want to tell me (as if talking to a seven year old child). It just looks like they are moving because the Earth is rotating around its polar axis, and that rotation gives us the illusion that the stars are actually going around… as any fourth grader will explain to you. If you doubt that is what is really happening, just read under the pictures, for Pete’s sake! Most will tell you the same thing, and the others don’t bother because practically every literate person in the world knows that this is what is happening! mumble, mumble….

Well (…that failed attempt at levity aside), this universally accepted explanation for this phenomena that we can watch with our own eyes and record on our own film is always the same. That is to say, we are assured that what we see and record with our cameras is an illusion caused by the Earth rotating on an axis in an East to West direction at an equatorial speed of c. 1040 MPH.

This universally accepted “explanation” is pure assumption! It is an “explanation” without the first piece of indisputable evidence to support it…and it is in denial of the plentiful evidence that rejects it!

The untouched photos themselves plainly and precisely “explain” what happens to the stars every 23 hours and 56 minutes, namely: They go around a stationary Earth! What we’ve all been taught is an “explanation” is–in fact–just one of seven interdependent assumptions which all interact to uphold the moving Earth mythology [See: Assumptions and Audio Sessions].

It is immensely important for those who don’t like being deceived to step back and decide for themselves which is an illusion and which is the truth about this observable and photographable phenomena! One of the chief reasons why it is immensely important is that this whole business about the stars having to go around the Earth every night is what makes or breaks either the Biblical Model or the Kabbalic Big Bang Model of the Universe. Both models are totally dependent on the truth or falsity of the “explanation” for what we can see and what the photographs show.

So, which is the illusion?! Is what you can watch and see with your own eyes–and record photographically with your camera–an illusion?

A trick of your eyesight? A delusion? Something imagined…not real?

Or, is what you are told by the Theoretical Science Establishment upholding the Kabbalist Model of the universe… by a single thread, i.e., this very issue of a daily rotating Earth!…the unsubstantiated illusion- delusion -deception??

What will it be? Will you trust your eyes (and your camera!) to record the truth of the matter? Or will you trust the anti-Bible Kabbalist religion’s model of the universe? That Model stands or falls on its ability to keep the world believing that those star trails are caused by something all observational and experimental and pictorial evidence denies, i.e., a daily rotating Earth. Click Here

Credit: Fixed

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Double Standard of Globe Earth Believers


Globe earthers believe water falls off a flat earth but not a ball earth. Strange!

There is a double-standard of globe earth believers and they don’t even realise it. The say if the earth is flat everyone will fall off it; water will fall off it. But they believe that water and everything else stays on a spherical earth! Of course, their comeback would be, “But gravity keeps us all on the earth!” Really!

If it’s gravity, then why doesn’t gravity keep us from falling off the earth in a flat earth model? It seems like gravity can’t exist on a flat earth but it can on a globe earth? Another double-standard.

Of course, gravity does not exist. (Things that are heavier than air falls but that is not gravity.) As far as us not falling off this flat earth of ours is because everything is contained by the Antarctica and its ice wall.


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Is Inner Space As Fake As Outer Space?

Is Inner Space As Fake As Outer Space?

A new conspiracy?

As flat earthers, we know that “outer space” is fake. All you have to do is a search on Google to see the thousands of CGI images.

Do a search on Google for: pictures of viruses, images of viruses What do you come up with? All I see is CGI and artistic pictures. Is there a connection? I think so.

The reason I say “viruses” is that these are supposedly the smallest images. We have electron microscopes, so why can’t we see pictures of them? Well, the fact is, that viewing in an electron microscope it’s only grey images of what looks like bumps. So, how do they know how the inside of a virus is?

Click Here for video.

By looking at videos, they are all computer generated. It looks like Hollywood special effects; like a Star Trek ship flying through space. How can the scientists make this claim when nothing is found? Never, never has a virus been isolated; never has a virus been photographed.

There are cells and bacteria but that is on a larger scale and that is something different altogether. You can see them with a good dark field microscope, which isn’t nearly as strong an an electron microscope. Are we being lied to? Think of the constant news we are being fed by the media of viruses throughout the years. There was the SARS, West Nile, Bird Flu, all the way back to the Polio, which we were told was caused by viruses. Compare this to the NASA photos we are shown about stars and planets. You can’t see a TV news station without seeing the spinning Earth in the background. We are constantly being bombarded with these images. Now, it’s with CV.

Each year, we have the “flu season” where we are told about the virus; get your flu shots. A virus had to be created to support the idea of vaccination; vaccines are suppose to fight viruses. The pharmaceutical industry is built, on part, by selling vaccines.

Look at the second video here. Though everyone knows that these are animations, but they are to represent that which is true. Well, how do scientists know that they are true unless they observed them? They can’t photograph them because they don’t exist! We are shown “photos” of surfaces of planets but this is all created as there are such thing but points of light.

Have you ever look through a telescope at, Jupiter, for example, and compare that to what we are told it looks like? They don’t match! What you see in books and the internet are artist renditions. Why is it with the pictures we are shown, never, ever, look like what we see through the strongest telescope? The reason is, that all these “planets” are nothing but wandering stars – points of light. This same con is being done to us with viruses, too!

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Biblical Bases for Geocentric Universe from True Flat Earthers

Heaven above 2

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s first CIA Director (from Casey’s first staff meeting, 1981)

The Bible describes a cosmos that few of us would recognize today.

The earth is fixed and immovable and lies at the center of all things. The sun moves about the earth, not the other way around (but not over the underside of earth). Use of the phrase “solar system” should therefore be avoided in favor of the more accurate “geosystem.”

The earth is flat and finite. Its boundary may be circular, but the earth is most certainly not a sphere as was hypothesized by Eratosthenes (a pagan scientist who lived two centuries before the birth of Christ). The placement of globes in public classrooms can only serve to promote ecology as a possible state religion.

The sky is the roof over the earth — a solid impervious barrier that protects both believers and non-believers from the waters beyond. The term “outer space” is a notion perpetrated by secular humanists, new age gurus, and other freethinkers.

The stars on the sky are much smaller than the earth. (The word “on” is not a typographical error here.) The notion of “distant suns” is nothing more than a theory entertained by misguided scientists.

The laws of physics as they exist on the earth are different from those of the sun, moon, stars, and planets. Astronomers should look to the Bible and not the Principia before they aim their telescopes. The former is the unerring word of God while the latter is merely the word of Isaac Newton. Nearly all scientist now recognize Newtonian mechanics as flawed, having inadequately explained the precession of the perihelion of the planet Mercury. (Newtonian mechanics has since been replaced by Einstein’s general theory of relativity.)

You’d think Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell would be up in arms over these facts. Massive government bureaucracies send spacecraft to distant planets. The liberal media are awash in images of a spherical earth. (The Universal Studios logo is a globe!) Children in public schools are taught from Kindergarten that the earth revolves around the sun. With the exceptions of the persistent use of the terms “sunrise” and “sunset,” our modern world is flooded with images of heretical cosmologies that remove the earth from its God-given place at the center of all things. Only an atheist would buy the notion that we live on a tiny rock, circling an insignificant star in a galaxy of billions of stars in a universe of billions of galaxies. Why would God place his most holy of all creations in such location? Surely, no true believer in the Scriptures — the divine and unerring word of God — would accept the scientific notion that we live in place that is not special in the eyes of our Creator. I find it quite reasonable to insist on a Constitutional amendment requiring all Supreme Court justices to swear their allegiance to geocentrism and flat-earthism. Our souls and the souls of our children lie in their hands.


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Rivers Would Have to Travel Up Hill and Down Hill on a Globe


Have you ever thought of rivers would have to travel up hill or down hill (depending wherethey are in relation to the equator) if the earth was a globe!

The Global Earth theorists for 500 years have been telling us the Earth is a sphere. IF the earth is a globe, and is 25,000 English statute miles in circumference, the surface of all standing water must have a certain degree of convexity–every part must be an arc of a circle. From the summit of any such arc there will exist a curvature or declination of 8 inches in the first statute mile. In the second mile the fall will be 32 inches; in the third mile, 72 inches, or 6 feet.


Measurements are quite easy to determine the angles of curvature based on 360 degrees and the number of feet of change per number of miles along a curved path. To determine how much the Earth falls away on the curve you take miles squared X eight inches. This is an inverse relationship so the farther one travels the greater the distance of feet or miles the Earth will fall away.

Let the distance from T to figure 1 represent 1 mile, and the fall from 1 to A, 8 inches; then the fall from 2 to B will be 32 inches, and from 3 to C, 72 inches. In every mile after the first, the curvature downwards from the point T increases as the square of the distance multiplied by 8 inches. The rule, however, requires to be modified after the first thousand miles. 1

Miles squared X 8 inches

one foot = .000189394 miles

Curvature of Earth:

1 mile 5.33 ft. or .12626 mile

10 miles 66.666 ft. or 1.2626 miles

100 miles 6,666.66 ft. or 12.626 miles

So the farther one travels the greater the drop (or rise) in distance.


The Great Rivers and Earth’s Curvature

Look at the above map of the greatest rivers in the world. Some flow North, some South, some Easterly and Westerly. Some are below the Ecuador, above and near the Ecuador.

The longest rivers are thousands of miles in length. Many, like the Nile and the Missouri are in central valley plains and deserts with little or no elevations.

However, given the curvature of the Earth, larger rivers would have to follow the arc. If flowing towards the Equator or Poles, they would have to flow uphill, if flowing away, then downhill, sometimes both. Yet this most basic of physics must occur on a globular Earth, yet does not.

“Whoever heard of a river in any part of its course flowing uphill? Yet this it would require to do were the Earth a Globe. Rivers, like the Mississippi, which flow from the North southwards towards the Equator, would need, according to Modem Astronomic theory, to run upwards, as the Earth at the Equator is said to bulge out considerably more, or, in other words, is higher than at any other part. Thus the Mississippi, in its immense course of over 3,000 miles, would have to ascend 11 miles before it reached the Gulf of Mexico!” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (126)

If you were travelling from some point south to some point north a distance of 1,000 miles, it would take more fuel – IF the earth was a globe. Ask a boat captain how much extra fuel it takes to go up hill on the ocean and he would think that you were crazy? Yet, these same captains think that the earth is round.

The Mississippi River is one of the world’s major river systems in size, habitat diversity and biological productivity. It is the third longest river in North America, flowing 2,350 miles from its source at Lake Itasca through the center of the continental United States to the Gulf of Mexico.

At the headwaters of the Mississippi to the NW, the average surface speed of the water is near 1.2 miles per hour. Downstream at New Orleans the river flows 3 miles per hour on average. This is impossible on a ball where the river has to flow upwards towards the highest point at the Ecuador.

The Earth cannot be a sphere.

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Coronavirus Link

Coronavirus Link

Like I promised a few days ago, here is a link to another blog site that has some articles about what the media doesn’t tell you about it, nor about the other big ‘viruses’ in the past. These article on the Home page as well as the section titled ‘Coronavirus News.’ Click Here for the link.

The reason why I decided to post these articles on another blog site is that this topic is one that you are not suppose to doubt. In fact, the Health Secretary of the UK actually said recently that we are to have a ‘herd mentality.’ Can you imagine that? They are not even hiding it! But that is our problem, that for many years the public has had a herd mentality. This is what we are against; we want independent thinkers. And with CFEM blog and this other one, I hope to get more people out of the ‘sheeple’ stage of thinking.

Kindly bookmark this site for updates. Again, click here for the link.

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Four Stage Strategy

Where Have We Heard This Before?


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Mike Adams: Coronavirus and Flat Earther Talk, Part 2

Mike Adams: Coronavirus and Flat Earther Talk, Part 2

In the audio below, Mike Adams talk about the Coronavirus being real and that those who believe it’s a hoax are like the flat earthers. Then, about 9 minutes in, why he would not debate us.

Some of his arguments are:

  • there has to be an agreement on some basics, like gravity
  • without agreements on basics, you can’t have a conversation
  • that we have an alternative view of physics
  • we have to agree on mental constructs

…with this, there is no bases for a conversation.

Now, have you ever heard of anything so absurd? Adams sounds intelligent, but when he talks on some subjects, it’s really, really stupid. I never heard of such a cop-out, such a lame excuse of not having a conversation with flat Earth people! Have you?

If you haven’t listened to the audio, please do so now.

Click Here

(Debating flat earthers, starts at about 9 minutes.)

Do you see what I mean?

He says, basically, if you don’t believe in gravity, we can’t have a discussion. This is the whole point – that gravity is not real (with all its magical qualities)! The whole purpose of any conversation where there is a disagreement is, that there is a DISAGREEMENT; in this case of gravity.

Part of a flat Earth discussion is about gravity not existing, not being able to keep water on a ball, etc., but its buoyancy and density that does it. Has Adams, who claims to be a “scientist,” know about this? Obviously not, so he should not call himself a scientist.

Concerning we have “an alternative view of physics” – we do not! It’s academia that says, for example, “water seeks its own level.” We agree that – no problem. But Adams and mainstream “science” changes its tune when it suits them when it comes to the flat stationary Earth. They do it when it comes to why we can’t feel the wind; why we don’t feel movement; why two different atmospheres can exist side-by-side without a containment, etc.

Then Adams brings up the example of seeing an astrological sign being different in the southern hemisphere than in the north; his claim being that it’s because we are on a globe. All he can do is put a picture on the ceiling, look at it from the top a bit of distance away, then look at it from the bottom and he’d it different. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but if you are a rocket scientist, you won’t be able to figure it out!” TM by CFEM

The irony is IF we live on a globe we would NOT be able to see the same starts at all in the South as we do in the North.

“Make sure what you believe is consistent with the laws of reality, otherwise you’ll have a bad day”, according to Adams says about flat earthers, “they have to have alternative physics.” Well, this is what the whole flat Earth debate is about: talking about physics. But this, he doesn’t want to discuss – maybe because he really isn’t a scientist, for scientists AND laypeople know that “water seeks its own level.”

This is the lamest excuse I’ve heard about not wanting to debate a flat earther but we know it’s a cheap cover-up for not being able to intelligently debate us. Now, there are other areas we can debate globe Earth believers without physics, such as, how come we have seen the same stars for thousands of years? Also, what the Bible says about the Earth (since Adams claims to be a Bible believing Christian). But he will not debate us in those areas, either.

This is the type of critics we have to deal with.

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The Coronavirus and the Flat Earth, Part 1

NOTICE: I will more about the virus that is going around on another blog site because another person had information about the real nature of viruses on his WordPress site and they closed him down. He had to create another site as a result. Well, I don’t want this to happen to this site. If this other blog is taken down, no big deal. But give me time to create it.

Therefore, I will notify you about the link. In the meantime, I will continue with Part 2 here (see the next post), as the next article will be talking about Mike Adams and flat earthers.

Thanks for understanding.

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A Prayer For Coronavirus Outbreak

A Prayer For Coronavirus Outbreak

A break from the flat Earth news

Anytime there is an international event that effects millions of people, like this Coronavirus virus, I like to post comments about it. With all this talk about the Coronavirus here is something we should keep in mind and pray, using the word of

Psalms 91 ( Click Here).

Assuming you have read chapter 91 of Psalms, I hope you see how this relates to today and what the world is going through. You should have hope and assurance that all will be safe for Christians. This does not mean we will not go through trying times, but we have the promise and reward for all who believe in Christ.

In another light on this Coronavirus virus, here is something to think about. This is just my thoughts but I would not be surprised if the following is true – that we are being lied to about Coronavirus in a bigger way.

Let’s start off by what we can all agree on – that is:

  • the government lies to us
  • the media lies to us
  • the pharmaceutical companies lie to us
  • there are false flag events
  • there are events that do happen but the narrative is completely different

What I’m saying is, that with the above in mind, I would not be surprised that we are being lied to about the Coronavirus. I don’t mean just what the Communist Chinese tell its people – that is a given, but something more.

Let’s take a look at more facts – that most of us would agree on:

  • each year in the US about 57,000 people die of the flu
  • worldwide people who die of the flu is 646,000
  • in the US, there are about 500,000 people who die of cancer
  • the people who die of all diseases in the US is 2.8 million
  • worldwide, the people who die of all diseases is 56.9 million

What am I saying?

What I am saying is, if you look at the figures of the number of people who died of the Coronavirus (as of 8 March, 2020), worldwide, it’s about 3,600. What is this compared with just one disease and one nation? Very, very small. Those who died of the flu in the US, as of last year, is about 57,000.

Now, this 3,000 plus figure for China, this is from a nation of about 1.3 billion people over two month period! I think that if you took the people who fell down on their front steps in China during the same time, the number would be just as high. Yet, we don’t hear anything about it. Why? Because nothing is written about it.

The world ignores the figures of millions who die each year from cancer; from heart disease. They know that millions die and they accept it. But it’s not called a pandemic, epidemic, or anything else. Yet, when you look at the extremely low figure of those who died from the Coronavirus, which is much lower, the people are frightened to death!

Now, if you took away all the media hype; of the people told they have to wear face masks; of the medical workers told to dress in hazmat suits, you’ll have a normal city day in Wuhan or any other city. People will not even notice it. There would be no panics; people would go about their work as normal. But BECAUSE the media and government has been telling us it’s a pandemic, and the government ordering the people to do what they are doing, people really think that the world is going to end.

This is not like the Black Plague that really killed millions of people but something that gives flu like symptoms and it seems like the only people who are actually dying are those who are already sick; already have a weakened immune system. Not the others.

You might think why this would be done, why the lies. Well, this will take another article to write about but I’m sure that if you give it some thought, you can connect the dots.

In the meantime, we have to follow what we are told. True, we will still be effected by the limited about of food that we have in storage and not being able to go to work. But to think that the world will come to an end because of the Coronavirus, I don’t think so.

Just keep Psalms 91 in mind in your preparation.

Side Note:  What is a virus anyway? Do you know that it’s not a living organism? Even the dictionary tells you that, but we are told of “dangerous viruses”. This would take another article to explain.


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