Fake NASA News for 12 January

Fake NASA News for 12 January

Here, we are told that some Russians are stuck in space in the ISS. I just wonder if this is how they will exist the fake space flight? Will NASA do the same thing? Notice how the same “space station” changes over the years.

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AI Software Answers Flat Earthers

AI Software Answers Flat Earthers

Just the other day I came across an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that surpasses Google and devices like Alexia (which is, in part, a home spy). This is called ChatGPT, and it goes into more detail on what you ask. It’s free to sign up and use, but I don’t expect that to last much longer.

Their website is: chat.openai.com

We know that there is the good and the bad in all this AI. I’ll start with the good. You can type in any question that you’d like it will come back with a detailed response. This ChatGPT is found at: chat.openai.com what it types you can copy and paste. It’s great for writing articles, reports and even books. You can have it go into more detail by typing in a prompt.

Now, for the bad. Anything that is politically incorrect it will either come up with an error or say that it’s a conspiracy theory that has no scientific bases – as it does with flat earth.

Below is some of what I typed in.


What do flat earth believers say about the flat earth?

Flat earth believers typically believe that the earth is a flat disk, with the North Pole at its center and the South Pole at its outer edge. They generally reject the idea that the earth is a sphere, and instead argue that it is shaped like a disc or a plane. Flat earth believers often cite various pieces of evidence to support their beliefs, including the fact that the earth appears flat when one looks at it from the ground, the lack of curvature in the horizon, and the idea that the earth’s movements can be explained without recourse to the concept of a curved surface. They may also argue that the scientific evidence for a spherical earth is flawed or has been deliberately misconstrued.

Give me 5 flat earth websites please.

An error occurred. If this issue persists, please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.

Is Chatai being politically, correct?

An error occurred. If this issue persists, please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.

How do you keep water on a ball?

There are a few ways to keep water on a ball:

Surface tension: If the ball is made of a material that has a high surface tension, such as a superhydrophobic material, the water will tend to stick to the surface of the ball due to the cohesive forces between water molecules.

Adhesive forces: If the ball is coated with a substance that is adhesive, such as a thin layer of glue, the water will stick to the ball due to the adhesive forces between the ball and the water.

Containing the water: If the ball is hollow and has a sealed opening, water can be placed inside the ball and the opening sealed. The water will stay inside the ball as long as the ball remains sealed.

Friction: If the ball is placed on a surface that has a high coefficient of friction, such as a rough or sticky surface, the water may stick to the ball due to the friction between the ball and the surface.

How does water stay on a globe earth?

On Earth, water stays on the surface because the planet is round and has gravity. The planet’s shape, combined with the force of gravity, causes water to collect and form oceans, lakes, and rivers. The water is held in place by the force of gravity, which pulls it towards the center of the Earth. The water also stays on the surface because the Earth’s atmosphere and the gravitational force of the Moon help to keep the water in place. Without these forces, the water on the surface of the Earth would eventually evaporate into the atmosphere or be pulled into space.


It’s funny in that it gives these weird ways to keep water on a ball, but for the earth, it’s gravity, of course. When asked to give me five flat earth websites, it came up with error. Now, if that isn’t stupid for a machine that this suppose to be so smart. This is proof that the response is controlled, but we already knew that but it’s good to show others. I did not ask if it believed in the flat earth but just to give me website address (with the hope that it will have this one, lol).

You might want to have a go at this and enter your questions concerning flat earth or any other politically incorrect topic. But have it answer something that can help you in whatever area you’re interested in.

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Flat Earth is Officially Life Threatening

Or, The Twisted “Reasoning” of a So-called Intellectual

There is part of an article that talks about the “flat earther” who launched himself in a rocket to prove the earth is flat several years ago. You may have remembered this. Well, this guy called White, said that being a flat earther is dangers because of this guy who died in his own rocket launch. Because of this one guy, who claims being a flat earther, is dangerous.

True, there is a guy who claims he is a flat earther, kills himself in his own personal rocket launch. Well, what about virtually EVERY geocentric believer is alive and well? The writer did not write about test pilots over the past 50 years who were killed – and they were ALL heliocentric believers. Oh, no, don’t mention that or it would blow his lie.

This Mr White, who has a BS degree by the way (very appropriate, lol), resorts to name-calling people who are geocentric believers. is this the best he could do? Is this the writing from an academia website? I guess it is considering the dystopian society we live in.

This White guy goes on to say that flat earther’s never amount to much; they have no success in society, ad nauseum. Well, we know successful flat earth believers out there, don’t we. Maybe yourself, included. Or, does this guy judge people by the amount of money they have?

And look at the title that White uses “becomes official.” I guess he’s a “government boot-licker,” as it has to become “official” before it’s the truth. Lol.

A real flat earth believer would not go up in a home-made rocket. All we would do is, go up in a commercial plane. Or, to save money, just look at the many videos that people and pilots took out their windows. And, unless a fish-eye lens was used, we would see that the earth is flat by looking at the level horizon. This guy who went up in his own rocket could, quite possibly be from The Flat Earth Society, which we know are filled with Masons who are disinform agents; to make real flat earth believers look foolish.

White goes on to say, “However, in the case of Mike Hughes, it is difficult to tell if he was a true believer or just pretended to promote Flat Earth in order to gain funding from people misguided enough to support his crazy crusade.”

First, all flat earthers think what Hughes did was not needed; a waste of money. We would not fund such a venture, and there is no proof of Hughes getting money from us. Just another piece of “yellow journalism.”

This is what spinning ball at 666,000 mph believers do – take a flat earther who said or did something really stupid, and create a hit-piece on it. Thereby hoping to fool their readers. Well, millions of people are seeing through their lies and waking up!

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How Smart People Are Wrong About Flat Earther’s

How Smart People Are Wrong About Flat Earther’s

Rocket in space

There is a website that Rob Skiba recommended that people see. The address is: aulis.com

I went to it and it looks like a lot of contributors are people in academia – smart people. They write about all the screw-ups that we are told by NASA. Rob said that there is a lot of information on their site, and he is right. But I guess what he didn’t know is, that they think that flat earther’s are nuts. Perhaps this was not on their site when Rob talked about it in one of his videos that was made about 5 years ago.

I had found out about them being against flat stationary earth by typing in their search engine the words: “flat earth”

What is strange about these people on aulis.com is that a lot of what they write about are great flat earth arguments. They talk about the goofy space suites, the so-called “Moon landing,” etc. So, you’d think that they would be flat earthers. Wrong!

I guess this was too much for Aulis contributors, so they had to discredit us. Now, with all their other writing being sound, you’d think that their attack on us flat earthers would better than the average critic, but they are not. Here is an example of what I mean.

This is not verbatim, but you’ll get the point. Some write said that flat earthers use the word “jet engine,” when describing space travel but they are wrong, as it’s rockets that take men to space and rocket engines are different.

Now, this is true, but this is typical of critics of the flat earth, where they take something that most flat earther’s do NOT say. This guy goes on to say that there is either solid state fuel or liquid fuel that carries oxygen.

Now, we all know that oxygen is needed to burn anything where there is no oxygen but there in lies the problem. How do you carry enough fuel to travel thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands and even millions of miles? The weight would be too much for the rocket. Even in a NASA drawing that I had seen, there was no diagram for the oxygen tank yet is was a liquid fuel rocket. Even if one was drawn in (to make the lie more believable), there is another huge problem. The engine would not be powerful enough to carry it.

Let me make an analogy to a car. Whatever kind of car you have, there is an engine powerful enough to carry the following: four passengers, luggage, the weight of the vehicle itself, a tank filled with petrol. We all agree on this. Now, even though this car can take you, say, 150 miles before a refill, this is a limit to how far it can take you. You just can’t put a large fuel tank on to go further. To a point you can. But if you want to be able to go 1,500 miles before a fill up, you’ll need a tank and fuel that is 10 times the weight. Simple math, but for the writers of Aulis, this is probably too difficult for them to figure out. In other words, if the weight is too much, you would not be able to get out of your driveway. Well, the same thing for a rocket.

If your rocket is either solid propellant or liquid, it has a certain weight. The engine on rocket has a certain power. If what this rocket can carry has enough fuel to travel 50,000, it will never be able to reach the Moon, which “we are told” is nearly 250,000 miles away. There is some law of physics that says: x thrust can carry x weight to x distance. I don’t know how to write this math formula but you get the idea; an honest mathematician can tell you. To go any further, you would need a more powerful engine, but it would have its limit as to how far it can take x weight to x distance.

This is just one topic that the writers at Aulis fail to take into consideration. But then again, IF they were honest, they would allow the other side to speak or they would go to a website like you are on now, or they would watch flat earth videos. But they don’t, otherwise, they would not be able to get away with their lies.

Their next argument would go something like this: “Yea, but it’s gravity that pulls them to the next planet, and this is when they don’t have to use fuel.” Well, this is a topic for another article, so stay tuned!

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Rob Skiba Talks About Kent Hovind

Rob Skiba Talks About Kent Hovind

If you don’t know who Kent Hovind is a big critic of flat earthers. He also is a believe that dinosaurs existed on earth within the past 6,000 years and had a museum on such in Pensacola, Florida. See how Rob Skiba handles this.

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Mas-ons Behind All Wars and Revolutions

Mas-ons Behind All Wars and Revolutions

Masons behind wars

We know, as flat earthers, that the Mas-ons run NASA and pushes the spinning globe earth agenda. But do you know that they are behind wars and revolutions? Here, you’ll find a series of 21 videos showing the dark history of the Mas-ons. If you can only see some of the videos, start with number 10.

These videos are professionally done, including old videos as well as re-enactments.

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You Can’t Prove a Spinning Ball Earth

You Can’t Prove a Spinning Ball Earth

flat earth dec 31 22

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Why Canaanite Alters Should be Destroyed and Not Put on Display

Listen to this interview to find out what happened when a Canaanite alter was not destroyed, as reported by a Christian archologist.

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Biblical Flat Earth Conference in Amsterdam – Part 2

A Seed War, the Beast and a Strong Delusion

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Biblical Flat Earth Conference, Amsterdam 2017

Biblical Flat Earth Conference, Amsterdam 2017

Featuring Rob Skiba

Nearly two and a half hours of flat earth discussion.

Click Below

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