Biblical Flat Earth Documentary

A Biblical Flat Earth Documentary

The Global Lie explores the truth about our world and exposes the satanic lies that have been in motion for over 500 years. A shocking discovery that will change the way you think about our past, present, and future. The world is not what you think it is.

Note: Check the latest Post under Other Conspiracies. There are three videos on the Wind Mill fraud and the real cost involved.


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NASA Is Not The Only One Faking Pictures

Faking Dinosaur Pictures

dinosaur-fake-hoaxNASA is great at faking satellite pictures, planets and space walks, but they are not the only ones that do faking. Take dinosaur pictures, for example. Sure, they know and expect people to know that all pictures of dinosaurs are CGI but by making them makes the illusion real. Take the pictures that I made here. One is a small T-Rex and the other is a large T-Rex. Now we all know this was done – with CGI – but look at how real it is; and consider that this was done by me – an amateur. The point I want to make is, how easy it is to fool the public with space walks, mission to Mars and satellites. We take them as real because:

  • it’s happening now
  • it come from NASA
  • it comes from the universities

…and they wouldn’t lie to us, right?

dinosaur-fake-hoaxThe whole dinosaur business is a fake. I was a believer in dinosaurs for all my life until last year when certain things were pointed out (as explained in the video in a previous Post). Take a look at this Tyrannosaurus-Rex. We are told it was the MOST ferocious dinosaur that lived. Yet, look at its front arms or whatever you want to call it. Do you think it could fight with them? Now, look at how top-heavy it is. If it falls down – which must have been a lot – its massive head would hit the ground and knock him out. How good would you think that would be in a fight? No, this creature is top-heavy; its centre of gravity is off. But since it’s a fantasy creature it really doesn’t matter.

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How Critics Attack Flat Earthers

carry-their-liesHow Critics Attack Flat Earth Believers

The enemy is prepared in all case scenarios in their plans lying to the people. When it comes to the flat earth, they have their plans. They know that one day people will wake up and know the truth, so they have their plans for when this happens. To better know how the enemies of Christ react, you’ve got to think like them. I know, it’s a terrible thought but just do some imagination; pretend you are in a film and your role is to play the bad guy – what will you do?

I thought about playing this role, for, in order to know what to expect, you’ve got to know what your enemy probably will do. So, what will they do when it comes to the flat earth believers?

We already know much what they do, such as:

  • being ignored
  • being ridiculed
  • actually be censored in some way
  • defamation of character, etc.

These are the common things that we have all seen and, some of us have experienced. But is there a more clever design that the enemies of truth is using; that is slipping under our collective radar? I believe there is.

We have all heard of The Flat Earth Society and it is not the bastion of truth as it was back in the 1970’s when the leader of it passed away. Now, they do advocate the flat earth and one great thing they do have on their site are the old flat earth books. To this, we give them credit. However, in some of their posts or in their interviews, they claim that ‘gravity’ is the result of the earth ‘travelling 3 metres a second upward’ that gives us gravity. This is deliberate misleading. There are other such things that they do or say that would make anyone turn away and think they are loonies. This is exactly what the government wants – to have people react this way.

More Insidious Method of Discrediting

Believe it or not, there is a more insidious method of discrediting flat earthers, or to get people ‘turned off’ by the idea that the earth is flat and stationary. Now, without mentioning names (you can figure that out for yourself), there are others that are true flat earth believers and they have put out good articles and videos. The videos are professionally made and better than I can do. But it is PART of their message that it totally wrong. That is ridiculing Christians and making blasphemy statements against Christ.

Now, think of this attack Christians and the teachings of Christ; what this would have on Christians who are learning about the flat earth for the first time. A Christian would come to a flat earth site, starts thinking about it, then he/she comes across an article where they read a blasphemy attack on Christ. What would they do? What would you do? They would get turned off, go back to their other reading and be left with the thought that all flat earthers are non-Christians and simply plain kook’s. When someone else approaches him that is a Christian and believes in the flat earth, they won’t even listen to them. I know if I came across such an attack on Christians, and it was my second or third article that I read on a flat earth site, I know that I wouldn’t have been back to read more. But, by the grace of God that was not the case. In fact, the site I was first on to learn about this was Eric Dubay’s site – a person known for having nothing to do with Christianity. But it was many articles later before I read  anything negative about Christianity.

People in NASA, people who call themselves astronomers, astrophysics or what have you are part of this cover up. They are, for the most part, atheists or agnostics. So, they are quite happy to have people turned off the the flat earth news after being on a website that is suppose to enlighten them.

This technique of mixing lies with truth is effective. You can see videos of conservative Christians, good people, who came across the flat earth news, thought it was rubbish and made a short comment to their congregation.

There are a few flat earth sites, like this one, that shows the harmony of God’s word with the flat earth. It’s time that we get in the forefront of the flat earth believers. Unfortunately, those who are not Christian and mixes lies in with the truth are getting all the followers and support. You wonder how many of these follows have adopted the flat earth truth but dropped their Christian beliefs? What a trade off; what a loss? They know about the true shape of the earth but they’ve lost their Creator, and thus, living in Christ’s Kingdom.

First, and foremost, keep your belief in Christ and the Bible truths along with the flat earth truth, too. After all, the flat earth truth was first mentioned in the Holy Bible.

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Privacy and Health Danger From Fire Alarms

Privacy and Health Danger From Fire Alarms

Remember the days when a fire alarm was actually a fire alarm? Well, not any more. After you watch this video, you’ll see that the fire alarms can spy on you – even if you have no computer or mobile phone. And, the fact that it constantly sends out microwave signals, it’s not good for your health.

When the government offers you a free fire alarm, like they do in the UK, there is usually a sinister reason for it. If they offer you something that is subsidised, it’s also for a sinister reason.

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Comparing Search Engines When Searching For The Flat Earth

Comparing Search Engines When Searching For The Flat Earth

Now, I know that I had written about this a while ago but I want to make another two other points in this article.

Not all search engines are the same when searching for information on the flat Earth. Google is the worst, is a bit better. But there is one that is much better. I’ll tell you that a bit later.

Google is the most well known of search engines. They also have some good applications, too, such as: email, translation, document storage, YouTube, blog, etc. but for this article, we are just looking at the search capabilities.

The most important thing that Truth Seekers, such as us flat earthers, are interested in is, what information comes up when searching for “flat Earth.” Google is the most powerful search engine out there but that does not mean it’s best. No!

As you know, when you do a search for flat earth, you most likely will come up with blogs that are critical of it, or there is no relevance at all. Doing a search on YouTube, you get the same.

The reason why I mention YouTube here is that it’s owned by Google and more people are doing their searches there, rather than Google. So, for the rest of this article, when I say Google, that would apply to YouTube, too.

If you happen to know the person’s name, such as Rob Skiba, his name will come up, and you can learn more about the flat earth. But for people who don’t know anything about who Rob Skiba is, would not search his name.

When people want to know what Christians think about the flat earth, naturally they would type in words such as: “Christian flat earth.” Back in 2015, when I started this blog, Christian Flat Earth Ministry was on Page 1 of Google – which is where it should be. Not any more.

This has nothing to do with me not having the right key words and meta tags but with the deliberate changing of the algorithms. What the people at Google done was, they disabled or changed in a big way when certain words are typed in – words on topics that they don’t like.

Just the other week I discovered I came across this a while before but hadn’t thought much of it. Now, I looked at it seriously. Yandex is a Russia search engine like Google, except that they do not push the “political correctness” lies that dominate the West.

As you can see in this photo, the results of Page 1 search on Google and Yandex when you search for “Christian Flat Earth.” If you do a search for just flat earth, you will see more relevant sites come up on Page 1 – which is how it should be.

Yandex has its own browser, which you can download (which I recommend) or you can just type in the address in the URL space.

Searching For Conspiracies is also great for searching for other conspiracies, cover-ups and topics that are considered “politically incorrect.” This is where you can learn about sites and more on topics that the government doesn’t want you to know about.

I assume you know enough about the flat earth but what if you want to know more about the dangers of 5-G microwave towers; the other side of the immigration issue; the dangers of vaccination? You can be sure that Google has buried that information, too. Oh, it might still be index but it might be on page 534 – which you’ll never go to the length to find out. But on Yandex, you can find relevant information on page 1, 2 and 3, where it should be.

I came across sites that I never knew existed. I had searched in Google for these topics but I did not find what I found in Yandex. The next time you do your search on controversial issues, you should consider Yandex. Compare this to your search engine of choice and notice the difference!

The problem we still face is, that most people don’t know about Yandex, even if they are very familiar with the internet. So, the average person will still not know about the flat earth and other controversial issues.

How can we get the word out about Yandex? Here are some thoughts:

  • If you have a blog or YouTube channel, talk about it.
  • Print up stickers and place them around town.
  • Tell others you know that don’t believe in what the major media tells them.

You might have some additional ways to get the truth out – not only about the flat earth but on other topics of vital interest, too.

In closing, could this be another reason (in the long list of reasons) why the US and UK doesn’t like Russia? One of those reasons could be Russia allows more truth to get out!


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Proof That The Bible Is The Inspired Word Of God

Proof That The Bible Is The Inspired Word Of God

There is much debate by the antichrists that the Bible is not inspired by God. We also have many Christians who say the same thing. There are also Christians who say that the King James Version has 20,000 errors, then turn right around to say that xyz version is better. Well, other articles can be written on this but for now, here is a video that should prove that the Bible is, indeed, the inspired word of Yahweh, God.

Ivan Panin Multibles of 7

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Freedom of Speech: Alex Jones and Sandy Hook

Freedom of Speech: Alex Jones and Sandy Hook

Freedom Of Speech Is Being Attacked At Its Core

The alternative news site Prison Planet, by Alex Jones, is being sued by the parents on of one of the children that was killed at Sand Hook. I have issues with Alex Jones of Prison Planet, as I’m sure you do, too. In short, there are some topics that he will not touch that most Christian Nationalist believe in. Aside fro this, Alex Jones is waking up millions of people. What I want to talk about is the deeper issue at steak for this lawsuit against Jones. It’s attacking American’s freedom of speech closer to the core.

Aljazeera story, CLICK HERE

Here, a person is sued because he didn’t believe the “official” story line. Will others face lawsuits who disagrees with what the government’s official story? We know this is the case with the holocaust in WWII, where you can be sent to prison in a number of European countries, including Germany, Austria and France.

It seems that it’s OK to deny Jesus Christ but not OK when it comes to the holocaust. The EU supposedly has a freedom of speech clause but it’s ignored when it suits them. Well, we see the same thing in America.

Mr Jones has long claimed on his show and Infowars site that the attack was “completely fake” and a “giant hoax”. Then, some months later, he back-peddled and said the killings did occurred (I guess he got scared and thinks this will get him out of it).

There are millions of people who don’t believe Sandy Hook played out the way we were told and came to their own conclusion; upon their own research. Then, there are those who learned from others that said Sandy Hook was a hoax. But Jones has been chosen to the “the fall guy.”

Many people came to the conclusion that Sandy Hook school shooting was fake for several reasons (captured on video), which include:

  • father of one child joking right before being interviews
  • this same father working up the emotions that should be shown
  • an aerial shot of children being walked out of the school and back in, going in a circle
  • school closed down at time of shooting
  • and others

Would Flat Earth Belief Next?

Since all this comes down to not believing what the government wants you to believe, it could also include the belief in a flat stationary Earth. What if saying the globe earth is a hoax, so could flat earthers be targeted next? It sounds far fetch, but look at what was far fetched 30 years ago that we have now? Will someone in the future somehow claimed that their feelings were hurt and bring a lawsuit against us? Let’s pray that it doesn’t get that worse!

The plainiff claimed that they were harassed by people offline as well as trolls online. And since people can come to a belief that an event was staged, and did this on their own, will the government come to the conclusion that they have to make it a crime for ANYONE holding a belief that is contrary to the “Party line?” For right now, one person (Alex Jones) is being used as a “fall guy”. But since the family “said” they were harassed by others, it might be illegal for anyone to hold such beliefs – as they “could” do some name-calling to those who were involved or to the parents, thereof? I don’t know, I’m just asking a question; I’m guessing where this is all going to lead.

In one article it said, In June, the father of six-year-old Noah Pozner, one of the Sandy Hook victims, won a defamation lawsuit against the authors of a book that claimed the shooting never happened.


Deposition Video

In this video the punk lawyer (by the sound of him) accused Jones of Mocking the father of one child and Jones denies it. So, a video was shown of Jones replicating what the “father” did. It was plain that he was not mocking him but showing what he did.

But what if he did mock him? We know that mocking someone is not polite or proper, but if you don’t believe the narrative that is a different story. So, since when has it become illegal to mock someone? And, even is something becomes illegal, what if there was a law that said breathing air without paying a fee, for example, becomes illegal – what are you going to do? What a person does comes down to what god your serve. If you serve the State, that becomes your god. If you serve Yahweh, God of the Bible, than serve Him. A man does not serve two Masters.

From NBC News

Alex Jones Sued Because He Believed It Was a Hoax

CLICK HERE for video

Should be protected because of free speech; now believes that the shooting was real; family of Noah Pozer is “…continuously being harassed by people who believe that it (Sandy Hook) was preplanned to shock the public” according to the reporter.

It seems like to question the US Government engages in many fake shootings could become a crime if you don’t go along with it.

There are also shooting or bombings that has happened that the government uses to demonize a group of people and/or push a gun control ban on. Maybe to even mention this will be “illegal” in the future.

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Mike Adams: 10 Insane Things People Believe In

Mike Adams: 10 Insane Things People Believe In

To see the original article CLICK HERE

  Sorry to have to bring up Mike Adams again but there is an article that was sent out after the last one titled: 10 insane completely irrational things millions of Americans believe

As soon as I saw it, I thought, “I bet he has the flat earth as one of them,” and I was not disappointed. The other nine items, I agree with, such as the belief that vaccines are safe.

Below is part of what Adams wrote, in italics, and below that are my comments.

Insane Belief #5: Flat Earth

Yes, in the year 2020, we still have millions of Americans who quite literally believe the Earth is flat… like a disc floating in space. They also believe the sun and moon are discs, and that satellites don’t exist, and that gravity isn’t real.

In the original article, which Adams has a link to, he did not go into detail about the Sun and Moon discs – much less give our side. That’s the key, “Never give the explanation of your opponent if you want to pull the wool over their eyes.”

And they are rather fanatical about these beliefs, convincing themselves that there is a global conspiracy to silence the truth about the “flat Earth” in order to prevent humans from discovering the edges where you can step off into outer space… or something.

Mike Adams is fanatical about his beliefs of free speech as he went to the expense to set up an alternate to YouTube, as on example. This is good, BUT why criticize others for being fanatical? All we flat earthers are doing is spreading the word via traditional means including the internet, we are doing no harm to anyone.

What flat earther believes that “you will fall off the edge into outer space”? This is putting words into our mouth – which is something that is done by people who can’t argue the facts.

I recently posted a detailed science article explaining what Flat Earthers get wrong about gravity and elliptical orbits, but it doesn’t matter what you say to them: They’re happy to redefine Kepler’s laws of motion, or Newton’s laws, or Einstein’s equations, or whatever it takes to pretend the Earth is a flat disc and all space flight was faked on a green screen stage in Hollywood.

When a “law of physics” is wrong; when it can’t be duplicated, we have a right to expose the pseudo-science, just like he does!

As for the fake space flights, we don’t go to Kepler’s laws of motion, we look at what’s on the screen – along with such things as how can a vacuum exist next to a gaseous atmosphere without resorting to gravity mum-boo-jumbo!

Mike Adams did end this with a compliment to us flat earthers.

Continuing…the Flat Earth movement is all about a “thought experiment,”

Adams claims that we engage in “thought experiments.” Oh really?

Let’s take a closer look at “thought experiments”. I presume that Mike Adams means experiments that you do in your head, that you can only describe in words. Well, it’s obvious that critics do not care to see flat earth videos, if he did, he would see some experiments done, such as having a laser aimed at a boat across the lake and seeing that there is no curve. Or about viewing the skyline of Chicago 30 miles away. What about one that everybody knows – water seeks its own level.

Now, we flat Earth believers do engage in “thought experiments” and there is nothing wrong with that, but critics are not smart enough to figure this out. Let me give you an example: when you talk to someone about the flat earth, you give as one of your reasons that “water seeks its own level.” This we all know. You don’t need a PhD. in physics to know this; you don’t have to demonstrate this to someone. You could, but everyone has this experience.

There are many “thought experiments” that are valid; ones that can be used in a court of law. For example, you can’t stand up to winds of 66,000 mph (what we are suppose to be doing as Earth goes around the Sun. We can’t stand up to even 1,000 mph (our supposed rotation). People know how it feels when there is a hurricane, which, in most cases is only 1/10th of our supposed rotation. Just talking to someone, they can conceptualize it. Now, you have to discount all the hocus-pocus, mum-boo-jumbo of gravity which is suppose to answer these questions. It is gravity that is always theorized, and not what we say.

Thought experiments are USEFUL for:

  • when the knowledge is so common that you don’t need to do an experiment
  • when it’s not practical, such when speaking at a public place
  • when you don’t have the resources such as a lab and equipment
  • that the experiment can not be done in a lab because of size

Many experiments can be shown on a video, but this might be considered by flat earth critics of a “thought experiment.” But these “thought experiments” are perfectly OK for someone who is a spinning globe Earth believer!

At the beginning of Mike Adams article (see link above) he said that there are millions of believers in the “10 insane things people believe in.” Speaking for the flat Earth belief only, this is good news! It’s also good news that it came to the attention of Adams – as some people will wake up and see that he is wrong and flat earthers are right. And, they might learn this on his video hosting platform 😉

Keep spreading the word you guys – as the flat earth truth message is getting out there.

Make the year 2020 a great one!

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Mike Adams: Critic of Flat Earthers

Mike Adams: Critic of Flat Earthers


CLICK HERE for the full article.

  Mike Adams of Natural News came up with another dozy of an article! This one is attacking flat earth believers. You can go to the above link to read the full article. Below is my comments on what he wrote; his comments are in italics.

First, I do want to give credit to Mike Adams for allowing flat earth videos on his video hosting site at:

Mike starts off by comparing flat earth belief to Joe Biden and his comments on guns – it’s really a poor analogy but anyhow…

We are accused that flat earthers have a poor understanding of the laws of physics. As you know, it’s just the other way around. In this article, Adams goes on and on about gravity, yet even the advocates of gravity doesn’t know how it works. So, how does Adams know?!

Similarly, Flat Earthers really don’t care how gravity works, either, and some of them deny the existence of gravity altogether. Trying to explain gravity to a Flat Earth advocate is a pointless exercise. They will argue for the existence of an entirely different set of laws that govern the universe, even though their laws are not consistent with observable reality.

Sure, we deny gravity altogether as it doesn’t exist! So, why should we pretend. But with all this talk about gravity, Mike Adams never once mentions what we DO talk about and that is, bouncy or the law of density! This takes the place of gravity. You know the simple law of physics known as “anything heavier than air falls.” If he did, the readers will know that flat earthers talk about physics.

Their latest argument — which they claim is “proof” the Earth is flat — centres around the claim that since the planet is in a slightly elliptical orbit around the sun, the changes in Earth’s velocity relative to the sun as it traverses this elliptical orbit is “proof” that the planet is accelerating and decelerating in a way that you should be able to feel.

What flat earth believer says Earth is a planet, and that we move around the sun? We don’t!

We know that if you are moving and there is no change of speed, you won’t feel the speed BUT you will be blown off the Earth! And, not only blown off the Earth but at the speeds that we are told we are traveling (such as 66,000 miles an hour around the Sun, Earth itself will not be here). Again, Mike doesn’t mention this!

I tend to think of Flat Earthers as being passionate but misinformed. They aren’t stupid, or evil or insane, but they do lack the kind of basic science education that I was taught in high school. They’re also not very good thinkers, generally speaking, because critical thinking combined with some simple observations would convince any rational person that the Earth isn’t flat.

It’s the flat earth critics that lack basic science education. Mike knows about junk science when it comes to health but he thinks that the Establishment tells the truth when it comes to the universe. As far as observation, it is the flat earthers that tells others about “observations” – of what our senses tell us. Our GOD GIVEN senses tell us that the earth is flat and stationary!

It is not rational to believe that just because NASA is lying about the existence of microbial life on Mars, therefore NASA must have faked every space mission, moon landing and photograph of the Earth from space.

Since Mike Adams believes that NASA lied about microbial life on Mars, how does he believe that there is life on “planets” we haven’t even seen? (He does believe in Aliens.)

Because I don’t call Flat Earthers idiots, from time to time they invite me to “debate” them on Flat Earth theory. This, too, is pointless…

Why doesn’t he debate us? After all, if he has the truth, why not debate us? Well, Adams gives us the same brush off that he is given when he is willing to debate those who support vaccines, GMO food – they GIVE HIM the brush off and says “it’s pointless.” That means the medical doctors can’t debate him and win, just like Adams can’t debate a flat earther and win.

Mike also calls flat earthers fanatics. I guess this is suppose to be bad. Dying for what you believe in is the most fanatical you can be, right? Well, Christ died for what He believed in, so did the Apostles, the Prophets of old and even Christian from the time of Christ up to today. So, being a fanatic is suppose to be bad? Adams is accused of being a fanatic by the medial profession. Does he not do what he can to get the truth out about vaccines, GMO food, chemtrails, chemicals in our food? You bet he does! So, a flat earth tries to the best he/she can to get the truth out.

Adams owns some guns and is willing to defend his life, which implies that he is willing to die for what he believes in. Of course, it’s better to get the enemy to die for what they they believe in 😉

If defending the globe earth model wasn’t enough, he believes that Aliens gets here by bending space/time. And if that isn’t far fetched enough, wait until you read on…

In Mike Adams latest post, which was made New Years Eve 2019, he says in one article that stars are missing in the universe and claims that Aliens are using this to fuel their travels through space; that they actually use up stars for their energy to travel throughout the galaxy! He goes on to say that we will someday do the same thing!

I haven’t even heard this among the si-fi stories and films out there! I guess someone on Earth got a message from Aliens that told him this is what they do! Lol. IF Extraterrestrials exists, as Adams believes, how does he know they are telling the truth? Has he thought of other possibilities of stars not being in the sky – without going to this wild conclusion? Such as:

  • they faded out
  • some stars falling to Earth (as the Bible says, and in which he says he believes in)
  • that NASA just altered a picture and lied about it

Adams has in his article about warping space/time and using pulsar stars for energy as one picture (CGI) showed. In one frame, a set of stars and in another, one star is missing. So, this is proof that a star is missing! “Hey, Mike, I can make a whole galaxy disappear!” If this was issued from NASA and a story was given along with it, that Aliens are storing this for energy, this would make a great article – according to him.

How can even globe earth believers swallow this? Or was just Mike Adams and a few others fell for this BULL! For those who believe that Aliens are using the power of the stars to propel their space ships, there are some other major problems; there are some things that make it wilder than believing in gravity, they are:

  • How do they store this huge amount of energy?
  • How can a ship be large enough to store it?
  • How can the container not melt?
  • What about the weight?
  • It would too heavy to move.
  • Finally, with carrying such large amount of mass, according to gravity theorists, it would attract planets and smaller suns as they fly by; attracting them to the space ship and destroying the ship itself.

Well, this is the most fantasy BS I’ve ever heard!

As a side note, one day stars will disappear but not because some Extraterrestrials will be using it for fuel, but what God said. We are told that at the end of the age, the stars will fall from heaven. Which tells us that they are just lights, that they are small and that it will NOT destroy the Earth. But in the meantime, this is just another CGI lie from NASA.

In other words, if the universe worked the way Flat Earthers describe it, the universe as we know it would have never come into existence in the first place.

How would Adams know? Is he the Creator? Was he given the secret of how God made Earth? In other words, it sounds like Adams believes in the Big Bang Theory of the start of life and not that God SPOKE Creation into existence.

In Mike Adams own words (hold on to your seats), Additionally, I’ve proposed ideas on harvesting pulsars and magnetars to produce antimatter fuel which would be necessary to power warp bubble projection systems. This also explains the economics of the cosmos and why pulsars and similar collapsed stars are so valuable as the “cosmic oil wells” for intragalactic travel.

Yea, “cosmic oil wells!” And where are these “oil wells” stored? On some planet that is larger than the star? If this was possible, how would this aid spaceships that are 1,000 light years away?

This means there is enormous competition for energy sources such as stars in their various forms (i.e. pulsars), and that there are very likely star eaters in our cosmos — civilizations that literally consume entire stars to achieve greater conquest and territory.

If this was the case, why hasn’t there been “missing” stars since man has been looking through telescopes?

Dream on Mike Adams, dream on!

In Summary

If you read Mike Adams article at the link above, you’ll notice certain things that are common to people who don’t want to research the other side to see if it’s the truth or not; not just about the flat earth but also topics that are close to Adam’s heart, too.

Mike Adams did the same thing that others do to him that refuse to listen, they are:

  • setting up a “straw man” so he can easily knock down the argument
  • not bringing up other topics that flat earthers believe in
  • using an example that most flat earthers don’t use (acceleration of the Earth)
  • accusing the other side of what you do yourself are guilty of (re: physics)
  • not debating your opponent (“it’s pointless”)
  • not doing adequate research which included seeing videos on the flat earth

If you were to use the above tactics, you could make up any wild story and make the other person look wrong and you right! You do this by controlling the conversation, or, in this case, the article. Make wild assertions, ignore what the other person believes in, and end by saying you are right! So, this is how you make flat earthers wrong.

IF, and that is a big IF, Mike Adams sees that he is wrong, will he admit it? Who knows. But one thing we do know is, that well known people who are identified with holding a certain position on any topic and changes rarely admits they are wrong. It takes guts to do so. If that person has many followers because they believe him, they will not want to risk losing their followers, which many of them are also his customers. The whole issue will no longer be discussed with the hope that their people will forget it.

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Eyes to See, Body That Feels and Brain to Think, part 1

water on a ball


by Mr. John G. Abizaid

Note: This booklet was originally printed in 1910; this came from the 2rd addition in 1912.The grammar and the punctuational is the same as in the original.

Chapter 1

About the Water

You have eyes to see, body that feels and brain to think.

Christians believe the Bible. In this Book of Holy Writ are proofs given by the prophets that the world is flat and stationary, and the sun, moon and stars are always in motion.

There are many, however, who do not accept the truths of the Bible, and for this reason I give other proofs.

There are some things that need witnesses, but other truths are their own witnesses; they bear the proof in themselves.

You know that there is more water on the earth than dry land. Here is the first proof:

The water proves that the earth is flat, level and stationary. Water is liquid. It runs always down and seeks its level, and never runs up unless by power. And the water of the ocean is every way pretty near joined together on the earth, and they call it liquid. It will not stay on a round earth. Take a glass of water and pour it on a round ball and if the water stays on, then the earth must be round, but if the water falls off the earth must be flat.

This is the proof: Take a pan and fill it with water and see if it is higher in the center than on the sides. If this is true, then the water of the ocean might be round, but if the water in the pan is flat and level, then the water of the ocean must also be flat and level.

The water of the ocean is level and can be nothing else, because it is liquid, which proves that the land is flat and not round. The land is not exactly flat and level, for there are mountains and valleys. But it makes no difference, for if the mountains were in the valleys it would leave the land flat and level and higher than the water. I have been thinking of the question for a long time.

At last I have found out for myself and the water and the sunbeams, the sun’s rising, the sunlight, etc., that the earth cannot be round and in motion, as books and teaches have taught. The teachers offer proofs to show that the earth is round but the proofs they offer amount to nothing. When the children go to school, the teacher tells them the world is round, and, of course, they believe it, and they do not ask how it is round. They are young and they know very little. When they grown up they still believe the earth is round and in motion, and so in turn they teach this to others.

The water is flat, which proves that the earth is flat and stationary.

From its fruit you will know what kind of a tree it is.

You can tell by looking at a building whether it has a good foundation or not.

The sun cannot throw the earth’s shadow on the moon, because sometimes they are very near to each other. This you can tell in the evening and in the morning by seeing the moon and the sun at the same time.

You ought not to believe everything the professors say, because they do not know everything.

The man who said that the earth was proved round by the sight of a row of ships upon the ocean made a mistake, and what he says is not true.

Just because he measured and looked at the subject in his own way, he has not proved it but guessed at it. From this guess he thought the land and water around; but the water will not stay round, as he thinks.

They claim in the geographies that when the last ship is out of sight, it is a proof that the water is round, but it is a proof that the water is flat. You will see if you look and measure in a good many different ways, as is done in this book.

A person standing on the shore sees a steamer full size when it is near him, but when it goes out father it keeps growing smaller until it is out of sight. They think this is good proof that the water of the ocean is round, but it is not a good proof, because water is liquid and will not stay round. The distance view shows you that. It is the same as with a book; you cannot read it five yards away from your face, but near your face you can read it plainly.

This is the Law of Perspective. Ed.

law of perspective  A person standing on the seashore will see a large steamer, but as it goes out father it grows smaller, and the mast of the steamer will be shorter, too; but if a person stood on the opposite shore he would see the steamer large when near him as it goes out father it grows smaller, which proof that the water is flat and level and not round: the far distance will show you that.

There is no chance for anybody to say that the earth is round, for as long as the water is flat and level and stationary, and the sun in motion.

I have read books on geography, and I find they claim that the earth is round and in motion.

I have been thinking over this matter, and have read considerable in regard to the subject.

I do not blame children or teachers, but the first man who said the earth is round. He told the people the earth was round, but did not know for sure; he only guessed at it. We do not have to believe such guess-work as long as we have eyes to see and bodies to feel and brains to think.

This say the earth is round, both land and water, and that they are always moving around the sun. but if you ask them how the water keeps in its bed while the earth is turning, they will tell you to take a pail of water and swing it fast and see, for the water will not come out until the pail is slowed down.

Who has seen the earth turn around in the way that a person turns a pail? No one. And as long as no one has ever seen the earth turn, you need not believe that it does so.

Who is turning the earth? It is turning on its axis and what kind of an axis is it? No one knows. Is it iron, steel, wood or in? You do not want to believe such statements that the earth is standing on an axis, for no one has seen it. It is all guess-work and nothing seen by human beings. Some people say that the world is round and that God is turning the world, but very few believe it. If they do they should pay attention to his prophecies, and ought to believe them as they say about the movement of the sun and standing of the earth, and so forth. If you wish to know what the earth stands on, I can say, that, and I believe what I say, the earth rests on water just like a ship floats on the water. This is a good proof without doubt. It know the earth is large, and being so tremendously large, must necessarily be of tremendous weight. And as a heavy body, it has no power to move in the sky around the sun anywhere. Also it cannot lay or turn on nothing as they think. Try something and let us see if you can make anything stand or turn daily on nothing itself. I am sure you cannot do that. Also they have no right proof to it as they believe. The swing of the pail is not a correct proof either, because the man swings the pail. But the pail cannot swing itself because it has no power. Also the earth cannot move on nothing because it has no power to move.

Try and put some water on the outside of a pail, and I am sure you will see the water of the ocean is the same thing, for if the earth is round as they say, there would be no water on the earth, as all of it would fall off.

If the earth is round and revolving we should feel it; also the wind would be coming from one direction only, and not from the north, south, east and west.

I have read a story in the geography about the earth being round, as they claim. It says when the ship is near the shore a person on the shore will see the mast, high and big, but as the ship goes further out, he will see it low and smaller as if it were going down hill. If a man were standing on the steamer deck, however, he would see the land low, while he would be high.

If there were any high mountains near the shore, and you were on a steamer some distance from the coast, when you looked toward the land, the mountains would seem to you to be low and small, but they are not. It is the distance that makes them so.

The water is flat and level always and cannot be anything else because it is liquid. You know, of course, what liquid is, and what the word means.

Here is another proof to show that the water of the ocean is flat and level: –

Suppose five steamers are in a circle, each just within eyesight of the others, with another steamer in the middle. If you are in the middle steamer looking out at the others, they will look as if they were very low and in a hollow, while you seem to be the highest. But if you were to leave your own steamer and go in turn to all of the others in the circle it would then look to you as if the steamer you were in first were very low.

Whichever steamer you are on seems to you at the time to be the highest. It is not true that one steamer is higher than the other, or that the water of the ocean is round. It is flat, and nearly always straight. It is the distance that makes the other seem lower.

Here is still another proof: It these steamers are in a straight line, on the ocean, as far apart as eye can reach, and you are in the middle one looking at the others on either side, then they will look as if they were in a hollow, while you seem to be the highest; but it is true that to the people on the other steamers it looks as if your ship were low in the water and their own the highest.

I think I have given enough proofs to change your minds about the earth being flat, not round.

The water proves that the land is stationary, flat and level.

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