Another “Politically Incorrect” Topic

Another “Politically Incorrect” Topic

We know we are told a lie about the flat earth from preachers. They ignore it or say the opposite. As you know by now, we are told other lies or certain topics are simply ignored. If you jump over to Bible Studies, you’ll find another lie that keeps Christians in bondage. That is about our right of self-defence. Check it out.

With so much that is being hidden from us about what the Bible actually says and what we are told in the churches, there will be more articles and sermons in coming posts.



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How Strong Can “Gravity” Be?

How Strong Can “Gravity” Be?

Pictured here is Kepler-47 (made in Photoshop, no less).

How strong can gravity be? It was reported by NASA the other day that a planet’s moon exists right outside of our solar system called Kepler-1625b and that it’s 8,000 light years from the planet it orbits. How stupid can you get! Think about it, IF gravity exists, how can it exert force on a planet 8,000 light years away? But this is what we are told, otherwise it would not be a moon. Now, if the gravity of this planet is that strong, it would crush the planet itself.

Another foolish thing that the public is told is, that this is that this moon is named Kepler-1625b. This implies that there are other Keplers with lower numbers that should exist and be closer to our solar system. So, where are these other planets? They should be closer to us than this “1625” one. Where is planet or moon Kepler-521a (or is it c), for example? That should be closer to us. Anyhow, all of this is nonsense.


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Guns, Knives and Acid: What Do They Have In Common?

Guns, Knives and Acid: What Do They Have In Common?

Just like the laws that governor our flat stationary earth, there are laws that governor our society. When we break them there are consequences, such as: crime, disease, poverty and war – all of which we have in abundance. With that in mind, there are many articles that can be written, and, in time, will be added to this website. After all, as flat earthers, we learn about the laws that created our flat earth, so, we why shouldn’t we  learn about laws that affect day-to-day life here?

If you are in the UK, you know that guns, knives and acid attacks are common and being used by psychopaths. The increase over the past year has been quite substantial. Though the UK prides itself as being “gun free” (with the exception of certain hunting guns), people here are realising that this hasn’t helped. However, the knives and acid has always been around but why the increase? In fact, with acid and other corrosive substances being used now, they were never used to attack people in the past. So, why now?

The acid attacks on people are being used to steal from the people. However, there are many attacks that are done just for the pure evil, such as destroying a sweet little face of a child; of attacking a mother without anything being taken from her. It’s done for the pure hatred some people have. These sick people think it’s “fun” just to see the destruction they can do.

Acid and other types of corrosive substances have always been around. When I was a child you could buy sulphuric and hydrochloric acid for chemistry purposes. Then, there are other substances that are used by criminals today, such as chlorine bleach.


To find out about the facts and figures of acid attacks, Click Here.


To think that you can’t even sit in your car and not be attacked is frightening – just like a man did just last week while waiting for a friend. Then, you have this sickness spreading in other ways. An example of this is, the guy who had some substance sprayed on his face, was outside a shop that sold food. This shop now wants reimbursement for the water that was given to put on this guy’s face. Now, that is sick!

You have people putting nasty notes on ambulances who had parked in front of their driveways or even damaging the ambulance. Sickness is off the charts!

So, why is all this going on now?

The answer to why all this hideous crime is going on now is because of the sickness we allow in society in the form of: violent video games, violent films, “situation ethics” that is taught in the schools, social media bullying, etc. But all this can be summed up by not teaching Christian morality in the schools and at home. The more that we get away from Christian teaching; the more we get away from God’s laws as taught in the Old Testament, the more of these types of crimes we’ll have. And, it’s the churches who teach the lie that “God’s laws have been done away with,” but somehow, man’s laws have not been done away with. Figure that one out!?

Let’s look at the facts. 100 years ago, we did have anywhere near the amount of crime we have today. We also did not have any crime like mothers killing their own children, fathers murdering their families and acid attacks. But it’s also a fact that there was more Christian teaching in the schools, homes and churches.

If you go back 200 years there was even less crime – of all kinds. And, when I say less crime, this is taken into consideration to the proportion of the population.

In the US, Bible teaching was common in public schools until the early 1960s.

How much worse will it get? God only knows, but we do know another time in history when this occurred and that was when Noah lived. We read that there was continuous evil. So, I expect it will be like that before Christ’s return. During these times it’s best to get out of the city and if you can, even more, to a country where these hideous crimes are not as prevalent. It seems that the sickest countries are, unfortunately, the UK, the US, Germany, Sweden, just to name the major countries. These countries will be the most dangerous to live in.

With that in mind, we just have to pray that God will continue to protect our families. It will only end with the restoration of God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements.



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People Are Told That There Is Thrust In A Vacuum

People Are Told That There Is Thrust In A Vacuum





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The Plastic Trash Cover Up In Our Oceans

The Plastic Trash Cover Up In Our Oceans

plastic in ocean cover up

 I didn’t think that there would be a cover up about plastics in our oceans but there is.

In the last post I wrote about plastics in our oceans and how the government is charging the people for it by placing a tax on the bags (in the UK). But I forgot to put in the article that the government is responsible for it and not the people. You don’t have people driving to the coast and dumping their trash in; they put it in the bin and the trash collectors pick it up. So, it must the government on the local level that is doing it – so, why charge the people? We know the reason – it’s simply another way to tax the people and have them go along with it.

Anyhow, I just came across an article to day that said that 95% of all the trash in the oceans come from 10 rivers. Eight of those rivers are in Asia and two are in Africa! Eight of the rivers (the Yangtze, Yellow, Hai, Pearl, Amur, Mekong, Indus and Ganges Delta) are found in Asia while two (the Niger and Nile) are in Africa.

The worst polluter of is the Yangtze, located in China, which releases 1.5 million tons of plastic waste into the Yellow Sea annually (more than is released by the other nine rivers combined

Together, the 10 rivers are responsible for dumping 0.47 to 2.75 million tons of plastic into the world’s oceans every year; better waste-management practices targeting these 10 rivers could have a major effect in curbing the amount of plastic flowing into the world’s oceans.

If you recall in other news, that there is a mass of plastic in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. And this is between Asia and America. So, with China and other nations in Asia doing the dumping, that is why the plastic problem is there – it’s NOT in the North Sea, the English Canal or around Europe.

Possible Solution

The solution lies in using hemp for our bags in the shops. And while other materials will still have to use plastic, we do have the technology to completely and safely recycle the plastic we do use. This will cut down the use of plastic a great deal. Another thing that can be used is, that there is no need for manufactures, for example, to create table spoon size portions of yogurt and put it in plastic; there is no need to put fresh cucumbers in plastic covering. Therefore, the government should be going after the corporations that do this.

Sorry to get off the flat earth topic, but when you think about it, this story of plastic in our oceans is keeping this flat stationary earth clean. So, I think that it’s appropriate to have it here.


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Trump and Embargo of Iran

The Real Reasons For Wars

Trump is still trumping the world in keeping an embargo on Iran – because of its so-called threat to the U.S. and the West in general. This is total nonsense, my Readers well know. Just think of this, what design does Iran have to take over the US? What design do they have on Europe? The same applies to all the other nations that we invaded. Any so-called “threat” is totally made up. All this goes to show that the wars the world has been having in the past is mostly caused by some of the super powers.

Take any South American country. It could be Chile, Ecuador, or Uruguay, have they ever been worried about Iran, Syria or China invading them? Of course not. Do you think that these nations ever thought that they have to depend on the US to protect them from countries 5,000 miles away? Do you think that they ever talked about that if the US did not have troops all over the world they would not be safe? Of course not. But if you only read CNN or BBC, you would think that would be the case.

In short, the US uses this nonsense that they need 800 bases located in 100 countries to protect little nations from aggressors.

Take little Ecuador, do you think they have been threatened by Peru or Columbia? No! Even when they did feel threatened in the distant past, the dispute was resolved locally. Back in the 1830’s when there was a threat from Bolivia, I think, this was all done without another nation located far away to come to their aide. So, the same thing can be done now.

So, why are there US bases all over the world? (800 military bases in 100 countries by some counts.) I believe it’s for several reason, which are:

  • To get those nations in debt to world banks
  • To steal that nation’s natural resources (and pay them only pennies on the dollar)
  • To get them tied up in a One World godless government
  • To get them to adopt the sick laws that the US has
  • To be part of, a yet to come, world tax system
  • To be forced to take products that are not good, such as GMO food, vaccinations and all other pharmaceutical drugs
  • To be slaves and make products for wealthy American manufactures that can be sold at a high markup
  • To make these products that abiding to all the pollution laws that these very same companies would have to in the US
  • To be forced to buy products from the US that they can do without
  • To not raise certain foods for themselves but to buy them from another nation

When you look at all of this, it all boils down to the super wealthy making money off the other nations. For all the talk they have about freedom and equality, the super wealthy are really into SLAVERY. But it’s marketed in such a way that the people, who are actually slaves, think that they are free. This is the reason why the US has military bases all over the world – to really keep in line the nations that offer alternatives to their people. And, by extension, show visitors from other parts of the world how much better off their nations can be.

Nations that are totally in control by the New World Order do not want their people to see how well off people in other nations are that are not part of the Parasite Nations. Case in point is, that when the National Socialists were in power in the 1930s, the Wilhelm Gustloff was used as a holiday cruise ship for German workers. One year they were prevented from docking in England and this was before the war. Imagine, a tourist cruise ship that would bring business to England! The real reason for this was, the government was afraid that the British people would learn how well off the German workers were. In like manner, British and Americans were discouraged about visiting the 1936 Olympics. Many did go but it was not encouraged. Well, it was these visitors to the Olympics who got to see how life really was in NS Germany.

In conclusion, wars are started for entirely different reasons than what we are told.


A new Weekly Sermon is posted in the Bible Study section of this website.


Plastic in the Oceans

There is a big push of making the word alert about the pollution caused by plastics. There is a recent UN meeting on this very subject. We all know of the millions of tons of plastic that is dumped into the oceans of the world; of the killing of our fish and the pollution of the sea and land. While we are all against all this, there are some things to take into consideration.

While all of this sounds good, there is an agenda behind this. Mark my words but I see a day coming where there will be a tax on all plastic and that this tax will increase over the years, just like the national income tax.

In the UK there is a 5p tax on plastic bags if you ask for one from the shops. Now, it’s planned to go up to 10p. I hope that I’m wrong but I see this being extended to buying rolls of plastic bags in the shops. For example, you can get 40 small bags for 70p (like 70 cents in the US). I can see that they, too, will be taxed; at 5p a bag, that will add an additional £2, bringing the total to £2.70. Companies that make products will be taxed but they will pass the tax onto the consumer, as they always do.

This is just another way to get the people to willingly go along and pay more tax. And this tax money will be used to pay towards the loans the government has to the central bank.


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Conditioning Us To Accept The World The

Way It Is

Here is how the government is conditioning us to accept the world the way it is, so we think that everything is normal.




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Apple and Google Have Banned Freedom of Speech Apps

Apple and Google Have Banned Freedom of Speech Apps

It should not come as a surprise that Apple and Google banned freedom of speech for apps. Since they have banned freedom from certain people already because of their “politically incorrect” views, this is really no surprise.

If you are familiar with iPhones and iPads, you know what apps are. These are basically programs that you download that allows you to do different functions on your iPhone or iPad. Well, Apple and Google are doing their utmost to ban free speech.

I received an email from GAB two days ago that told me the news. GAB is a social media platform like Twitter but they allow those who have different beliefs, such as flat earth belief. Well, they made an app that is to be sold on Apple and Google App Store but they were turned down. Here is what GAB’s email said…


Gab has had mobile apps prepared for both iOS and Android devices since December of 2016. Unfortunately, due to Gab’s mission of defending free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information for everyone: Apple and Google have rejected and banned our apps from being listed in their App Stores.

Here is the easiest way to access Gab on mobile devices. For more help with Gab, visit our FAQ and help guides here.


I believe when companies violate laws of freedom they should be FOCRED to comply, if not, they should be taken to court and fined. It’s time we send in the Shock Troops to Google’s headquarters! Naturally, Apple and Google will shout like babies in saying it’s their “freedom of speech.” This is what all Leftists and antichristS do – UNTIL they get power. This is what the Communists did, historically. So, it’s not different now.

A company is no different from complying with the laws as an individual. It is my belief that a company can’t use the excuse “This is Google’s community policy…” What if an individual who murdered someone in their own home (outside of a criminal attacker) said, “This is Smith’s community policy…” and expect to get away with it – they can’t. So, should a company that takes away the inalienable rights given to us by our Creator, should be hold in compliance, too. Of course, I could go on and add a lot more but you get my point.

GAB’s URL is:

My question is, when will they prevent apps that tell real Bible truths? When will they do this for flat earth believers? Time will tell.

Weekly Sermon Posted

In the meantime, there is a new weekly sermon up, which is posted under the Bible Study tab that you see at the top of this page.

Until next time, do take care and God Bless,

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A Dreadful Superstition Grips America

A Dreadful Superstition Grips America

A terrible superstition holds people around the world in its grip. Ministers of religion, lawyers, architects, men renowned as brilliant scientists, physicians (particularly, physicians), University professors, middle class people, working class people, people of all nationalities, are its victims.

We know that there is a superstition when people continue to believe in a globe earth. They hold on to it for dear life; they think that if they let go, they’ll be alone in the world – without friends. While we all know how hard people hold on to the globe earth belief, I would like to talk about another superstition.

Ministers of religion, lawyers, architects, men renowned as brilliant scientists, physicians (particularly, physicians), University professors, middle class people, working class people, people of all nationalities, are its victims.

I was one for 43 years. I really and truly thought that what my doctor said was gospel and never questioned him.

What is this superstition? It is that health may be obtained and maintained and diseases “cured” by drugs, medicines and remedies. They have not taken the pains to investigate, in an unprejudiced manner, this absurd and dreadful belief.

So what we have is physician, nurses and drug stores (by the way we do not have “drug stores” any more. They call themselves “Pharmacies” I just checked the phone book.) Other medical specialists all engaging in these false hopes.

Frightful suffering and bereavement are the common lot of mankind, except for the few who have released themselves from this superstition.

I consider myself lined up with Natural Hygienists and Naturopathic doctors and we feel it is simply amazing that the simple facts of which we have can be ignored so generally. And that people offer themselves as sacrifices to this great superstition.

When a theory of health is presented of the ways and means to “Cure” something or they are going to “find a cure, so give us more money” these stories are heralded as a great triumph of “science”

Yet the first principles of science are violated right in the beginning and in the entirety of such a theory.

If an articles is written which lays down in simple words the rules of health, means by which diseases can be obviated and recovery from diseases can take place, very few orthodox journals of high circulation will print it.

An example is in 1980 when after suffering for 43 years with arthritis and in weeks I was free of the debilitating disease; I took my book to the Regional meeting of the Arthritis Foundation. I was so thrilled to think that with this book they could fulfill their promise that if we send them more money they will find a cure.

What a disaster. My husband dropped me off at the hotel entrance and went to park the car. When he got to the entrance he found two uniformed guards walking me out. Bodily.

We were stunned. They told me they did not want that sort of book at their meeting.

Since then I have over 310,000 copies around the world and get calls and emails daily thanking me for changing their lives.

So it is mainly to people, like myself, who believe as natural hygienists believe, to spread the word. In 1980 there were about 6500 hundred doctors who were telling their patients that what I am saying here is true. Two of them are named in my book “I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too”. Today in 2006 there are thousands more.

To us it is amazingly simple.

Eat the truly good food, breathe good air, drink pure water, exercise, maintain optimistic and pleasant thoughts, and therefore enjoy fantastic health. Give our cells the proper nutrition and our immune systems will become as God gave us in the first place. Our immune system will then rebuild our body and we will enjoy the freedom of no illnesses.

There are now millions who are beginning to rebel against what we might almost call the atrocities suffered as a consequence of this superstition.

Many who are ill and are being subjected to the remedies and poisons that are administered to them. Drugs in large containers have the skull and crossbones on them but when we get the little bottles as “prescriptions it is not there.

My mother was told in the 30’s to use an aluminum type product as a cheap deodorant. She did and I believe it was a contributing factor in the way she changed in later years. Aluminum is causing Alzheimer’s.

While drugs may get immediate temporary relief, you will feel and know that the disease is becoming more and more serious.

I do not have final figures but look around. In the early years of 1900 it was almost unknown to have heart troubles. They did not spend time on it in medical schools. All the major diseases of today, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, the list goes on and none were minor. In 1960 one in 20 had arthritis. Now it is 1 in 3

Same with cancer. Now children are commonly getting it. Heart troubles are killing us faster than ever. I will try to find these figures.

The Untied States is way down in the world as a healthy nation. Have you ever known of so many people with so many health issues? Baby boomers are filling our hospitals with more sickness.

I take my son to the VA hospital due to his Vietnam days and see people his age in terrible condition. Amputees from diabetes, overweight everywhere.

I have felt since 1980 that I have a duty to tell people the other side. I have done lectures and TV and radio. I now do this newsletter. I get people asking me to unsubscribe them due to my teachings.

My phone rings daily with people calling, crying, telling me of the 5, 6, 8 different drugs they are taking. Although they call them prescriptions. I ask each and every one of them to get the hand out from their “Pharmacy” of every drug they are taking and read them to the last page.

Then have a good talk with their doctors.

What do I preach in just one paragraph?

Give your body what it needs in minerals, vitamins and enzymes and exercise, drink pure water, let no negative thoughts or people into their lives and feed our cells to let our immune system take over the job that God meant it to do.

Which is to be in a state of health.

If our immune system is not getting the proper nutrition we are in trouble.

Will this happen overnight? No, You cannot stop taking the drugs you are on without the consent and help of your doctor. Too many side effects can occur.

You did not get in the condition you are in overnight. You will not get into a state of health over night. But start now and by summer or sooner you will not know yourself.

Start promoting healthy cellular replication, get strong muscles, have clear breathing, increased energy levels and have body fitness.

Get supplements that are advanced Nutraceutical supplements. Make an impact on your health today. Feel the results and get VIBRANT HEALTH.

Take heed of what the Bible teaches of food. Mainly moderation in all things.

Stop this insane habit of all cooked foods and foods pre-made. We have gotten into the habit of fast is better. Fast is not better. It costs more in dollars when you buy it and cost thousands in medical bills later on.

Print this in your sub consigns mind. “I am the one responsible for what I eat and drink and do. I am the one who can make changes so I may live, play and have a happy, illness free life”.

If you help yourself to this attitude you will be doing your doctor a big favor. He is overworked and struggling to help.

Stop looking for a magic bullet. There is NONE.

I getup every morning thankful for my health. And my state of mind and for the love of my family. I look forward to each day with joy.

I look at problems as they come up as just a problem that needs a solution.

I work on the solution. If I cannot fix it or change it I have a mental box that I put these things in and I lock it.

I allow nothing negative into my space. If a negative thought pops in I chase it our.

Can you do this? Of course. Let me know how this changes your life.

I am here to help You, help Yourself enjoy a Healthier and Happier Life Style.





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If Chemical Weapons Are Used Again

Musings 19, September, 2018

         If Chemical Weapons Are Used Again

President Donald Trump threatened Syria that if chemical weapons are used again against Syrian civilians, they will use military action. We know that this is just an excuse for the US to oust President Assad from power. But do you realise how stupid it it? Do you see what side the US is really on and who they are supporting?

This is exactly what ISIS wants – real or imagined chemical attack! For, if this happens, they know that they will have the Syrian government destroyed, which is what they want, but the US will be doing it for them.

Anyone with common sense will know that this will encourage ISIS to use the chemical attacks – if they have to – and then call in “the White Helmets” to “document” this. If they don’t use it or don’t have any access to the chemical weapons, they know that the US does and will use it on their behalf. ISIS could not have wished for anything better! In fact, they know that no chemical weapons would have to be used at all – like last time. All they know is, that if a false flag event is created and followed by fake news, that’s as good as if deadly chemicals were really used. Then, the West will come to their rescue – all under the pretence that the West if fighting radical governments (in this case, President Assad).

Only time will tell to see what happens.

Evil All Around

When you stop and think of all the evil that is going on in the world such as: knife crimes in the city of London (and crime all over), of the sick murders that are going on around the world, of corrupt government, of lying in the press, in corporations, in the schools, people are asking why this is happening (if they care at all).

Sure, crime has been with us all through history and it’s wrong, but what I’m talking about is the frequency, the magnitude and the absolute horrific types of crime that is happening. And people are still asking why all of this is happening. Well, to Christians who really know their Bibles, they know it boils down to one fundamental reason and that reason is, that we do not following biblical laws.

The further away we get away from Yahweh’s laws, the more crime and immorality we have – it’s a “cause and effect” issue. So, if the atheists, agnostic, Buddhist or whatever other religion you can think of, thinks that they can run the government – look at the mess we are in. We have been told for decades that we should have a secular government. Well, look at what we have now! Isn’t it secular? It sure is!

When will it stop? It will stop with the return of Christ; it will stop when He changes the hearts and minds of the people. May God speed the day!

When you have so-called “moralists” say, “I’m not a Christian but I don’t believe in murder and stealing, either,” they really don’t have the whole picture. You can’t really have people who are not Christian run the government; you can’t have people who say they are atheists, for example, and also claim that they are moral. Sure, they personally may never steal or murder but these people can’t run the government. Why? Simply, because all it takes is another atheist/agnostic to come along and give their standard of morality and claim that it’s just as good as the next person. For, who do they use as their standard? If they say, “Society norms,” this is not good enough. For “society norms or morality” CAN and DO change! You have seen this in the past couple of decades with one topic being politically incorrect to the next one.

The morality of what is being pushed on the public changes each year with what is considered “taboo.” One time you could be proud of your White Christian Heritage, now, you have white people apologising for being white. Yet, these are the people who say they have a moral standard! They do have a moral standard but it’s not God’s, and even their standard is changing over time. So, it’s not surprising to see that there is more crime, disease, government control, and lack freedom than ever before.

So, whenever you hear a non-Christian spout their hatred of God’s laws as the laws of the land, you can tell them, as you heard Oliver Hardy say, “Well, here is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”


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