“Virtual” Reality Or Actual Reality

Which Is Science And Which Is Fraud?

by Fixearth.com (which is no longer online)

Consider some of the revealing language used by experts to describe computer-programmed “Virtual Reality” Space Technology:

“A work of art” *** “a dream” *** “an additional reality” *** “a new continent” *** “a new reality”*** “a new kind of experience” *** “inventing reality” *** “new form of space” *** “frontier colonization”

*** “consensual hallucination using graphical representation of data” ***

“liberating potential of VR which can bring a new kind of Spiritual Understanding”

*** “computers are…media” *** “VR…a gateway into another reality” *** “cultural alchemy”

*** “computers are…reality generators” ***

*** “Voomies” [VR representations]…better than film” ***

*** “Realism is a cultural construction dependent on time, place, and technology” ****

*** “Intuitive molecule design…demonstrates usefulness of VR in theoretical science” ***

*** “VR…a new space for liberation and universal understanding” ***

“VR’s appeal… computers can be reality generators” ***

“The VR fraternity…[has put] VR at the apex of the historical process…..”

These rhapsodic assurances from several qualified sources tell us what VR technology means to its devotees. They tell us what VR is doing and what it is capable of doing. Obviously, in the minds of its fans, this technology represents a paradigm shift in the role of computers. These advocates are talking about making real what is not real and calling it what it isn’t, namely, REAL. They are talking about a revolutionary Spiritual shift to a dimension of computer use which involves the black art of mind control, i.e., witchcraft….

The critical issues involved here are: a) Who creates this new reality that is not real? b) Who inputs it? c) Is the passion for creating computer-programmed deceptions about Space merely a tax-supported high tech video game for late-developing cyberpunks weaned on Star Treckian extraterrestrialism and Peruvian Grass?  Or: d) Are some folks with hard-core anti-Bible and even Kabbalist agendas behind these “reality generators”? e) Does premeditated deception become “Science” because it uses Gee Whiz technology?

You can read additional material at “NASA’s Hanky-Panky: Virtual Reality Technology”. The Size and Structure of the Universe

According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science, Part II shows flagrant deceptions and outright fraud in the measurement of star distances.


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The Great Deception

The Great Deception

Weekly Sermon 4 August, 2019

The Bible warned us of deceptions talking about people who claim to speak in Christ’s name. But there are other deceptions, too, and that includes the flat earth and “Aliens among us.”

by Rob Skiba


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YouTube Banning Word “Christian”

YouTube Banning Word “Christian”

Evil is out in full force as YouTube has now banned the word “Christian” in its advertising. Click Here for video that had to be hosted on another site.

5G Tower Discussion Banned

Now, YouTube is starting to ban discussion on the dangers of 5G towers. You can be sure that other tech giants will be doing the same thing. Click Here for article.



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The Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock

The Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock



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The Fire That Will Burn Babylon

The Fire That Will Burn Babylon

Weekly Sermon 28 July, 2019

We read about end-time Babylon that preachers say will happen after Christians are off the earth. They believe we will be caught up in the “Rapture.” They also tell us that there is only one “Anti-Christ” and that the Babylonian System is just religious. Well, hear what the Bible says – that modern day pastors and priests do not read!

We read in Revelation 18 that this world system will deceive the governments of the world. There are many deceptions and lies that we are told and that includes the cover up of the flat earth. While this sermon does not talk about that, you can be sure that the the globe spinning earth is part of the blindness that are our people are told.

This sermon was given in 1972, so when you hear Pastor Emry talk about the Soviet Union, that is the reason. Also, keep in mind that the Russia of that day, which was controlled by the anti-Christs is not the same as today. In fact, modern-day Russia is more Christian than the US, UK and other nations of Europe!

If you enjoy this sermon and I encourage you to do a search on YouTube to find parts 1-3.

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Flat Earth Talk With Three Men

Flat Earth Talk With Thee Men


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More flat earth news

Update from my last Post

As you can see I can post this video. Maybe it’s because I haven’t used the key words that everyone is searching for today and that this video does not talk on this subject (refer to my previous Post) that I’m able to embed a video – I’m not sure but that is the conclusion that I came to.

This Post is to prove that I can have add more video to this site but for a certain subject, it’s taboo. Anyhow, enjoy this video.


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50th Anniversary Of The Moon Landing Hoax

50th Anniversary Of The Moon Landing Hoax

July 20, 1969

Note: I’m still not up to par as I’m still on a detox program but I had to get this out to you.

Yes, it has been exactly 50 years ago since the Moon landing hoax. I thought I would put up some videos of documentaries showing this but when I did a search on YouTube I didn’t find any. This is not surprising in that the social media giants have banned free speech. So, I went to archive.org to see what I could find. All I found was some short stupid videos including those by Walt Disney. I even went to another flat earth blog and didn’t find what I was looking for.

The video I was looking for was is called, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon,” but I could not find that. There used to be a website with that name as the URL.

All of this is not surprising as the social media giants already scrubbed a lot about the flat earth. If these videos are still up there, you can not find them by typing in the key words. With that in mind there is a substitute video you can watch here.

One thing that this tells us, is that what we have been saying is true, otherwise why hide it. If, what we believed was a lie, the tech giants would make available information like the fake Moon landing, as it would be easy for the globe earth believers to dispute it and make us look like fools, which is what they really would like to do. But they know they can’t defend their position, so the only thing for them to do is silence us. This shows they are liars!

Now, the next step, when the Communists come in full power it to put us in gulag camps. This is what had been done historically. After all, the anti-Christ Communists can’t allow people who live in society to tell others what’s wrong their system. So they put them in prison/work camps where many died there and those who did live through their sentence their health was broken.

If you do a search on YouTube for Moon landing hoax, you’ll find many videos that do come up but they are all, basically, explaining the questions flat earthers have. But it’s really funny – it shows how stupid they are. What many of these videos do is make up “scientific” sounding words and even contradict what they say! Lol. For example, with there not being any dust on the Lunar Landing Module pods and no crater, their answer is that they landed on rock. Then you see a video with the imprint of Neil Armstrong’s footprint – right in front the the landing craft. How did this come about if they landed on rock?!

Another example is that footprint of Armstrong was still there there years later; they throw up some “scientific” words as to why and they show some line marks on the Moon as reference – as if that is to impress us! Well, since the whole scene is fake, with the whole set up done on some government studio set in Nevada, that is fake, too. It’s like using another fake CGI to confirm another CGI picture. Anyhow, have a good laugh and do a search on YouTube video attempts to cover up their lies.

Even though you may not have a good video to show your friends about the Moon landing hoax, just talk about the firmament/dome and talk about how a vacuum has to have a physical containment and how a pressurised atmosphere needs a physical containment. Without a physical barrier it’s impossible to have either. Critics can not get past this (unless they want to ignore science and live in a fantasy world). So, ANY talk on travel to the Moon and other planets is a lie, too. You don’t even need to enter into a debate on this. As the saying goes, “How can you get to second base without going to first base first?”

Here is what I did find. Hope you find this interesting.

Note: I finally did find a video about “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon.”


As I was posting this article I had two videos that I embedded, as I’ve done many times before. Then I published it. When I went to the live page I did not see my videos there! So, I did it again, thinking that I made a mistake, and sure enough, my videos did not show up. This prove that the Satanic powers do not want the truth out. I’m sure they know that people like me would be posting something about the fake Moon landing as it’s the big 50th anniversary.

So, what I did was, I make a screen shot of by Dashboard to show you that the video I posted was there. When everything is OK in the Dashboard section it should show up when it’s published.

Anyhow, I guess we can say “thanks” to the evil people for proving that they can’t answer our questions concerning the hoax Moon landing (as well as a 1,001 other questions we have for them, and showing the world what liars they are.




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A Video of This Site By Another Flat Earther

A Video Of This Site By Another Flat Earther

I received a comment that had a link to this other flat earth site, so I went to it. The Reader made a video about this site. I encourage you to check the video and other content on this flat earth site. Though, I found out that not all the link do now work, I hope it’s not the case with you.

His website is: https://flatearthtribe.com/


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Sick at the moment

I am sick at the moment so I will not be able to post for awhile. Going through a full detox.


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