Those Who Would Destroy The Earth

Those Who Would Destroy The Earth

Revelation 11:18

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Revelation was written by the Apostle John about 67AD. This was at the time of the Roman Empire. We know that even the most advanced civilization at the time – the Roman Empire – did not have the capacity to destroy the world or even the known world. So, how could this have been? Some people would say that it’s metaphoric, but is it?

Reading Revelation 11:18, we know that this is speaking about the End of the Age, as we read that it is the time of judging the dead and giving of reward to them that fear (love and obey) God. Now, there are some critics that think that all of Revelation has been fulfilled; while others believe that some of it has (such as fall of Jerusalem in 70AD). Then, there are those that think that the Fall of Jerusalem had nothing to do with Bible prophecy. Well, regardless of the position you take one thing is for sure – that God will judge those who destroy the flat earth.

When I talk about “destroying the earth” I’m not talking about cutting down a few trees, mining for minerals or things like that. This, we are to do as commanded by God – that “we are to have dominion over the earth.” This dominion includes over the animals, too. So, this is not the destruction of the flat earth. What I want to focus on, and make this in a series of articles is, the wholesale destruction of God’s creation. It’s not even over-fishing (which is not a good thing) nor will this series of articles talk about your local city dump where there are toxins in the ground. I’m talking about where the whole earth can be destroyed.

I will attempt to show you that with today’s technology and the misuse of it, we are doing things deliberately – without justification but only to control us, enslave us, and to kill us off. If you think this is not being done, all I ask you is to read this and future articles, see the videos, and think about it. Then prove me wrong if you can.

Though this is verse (and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth) is only part of one verse, you may think what importance it has. God told us that every word in the Bible is important and that would include this one. I’m sure you believe that God knows the “beginning from the end,” which also includes the year we are living in now. So, think for a moment, since many of you know that we are destroying the world – this is a major thing; there can be nothing more momentous in world history. It would only make sense that God knows about, and has His plans on how to deal with it.

Each article will cover one of many things that the antichrists are doing now that – if not stop – will destroy Yahweh’s creation. These topics will not be in any specific order of importance.

Bioengineering (Chemtrails) and Morgellon’s Disease

You may know of chemtrails and you may know of other topics that I’ll cover in the near future, so please continue to watch as there might be something new for you.



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Flat Earth In The News January 2018

Flat Earth In The News January 2018

“Checking the world for flat earth in the news.”

From the LA Times

Click here for the article.

Flat earth rocket pilot expects more views than the Super Bowl

Click here for the article.

Express Newspaper in the UK

Click here for the news.

A comment here. It says that a “conspiracy theorist” says the Moon in 4.7 miles from the earth. This sounds like a government agent in the flat earth movement, as this statement is foolish. If the Moon was 4.7 miles from the earth, plans and rockets would crash into it. I believe that statements like this – many of which come from the Mason control Flat Earth Society – is used to fool people. And as soon as they hear something like this they will not want to hear anything more from flat earthers.

Here is another propaganda piece from Homer Tribune

Click here for the article.


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Answering a Preacher About the Earth


Answering a Preacher About the Earth

At about 8 minutes in: When Pastor Anderson said that it’s shorter to fly from the US to Germany, you fly north over Canada. This is true but not for his answer. He said that on a globe earth this distance is shorter. Well, take out a globe and you measure it! Is it shorter by making an arch north or is it shorter by directly flying East? It would be shorter flying directly eastward! So, why don’t we when we fly, say, from the US to Europe this way? I’ll get back to this in a minute.

Laying out a map of the earth which is flat, the land is not laid out as we see it on a globe – just as Anderson said. So, why do we fly North when we fly East? Because it’s shorter; BECAUSE the earth is flat. But the educational system and government does not want you to know that, so they give any explanation that makes sense but it’s not.

There was a news item last year, about a flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles, California. A woman on board was giving birth so they had to make an EMERGENCY LANDING. Guess where they landed? In Alaska! Now, why on earth (excuse the pun) would the plane be flying over Alaska when it was going to southern California? It would be shorter to fly directly there; it would save time and money. The reason why is, that on a flat earth, the distance would be too great! So, even if you are coming from a latitude where Taiwan is to where California is, it’s shorter to fly North and arch around.

If you fly from Florida to Germany, for example, you would still have to take that FAR northerly route over Canada. Why? The answer is given above.


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NASA Is More Than Sending Rockets Into “Space”


NASA Is More Than Sending Rockets Into “Space”

By Deborah Tavares

Find what other nefarious plans NASA is planning against you. It will shock you!


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Prison Time for Viewing “Terrorist” Videos


Prison Time for Viewing “Terrorist” Videos

The government is getting crazier and crazier. In the UK there is a proposed law to jail anyone watching “terrorist” videos – and that would include those from the political right. There will be some exceptions but the penalty is 15 years in prison.

Why this law? That is because the Edomites are getting desperate. If people know the truth, they will be out of business and not have life and death over the people. It may be just a matter of time before they go after flat earth websites. Why? Because more people will start believing in the God of the Bible.

Keep an eye on any such law that is proposed in your country. Watch the short video and learn more.

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Another Theory On How The Moon Affects The Tides


Another Theory On How The Moon Affects The Tides

One new thought (for me, anyway) is how the Moon affects the tides (no, it’s not gravity). Now, this might not be it, but the little experiment shown is interesting.

What other flat earthers believe is that there are certain locations in the oceans where water goes down a huge hole and returns 12 hours later. As we are told in the Bible that the earth is on the waters of the Great Deep.

This video also has other interesting information for your consideration.

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What Other Bible Truths Are Hidden From The People?


What Other Bible Truths Are Hidden From The People?

We all know that what God said about the earth and is kept from the people, but what other Bible truths are kept from us? For some flat earthers, they think that this is the only hidden Bible truth, but for others, like yourself, there is much, much more.

In short, what is hidden from us – to keep us from following God – are the laws that we should follow. Think about it, if you were one of the antichrists (and there are many of them as Christ told us), you would want people to break every law we should obey and DO every evil that we should not do. In order to do this, people have to made ignorant of those laws. One way to do this is to say,

“God’s laws have been done away with.”

“We are not under the Law but under Grace.”

“Christ had changed all this.”

“We are New Testament Christians – we don’t follow the Old Testament.”

Is this not what the devil wants us to do? Is this not what the pagans and all the other non-Christians want us to do? They have succeeded. How have they succeeded? They have said the above “one-liners,” of course, but they have gone beyond that.

We are told in no uncertain terms that if we don’t follow the “moral principles” you hear in the media, you are: a racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, bigot or they simple call us haters. Now, think of when people are called these labels. Are they not directed towards people who say something against a non-White, against a Jew or Muslim? Are they not said against someone who takes pride in their White racial heritage? Or someone who says that being a homosexual and transgender sinful? Yes, it is. This is just the opposite of what the Bible says.

But at this point, this is where some Judaeo-Christian says one of the above “one-liners” as if that could be found in the Bible. Since it can’t be found in the Bible, the enemies of Christ prepared for that, too. They have come up their own version of the Bible. Though deliberate twisting of the Bible has been around for many years, it has really taken off with the advent of the “Living Bible” that was pushed by Billy Graham. Since then, many other version of the Bible have come out including one that eliminates all genders.

Christ said that since He was hated that we, too (His followers), will be hated by the world. Now, when you look at the average Christian they are NOT hated, by-and-large, because what they believe in doesn’t offend anyone. But think of those that are really hated – even by those who call themselves Christians. However, the people that are really hated are called: racists, anti-Semitic, haters, nazis, homophobic, extremists, nationalists, etc. Have you ever thought that this is what the enemies of Christ DON’T want you to be? By following biblical laws, you are called this.

The Edomites, for example, know that in order to control you – in every way possible – means that they have to do away with the laws of God and institute their man-made laws. What did Paul tell us? That we should obey God and not man. Since the context is talking about laws, that means that we should obey the laws as written in the Old Testament. The Apostles were put in prison because they broke some man-made law at times. But what did they do when they were released? They continued breaking the law?

So, the government calls you a “criminal.” So, what? We read in the Bible, “That Christ was counted among the criminals.”

What are some of the biblical laws?”

They cover such areas as:

  • Love God by obeying Him
  • relationship one-to-another
  • raising children
  • raising of food
  • what food to eat and not eat
  • raising of animals
  • taking care of the poor
  • rules of military engagement
  • judicial laws
  • sexual relations
  • economic laws
  • laws in the work place
  • worship laws

This is not a complete list but it covers important topics. Now, how often do you hear this in the churches (if you go to any)? None, I dare say. You certainly don’t read this in the newspapers or are taught this in school.

Now, you have some people who will say, which includes Judaeo-Christians, “We should not be under a theocracy; that is terrible! People can not put up with biblical laws,” or other such nonsense.

First off, this is a slap in the face to God – as if He is a terrible God but sinful man is good. The fact is, that this is what we are brainwashed to believe – that living under God’s laws would be terrible, but living under humanist man’s laws is fine!

There might be others who say, “Look at all those laws; so complex and so many.” Well, here are the facts:

In the United States there are over ONE MILLION LAWS

In the Bible there are a little over 600 LAWS

Now, which one do you think is easier to follow? Sure, you can add some rules that are not in conflict to God’s laws, such as a law about stopping a red lights. But basically there are only about 600+ laws.

As you know there are books and articles of the horror stories that people had gone through trying to obey man’s laws; there thousands of books that show the complexity of complying to man-made laws. Did you know that there are about 200 laws regarding the growing and transporting of cabbage?

Yahweh’s laws are simple and few, practical and logical.

Do you know that the Bible is 71% temporal and 29% spiritual? In other words God is concerned with and talks about life on Earth and not about life in Heaven. If this was not the case, why do we know so little about Heaven? You have heard the phrase, “He’s so heavenly minded that he is no earthly good!” Well, this is true. And that is why Christians have the attitude, “Well, I don’t care what is going on now, I’ll be whisked away and taken to Heaven.” This is the FALSE RAPTURE DOCTRINE, and that is why it was fostered on unsuspecting Christians because it keeps them out of politics and allows those who hate Christ to get away with what they are doing.

If you would like to know more about Bible laws that you are not told in churches, make sure you join our email list. Click Here to go to the page, then click on the flat earth picture and you will be taken to the sign-up form.

Here is one Bible Law course to get you started (Click Here).

God Bless

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Poland’s Prime Minister: Europe Must Return to Christian Civilization

Poland’s Prime Minister: Europe Must Return to Christian Civilization

Here is more on Poland Returning to its Christian roots. Let us pray that other former Christian nations of the world do the same.




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A Lesson From Poland


A Lesson From Poland

Just a short post today.

If you look at Poland, this whole nation has collectively said, in effect, “No more people from toilet nations.” The Polish people have prayed to God; they acknowledge Jesus Christ as King; the people in Krakow united in prayer for God to save their country. What happened in the months since then?

Their birthrate is now the fourth largest in Europe (White birthrate, not immigrant birthrate); prosperity is in their land; crime is way, way down as well as unemployment. This is just as promised by God in the Bible (read Deuteronomy 28, the whole chapter) will happen. This is our weapon – praying to God and ask for our forgiveness; repent (which means “to turn back”), and He will bless you in the womb, in the land, and in prosperity.

This is what Americans have to do, this is what White people world-wide have to do IF they want to have peace and prosperity again.


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Government Land Grab

Government Land Grab

Here are just a video about government land grab in America. This is being done, in part, by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau Land Management. This is nothing but pure antichrist Communism. So, where are the people with the guns?

There are plenty videos that tell you about government land grab. They may be happening in your country, too, if you are outside of the United States. So, before you buy land for farming or investment you might want to consider doing so in another country where there is more freedom – and there are quite a few of them. If you don’t, you find out that the land you bought you will not be able to build anything on it or see it appreciate in value.


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