Vaccines To Control Thought

Vaccines To Control Thought

As if we don’t have enough trouble getting through people with the truth, we have this…



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Christians Who Learn About The Flat Earth

Christians Who Learn About The Flat Earth

Christians who learn about the flat earth find that their faith has strengthen.

When Christian are asked about their thoughts on evolution they will say “It’s a LIE perpetrated by so called science in order to hide God and discredit the bible”… But then if we were to ask those very same Christians their thoughts on Flat Earth we get “Oh heavens no, they wouldn’t lie about that, they’re scientist!”


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Globe Earth Researchers Discover The Flat Earth Truth

Globe Earth Researchers Discover The Flat Earth Truth

A Professional 1 ½ Hour Documentary

Sceptical researchers gathered in Peru to either prove or disprove a globe earth. Here is what they discovered – using telescopes, radio transmitters and lasers…


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Email Posted by Someone Who Disagrees

Email Posted by Someone Who Disagrees

We all have a right to disagree, so you may disagree with what this dear Reader said. I do not agree with everything he said, and some of the conclusions he made. The reason is, that I have heard the Preterists arguments and go into the areas of agreement and disagreement.

I don’t want to go and have a dialogue back and forth with each one who writes (except on rare occasions). Otherwise, I would not be able to get the news out that I have about the flat earth, the Bible subject I want to cover and other subjects.

I had to copy and paste this and put this in a regular post, as I’m not for advertising other people’s email addresses and websites.


From a Reader:

You said

My comments are in italics.

You said

[I believe that this is happening now. However, you have some critics, who say that Revelation all took place in 70 AD (the Fall of Jerusalem). They are known as ‘Preterists.’ While some of it did take place in 70 AD, certainly not all of it. Preterists are quick to point out Rev. 1:1 with the words, ‘things which must shortly come to pass,’ that does not mean ALL THINGS.]

Your statement is not accurate and (I believe unintentionally) misleading. The following is going to be hard reading for you, but I am not your enemy. I am presenting this to you in Christian love as a brother who is deeply concerned about error. I am not attacking you. I’m pleading with you to simply consider an opposing viewpoint.

I, for one, believe that ALL means ALL and that SHORTLY means SHORTLY – but I am NOT a preterist. Preterism is, in my opinion, one of the most vile forms of theology ever devised. It is, at the least, as vile as futurism. I believe that ALL Bible prophecy has been fulfilled – but I am NOT a preterist.

I’m not a Preterist, either. But I believe that not all prophecy has been fulfilled, for we are still living in this sinful age.

I did not say that you are a person who believes in preterism! How can I? For, if you are referring to the article about the Sun changing colour, you did not write to me. I am referring to those who believe in full preterism. The other article about a critic of the flat earth was referring to another person (which you can see his name in the article), not you, Charlie.

You do not realize what you are doing when you say that “the sun is scorching men” in fulfillment of Rev. 16:8, et. al. You are telling people that what is going on is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Thus, there is NOTHING one can or NOTHING one should do about it. To resist the fulfillment of Bible prophecy would be to resist God Himself.

Here is what I said, in part (please read it):

Well, a lot has happened to our Sun – it is not killing us. This is not the Sun’s fault, but evil men spraying the sky with chemicals and nano-size heavy metals.”

I’m blaming it on evil men!

Yes, there is SOMETHNG people can do and that is: TELL others what is going on – which is what I’m doing! If someone who is a pilot or in any way contributing to this, and knows what is going on, they should not be partakers. They should quick their jobs if they have to. For anyone to say that this is no biblical sure doesn’t know their Bible! If you are telling others what is going on, doesn’t mean that you are thwarting God’s plans, just a like a Prophet of old who warned the people. The prophet did his job, yet God knows what the end will be (like the invasion of a heathen tribe of ancient Israel).

I’m sure the enemies of God wants people to do exactly what you said; in fact, they probably have encouraged Judeo-Christians to believe this! Why? Because it gets Christians to sit back on their a__ and do nothing; it makes the enemies job that much easier; it plays right into their hands!

Your message is EXACTLY what the enemies of Christ want you to preach. You are turning the only available power of resistance (people who desire to follow Christ) into “compliance by complacence.”

NO, it is YOUR message that plays right into the antichrists hands!

You admonish your readers not to sit back and completely do nothing, but the message that there really is nothing you can do is louder and clearer than your attempt to spurn others to action.

No, you are wrong. We are told to OCCUPY until Christ comes, and by occupying means to continue to proclaim the truth AND not to be partakers of evil – NOT to be ‘couch potatoes!’

It is NOT the fulfillment of Rev 16 that is causing the sun to act weird – it is EVIL men who are being enabled by Christians who are telling people that these evil men are just doing the Will of God by fulfilling His prophecies. These evil men created futurism (C.I. Scofield, with the financing of Cecil Rhodes and Andrew Carnegie) and they are acting things out on an international stage to deceive people into believing that one world government is the solution to man’s problems – and that Scripture prophesies it. Hence, removing all opposition to it. They are manipulating false religious teaching to make it look like the Bible is being fulfilled before our very eyes.

PLEASE read my article again. Specifically, what I had write above that are in quotes! This is exactly what I said, “evil men!” 

You are preaching THE EXACT same message as NASA – but with a twist of religion. You do not realize it, but you are part of a Machavellian plot to accomplish an evil agenda. Your false “end times” “end of the world is upon us” message is exactly what NASA is preaching from a secular, antichrist perspective. Give NASA more money. Enable men’s governments and they will save you. Or, wait for Jesus to come back on a white horse and He’ll save you. Wait, wait, wait. Do nothing, but wait.

NASA wants people to say NOTHING AND DO NOTHING! Other Readers can see this but for some reason you don’t.

Matthew 24 is an outline of the entire book of Revelation. Verse 34 says – and it cannot be any clearer – “Verily, I say unto you, This generation shall not pass till ALL THESE THINGS be fulfilled.” This included ALL the events described in greater detail in the book of Revelation.

Christ is not a coming King! He was revealed as King of kings and Lord of lords when the book of Revelation was fulfilled at AD 70.

I never said that Christ is “a coming King,” so don’t put words into my mouth!

Generation,” in Matthew 24:34, Strong’s Number 1074, under 2. that which has been begotten, men of the same stock, a family.

When it says, “men of the same stock,” this would be the word “race,” as we use today. (The word “race” did not come into use at this time, but there are other ways that it was described.) So, this makes sense when read, “this race shall not pass away,” which it hasn’t.

Now if you READ Matthew the whole chapter 24, it would NOT make sense that all of this happened by 70AD. If you study Christian history, no way had all this happened in 30 plus years after Christ said this (referring to 70AD). For example:

(Mat 24:14)  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

You mean to say that all the nations heard the Gospel by 70AD? Of course not, as there were many nations that Europeans did not know existed. There were the nations in Asian that were not known; the discovery of South America, for example, did not come until nearly 1500 years later. So, to say that this all happened a couple of decades after Christ said this is preposterous!

I could go on with more examples, such as false prophets and false Christs will arise, but you – my other Readers – know that there have been and are today false prophets and false Christs, so how can Matthew, chapter 24, all have pertained up to 70AD? What about all that has happened and IS happening today? But the Writer of this letter doesn’t seem to understand this.

Not only is He King of kings and Lord of lords – but He is the LAST of the kings that Yahweh allows for His people. Until we wake up and realize that we have been an evil and idolatrous people by setting up “governments like all the other nations” (I Sam 8) we will never accomplish anything for Christ and His Kingdom. His message was, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” And we have spent generations undoing His finished work and declaring that His Kingdom is future.

The Kingdom of Christ is a present day reality. It is not future. We must ALL allow His reign in our lives – today. We must forsake the statues of men (statutes) and return to the “charge, commandments, Statutes and Laws” that the Bible so clearly says that Abraham was blessed because of His obedience to. And lest I be misunderstood – I am not talking about the Laws concerning sacrifices. Those have been done away with, with the finished work of the Messiah.

Anyhow, to the Writer of this article: I will not enter into any more dialogue on this subject, as this can go back and forth for who knows how long. Then, there will be someone else writing along similar lines and this Christian flat earth site will be completely side tracked. So, in order not to waste your time don’t bother writing again on this topic as it will not be answered.

But, I just might write on Revelation again in a future article.

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How You Are Being Ripped Off

How You Are Being Ripped Off

Although this article is not about the flat earth, it should be of interest to most of you, namely: what to beware of, and how not to be cheated.

Since you are reading this article, the chances are you are doing this on your own computer. Owning a computer means that you may need a repairman at some point. Well, the sad fact is that computer repairmen are becoming like used car salesmen – even those who work for big name companies. With that in mind, here are videos that should help you.

Computer Repairs

Jet Ink Scam

Most people who own a computer also own an ink jet printer. We all know that what manufactures charge for ink is outrageous. This video does not give a solution, but you might find a solution on some other video.

The Possible Solution

So, what is the solution? In regards to fixing your computer, I suggest that you do a search on YouTube, type in your computer problem and see what you find. People have put up just about every self-help video you can think of. While this is not a guarantee, it least is can solve some of your computer problems.

The Broader Picture

What these two videos do not go into but what I will is, that here we are talking about some of the biggest companies in the world – like HP – are dealing in a scam. With the computer repairs, you saw (if you viewed the video) of the biggest computer retails engaged in defrauding customers. Finally, you’ll see some of the largest computer repairs franchises – that just do repairs – lying to customers. This tells me (as I already knew) that greed, fraud, lying and outright stealing is endemic in today’s society! Can society get any worse? How long do you think that God Almighty will allow a nation to get away with this before His intervention?


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The Sun Has Changed Colour

The Sun Has Changed Colour

The White Sun that Used to be Yellow is Killing People

For you older people, do you remember when the Sun was yellow? We drew pictures of the Sun with yellow crayons. Now, the Sun is white! It should not be that colour. Do you remember when you could look at the Sun – though only for a few seconds but now you can’t even look at it. When I look up at the near-setting Sun, I had to turn my eyes away that instant. And, I could not make out the disk of the Sun though it was not behind clouds. What happened?

Well, a lot has happened to our Sun – it is not killing us. This is not the Sun’s fault, but evil men spraying the sky with chemicals and nano-size heavy metals.

The Sun Conspiracy

No one is talking about this, and the few who are has had their videos taken down by YouTube. It seems like I’m discovering more new conspiracies. But thankfully, there has been others who discovered this which made me aware of it.

What I’m about to tell you is really serious but first I would like to tell you about what others have discovered around the world. Then we will ‘connect the dots.’

People are dying by being exposed to the Sun. Roofers have become sick, though they are experienced in working in the Sun.

One man who lives 7 degrees above the Equator said that they don’t have to cook their eggs now; all they have to do is put it in the frying pan and put it out in the Sun.

Some people report that they can’t be in the Sun for more than 10 minutes during the afternoon without getting sunburn.

In Nepal, people walk around with umbrellas and stay in the shade when sitting outside.

There are plants that are dying that have been exposed to the Sun. One person sent in a photo of plants by her home. They were all the same and those that were protected by the shadow of the house were green and healthy while those that were exposed more to the Sun were brown.

  Compared To The Past

Back in the 1980’s, the highest skin protection you could buy was spf factor 8. Now it goes up to spf 50.

It used to take you hours to get a sun burn. Now it takes 20 minutes

In 1980 it took about 2 weeks for a newspaper to get yellow. Now it takes a day.

In the past, children used to colour the Sun yellow. Today they colour it blue or white.

In the past you could look at the Sun (though for a short time). Now, you have to turn your head away.

Plants and trees are dying. Geese and swans have been reported without babies. In hatchling areas of ponds, many geese and swans are gone entirely. A farmer in New Jersey who had his farm for 20 years said that this is the first time (2017) that there were no flies!

Children have been getting burnt in the Sun in 30 minutes.

One roofer while working on a building in Dallas reported that late in the day he got diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and dizzy spells; 5 out of his 8 workers got sick from working in the Sun.

Days feel like they are in the 30s C when, in fact they are in the 20s C. People are feeling the intense heat even when it’s not that hot.

(Rev 16:8)  And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

(Rev 16:9)  And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

(Rev 16:10)  And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

I believe that this is happening now. However, you have some critics, who say that Revelation all took place in 70 AD (the Fall of Jerusalem). They are known as ‘Preterists.’ While some of it did take place in 70 AD, certainly not all of it. Preterists are quick to point out Rev. 1:1 with the words, ‘things which must shortly come to pass,’ that does not mean ALL THINGS.

If you look at history, we know that what is happening now has never happened in 70AD or anytime since then.

With the way things are going, with the collapse of the food chain there will be famine and desolation. In any regards, we have life being destroyed on earth that has never happened in the way it is – all because of the technology we are using.

Collapse of the Food Chain

With the dying off insects, plants and trees. With the increase pollution of the soil and water by barium, strontium aluminium particles, and who knows what, there goes our food supply. When this happens, there will be food riots, stealing and killing. It would be unlike anything else that has been experienced – past or present.

Unlike most people who bring ‘gloom and doom,’ I like to offer some things that you can do.

The Solution

There is prayer for deliverance. Keep this foremost in your mind. Now, there are many Christians who think that they should do nothing more. But I disagree with this and I’ll give a Bible example. When the baby Jesus was born, did Joseph just stay in Bethlehem, and pray for protection and hope that King Herod would not kill Jesus? No. He did as he was told by the angel; the angel that God instructed, and that was to flee and go to Egypt. So, this is an earthly thing that Joseph did. He, Mary and the baby Jesus stayed there until the King Herod was dead. Did the Holy Family pray? You bet, but they also fled to another country. Need I say more?

What can we do aside from prayer? Here are some suggestions:

  • IF you can move to an area where there is less spraying, then do it, but that would require moving to another country
  • Stay indoors as much as you can
  • When going outdoors, where a hat and clothing that covers your arms and legs
  • If you have the money, start a greenhouse where you can grow your own crops in a shaded area
  • Start sprouting as much as you can


I would like to comment on sprouting. Sprouting offers many benefits:

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s easy
  • You can do it in your home or apartment
  • It’s ready in a few days

God knows the beginning from the end. That after the destruction will come the restoration of all things. Some of us might die of other natural causes before all this; some of us might die because of all this. But know for sure that if you believe in Christ and that He died for our sins, we will be with Him in His Kingdom ON Earth.


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What Happens When Israel’s Rulers Transgress the Law?

What Happens When Israel’s Rulers Transgress the Law?

Why we have problems in America or any Christian (or formerly Christian nation) is plainly stated in the Bible. As you read the Bible, when the Israelites first entered into Canaan land, there were a couple hundred years of vacillating between obedience and disobedience. When our ancestors were in disobedience, the enemy ruled over us. Then, after the death of Solomon, the kingdom was divided into two parts.

(2Ch 25:14)  Now it came to pass, after that Amaziah was come from the slaughter of the Edomites, that he brought the gods of the children of Seir, and set them up to be his gods, and bowed down himself before them, and burned incense unto them.

(2Ch 25:15)  Wherefore the anger of the LORD was kindled against Amaziah, and he sent unto him a prophet, which said unto him, Why hast thou sought after the gods of the people, which could not deliver their own people out of thine hand?

The king refused to turn, so God brought war and trouble to the people.

(2Ch 28:1)  Ahaz was twenty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem: but he did not that which was right in the sight of the LORD, like David his father:

(2Ch 28:2)  For he walked in the ways of the kings of Israel, and made also molten images for Baalim.

(2Ch 28:3)  Moreover he burnt incense in the valley of the son of Hinnom, and burnt his children in the fire, after the abominations of the heathen whom the LORD had cast out before the children of Israel.

(2Ch 28:4)  He sacrificed also and burnt incense in the high places, and on the hills, and under every green tree.

(2Ch 28:5)  Wherefore the LORD his God delivered him into the hand of the king of Syria; and they smote him, and carried away a great multitude of them captives, and brought them to Damascus. And he was also delivered into the hand of the king of Israel, who smote him with a great slaughter.

God, said in effect, that He delivered this disobedient king into the hands of the enemy. But who was slaughtered? The king? No, the people of Israel.

(2Ch 28:6)  For Pekah the son of Remaliah slew in Judah an hundred and twenty thousand in one day, which were all valiant men; because they had forsaken the LORD God of their fathers.

It didn’t say that only those who were unrighteous were slain, nor was it just those who were cowards – as we read they were valiant men. They died because the king worshipped false gods. Now, think of today, our President and leaders in government are doing many, many things that are ungodly – things that we are not to do. This applies to other nations of Christendom, too.

Verse 8

(2Ch 28:8)  And the children of Israel carried away captive of their brethren two hundred thousand, women, sons, and daughters, and took also away much spoil from them, and brought the spoil to Samaria.

We see that this brings great tribulation and great judgment upon the people.

We see that when the leader worships false gods it has an effect on the people. Now, don’t think that the President, Prime Minister or whomever, has to worship a stone idol, it also means having laws that are contrary to God’s laws, be it immigration, usury, or making any laws that are contrary to the Bible (and we have 1 million man-made laws). So, what the leader of the country does is very important.

Many Christians today think, well, I can live a Christian life in a heathen county and not be effected. Well, take a look at Israel in II Chronicles? Do you think that God has made an exception now? No!

Exposing false doctrine in the churches is good but those who follow it, including government leaders are, in effect, worshipping false gods. They might claim that they worship Jesus Christ, but if you compare their doctrines to those of the Bible, you’ll see that they do not. They are worshipping false gods under the guise of worshipping the true God.

Our government leaders have laws on economics, politics, foreign relations, warfare all based on their concept of religion – which is not Christian.

Verse 22-23

(2Ch 28:22)  And in the time of his distress did he trespass yet more against the LORD: this is that king Ahaz.

(2Ch 28:23)  For he sacrificed unto the gods of Damascus, which smote him: and he said, Because the gods of the kings of Syria help them, therefore will I sacrifice to them, that they may help me. But they were the ruin of him, and of all Israel.

The non-Christian things that our leaders are doing, their false religion – though they do not recognize it as such – is it brings ruin on our people.

We live under the New Covenant which is sealed by the blood of Christ, but we must look at the Old Covenant to see what we are to do when we disobey the Law and come under this Judgment.

(2Ch 21:5)  Jehoram was thirty and two years old when he began to reign, and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem.

(2Ch 21:6)  And he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, like as did the house of Ahab: for he had the daughter of Ahab to wife: and he wrought that which was evil in the eyes of the LORD.

So, he walked after the manner of the kings of Israel.

Behold a great plague

(2Ch 21:11)  Moreover he made high places in the mountains of Judah, and caused the inhabitants of Jerusalem to commit fornication, and compelled Judah thereto.

(2Ch 21:12)  And there came a writing to him from Elijah the prophet, saying, Thus saith the LORD God of David thy father, Because thou hast not walked in the ways of Jehoshaphat thy father, nor in the ways of Asa king of Judah,

(2Ch 21:13)  But hast walked in the way of the kings of Israel, and hast made Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to go a whoring, like to the whoredoms of the house of Ahab, and also hast slain thy brethren of thy father’s house, which were better than thyself:

(2Ch 21:14)  Behold, with a great plague will the LORD smite thy people, and thy children, and thy wives, and all thy goods:

(2Ch 21:15)  And thou shalt have great sickness by disease of thy bowels, until thy bowels fall out by reason of the sickness day by day.

Here we have the nation being smitten and even his own family.

What did the kings of Israel do that the King of Judah is doing? We read:

(1Ki 12:25)  Then Jeroboam built Shechem in mount Ephraim, and dwelt therein; and went out from thence, and built Penuel.

(1Ki 12:26)  And Jeroboam said in his heart, Now shall the kingdom return to the house of David:

(1Ki 12:27)  If this people go up to do sacrifice in the house of the LORD at Jerusalem, then shall the heart of this people turn again unto their lord, even unto Rehoboam king of Judah, and they shall kill me, and go again to Rehoboam king of Judah.

(1Ki 12:28)  Whereupon the king took counsel, and made two calves of gold, and said unto them, It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem: behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

(1Ki 12:29)  And he set the one in Bethel, and the other put he in Dan.

(1Ki 12:30)  And this thing became a sin: for the people went to worship before the one, even unto Dan.

He recognized that if the people actually went back to Jerusalem and worshipped the true God, then they would get inline with God’s Word and accept the ruler-ship of David’s throne over them. So, to prevent that, verse 28, the King made two calves of gold.

So, the King set up false gods for Israel to worship so he can retain control over them. This is very, very important if you want to know why we have problems today. If you examine the doctrines, the philosophy and the laws we have, this is so the leaders can retain control over us. They know that the ways of God. The New World Order people; the people in these secret societies, the people who like their current lifestyles know that they can only continue when the people are in disobedience.

In short, evil rulers know what to do to stay in power. I don’t mean just by force or other conventional means but by knowing the laws of God. They know that there is a God and that they can not break the power that He has, BUT they do know that by getting His People to rebel, the people are chastised. And when this happens, the evil rulers know that they are used by God to do the chastisement.

Explaining it in other words, one of the curses of God is that the people get in debt to the Lenders – but it’s the Lenders who make the money. God tells His people not to borrow money at interest, “The Borrower is a slave to the Lender.” And, “That thou shalt not lend on usury…” But if they do, they will suffer by it. The Money Changers want to make money by lending at usury; it’s easy money and they want to make their business on this. So, they know that God will use other people – the ‘stranger’ (which is themselves, the non-Israelites) – to be making the money.

The Edomites, as I call them, know that the Bible has rules of warfare – that is the very upper leaders know this. So, those who are in the arms business want to make ‘easy money’ and one way to do this is, to lie about the enemy, and to go half way across the world to go to war. This is NOT part of the rules of warfare in the Bible. But the Edomites know that if the people are told that ‘we should not have the church telling the State what to do,’ and, ‘that we are not under the Law,’ that they would get God’s People into disobedience; that His People will suffer and be casualties in the war. But THEY (God’s enemies) will be making the money. They make the money by selling arms and others make money by stealing the natural resources of the enemy nation. As you know God tells us that we shall not bear false witness and that we should not steal.

Back to the previous verses: Here the King set up false gods for the people to worship (breaking of the First Commandment) which puts the people into disobedience. This is exactly what the King wanted, so he can REMAIN in power. Think of our political leaders and what they do to remain in power!

Today we don’t have people worship stone or metal idols but we do have them break various laws of God. And when they do, we are punished but there is always some people (God’s enemies) that make the money and retain their power over the people.

In order to continue to make money and have power over the people the evil rulers need the people breaking the laws of God.

If we take the use of usury/interest, as an example, and if this was outlawed – which it should be under God’s laws – then the Banksters will not be able to make money this way. You also have millions of Christians who don’t want changes in the laws BECAUSE they make money via interest on their pensions and investments. This is not the way Yahweh, God wants us to make money. He calls this theft.

So, you can see how people will not want the nation to go back to biblical laws – including many Christians.

You can take abortion as another example. This is called murder by God, yet, there are people who make money off this – the abortion clinics. They would be out of business if this became illegal. Then, there would be those who sell the baby parts – some of which are used in cosmetics and even used in food. But that is another story.

Naturally, we are told other reasons that God’s laws should not be in use instead of the real reason, such as:

  • God’s laws were done away with
  • We should be a pluralistic society
  • This is not a Christian nation
  • We should have the will of the people decide (democracy)
  • The Church should stay out of Politics
  • It’s not politically correct
  • etc.

We are told every reason but the real one! The reason is, that if the people really knew the Bible, the Money Changers would be thrown out of the Temple.

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Flat Earth Critic Takes Bible Verse Out of Context

Flat Earth Critic Takes Bible Verse Out of Context


Sheol means gave and not ‘hell’ as most people think. Otherwise, this image is good.

A good point was brought up by flat earth critic William Finck who wrote to this ministry. His words are in italics.

Jeremiah 31: 37 Thus saith the LORD; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.

Wow, liars and clowns, taking my entire perspective out of context. Actually, Yahweh said that man would not be able to measure or search out the foundations or the heavens, so you are all stuck on stupid.

What Jeremiah 31:37 said needs no interpretation. I’m in agreement with it as I’m sure that you are, too. The problem is, that flat earth critics who use this verse as their proof that the earth is not flat is – that we NEVER said, “That we have found and measured the heavens and the foundations!” You will not see this claim in this website, nor have I seen this in other flat earth websites. This is typical of flat earth critics – to say things that we never said or insinuate things that we never said.

We flat earthers can not:

  • Measure the heaven above
  • Measure the foundations below

But what is the problem, I ask flat earth critics, with knowing that there IS a heaven above and foundations below? But to know that there is a heaven above and a foundation below does not mean that we can travel there, take our measurement tools and find out what it is. Just like you can be in a house. You may be told that it has a foundation but if there is no way for you to get under the house, you will not be able to get the measurement. People all agree on this, so why can’t they agree on this?

Jeremiah 31:37 actually is TELLING US, using other words, that the earth is flat and not a globe. Mr. Finck, since when does a globe have a foundation? I never seen one! Perhaps the Establishment – whom we know never lies, lol, – will be telling us that are on a globe with foundations! Now, that would make it more ludicrous. But with earth being flat, it certainly is easily to have foundations. The earth also has to be stationary to have a foundation – and this is what flat earth believers say all along. A globe earth, spinning globe AND a globe traveling around the Sun certainly can’t have a foundation. But a flat, stationary earth can!

About heaven, we flat earthers know that there’s the atmosphere, we know that there is a dome (as the Bible calls ‘firmament’) but that doesn’t give us the measurement. Then, there is the measurement IN the firmament – where the stars are. We can’t break through this – nor should we dare. So, we KNOW that we can’t measure the inside of that. Then, there is Heaven, where Yahweh, God resides. We CAN NOT measure that. But just to know that it is above us is not a problem and it does NOT contradict our belief in the flat earth and believing what Jeremiah 31:37 says.

Yahweh speaking Jeremiah is TELLING HIM that there are foundations. But if you talk to Christian globe earth believers – including Christian Identity people – they will brush it off. When pressed, they will say it’s poetic or figurative writing and not to be taken literally. We know that the Bible has certain verses that are like that, but does that mean this verse is like that? Then think in reality, we have foundations to our homes, it’s flat and stationary. Wouldn’t it make sense that our Creator created our greater home – earth – with a foundation and stationary? It does to me.

Let’s talk more about the Dome, or the Firmament, as God calls it. Flat earthers theorise that the Firmament comes down to earth somewhere in the Antarctic. (The Antarctic forms the outer boundary of the earth.) IF we reached it, it would be the military, and they are not telling us. But even if they did, they would not be able to get through it to measure inside.

As for the Foundations, man has only been able to drill down so far. The Russians drilled the deepest oil well and it went down to about 40,000. And no matter how much they drilled, their drills broke. Perhaps God was telling them something. This, flat earth believers know about. There is a limit to how deep we can dig down to. And even if we could dig deeper, you would have to drill horizontal to the ends of the earth and hope you come across the foundation and measure that. No flat earther claims this, so why do flat earth critics use this as their ‘proof.’ It’s not using God’s Word correctly!

Jeremiah was also told that heaven is above. There is the heaven that we call the atmosphere. We all agree on this. Then, there is the Heaven above the heaven – that we all agree on. However, globe earth believing Christians should not believe this if they ALSO believe what they are TOLD by the Establishment. If CI people believe in the globe earth, how can they wrap their heads around Heaven being above the earth?

When out in space, what is above? What is below? With the vastness of space what is ‘up’, what is ‘down’, what is ‘sideways’? After all, 6 billion light years is vast; 6 thousand light years is vast. But we are told – in more than one place in the Bible – that heaven is above. And it makes it very easy to get in our mind ‘above’ understand this when ‘above’ right above us and it’s the same for everyone!

Think of this you globe earth believers. Say where God resides is 10 trillion miles away and it’s situated where the North Star is and that is ‘our’ above’ – as some sphere earth believers would say. OK, it would be above the North Pole but it would not be above Australia where our brethren lives. After all, they are ‘down under.’ On a globe, God would not be above; His Domain would not be above, it would be BELOW!

And what about Europe? Well, traveling out in space, Heaven would be off to the side! So, by globe earth believers, Yahweh, God would not be telling the truth.

Take the above example, and use the figure of 10,000 miles, instead, and you’d have the same problem on a globe earth. But a flat stationary earth, there is no problem. There is only one ‘up,’ one ‘down,’ – even for you Aussies – so so there is only one location for Heaven and it would be the same for everyone.

Now, globe earth believers, answer me this: How do you get water to stay on a ball? Don’t say ‘gravity’ as that is saying you must believe in the most preposterous fiction out there. So, if you can’t answer this ‘water on a ball,’ question you shouldn’t be asking any more questions or making claims.

With that said, let me close with this:

A judge was holding trial and a man, we’ll call Mr. Snyder, for burglary. The judge said, “Where is accused Mr. Snyder?”

One man said, “I know why he is not here, your honour.”

The judge had him come to the witness stand and said, “Go ahead.”

The man said, “There are 10 reasons why he is not here.”

The judge said, “OK, let me hear the 10 reasons.”

The man responded, “The first reason why he’s not here is that he is dead. The second reason…”

The judge interrupted him and said, “Stop!”

The man in the witness stand said, “Don’t you want to hear the other reasons?”

The judge said, “There is no reason to!”


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Chemtrails and Demons

Chemtrails and Demons


  Some Truth Seekers think that demons are involved – partly – in the spraying of our sky.

In this video, there is also talk about the Dome and distance to the Sun.

Trying to make sense of it all.

Have you ever looked up at the spraying and not see a jet in front of the trail? I know I have, but could it be something more…?

This video will get you to rethink some of the things that are going on.


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So-Called Three Finger Alien

So-Called Three Finger Alien

Found in Nazca, Peru.

Is the Establishment preparing us for a so-called ‘Alien Invasion?’ One guy said, about 6 minutes in, “This is just the beginning.” Yea, the beginning of more BS! The ‘beginning’ of conditioning us for a One World Government. How? I see something like the following said by the US Government, “Well, we have been told by the ET’s that we better get our act together and establish a One World Government along with a One World Religion.” And, of course, they have the government and religion we are to live under!

What I find strange about this video are several things:

  • This video from the main stream media presented the discovery of a 3-finger alien as if it was real, with a just a short blurb as it being a fake.
  • Then there is the plaster of paris cast of this ‘mummy.’ You can find more realistic mummies in Hollywood.
  • Finally, notice how the scientists picked up the mummy – all in one piece. You don’t do this to something that is ancient as it could easily crumble.

To me, this is a message by the Fakers that this is a fake without telling you it is.

Of course, this whole thing of pushing Aliens and UFOs is a way to discredit the flat earth believers. Well, it does not work, as we can see right through this!


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