For Some Laughs During Christmas and New Year

For Some Laughs During Christmas and New Year

A reflection of where society is today.



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Believing everything is true about Covid-19
Visiting a rest home
Belief in the Big Bang, we’re on a spinning ball and that we came from a monkey
Owing money to the tax man
Believing in climate change
Looking at your bank account
Thinking about how old you are and how little you accomplished
And, if that doesn’t help, take DespondeX – FDA approved

The Dystopian Society


How Voting Works In America (as if you don’t already know)



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Flat Earth Bible Study: Heaven Above The Earth

Flat Earth Bible Study: Heaven Above The Earth

Heaven above 1

I thought I would bring a Bible study in the discussion of the flat earth. This topic would be the words “heaven and earth”. If we examine some of the verses that have the words “heaven” and “earth” we will see how this relates to the flat earth.

(Exo 20:4) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

(Deu 4:39) Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else.

(Jos 2:11) And as soon as we had heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any man, because of you: for the LORD your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath.

Here, we are plainly told that earth is beneath heaven. This has great importance in knowing the shape of the earth that we are living on.

If earth is a globe, as we are told, picture this: a globe earth and a section above it with heaven. You can draw this as an area either as big as earth or larger somewhere above. Now, what is wrong with this. Well, to some people heaven is above, but to the other half of the people, heaven is below – IF we live on a sphere.

Heaven above 2

If you live in Canada, for example, and you see heaven above somewhere; you point up. Now, the people in New Zealand, if they point up, it would be in the opposite direction. So, that could not be heaven. To point to the section of the sky that the Canadians do, they would have to point BELOW, indicating through the earth to to the sky in their direction. This would not be above – as the Bible says.

If Heaven was only above one section of the earth, then even that section would not be under Heaven all the time; since ‘we are told’ that the earth spins, that means that half the day Heaven would be beneath you.

Here are some more verses:

(1Ki 8:23) And he said, LORD God of Israel, there is no God like thee, in heaven above, or on earth beneath, who keepest covenant and mercy with thy servants that walk before thee with all their heart:

(Jer 31:37) Thus saith the LORD; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.

(Joh 3:31) He that cometh from above is above all: he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth: he that cometh from heaven is above all.

Now, a person like Kent Hovind would say, and did say in his flat earth video discussions that, “This is metaphor.” This is his blanket statement to any Bible verse that us flat eathers woud use. Read these verses carefully – do they sound like a metaphor?

Again, Kent has done good work in debunking evolutionists, but when he talks on the flat earth he is wrong. Picture this, someone who is not a Christian but is open to what they say, comes to someone who is a Christian but does not believe in the flat earth. Now, if he went to hear a sermon for the first time and it happened to be on debunking the flat earth, they would hear something like Hovind said in his video.

When this person hears: “Well this is a metaphor,” or “That is a metaphor.” and it doesn’t sound a like a metaphor to this person who is seeking the truth, what will he think? He’ll think, “Maybe the whole Bible is a metaphor or talking in symbolic language. If I need someone to “interpret” the Bible for me, I’ll leave it here in the pew and go my own way!”

What I’m saying is, that by wrong preaching, it turns people away from Christ and from becoming a Christian.

No matter what the intentions is of Kent and Company, they turn people away from the Gospel. But, thanks be Yahweh, God, that he knows the heart of man and will lead them to the truth – if they are really seeking it.

Back to heaven above the earth. For the sake of argument, say heaven is the size of the earth. You have the solar system we are told we live in. So, where would you place heaven that it would be above the earth? Would it be above the plane of the solar system? Would it be off the sheet of paper? If it was off the sheet of paper, would be be 100 miles from you? Would it be in the next country, north-east of your in the town of Branson, Missouri? So, how would this be above the people on the earth? After all if the universe is billions of light years in diameter, you could easily have Heaven 1,000 miles away from you. But even this would be small in comparison to where Heaven could be in relation to the earth.

You have millions of Christians who believe in the Universe but not in evolution and that it got started 6,000 years ago, like Hovind and Company. Then you have Christians who believe it took 13 billions years for us to get here but we were created by God somewhere along the way. What I’m saying is, no matter what these Christians believe in, they all have a problem of where to put Heaven. Of course, you have those who say that all these verse are NOT to be believed literally, so they create an easy cop out to escape dealing with the Bible verses.

In a Universe that is billions of light years in diameter (or whatever shape), no matter where you put Heaven, it will not be above all the people on earth – simply because you can’t do that on a globe. You can get Heaven above a part of the population but not the rest. Now, if you put Heaven somewhere so far away, let me ask you this, what is above? Yes, what is above? What is below? There is no up down, north or south in a Copernican Universe that is like the model we are given – even heliocentric believers will tell you this. And if you are a heliocentric believer, you run into a problem with your Bible. So, when you are in a fix and you can’t get out of it, you just say these Bible verses are not to be believed literally. Then, people who are not firm in their beliefs will view the Bible as something you cannot really read, understand and rely on. Thus, those who hate Christ will have achieved their goal – driving people away from the God of the Bible.

If you are a Christian and believe in the Copernican Universe, and you put heaven ALL around earth, in all directions so as to completely cover it, you run into problems. Heaven would not be just above but below, too. It would also be on all sides. The word “above and below” would lose all meaning. And, where would heaven be in relation to the the earth? Can you really say it was below, when, if you travel a bit further you would be in Heaven again? No, a believe in the Copernican model of the Universe would make the Bible have no sense – at least in these verse.

As a side note, if there was a Universe as we are told and man went into space, he would COMPLETELY lose all sense of direction. We wouldn’t know where to go. I would compare this to being in a “white out”. If you don’t know what a white out is or never experienced it, let me explain. A “white out” is in a blinding snow storm where there is snow on the ground, and snow falling so think that you can’t see other object or colors except white. When you try to walk you have no idea where you are; your sense of direction is completely gone. Skiers on mountains during a snow storm will tell you this. You can even be in your town and experience this. Imagine being out in space, this is how it would be. So, all this nonsense of space exploration and visitation from Aliens from other planets is just a lie.

Yahweh, God gave us a plane where there is an “up” and “down”. And everything is in relation to that. He showed us, by these verses, that Heaven is higher than earth, His ways are higher than our ways, His throne is ABOVE THE EARTH. And, you can’t have God’s throne in a Copernican Universe and have it make any sense.

When we look at these verses as literal – which is what they are – the earth has to be flat. The earth can’t be anything else in light of these scriptures. This also means that Heaven is flat, too. Picture a floor that is called Heaven, and below that is another floor that is earth. The floors of both places have to be level and they have to be parallel to each other.

Christians who believe in a Universe that is taught us in school, would have to believe in a Heaven that it speeding and turning through space just as fast as the earth is suppose to be; Heaven would have to mirror all the gyrations that earth goes through. When you think of it, it’s all nonsense. No, the earth is flat and stationary and Heaven above is flat and stationary.

In short you cannot mix Scripture with lies. If you combined the two, you’ll get either bad science or you’d have to distort the meaning of various verses of the Bible to suit the lie. Unfortunately, this is what heliocentric Christians do; they are left with a belief in junk-science and distorted Scripture.

Some Bible References:

Gen_1:20; Gen_27:39; Exo_20:4; Deu_4:39; Deu_5:8; Jos_2:11; 1Ki_8:23; 1Ch_29:11; Psa_103:11; Psa_148:13; Jer_31:37; Joh_3:31; Act_2:19; Jas_5:12;

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Real Flights From South East Asia and the United States

Real Flights From South East Asia and the United States

Flat Earth Discussion

From Dome Life Podcast

Click Here

Jupiter Footage by Voyager 1 & 2 1979

We have seen videos of comparisons of globe earth and seen the fakery, but here is one of Jupiter. Two videos taken years apart but shows the exact same cloud formation. This is an impossibility.


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Faking Space, Season 1 Episode 3

Faking Space, Season 1 Episode 3

First, I hope you have a good Christmas and you spend time with your loved ones.

Who would ever thought that ‘our’ government would take away such a basic thing as meeting with your family. Remember, you have to exercise your freedom – if you don’t, you’ll be a slave.

Now is the time to share some flat earth truth when you are visiting your family.

Showing how a photo is really a CGI.




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Faking Space Season, 1 Episode 2

Faking Space Season, 1 Episode 2

Showing how a photo is really a CGI.


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The Impossibility to Communicate in Space

Comparing Satellite Signals to Local Reception


We are told that signals are sent to satellites millions of miles way to do activate some electronic device. And signals from satellites communicate back pictures and other tests that are carried out. Two way conversations are made to astro-nots on the International Space Station with no problem. Yet, many times you can’t receive a radio station 100 miles away – how strange!

satellite-communication-3So, how is it that signals can be sent millions of miles away and be received with no problem? How can signals be sent from Pluto – over a billion miles away – and be received with clear pictures of the planet’s surface?

People with mobile phones get poor signals in certain areas of their town or when they are in the hills somewhere. The signals we do receive, whether it be for mobile phones, the internet, TV or radio are sent via: micro wave towers, wires or cables, etc. We have relay towers all over the earth and if we didn’t we wouldn’t receive signals. Thus, how can radio waves be sent with color pictures no less – which takes up a lot of memory – and be sent hundreds of millions of miles to earth? How can all of this be done WITHOUT any type of relay station at all?

Then you have space agencies which claims to picks up signals across the galaxies – trillions of miles away. I guess those little Aliens have powerful transmitters on their flying saucers! To think that radio signals can be sent or received from even further distances is ludicrous. Yet everyone has experienced poor reception with their phone or radio when the distance is much, much closer than satellites in space.

The fact is, that space agencies and astronomers creates all this bull.

First, there is no thing as the vastness of space. IF there were trillions of miles of space, regardless of what makes it up, you cannot transmit signals without some form of relay. Sure, we have wireless transmission but that only goes so far. If all you needed was a tower to generate and send a signal and a satellite dish to receive it, why all the microwave towers in between? Why cables under the sea and on the land? The reason why we have them is because we need them. Wireless communication can only go so far.

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Setting Up Microwave Tower For Longest Transmission In The World

Setting Up Microwave Tower For Longest Transmission In The World

Proving the Earth is flat

Click Here to listen.

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Flat Earth News In Old Newspapers

Flat Earth News In Old Newspapers

Or, Click Here for the video.

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Flat Earth Music Man Interview

Flat Earth Music Man Interview

Here how the flat earth music man learned about the flat earth in this one hour interview.

PS. Don’t mind the globe earth that is used for the introduction of this video.

Click here if the above video doesn’t work.

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Flat Earth Discussion: Going Around in a Circle

Flat Earth Discussion: Going Around in a Circle

A flat earth discussion by someone who has over 28,000 subscribers. It might not seem like a lot but every little bit helps. Being on Bitchute, this is one of the larger channels. Hope you enjoy this video.

Click Here


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