Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fight Against Mandatory Vaccination

This is an interview of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by Brian Rose of London Real ( You have to enter your email address to see this, but you can put any email address to see the video.

This COVID-19 and vaccinations is a concern for everyone. The social media giants are trying to stop all information exposing the truth about COVID-19 and vaccinations.

Just yesterday, Ty Bollinger, at , had all his Twitter accounts and his Facebook account closed because of the truth he is telling others. He had just released a 9 part series of videos he had made interviewing many doctors and lay researchers as to the dangers of vaccinations.

So, check out and if you can.


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The Bible Denise Copernican System

The Earth Systems and Not The Sun System

“And God set them [sun, moon, and stars] in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth….” (Gen. 1:17)

Notice: God SET them…. Now, inside our so-called “solar” system, we have only the sun and the moon (from the verse above). We KNOW the moon moves. Therefore, when God SET IT “in the firmament”, the inescapable meaning is that He set it in motion on the track it follows. When He set THEM in the firmament it is a grammatical imperative that He set the sun and stars in motion ALSO on their tracks just like He set the moon in motion on its track.


“Then spake Joshua…. Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon, and thou moon, in the valley of Ajalon. And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies…. So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.” (Joshua 10:12,13)

“MOON” in these verses:

Both Heliocentrists and Geocentrists agree that the moon is moving around the earth. No argument on that. Then we see that the Scripture says that Joshua commanded not only the sun but ALSO THE MOON to stop, and that both obeyed the command. He commanded both of them at the same time in the same breath in the same sentence to stop their motion. He obviously accepted as fact that the moon he was speaking to was a moon that was moving. Since, therefore, he addressed both sun and moon together in his command, it is a grammatical imperative that when he commanded a moving moon to stand still, he was ALSO commanding a moving sun to stand still.

(A similar argument can be made for the movement of the stars from Psalm 8:3 where “…the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained…” is written. “Ordained”–number 3559 is derived from the Hebrew #5087 which means “to place”. The moon that was placed moves; so, grammatically, would the stars.)

(Are you revisionist creationist leaders SURE you want to insist that Joshua was telling the earth and not the sun to stand still…and that the Holy Spirit of Truth caused the opposite of the Truth to be recorded in God’s Word?? What happened to “God is not the author of confusion….”?!) [I Cor.14:33]

10 Degrees Backwards

“Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees …ten degrees backward. So THE SUN RETURNED ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down….” (Isaiah 38:8)

If something is moved “backward” it must ipso facto have had a forward direction and movement. The shadow moved backward on the sun dial…undeniably the opposite of the way it always moved. The movement of the shadow is inseparable from the movement of the sun in this verse for it says the sun returned. In short, the sun’s movement, not the earth’s, is flatly declared here (as well as in numerous other Scriptures). [See: What If, Sixty-seven References]

One may argue that God really meant that the earth and not the sun is moving in all these Scriptures, that He just used a “language of appearance” or “phenomenological language”, or some such polysyllabic excuse for accepting what “science falsely so-called” says over what the Word of God says. Unfortunately, this hermeneutical slight-of-hand can and does make the Creation days billions of years long [See: Kabbala 2 (p.2)], the Noahic Flood just a local flood, the virgin Mary just “a young girl”, “heaven” a superstitious myth, and on and on. Moreover, this method of handling Scripture actually says that God has lied to us or is so inept with words that He couldn’t communicate a simple Truth about whether it is the earth that goes around the sun or the sun that goes around the earth.

Semantics too can be unyielding on this subject. Let’s take a hard look at the pronoun THOU in Joshua 10:12: “Sun, stand THOU still….”

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance #859 confirms what we would expect, namely: “THOU” means “YOU”.

So, semantically, what Joshua said was: “Sun, YOU stand still…and moon, YOU stand still too. Sun, YOU stop over Gibeon and moon, YOU stop over Ajalon.”

Since Ajalon is only five or six miles away from Gibeon, the sun and the moon are, cosmographically speaking, in the same place, i.e., “in the midst of heaven”.

Being in the same place, the moon is blocking out the sun. Joshua’s commands therefore, are ordering both orbs which are at the point of full solar eclipse to move no further.

Eclipses were known and not feared in those days, but–when in response to Joshua’s commands which all heard (v.12)–a moving moon stopped and stayed in front of a moving sun which suddenly stood still “and hasted not to go down about a whole day”, that was another matter! Joshua’s enemies were understandably freaked out of their gourds (in the recent vernacular) and Joshua’s soldiers “avenged themselves….”

Clearly, the designation “YOU” applied by God to a moving sun cannot be and must not be twisted to say: “YOU, Earth, stand still” or “YOU, Time, stand still.” One may want it to say one of those, but the Bible simply does not say either one. (Bible scholars, of course, agreed on the plain language until Newton’s Kabbalist “math” persuaded most of them that man’s science had triumphed over Bible science and that they needed to adjust their interpretation of Scripture accordingly).

Theistic Evolutionists

Now, six-day Creationists are, of course, well aware of the stultifying effect that Theistic Evolutionists have on the Creationist movement. Compromise with God’s Truth is harder to combat than out-and-out resistance, most would agree.

A classic expression of this fact was saved for the very last frames of Hollywood’s first version of Inherit The Wind (about the Scopes “Monkey Trial” in Dayton, Tennessee in July of 1925). After incessant and thinly disguised mockery of Bryan and Bible fundamentalism in general throughout the movie, Darrow (played by Spencer Tracy), alone in the courtroom in the final scene, picks up a copy of the Bible in one hand and a copy of Darwin in the other. He looks slowly back and forth at each book for a minute, thoughtfully weighing this one, then the other one. Then, smiling broadly as if in response to a revelation, he slaps Darwin and the Bible together, gives them a long look and an affirmative head shake, tucks them under his arm and walks out. Though not a word is spoken, his confident, satisfied amalgamation of the two made the point: Put Darwin and the Bible together!

And well could Hollywood revel in that silent visual message…considering the acceptance of evolutionism in the world and (more to the point) in the Christian Churches since the Scopes Trial in 1925! That movie and that scene were merely a dramatization of the ability of the Theistic Evolutionist concept to bring discredit and scorn upon the Bible as the source of Absolute Truth, while at the same time elevating “science” to the role of Truth Giver, from thenceforward equal or superior to the Bible and able to make It bow when the two conflict!

Fellow Creationist, I submit to you that the same scene can be replayed substituting Newton’s Principia for Darwin’s Origin of Species. Together with Copernicus’ and Kepler’s and Galileo’s earlier efforts (and Einstein’s “relativity” and Sagan’s “exobiology” later), man’s books denying the plain geocentrism of Scripture were–as in the Scopes Trial [See: Monkey Trial]–put together with the Bible and “Theistic Copernicanism” was born! All that had to be changed was where the Bible says the sun moves. Thereafter, we were all to understand that It really means the earth moves when It says the sun moves. As with evolution, just change the six-days of Creation to millions of years….Here, just change “sun” to “earth”. Quite simple really. [See: Changing a Biblical Word]

After sun and earth were switched by those trying to accommodate both Bible and what they thought was “science”, the Churches gave in everywhere, just as most have given in to evolutionism since Darwin, and particularly since the Scopes Trial.

The Christian Compromise with Copernicanism established the one and only criterion needed for the success of Satan’s evolution myth in the world first, then the churches. The criterion? Again, quite simple. Plain Scripture can and must be reworked to match the claims of “science falsely so-called”.

As a six-day “evening and morning” Creationist, I, as one of you, submit that there is a way to undermine the idolatrous non-secular science establishment upon which rests the evolution myth you detest. If you are interested in restoring and certifying Bible credibility, prayerfully consider: a) Getting informed about the weakness and vulnerability of the heliocentric model, and: b) Boldly attack that Bible-bashing model and watch the attack spread to evolutionism (and all that is built upon both of those myths)!; c) New evidence proving Copernicanism is the keystone of the Big Bang Paradigm [See: Keystone] and that this evolutionary model of the universe is derived from the Kabbala and thus cannot be financed in the USA under the Constitution can be seen [See: HB 179 Model Pt1, HB 179 Evidence Pt2, HB 179 Addendum Pt3].

If Creationists will stand up for God’s Word on geocentrism and refuse all compromise, they will see that their fears of embarrassment, etc., are not from God (II Tim.1:7). Sir Fred Hoyle and other prominent astronomers and physicists have admitted that the geocentric model is just as good scientifically as the heliocentric model [See: Quotes – Contemporary Scientists]–and it is certainly a whole lot better Scripturally! Indeed, a far more Biblical and scientific model which shrinks the whole universe to less than one light day’s thickness and exposes all of modern cosmology as a pseudo-scientific sham can be seen in a seven part series beginning…. [See: Size-Structure Pt 1]

In short, the world has been systematically indoctrinated to believe that the Bible-bashing earth-moving Copernican model is a scientific fact beyond challenge. The truth of the matter as any can confirm for themselves is that not only the Copernican Model–but the entirety of modern cosmology–is a massive deception and totally vulnerable to exposure as such. Some links that will lead to confirmation of that statement can be tested in the “Kabbala” and “Size and Structure” series [See: Kabbala 1, Size-Structure Pt 1].

After a person finds out that evolutionism is a contra-scientific and utterly goofy explanation for the ineffable complexity of design and function of the entire plant and animal and human life forms, Theistic Evolutionism becomes a cheap copout position that is a lukewarm abomination to God (Rev.3:15,16). Creationists know this is true.

Likewise–after prayerful consideration of the Scriptures and the scientific and logical evidence supporting a non-moving earth–it should be obvious to all Truth-seeking Bible believers that the Theistic Copernicanism Compromise can fare no better in God’s sight than the Theistic Evolution Compromise. Both compromises stink! God’s Absolute Truths cannot be compromised! Period. HE will have no other gods–false science or otherwise–changing His Word and usurping His Glory! That’s the way it is. You can count on it.

Therefore, it is time for Bible Creationists to either broaden their attack to include Copernicanism–and do so with a whoop!–or recant on their belief in Bible inerrancy on the six-day creation. A non-moving, geocentric earth is taught in the Bible just as plainly as the six-day creation [See: Sixty-seven References]). Indeed, as noted, the creation account makes it clear that there was no sun to go around until the fourth day, yet there was light and darkness, evening and morning [See: Genesis I 1-5]!

Let no Christian be counted amongst the various kinds of Sun Worshippers that dot the historical record! “Solar System”, my foot! God created an “Earth System” not a “Sun System”! Copernicanism makes the Sun the center, the source of life. God makes the Earth the center, the springboard of His Master Plan for eternal life. This “unmovable” (Ps.93:1) Earth is the place where His only begotten Son would obediently carry out that Plan. It is the place where “the New Earth” (Is.65:17; 66:22; Rev.21:1) will exist forever right here at the center of the universe after this old earth has “been burned with fervent heat and dissolved” and has “fled away” never to be found again (Is. 65:17; II Pet. 3:10, 12; Rev.20:11).

Time is up for the churches on this one [See: House of God]. By allowing the takeover of the Physical Sciences thru their surrender to Bible-bashing Copernicanism, the churches opened the door to the takeover of the rest of man’s “knowledge” by deceptions disguised as “science” [See: Knowledge Impact]. Now that this takeover extends thru the Natural Sciences, the Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Arts, Mathematics, and Religion, it is time for God’s Judgment on the churches (I Pet.4:17, 18). Jesus “was manifested to destroy the works of the Devil” (I John 3:8). These mega-deceptions are “the works of the Devil”. Truly, “the Devil’s time is short”! (Rev.12:12) “Come out of her [Babylon/confusion], my people…” God says (Rev.18:4). The “Church” is in Babylon/confusion up to its steeple tops!

Creation is the cornerstone of Bible credibility. (You can put that in italics and capitalize it: CREATION IS THE CORNERSTONE OF BIBLE CREDIBILITY.) OK? A non- moving earth and a six-day creation have been tampered with and credibility has all but been destroyed as a result. God’s Judgment begins with the restoration of those foundational Truths of Genesis One in His churches FIRST. (Rev.14:6,7: I Pet.4:17,18)

The call for God’s people “to come out of Babylon (i.e., “confusion”:Rev.18:4) begins with exposing the taproot of all modern Bible-bashing. That taproot is the Copernican lie.

None of us is stranger to deception. It’s everywhere. The only way out of deception is “to continue in God’s Word”. Don’t change it to fit clever deceptions. “Continue” in It.

That done, God promises: “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free (of Satan’s lies).” (John 8:31,32,44)

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Flat Earth Experiment 15

Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe

From the first floor of the “grand” hotel, opposite the new or western pier, at Brighton, in Sussex, a well-constructed instrument, called a “Clinometer,” was “levelled,” and directed towards the sea. The water seemed to ascend as an inclined plane, until it intercepted the line of sight at the point H 1, as shown in fig. 44. On taking the instrument to a higher


FIG. 44.

position, again “levelling,” and looking over the sea, the surface seemed to ascend a second time, until it met the eye-line at H 2. The instrument was then taken to the highest room, and again directed to the sea, when the uprising surface was again seen to meet the eye-line, as at the point H 3 As already shown, these results are precisely those which an optical or perspective law produces, in connection with a right line, or a plane surface. Upon a globular surface, the appearance would necessarily be as seen in fig. 45. From the position A, the


FIG. 45.

horizon would be seen at H 1, and at a considerable angle downwards; from B, the horizon would be at H 2; and from C, at II 3; and the downward angle, or “dip,” would increase as the altitude of the observer increased. But as nothing of the kind is anywhere to be seen, and the directly contrary at all times visible, we are compelled by the force of practical evidence to deny the existence of rotundity, and to declare that, “to all intents and purposes,” absolutely and logically, beyond doubt, THE EARTH IS A VAST IRREGULAR PLANE.

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Flat Earth Experiment 14

Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe

If a good theodolite is placed on the summit of Shooter’s Hill, in Kent, and levelled, the line of sight, on being directed to Hampstead Hill, will cut the cross on St. Paul’s Cathedral, and fall upon a part of Hampstead Hill, the altitude of which is the same as that of Shooter’s Hill. The altitude of each of these points is 412 feet above the Trinity high water mark, at London Bridge. The distance from Shooter’s Hill to St. Paul’s Cathedral is 7 statute miles, and from St. Paul’s to Hampstead Hill, 5 miles. If the earth is a globe, the line of sight from the “levelled” theodolite would be a tangent, below which St. Paul’s cross would be 32 feet, and Hampstead Hill 96 feet. The highest point of Hampstead Hill is 430 feet, which we find, on making the proper calculation, would be 78 feet below the summit of Shooter’s Hill; whereas, according to the Ordnance Survey, and as may be proved by experiment, the three points are in the same direct line; again demonstrating that the earth is a plane.

The diagrams, figs. 42 and 43, will show the difference


FIG. 42.

between the theory of rotundity and the results of actual survey. A, represents Hampstead Hill; C, St. Paul’s cross; B, Shooter’s Hill; and D, D, the datum line–the Trinity high water mark. In fig. 43, A, B, C, and D, D, represent the same points respectively as in fig. 42.


FIG. 43.

In the account of the trigonometrical operations in France, by M. M. Biot and Arago, it is stated that the light of a powerful lamp, with good reflectors, was placed on a rocky summit, in Spain, called Desierto las Palmas, and was distinctly seen from Camprey, on the Island of Iviza. The elevation of the two points was nearly the same, and the distance between them nearly 100 miles. If the earth is a globe, the light on the rock in Spain would have been more than 6600 feet, or nearly one mile and a quarter, below the line of sight.

“The length of some of the sides of the great triangles (in the English survey) is upwards of 100 miles; and many means were employed to render the stations visible from each other at such great distances. The oxy-hydrogen, or Drummond’s Light, was employed in some instances; but a heliostat, for reflecting the sun’s rays in the direction of the distant observer, was more generally and successfully employed. Lieutenant-Colonel Portlock, R.E., who observed the station on Precelly, a mountain in South Wales, from the station on Kippure, a mountain about 10 miles south-west of Dublin–the distance between the stations being 108 miles–says: ‘For five weeks I watched in vain; when, to my joy, the heliostat blazed out in the early beams of the rising sun, and continued visible as a bright star the whole day.'” 1

Many other very long “sights” have been taken by surveyors of different countries, which upon a globe of 25,000 miles in circumference, would have been quite impossible; but with the demonstrated fact that the earth is a plane, are practical and consistent.


59:1 Handbook to the Official Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of 1851.

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Smart Meters Cause Home Fires

Smart Meters Cause Home Fires

Don’t believe the lies that the manufactures of smart meters tell you; don’t believe the lies of “scientists” who have sold out tell you. Decide for yourself.

Orange tree dying

Take back your power

Documentary on smart meters, 1 hour 23 minutes


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Flat Earth Experiment 13

Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe

The following sketch, fig. 34, represents a contracted section of the London and North-Western Railway, from London to


FIG. 34.

Liverpool, through Birmingham. The line A, B, is the surface, with its various inclines and altitudes, and C, D, is the datum line from which all the elevations are measured; H, is the station at Birmingham, the elevation of which is 240 feet above the datum line C, D, which line is a continuation of the level of the River Thames at D, to the level of the River Mersey, at C. The direct length of this line is 180 miles; and it is a right or absolutely straight line, in a vertical sense, from London to Liverpool. Therefore, the station at Birmingham is 240 feet above the level of the Thames, continued as a right line throughout the whole length of the railway. But if the earth is a globe, the datum line will be the chord of the arc D, D, D, fig. 35, and the summit of the arc at D, will be 5400 feet above


FIG. 35

the chord at C; added to the altitude of the station H, 240 feet, the Birmingham station, H, would be, if the earth is a globe, 5640 feet above the horizontal datum D, D, or vertically above the Trinity high water mark, at London Bridge. It is found, practically, and in fact, not to be more than 240 feet; hence the theory of rotundity must be a fallacy. Sections of all other railways will give similar proofs that the earth is in. reality a plane.

The tunnel just completed under Mont Fréjus, affords a very striking illustration of the truth. that the earth is a plane, and not globular. The elevation above the sea-level of the entrance at Fourneaux, on the French side of the Alps, is 3946 feet, and of the entrance on the Italian side, 4381 feet. The length of the tunnel is 40,000 feet, or nearly eight English statute miles. The gradient or rise, from the entrance on the French side to the summit of the tunnel, is 445 feet; and on the opposite side, 10 feet. It will be seen from the following account, given by M. Kossuth, 1 that the geodetic operations were carried on in connection with a right line, as the axis of the tunnel, and therefore with a horizontal datum which is quite incompatible with the doctrine of rotundity. That the earth is a plane is involved in all the details of the survey, as the following quotation will show:–

“The observatories placed at the two entrances to the tunnel were used for the necessary observations, and each observatory contained an instrument constructed for the purpose. This instrument was placed on a pedestal of masonry, the top of which was covered with a horizontal slab of marble, having engraved upon its surface two intersecting lines, marking a point which was exactly in the vertical plane containing the axis of the tunnel. The instrument was formed of two supports fixed on a tripod, having a delicate screw adjustment. The telescope was similar to that of a theodolite provided with cross-webs, and strongly illuminated by the light from a lantern, concentrated by a lens and projected upon the cross-webs. In using this instrument in checking the axis of the gallery at the northern entrance, for example; after having proved precisely that the vertical plane, corresponding with the point of intersection of the lines upon the slab, also passed through the centre of the instrument, a visual line was then conveyed to the station at Lochalle (on the mountain), and on the instrument being lowered, the required number of points could be fixed in the axis of the tunnel. In executing such an operation, it was necessary that the tunnel should be free from smoke or vapour. The point of collimation was a plummet, suspended from the roof of the tunnel by means of an iron rectangular frame, in one side of which a number of notches were cut, and the plummet shifted from notch to notch, in accordance with the signals of the operator at the observatory. These signals were given to the man whose business it was to adjust the plummet, by means of a telegraph or a horn. The former was found invaluable throughout all these operations.

“At the Bardonnecchia (Italian) entrance, the instrument employed in setting out the axis of the tunnel was similar to the one already described, with the exception that it was mounted on a little carriage, resting on vertical columns that were erected at distances 500 metres apart in the axis of the tunnel. By the help of the carriage, the theodolite was first placed on the centre line approximately. It was then brought exactly into line by a fine adjustment screw, which moved the

eye-piece without shifting the carriage. In order to understand more clearly the method of operating the instrument, the mode of proceeding may be described. In setting out a prolongation of the centre line of the tunnel, the instrument was placed upon the last column but one; a light was stationed upon the last column, and exactly in its centre; and 500 metres ahead a trestle frame was placed across the tunnel. Upon the horizontal bar of this trestle several notches were cut, against which a light was placed, and fixed with proper adjusting screws. The observer standing at the instrument, caused the light to move upon the trestle frame, until it was brought into an exact line with the instrument and the first line; and then the centre of the light was projected with a plummet. In this way the exact centre was found. By a repetition of similar operations the vertical plane containing the axis of the tunnel was laid out by a series of plummet lines. During the intervals that elapsed between consecutive operations with the instrument, the plummets were found to be sufficient for maintaining the direction in making the excavation. To maintain the proper gradients in the tunnel, it was necessary, at intervals, to establish fixed levels, deducing them by direct levelling from standard bench marks, placed at short distances from the entrance. The fixed level marks, in the inside of the tunnel, are made upon stone pillars, placed at intervals of 25 metres, and to these were referred the various points in setting out the gradients.”

The theodolite “was placed on a pedestal of masonry, the top of which was covered with a horizontal slab of marble, having engraved upon its surface two intersecting lines, marking a point which was exactly in the vertical plane containing the axis of the tunnel.” This slab was the starting point–the datum which determined the gradients. Its horizontal surface, prolonged through the mountain, passed 445 feet below the summit of the tunnel, and 435 feet below the entrance on the Italian side. This entrance was 4381 feet above the sea, and 435 feet above the horizontal marble slab on the French side. But, if the earth is a globe, the datum line from this horizontal slab would be a tangent, from which the sea-level would curvate downwards to the extent of 42 feet; and the summit of the tunnel, instead of being 10 feet above the Italian entrance, would, of necessity, be 52 feet above it. It is not so, and therefore the datum line is not a tangent, but runs parallel to the sea; the sea-level not convex, and the earth not a globe. This will be rendered plain by the following diagram, fig. 36.


FIG. 36.

Let A represent the summit of the tunnel, and A, T, the axis or centre determined by the theodolite T; S, the marble slab; and D, S, the datum line, running parallel with the sea-level H, H. B, the Italian entrance, at an elevation of 435 feet above D, S, and 4381 feet above the surface of the sea, H, H; A, the summit of the tunnel, 445 feet above the French entrance at T, the same above the datum line D, S; and 4391 feet above the sea-line, H, H. If the earth is a globe, the line, D, S, would be a tangent to the sea at H, S, from which point the sea surface would curvate 52 feet downwards, as shown in diagram, fig. 37. Hence, the elevation of the tunnel at B,


FIG. 37.

would be 52 feet higher above the sea at H, than it is known to be; because taking D, S, as a tangent, and the length of the tunnel being 8 miles–82 miles x 8 inches = 52 feet.

Thus, in a length of 8 statute miles of the most skilful engineering operations, carried on by the most accomplished scientific men, there is a difference between theory and practice of 52 feet! Rather than such a reproach should attach to some of the most eminent practical engineers of the day–those especially who have, with such consummate skill and perseverance, completed one of the most gigantic undertakings of modern times–let the false idea of rotundity in the earth be entirely discarded, and the simple truth acknowledged, that the earth is a plane. It is adopted in practice, why should it be denied in the abstract? Why should the education given in our schools and universities include a forced recognition of a theory which, when practically applied, must ever be ignored and contradicted?

The completion of the great ship canal, which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez, on the Red Sea, furnishes another instance of entire discrepancy between the theory of the earth’s rotundity and the results of practical engineering. The canal is 100 English statute miles in length, and is entirely without locks; so that the water within it is really a continuation of the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. “The average level of the Mediterranean is 6 inches above the Red Sea; but the flood tides in the Red Sea rise 4 feet above the highest, and its ebbs fall nearly 3 feet below the lowest in the Mediterranean.” The datum line is 26 feet below the level of the Mediterranean, and is continued horizontally from one sea to the other; and throughout the whole length of the work, the surface of the water runs parallel with this datum, as shown in the following section, fig. 38, published by the authorities. A, A, A, A, is the


FIG. 38.

surface of the canal, passing through several lakes, from one sea to the other; D, D, the bed of the canal, or horizontal datum line to which the various elevations of land, &c., are referred, but parallel to which stands the surface of the water throughout the entire length of the canal; thus proving that the half-tide level of the Red Sea, the 100 miles of water in the canal, and the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, are a continuation of one and the same horizontal line. If the earth is globular, the water in the centre of the canal, being 50 miles from each end, would be the summit of an arc of a circle, and would stand at more than 1600 feet above the Mediterranean and Red Seas (502 x 8 inches = 1666 feet 8 inches), as shown in diagram, fig. 39. A, the Mediterranean Sea; B, the Red


FIG. 39.

Sea; and A, C, B, the arc of water connecting them; D, D, the horizontal datum, which, if the earth is globular, would really be the chord of the arc, A, C, B.

The bed of the Atlantic Ocean, from Valencia (western coast of Ireland) to Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, as surveyed for the laying of the cable, is another illustration or proof that the surface of the great waters of the earth is horizontal, and not convex, as will be seen by the following diagram, contracted from the section, published October 8,


FIG. 40.

[paragraph continues] 1869, by the Admiralty. C, D, is the horizontal datum line, and A, B, the surface of the water, for a distance of 1665 nautical, or 1942 statute miles. At about one-third the distance from A, Newfoundland, the greatest depth is found–2424 fathoms; the next deepest part is 2400 fathoms; at about two-thirds the distance from A, towards B, Ireland, while in the centre, the depth is less than 1600 fathoms; whereas, if the water of the Atlantic is convex, the centre would stand 628,560 feet, or nearly 120 miles, higher than the two stations, Trinity Bay and Valencia; and the greatest depth would be in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean, where it would be 106,310 fathoms, instead of 1550 fathoms, which it is proved to be by actual soundings. Fig. 41 shows the arc of water which would exist,


FIG. 41.

in relation to the horizontal datum line, between Ireland and Newfoundland, if the earth is a globe. Again, if the water in the Atlantic Ocean is convex–a part of a great sphere of 25,000 miles circumference–the horizontal datum line would be a chord to the great arc of water above it; and the distance across the bed of the Atlantic would therefore be considerably less than the distance over the surface. The length of the cable which was laid in 1866, notwithstanding the known irregularities of the bed of the Ocean, would be less than the distance sailed by the paying-out vessel, the “Great Eastern;” whereas, according to the published report, the distance run by the steamer was 1665 miles, while the length of cable payed out was 1852 miles.

It is important to bear in mind that all the foregoing remarks and calculations are made in connection with the fact that the datum line, to which all elevations and depressions are referred, is horizontal, and not an arc of a circle. For many years past, all the great surveys have been made on this principle; but that no doubt may exist in the mind of the reader, the following extract is given from the Standing Orders of the Houses of Lords and Commons on Railway Operations, for the Session of 1862:1

“The section shall be drawn to the same horizontal scale as the plan, and to a vertical scale of not less than one inch to every one hundred feet; and shall show the surface of the ground marked on the plan, the intended level of the proposed work, the height of every embankment, and the depth of every cutting, and a datum horizontal line, which shall be the same throughout the whole length of the work; or any branch thereof respectively; and shall be referred to some fixed point . . . . near either of the termini. (See line D, D; fig. 2.)”

On the page opposite that of the above Standing Order, a section is given to illustrate the meaning of the words of the order–special reference being made to the line D, D, as showing what is intended by the words “datum horizontal line.” The drawing of the section there given, and which is insisted upon by Government, is precisely the same as the sections recently published of all the great railways, of the Suez Canal, of the bed of the Atlantic Ocean, taken for the purposes of laying the Electric Cable, and of many other works connected with railways deep-sea ordnance, and other surveying operations. In all these extensive surveys the doctrine of rotundity is, of necessity, entirely ignored; and the principle that the earth is a plane is practically adopted, and found to be the only one consistent with the results, and agreeing with the plans of the great surveyors and engineers of the day.


48:1 Daily News, September 18, 1871.

56:1 Publishers, Vacher & Sons, 29, Parliament Street, Westminster.

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Flat Earth Experiment 12

On the shore of Waterloo, England

On the shore near Waterloo, a few miles to the north of Liverpool, a good telescope was fixed, at an elevation of 6 feet above the water. It was directed to a large steamer, just leaving the River Mersey, and sailing out to Dublin. Gradually the mast-head of the receding vessel came nearer to the horizon, until, at length, after more than four hours had elapsed, it disappeared. The ordinary rate of sailing of the Dublin steamers was fully eight miles an hour; so that the vessel would be, at least, thirty-two miles distant when the mast-head came to the horizon. The 6 feet of elevation of the telescope would require three miles to be deducted for convexity, which would leave twenty-nine miles, the square of which, multiplied by 8 inches, gives 560 feet; deducting 80 feet for the height of the main-mast, and we find that, according to the doctrine of rotundity, the mast-head of the outward bound steamer should have been 480 feet below the horizon.

Many other experiments of this kind have been made upon sea-going steamers, and always with results entirely incompatible with the theory that the earth is a globe.

While you are in lock down, what experiments can you think of that you can do at home?


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Flat Earth Experiment: On the Coast

When You Are On The Coast

On the shore near Waterloo, a few miles to the north of Liverpool, a good telescope was fixed, at an elevation of 6 feet above the water. It was directed to a large steamer, just leaving the River Mersey, and sailing out to Dublin. Gradually the mast-head of the receding vessel came nearer to the horizon, until, at length, after more than four hours had elapsed, it disappeared. The ordinary rate of sailing of the Dublin steamers was fully eight miles an hour; so that the vessel would be, at least, thirty-two miles distant when the mast-head came to the horizon. The 6 feet of elevation of the telescope would require three miles to be deducted for convexity, which would leave twenty-nine miles, the square of which, multiplied by 8 inches, gives 560 feet; deducting 80 feet for the height of the main-mast, and we find that, according to the doctrine of rotundity, the mast-head of the outward bound steamer should have been 480 feet below the horizon.

Many other experiments of this kind have been made upon sea-going steamers, and always with results entirely incompatible with the theory that the earth is a globe.

You can do your own experiment like this. Just take a known distance to another object when you are on the coast and bring your own telescope or powerful binoculars and do some calculations. Don’t forget to deduct the height you are off the ground.

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Flat Earth Experiment 11

Flat Earth Experiment 11

Continuing in the book Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe, here are some more experiments. This as well as other already posted (see right side column) as well as a few more that will be posted is good to show sceptics of the flat earth. (Spelling, grammar and punctuation is the same as in the original.)

On the eastern pier at Brighton (Sussex) a large wooden quadrant was fixed on a stand, the upper surface placed square to a plumb line, and directed towards the east, then to the south, and afterwards to the west., On looking over this upper surface the line of sight in each case seemed to meet the horizon, H, H, as shown in fig. 27. The altitude of the quadrant was


FIG. 27.

34 feet; hence, if the earth is a globe, the water would have curvated downwards from the pier, the horizon would have been more than seven miles away, and 34 feet below the surface immediately beneath the observer; which depression, added to the elevation of the quadrant on the pier, would give 68 feet as the amount the horizon H, H, would have been below the line of sight A, B, as shown in the following diagram, fig. 28.


FIG. 28.

To touch the horizon on a convex surface the line of sight, A C, C B, would have to “dip” in the direction C, H; as no such “dip” of the eye line is required, convexity cannot exist.

In the case of the balloon at an altitude of two miles, the horizon would have been 127 miles away, and more than 10,000. feet below the summit of the arc of water underneath the balloon, and over 20,000 feet below the line of sight A, B, as shown in fig. 29; and the “dip” C, H, from C, B, to the horizon


FIG. 29.

[paragraph continues] H, would be so great that the aëronaut could not fail to observe it; instead of which he always sees it “on a level with his eye,” “rising as he rises,” and “at the highest elevation, seeming to close with the sky.”

The author has seen and tested this apparent rising of the water and the sea horizon to the level of the eye, and to an eye-line at right angles to a plumb-line, from many different places–the high ground near the race-course, at Brighton, in Sussex, from several hills in the Isle of Wight; various places near Plymouth, looking towards the Eddystone Lighthouse; the “Steep Holm,” in the Bristol Channel; the Hill of Howth, and “Ireland’s Eye,” near Dublin; various parts of the Isle of Man, “Arthur’s Seat,” near Edinburgh; the cliffs at Tynemouth; the rocks at Cromer, in Norfolk; from the top of Nelson’s Monument, at Great Yarmouth; and from many other elevated positions. But in Ireland, in Scotland, and in several parts of England, he has been challenged by surveyors to make use of the theodolite, or ordinary “spirit level,” to test this appearance of the horizon. It was affirmed that, through this instrument, when “levelled,” the horizon always appeared below the cross-hair, as shown in fig. 30–C, C, the cross-hair, and H, H, the horizon.


FIG. 30.


FIG. 31.

In every instance when the experiment was tried, this appearance was found to exist; but it was noticed that different instruments gave different degrees of horizontal depression below the cross-hair. The author saw at once that this peculiarity depended upon the construction of the instruments. He ascertained that in those of the very best construction, and of the most perfect adjustment, there existed a certain degree of refraction, or, as it is called technically, “collimation,” or a slight divergence of the rays of light from the axis of the eye, on passing through the several glasses of the theodolite. He therefore obtained an iron tube, about 18 inches in length; one end was closed, except a very small aperture in the centre; and at the other end cross-hairs were fixed. A spirit level was then attached, and the whole carefully adjusted. On directing it, from a considerable elevation, towards the sea, and looking through the small aperture at one end, the cross-hair at the opposite end was seen to cut or to fall close to the horizon, as shown at fig. 31. This has been tried in various places, and at different altitudes, and always with the same result; showing clearly that the horizon visible below the cross-hair of an ordinary levelling instrument is the result of refraction, from looking through the various glasses of the telescope; for on looking through an instrument in every respect the same in construction, except being free from lenses, a different result is observed, and one precisely the same as that seen from a balloon, from any promontory, and in the experiment at Brighton, shown in fig. 27

These comparative experiments cannot fail to satisfy any unbiassed observer that in every levelling instrument where lenses are employed, there is, of necessity, more or less divergence of the line of sight from the true or normal axis; and that however small the amount–perhaps inappreciable in short lengths of observation–it is considerable in distances of several miles. Every scientific surveyor of experience is fully aware of this and other peculiarities in all such instruments, and is always ready to make allowances for them in important surveys. As a, still further proof of this behaviour of the telescopic levelling instruments, the following simple experiment may be tried. Select a piece of ground–a terrace, promenade, line of railway, or embankment, which shall be perfectly horizontal for, say, five hundred yards. Let a signal staff, 5 feet high, be erected at one end, and a theodolite or spirit level fixed and carefully adjusted to exactly the same altitude at the other end. The top of the signal will then be seen a little below the cross-hair, although it has the same actual altitude, and stands upon the same horizontal foundation. If the positions of the signal staff and the spirit level be then reversed, the same result will follow.

Another proof will be found in the following experiment. Select any promontory, pier, lighthouse gallery, or small island, and, at a considerable altitude, place a smooth block of wood or stone of any magnitude; let this be “levelled.” If, then, the observer will place his eye close to the block, and look along its surface towards the sea, he will find that the line of sight will touch the distant horizon. Now let any number of spirit levels or theodolites be properly placed, and accurately adjusted; and it will be found that, in every one of them, the same sea horizon will appear in the field of view considerably below the cross-hair; thus, proving that telescopic instrumental readings are not the same as those of the naked eye.

In a work entitled “A Treatise on Mathematical Instruments,” by J. F. Heather, M.A., of the Royal Military College, Woolwich, published by Weale, High Holborn, London, elaborate directions are given for examining, correcting, and adjusting the collimation, &c.; and at page 103, these directions are concluded by the following words: “The instrument will now be in complete practical adjustment for any distance not exceeding ten chains (220 yards), the maximum error being only 1/1000 of a foot.

At this stage of the enquiry two distinct questions naturally arise: First, if the earth is a plane, why does the sea at all times appear to rise to the axis of the eye? and secondly, would not the same appearance exist if the earth were a globe? It is a simple fact, that two lines running parallel for a considerable distance will, to an observer placed between them at one end, appear to converge or come together at the other end. The top and bottom and sides of a long room, or an equally bored tunnel, will afford a good example of this appearance; but perhaps a still better illustration is given by the two metallic lines of a long portion of any railway. In fig. 32, let


FIG. 32.

A, B, and C, D, represent the two lines of a straight portion of horizontal railway. If an observer be placed at G, he will see the two lines apparently meeting each other towards H, from the following cause:–Let G represent the eye looking, first, as far only as figs. 1 and 2, the space between 1 and 2 will then be seen by the eye at G, under the angle 1, G, 2. On looking as far as figs. 3 and 4, the space between 3 and 4 will be seen under the diminished angle 3, G, 4. Again on looking forward to the points 5 and 6, the space between the rails would be represented by the angle 5, G, 6; and, as will at once be seen, the greater the distance observed, the more acute the angle at the eye, and therefore the nearer together will the rails appear. Now if one of these rails should be an arc of a circle and diverge from the other, as in the diagram fig. 33, it is evident that the

FIG. 33.

effect upon the eye at G, would be different to that shown by the diagram fig. 32. The line G, 4, would become a tangent to the arc C, D, and could never approach the line G, H, nearer than the point T. The same may be said of lines drawn to 6, opposite 5, and to all greater distances–none could rise higher than the tangent point T. Hence allowing A, B, to represent the sky, and C, D, the surface of the water of a globe, it is evident that A, B, could appear to decline or come down to the point H, practically to a level with the eye at G; but that C, D, could never, by the operation of any known law of optics, rise to the line G, H, and therefore any observation made upon a globular surface, could not possibly produce the effect observed from a balloon, or in any experiment like that represented in .

From the foregoing details the following arguments may be constructed:–

Right lines, running parallel with each other, appear to approach in the distance.

The eye-line, and the surface of the earth and sky, run parallel with each other;

Ergo, the earth and sky appear to approach in the distance.

Lines which appear to approach in the distance are parallel lines.

The surface of the earth appears to approach the eye-line;

Ergo, the surface of the earth is parallel with the eye-line.

The eye-line is a right line.

The surface of the earth is parallel or equi-distant;

Ergo, the surface of the earth is a right line–a plane.



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The Original Conspiracy Theorist

Conspiracy-theorist-john-robisonNow, when you think of conspiracies, think of the Coroanvirus. There is a lot of cover up, but for this article, let’s look at conspiracies in general.

You hear much about conspiracy theories today. Of course, those in power point to us as wackos, radicals and even terrorist. We all know that the flat earth is one of the many conspiracies that the governments have perpetrated on us. But do you know that there was a conspiracy theorist 200 years ago?

John Robison was a prominent physicist, mathematician and professor of philosophy at Scotland’s Edinburgh University. He worked with James Watt on the early steam car, and he later invented the siren. The conspiratorial Illuminati had attempted to recruit him, but he declined. In 1798 he wrote “Proofs of a Conspiracy Against the Religions and Governments of Europe” in which he exposed the secret societies behind the terroristic French Revolution.

Is there not a conspiracy against Christianity and governments now? In fact, it is complete for we have preachers blasphemy the name of God every day (Ken Copeland and company); we have total take over of our governments, where Christian Patriots are put in prison.

Robison wrote a book in 1798 titled: Proofs of a Conspiracy. This is a book that Obama should read, but than again, he is in the pay of these people so you won’t hear any truth from him. Reading this book will remind you of what is happening now and you’ll also learn some of the origins of the secret societies.

You can read “Proofs of a Conspiracy,” 400 page book, by Clicking Here.


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