Added Note on World-Wide Flood

Added Note on World-Wide Flood

World-Wide Flood NotesHere is something that I would like to add. Some Christians believe that the Flood was local and it was located in the Tarim Basin in the Himalayas – of all places in the world! I found out that the basin is at an elevation between 2,000 – 3,000 metres. And that the highest peak around it is 7,000 metres (25,000 feet)! I, at one time believed in a local Flood, but if you just look at scripture we are told that the flood waters were (if I’m not mistaken) 150 metres above the highest peak.

Since water seeks its own level, that means that the rest of the world would have to be flooded, but they believe in a local flood. No way! They just witnessed against themselves and don’t even realise it.

The floods did go over the highest peak whatever peak that was at the time. So, what held in the water? We are not told in the Bible but it had to be something. So, that ‘something’ must have been either the wall of the firmament or it could simply be the Word of God. After all, we know that He held back the waters of the Red Sea when the Israelites crossed over.

I also found out that there was some other ancient civilization there, but the dates given were after the Flood. But even if they should find one that preceded it, does not mean that the Flood was local.

Finally, I was told by a reader that the Bible tells us where the other races came from after the Flood and it can be found in Geneses chapter 9, 10 and 11. That there was the intermarrying with these people – saying that the other races were not on the Ark. Well, it BEGS THE QUESTION! Hey, how did they survive when God told us that all life on land died? No, there wasn’t other races that float on rafts, canoes or small boats. There was only one place that they could come from – they were on the Ark.

Now, the next question is, “How did these other races get to all these other continents?” Good question. Again, we are not told this, we just have to believe. But in situations like this where the Bible does not tell us, there is nothing unbiblical about theorising. We could just not think of it any further, which is fine, or come up with a theory. After all, we are people that are born with an inquisitive mind.

It’s a shame who some people will attack you when you come up with a theory, right or wrong. I have heard the best biblical scholars in the Christian Identity movement, at times, say something like, “It could be that…” and as long as it does not contradict the word of God, there is no harm. Of course, you don’t make doctrine out of it – that’s a big NO.

Sure, I believe what Geneses said as well as the whole Bible.

“How did the other races get to other continents?” Either by boat of by some land-bridge, which later sunk and created the island or separate. And it does not take a world-wide flood to sink some low-level land.

In short, we know that Noah’s Flood was world-wide. We know that there were no human or animal life alive when the floods came. We also know that there were other races after the flood. And, we know that a pure race only produces a pure child.

We are told in scripture that Noah was pure in his generation. This is extremely important! Modern-day preachers ignore this. Now, this does not mean that he and his family were without sin. All men have sinned and that included Noah’s family. So, what could ‘pure’ mean? It means that they were not mixed with other races. Whereas, the others were corrupted in their generation. The earth was filled with violence, too, but their bloodlines were corrupted.

As a final note, check out the two links below that goes into a lot more detail. Though it does not talk about the world-wide Flood but it does talk about race and the importance of it.

Pure in His Race

Race of Genesis 10


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