The Flat Earth and the World-wide Flood

The Flat Earth and the World-wide Flood

Flood universalAs I mentioned in the previous post, I will talk on the flat earth and the world-wide flood of Noah.

Believing, as I do, in a world-wide flood, you many ask how that fits in with the flat earth. As a flat earther, which I assume you are, there is a firmament about the earth. Some may call it a dome, which is fine. Now, with the waters above the heaven and below; with the waters below the earth, it fits perfecting with a flat stationary earth.

In order to hold our atmosphere in place, we have to be enclosed and a firmament does it not? Now, picture this firmament having its base on the earth – as all structures do. So, with the highest mountains covered, the water was contained by the walls of the firmament – which is located in Antarctica.

The waters come, in part from the rip in the firmament, that Yahweh, God created, the flood waters rising from certain areas of the oceans, and, of course, rain. So, with the dome keeping all the water in, there is no run-off of water.

That rip in the dome was sealed up by God who made the dome in the first place. This stopped the water from falling to earth. The waters went back into the certain openings in the ocean floor and, under the principle of “water seeks its own level,” it all came to rest at the level it was originally.

This also means that there is no opening, as some flat earthers believe in the Antarctic where there are other lands, other people and another sun. But that is another topic. But if you believe in that, I have no problem with that. Who knows, I might be wrong.

Other Races

Your next question might be, which was no asked and answered in the video that advocated a world-wide flood was, “Where did all the other races come from, since there was just Noah and his family?”

Now, I believe that the Flood was world-wide. I also believe, as God said quite plainly many times, that each is created “kind after their kind.” In short, it’s impossible for a White man and woman to have a Negro, an Asian or any other mixed kind. Just like it’s impossible for a fox that mates with a fox to have a squirrel; or a German Shepard that mates with a German Shepard to have a Chihuahua.

The major races of mankind are distinctly different – it’s much more than skin deep. But I won’t go into that now; there are books on this topic that you can read.

So, for those Christians that believe we should not mix our race and they learn about the Noah’s Flood, they automatically accept the local Flood theory. Many people, and they are good people, try to make scripture fit their already preconceived understanding of the Bible. Thus, many Christian Identity people, for example, believe in the local Flood.

While I consider myself a strong follower of Christian Identity, and I believe that we should NOT mix the races (again, there are books on the topic as to why and I won’t get into that now), I truly believe in the world-wide Flood for the simple reason that is what scripture plainly tells me.

So, you many ask, “How do you answer where all the different races come from if there were only eight Caucasian people?”

Just let me say this, in the video where the guy talks about a world-wide flood, he also talks about other cultures that don’t know each other having stories of a world-wide flood. That is a fact and not a conspiracy. So, could it just be that they were collected and lived on the Ark; not counted with Noah’s family? That they were released, each race going in their own direction, settled down and started to multiply?

I can tell you where the mixed races come from and that is from the mixture of someone from the primary race with someone of another primary race. This is what creates the brown race of various shades.

I don’t claim to have all the answers of the Bible and anyone making such a claim is a liar. I also don’t make things up in order to “provide an answer” as many pastors do. All I can say is, that the other races got here somehow but not from any union of a Caucasian and a Caucasian. This is a FACT of biology! So, I’ll leave it at that.

Keep in mind, to be saved DOES NOT require that you know all the mysteries of the Bible or that you get it all right. It’s the belief in Yahushua the Christ, the Son of God and the great Mediator between us and Yahweh, God, that determines that. However, some people think that you got to know everything about the Bible in order to be saved.

If you haven’t seen the previous two videos on the Flood, I hope you take the time to do so. Then, pray for guidance on what you saw. 

Flood and Same Image

Here is something else to consider that there were other races on Noah’s Ark. As a flat earther, we know that diverse cultures all across the face of the earth had their drawing of a flat, stationary earth with a dome. They all had the same important elements with just the details a bit different. So, how did they all have this same knowledge without being in contact with each other?

Other flat earthers have on their website or in their videos the drawing from other cultures of a flat earth, including the Hebrew one. Hebrew were the name of the people who descendant from Heber, (an Israelite). So, how did they have the same concept with other cultures whom they had not been in contact with? How did they have the same concept before they saw the first White man?

The answer is simple. These various cultures that now live thousands of miles apart all came from the same source at one time. They apparently learned this from Noah and his family. This is my theory but it is the only one that makes sense.

Before we go on, let’s take a look at the facts:

  • We know the ancient Israelite (Hebrew) concept of the earth
  • We know the illustrations that other cultures had of earth
  • We know, by looking at the images and reading the descriptions that they are basically the same
  • We know that many of these cultures did not know of the others existed until centuries after the creation of their respective images of a flat earth
ancient cultures, flat earth

Images from ancient cultures of the flat earth.

Now, the question is, how did they all have the same knowledge? And, I might add, how did they all have in their folklore the knowledge of a world-wide flood where only two people (and their family) survived?

This can only be answered by the fact that, centuries before, these cultures they were on the Ark with Noah and his family and the animals.

“But we are told in scripture that all men and all that lived on the earth was destroyed.”

Yes, that is true, all men on earth were destroyed. But that was those who lived on the land. Noah and his family were alive because they are on the Ark. We are also told that all that had the breath of life died, and that would include animals. But those that were on the Ark did not die. Now, that would include the other races – EXCEPT those that were on the Ark.

So, with the interpretation put forth above fits scripturally and with secular history.

Some races reproduced faster than others, which would account for some races having larger populations.

“But how did the other races live far apart as we know of them today?”

They live thousands of miles apart just like certain animals live thousands of miles apart. If you believe in the Flood, you believe that certain animals lived on different continents before the Flood and after.

Up until about 530 years ago, there were no horses in the New World – not until the White man brought them. We also know that kangaroos are native to Australia and no other continent. We know that lions are not native to the New World, and the list goes on.

Believing in the Bible and its story of Noah’s Flood, two of each kind, male and female were brought on the Ark. So, obviously they came from these diverse parts of the world to come to the Ark. We also know that when the animals were released, they travelled hundreds and some thousands of miles to where we find them now. Exactly how they did that, would require another article, so I’ll leave it at that. But we do know that the kangaroos were found by Europeans to be native to Australia; that the American buffalo (of this type) were found only in America.

So, they did start off from one location (the Ark) and ended up where we find them today. By the same method the Negroes, Asians and American Indians travelled to where they live today. They travelled by foot and some by boat. It might have taken them more than one generation to get where they finally settled down. And with their wandering, they passed on the story of this great cataclysmic event and told their children and children’s children in oral stories, carvings in their temples, etc.

Tying this all together. For those of us that know that it’s impossible where two people who have the same racial generation, to produce a child of a completely different race. Since these good Christians can’t figure out where the other races came from if it was a world-wide event, they interpret the Flood account as being local, with the other races living on the other side of the valley (Tarim Basin). But prayerfully, they will read this article, reconsider their position, pray on it for guidance and come to see that this explanation is the correct one. And, thus, account for the different races that we now have today.

Talking about the Tarim Basin, which many Christians believe was the location of Noah’s Flood, consider this:

The altitude of the Tarim Basin in China is between 1,000 and 2,000 meters (3,280 and 6,561 feet).

The highest mountain peak that surrounds the Tarim Basin is the Kongur Tagh peak, which has an altitude of 7,649 meters (25,095 feet).

This could lead to another article, but I’ll leave it for another time.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. “There is a very good clear answer to where, what you call other “races” came from. And it is an answer to your guessing and speculation. Why speculate, why guess, when there is an answer?”

    Response: You seem to ignore that ‘kind after kind’ produces the same kind. If the different races all came from Noah’s three sons, then where did the other races come from? How can white people produce Negroes, for example? I won’t go into detail, but the Bible is quite clear that they were called ‘Beasts of the field,’ as, they were to put on sackcloth and repent. Since when do beasts, as commonly known today, wear clothes? Just stop twisting Scripture! Go to another website if you like.


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