The Deliberate Misuse of the Word “Woke”

The Deliberate Misuse of the Word “Woke”

The Woke Generation

WokeWe hear in the alternative media by people who call themselves Patriots, of “The woke generation,” denoting that this is a negative term. For example, “He’s awoke.” The people who use this term are either taken in by this lie or they are perpetrators. Those who have the big alternative website, I believe, are perpetrating the Orwellian “double-think,” as they should know better.

One aim of the enemy is to misuse words, give it different meanings, get the people confused or have them do or believe in something that is contrary to what they should be doing.

Let me ask you, aren’t you glad that you woke up the lies of the heliocentric believers? You woke up to the fact that the earth is flat and stationary. The opposite of “woke” is “asleep” and that is what we had all been.

I say, don’t use “woke” or “awaken” in a negative sense, but only in a positive one. First, common sense should tell you that being “awoke” means that you are not sleeping, you know what is going around you. So, why on earth is this word – including the different tenses and forms – are being applied to those who are really asleep? Mike Adams comes to mind as one person who uses “woke” when referring to liberals/leftists/Communist.

So, now let’s look at what the Bible says.

In the massive book titled, Bible Symbolism Dictionary, here is what “wake, woke” is found. After reading this, tell me if this sounds like something negative or if it’s a positive attribute.

AWAKE — <194423> Psalm 44:23 (b) David speaks to God as though He were
not listening and indicates that he would like to ask God to wake up and listen to
the call of his heart. David was on very intimate terms with God, and sometimes
asked God to wake up, sometimes to “listen;’ sometimes to bow down His ear,
and sometimes to talk to him.
<235201> Isaiah 52:1 (b) Here there is a call to the people of earth to wake up from
their slumber of indifference, and to realize the wonderful gift of the garments of
salvation which are offered to them. This applies particularly to Israel.
<381307> Zechariah 13:7 (a) Here there is a call to God as though the sword of God,
which is His wrath, were sleeping. The Lord calls on this sword to rouse itself,
waken from sleep, and pierce the heart of the Lord Jesus, thus making Him the
Savior of men. The death of Christ on the cross was planned by God Himself.
Christ bore the sword of God’s wrath so that we might go free and be saved from
wrath through Him.
<451311> Romans 13:11 (a) The Lord’s people are represented as not being active and
earnest in their work and as though they were asleep in the battlefield. God asks
His people to awaken from their slumber and to prepare for His coming.
<490514> Ephesians 5:14 (a) In this passage the people of God have become so like
the unsaved around them, who are dead in their sins, and unresponsive to God,
that the Lord says His people are asleep and just as indifferent as the ungodly. It
is a call to the Christian to become wide awake, alert and watchful in the service
of the Master.


Let’s be part of the woke generation! Use woke in a positive way, the way it has been used for thousands of years, when you talk to or write to others.




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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to The Deliberate Misuse of the Word “Woke”

  1. Flash says:

    Three reasons why the movie Jesus Revolution should be avoided are clearly explained in this Episode of Real Talk with Jordan Riley. So many think this is a great movie and think its causing people to come to Jesus, but is that true? YOU WILL BE SHOCKED to hear the truth about this movie and what it’s not telling you.

    Pastor Henry Shaffer says mind control is absolutely real and that many are being mind-controlled and don’t even know it! The Marine Spirit is calling the shots! If you don’t know what the Marine Spirit is, you’ll want to stick around and watch to find out.

    What are marine spirits?


  2. The word “gay” has been perverted in its use in the same way.


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