How to Spread the Truth in a World of Censorship

How to Spread the Truth in a World of Censorship

For many years Christians and other Truth Seekers have been banned from spreading the truth. When the internet came about, that was our big break. But in time, search engines and social media sites have banned such content by closing the accounts or, they changed their algorithms so the information is so hidden that people can’t find it.

It’s unfortunate that many good people give up once they were banned. But there are solutions to fighting back, which others have used. For example, if a good video is no longer on YouTube, people have put them on alternative video platforms, such as But some platforms that are supposed to support un-acceptable truths have banned, them, too. It depends on the conspiracy topic.

So, what is the solution?

One way is to have one blog site that gives a little of the truth, or worded in such a way that, at the end of the article they have a link to another site. There are some people who have found a hosting provider that will allow for ‘politically incorrect,’ articles.

There are certain web hosting sites that will allow information that others do not. One such site is out of Iceland. It costs a little more than HostGator or NameCheap, but you won’t have to worry about your site being taken down. There are others that I don’t know the name of, so you will have to do your own research.

As for video platforms, I found that allows freedom of speech than
Then, you have alternative social media. The problem that I found with most of them is, that with each post, you don’t have a special URL that you can share with others. You can tell others about your channel name, but as to find a certain post, they would have to scroll down and down, and most people will not do that. But there is one alternative social media site that has more features than others and that is:

Life USA

The only thing you can share is the channel name, like the rest of them but with there are more features such as: upload audios, videos and PDFs. You can also create a group(s), have a blog section and article section (I don’t see any difference but there are separate sections). Again, there is no URL for each blog, but just a general one for you site and for a group if you start one. You also are allowed to post more characters than Twitter, which is good. The name of this site is: It’s free to sign up.

Email is another way of sharing the truth be sending friends files or links to certain sites.
For forums, one that flat earther, Eric Dubay has. His site is hosted with Not only does he have information about the flat earth but he has a section that has many other conspiracies, too.
It’s free to create a forum at You might want to do this just to find people in your own area who share your own interest of whatever topic you are interested in. I would suggest that that you don’t keep it confined but make it general, as not everyone is ‘on the same page’. I often get asked on this blog if there is anyone in their area that knows about…so they can have some fellowship. But, unfortunately I don’t know.

You still might not find anyone in your area, but at least you’ll be able to write to like-minded people in a forum.

Making QR Codes

Here is one fun way to spread the truth. Find a site that you like, which I hope includes this site 😉Write an attention-getting title and put a QR Code on it. Go to a QR Code generator site that is free. Enter the URL in there, and it will make a QR Code.

You can have 6 small signs printed on one page. Cut it out and put them up around public places. If the advert gets their attention, all they have to do is scan the QR Code and it will take them right to the page.

One way to get people’s attention is a good meme. Find one and put this on your little notice with the appropriate QR Code.

With mobile phones today, most of them come with QR Code scanners built into the camera. All they have to do is, turn on their camera and hold it up to the code. They don’t even have to ‘snap’ the picture, it will automatically do it. Then the website will show up on their phone.

Leave the little notices at: where you eat, cafes, bus stops, on the bus seat, in trolleys in supermarkets and on library shelves (or inside books).

You can make a QR Code of any website but also any particular page within the website. Each one is unique. If several people make one of the same websites, each one will go to the same site. It’s that simple.

To create a QR Code all you do is go to: or just type in Google: free qr code generator and pick out what one you want.

A great place to find like-minded people are at alternative healing conventions or clubs. The reason why I say this – is through experience. People who are herbal and nutritional practitioners, already know the lies that the medical profession says. They know of the harmful treatment they put people through. And, they know that there are cures for diseases that the doctors and nurses say there are none. In short, they know the lies of medical education, the government and media, but they might not know about what else we have been lied to. Thus, these people, in general, are easier to reach with the truth.

If there is a weekly private alternative club in your area, go to it. If there is a convention of any kind, go to it. Now, there are some who have tables selling their wares and services that are into some hocus pocus Eastern religion and spout, “All you need is love; love everybody, and you’ll be healed.” But the fact is that there will be real truth seekers there. You might meet people that are not Christian but don’t let that deter you. Why? Did not the Apostles go to those who were pagan, who believed in Roman gods? Of course, they did – they were the only people to go to! But guess what? They converted many of them. The people you want to go to are the unconverted. As they saying goes, “Don’t preach to the choir.” But if you find someone “in the choir,” great! Exchange email address.

In short, you can find someone who thinks like us or are willing to listen and are really seeking God’s truth. So, be armed with your literature and little notices with web address and QR Codes on them. Yes, you should put web address on them as not everyone has a mobile phone or a modern one at least. So, you don’t want to lose these people.

Finally, you can create a free account on and upload as many files as you want. You don’t need a website. They can be: audio, video, PDF. With Archive, you do get a URL link with each post.
With flat earth blogs and videos, there has not been a total ban by Big Tech companies – as least not now. For example, you can still post flat earth videos on YouTube, but people will not be able to see them if they do an organic search. They will need the exact channel name or URL. But at least the videos are still there. It’s with other ‘conspiracy information’ that they will not allow. Well, if you have a video on flat earth, encourage others to learn more about… (name the topic), then have a link to your forum where there is an in-depth discussion on that topic, such as: Who really started WWII, Who took down the World Trade Tower, etc.

If you are not into having your own site because of time, interest, or not knowledgeable to put up a site, that’s fine. We don’t need everyone doing the same thing. But here are a couple things that you might want to consider doing: talk to friends and family and send emails to those you know.

I hope that this gives you some ideas on spreading biblical and secular truth. So, let’s get out there are start doing something!

All the best.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Richard says:

    Thank you for the information… I will do my part.


  2. rjra11240233 says:

    Thank you for the information… I will do my part.


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