The Government Wants to Hack Your Brains

The Government Wants to Hack Your Brains

They probably would like to know why you are a flat earther – perhaps to get you to change your mind.

At a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) presentation, those in attendance heard that work was already well under way to figure out how the human brain works. Tim Hinchcliffe, who has been warning about the WEF’s plans for years, pointed out that the presentation happened five years after historian Yuval Noah Harari told people in Davos that humans could be completely hacked. The academic says that we are, in a nutshell, walking, breathing, living algorithms. At the time, Harari’s vision seemed like a feverish dream. But now, this dream is quickly becoming a reality.

Nicholas Thompson, the CEO of The Atlantic, led a session called “Ready for Brain Transparency?” at the WEF Annual Meeting 2023. The meeting started with a video based on George Orwell’s 1984 that showed a situation in which employees’ brainwaves were being tracked and decoded. In addition to using the information to judge how well employees did their jobs, brainwaves were decoded to see if anyone had done anything illegal.

After the video, Nita Farahany of Duke University, who is an expert on the ethical and legal implications of new technologies, told the audience that there are already ways to decode brainwaves. She said that powerful organisations and governments can already use certain technologies to “pick up and decode faces that you’re seeing in your mind, like simple shapes, numbers, or your PIN number for your bank account.”

“Artificial intelligence,” she said next, “has made it possible for brain activity to be decoded in ways we never thought possible before.” Farahany said that all of our thoughts and feelings are just bits of data, and that artificial intelligence can be used to figure out what they mean (AI). The devices used to decode this “data” don’t have to be as invasive as Elon Musk’s neural implants, which is what most people think. Farahany says that the devices being used are more like Fitbits for the brain. “We’re not talking about implanted devices of the future; I’m talking about wearable devices that are like Fitbits for your brain,” she said in a rather cheery tone.

Farahany gave her presentation on the same day that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was in Davos. Stoltenberg probably knows a lot about brain hacking, just like Farahany. In 2021, NATO ran a meeting to talk about “weaponizing brain sciences” and “exploiting the weaknesses of the human brain.” Project Censored, an organisation that promotes investigative journalism, better media literacy, and critical thinking, said that the forum was made to look into “more sophisticated forms of social engineering and control.” This is why NATO has added a sixth level, the cognitive domain, to its five operational domains (air, land, sea, space, and cyber), two years after the forum.

Experts from Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London talk about the many ways the mind should be seen as a battlefield in an article that NATO has approved. They pointed out that cognitive warfare is about a lot more than just changing what people think; it’s also about changing how people act. “Successfully waged,” the article says, “cognitive warfare shapes and influences individual and group beliefs and behaviours to favour an aggressor’s tactical or strategic objectives.” The aggressors “could possibly subdue a society without resorting to outright force or coercion.” It is important to remember that NATO’s goal is to keep us safe. It looks like that goal is changing.

From where the coronavirus came from to claims that Russia was involved, this is the golden age of information warfare. But the golden age, which was all about controlling the media, is changing now. In an article from last year, academics Tzu-Chieh Hung and Tzu-Wei Hung explained that cognitive warfare goes beyond just controlling the media to include explicit brain control. Cognitive warfare tries to use “neurological resources” and “mass communication techniques” as weapons. Cognitive warfare looks at both the input and output of information, while information warfare focuses almost entirely on the input (that is, our behaviors).

You don’t have to be a QAnon member to feel deeply sad after reading the above. Hacking the brain is a concept that came from communist China. As I write this, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is already using psychological warfare to defeat the enemy. In the not-so-distant future, unelected globalists in Davos and Brussels, where NATO’s headquarters are, could use the same technology to control us.


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