Will AI be the New “God”?

Will AI be the New “God”?

AI Machine 2

Many years ago, Albert Einstein was held up as the person ‘to go to’ to find out about the Universe. Many years later is was Steven Hawking, a theoretical physicist, that millions looked up to. Now we have Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With huge leaps that programmers are making with AI, we will see a big leaps just in this year. Just a few weeks ago, a new kid on the block came out called ChatAI, which can be found at chat.openai.com  you can ask any question and it will give you an answer. Or make any statement and it will answer you.

Now, everyone thinks that AI is the final word, that it sits in “the citadel of truth”, as it were. We also know that AI has taken over a lot of manufacturing jobs, office jobs and more. As for ChatAI, it can even write computer code for you – which will replace more people as the months go by.

Now, this is a thought of mine, and I hope that it never comes about. What I think we’ll see in the near future is, some AI program will tell us what to do, when to do it and how to do it. That AI will be making laws (as if it’s not bad enough now).

The greatest danger I see is, that people will look at AI as some kind of “god” and will worship it. That if anyone disagrees with it, they could be locked up, fined, or even killed.

In a previous article, I wrote how AI is controlled, as it only answers Establishment answers when it comes to many conspiracies, such as the flat earth, 9-11, who really started WWII, etc.

Only time will tell.

If you get a chance, ask some questions that would be considered politically incorrect and see what you get. You can also trick if you know what to write.

I could see that ChatAI (and perhaps all of them), answers like a typical airhead liberal. When I wrote about 8 inches to the mile squared the distance on a circumference that is about 25,000 miles. Its answer was that the earth is 24,900 miles! It nit-picks, like a liberal would, but it also didn’t understand the meaning of words. I even said “about” and being off 100 miles out of 25,000 is certainly about. So, AI obeys its master (the programmer) as it were, lol!

Let’s see what AI wrote itself concerning God. (This was done in a sister program to ChatAi.) Here is the screen shot:

New god


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