Flat Earth is Officially Life Threatening

Or, The Twisted “Reasoning” of a So-called Intellectual

There is part of an article that talks about the “flat earther” who launched himself in a rocket to prove the earth is flat several years ago. You may have remembered this. Well, this guy called White, said that being a flat earther is dangers because of this guy who died in his own rocket launch. Because of this one guy, who claims being a flat earther, is dangerous.

True, there is a guy who claims he is a flat earther, kills himself in his own personal rocket launch. Well, what about virtually EVERY geocentric believer is alive and well? The writer did not write about test pilots over the past 50 years who were killed – and they were ALL heliocentric believers. Oh, no, don’t mention that or it would blow his lie.

This Mr White, who has a BS degree by the way (very appropriate, lol), resorts to name-calling people who are geocentric believers. is this the best he could do? Is this the writing from an academia website? I guess it is considering the dystopian society we live in.

This White guy goes on to say that flat earther’s never amount to much; they have no success in society, ad nauseum. Well, we know successful flat earth believers out there, don’t we. Maybe yourself, included. Or, does this guy judge people by the amount of money they have?

And look at the title that White uses “becomes official.” I guess he’s a “government boot-licker,” as it has to become “official” before it’s the truth. Lol.

A real flat earth believer would not go up in a home-made rocket. All we would do is, go up in a commercial plane. Or, to save money, just look at the many videos that people and pilots took out their windows. And, unless a fish-eye lens was used, we would see that the earth is flat by looking at the level horizon. This guy who went up in his own rocket could, quite possibly be from The Flat Earth Society, which we know are filled with Masons who are disinform agents; to make real flat earth believers look foolish.

White goes on to say, “However, in the case of Mike Hughes, it is difficult to tell if he was a true believer or just pretended to promote Flat Earth in order to gain funding from people misguided enough to support his crazy crusade.”

First, all flat earthers think what Hughes did was not needed; a waste of money. We would not fund such a venture, and there is no proof of Hughes getting money from us. Just another piece of “yellow journalism.”

This is what spinning ball at 666,000 mph believers do – take a flat earther who said or did something really stupid, and create a hit-piece on it. Thereby hoping to fool their readers. Well, millions of people are seeing through their lies and waking up!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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