How Smart People Are Wrong About Flat Earther’s

How Smart People Are Wrong About Flat Earther’s

Rocket in space

There is a website that Rob Skiba recommended that people see. The address is:

I went to it and it looks like a lot of contributors are people in academia – smart people. They write about all the screw-ups that we are told by NASA. Rob said that there is a lot of information on their site, and he is right. But I guess what he didn’t know is, that they think that flat earther’s are nuts. Perhaps this was not on their site when Rob talked about it in one of his videos that was made about 5 years ago.

I had found out about them being against flat stationary earth by typing in their search engine the words: “flat earth”

What is strange about these people on is that a lot of what they write about are great flat earth arguments. They talk about the goofy space suites, the so-called “Moon landing,” etc. So, you’d think that they would be flat earthers. Wrong!

I guess this was too much for Aulis contributors, so they had to discredit us. Now, with all their other writing being sound, you’d think that their attack on us flat earthers would better than the average critic, but they are not. Here is an example of what I mean.

This is not verbatim, but you’ll get the point. Some write said that flat earthers use the word “jet engine,” when describing space travel but they are wrong, as it’s rockets that take men to space and rocket engines are different.

Now, this is true, but this is typical of critics of the flat earth, where they take something that most flat earther’s do NOT say. This guy goes on to say that there is either solid state fuel or liquid fuel that carries oxygen.

Now, we all know that oxygen is needed to burn anything where there is no oxygen but there in lies the problem. How do you carry enough fuel to travel thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands and even millions of miles? The weight would be too much for the rocket. Even in a NASA drawing that I had seen, there was no diagram for the oxygen tank yet is was a liquid fuel rocket. Even if one was drawn in (to make the lie more believable), there is another huge problem. The engine would not be powerful enough to carry it.

Let me make an analogy to a car. Whatever kind of car you have, there is an engine powerful enough to carry the following: four passengers, luggage, the weight of the vehicle itself, a tank filled with petrol. We all agree on this. Now, even though this car can take you, say, 150 miles before a refill, this is a limit to how far it can take you. You just can’t put a large fuel tank on to go further. To a point you can. But if you want to be able to go 1,500 miles before a fill up, you’ll need a tank and fuel that is 10 times the weight. Simple math, but for the writers of Aulis, this is probably too difficult for them to figure out. In other words, if the weight is too much, you would not be able to get out of your driveway. Well, the same thing for a rocket.

If your rocket is either solid propellant or liquid, it has a certain weight. The engine on rocket has a certain power. If what this rocket can carry has enough fuel to travel 50,000, it will never be able to reach the Moon, which “we are told” is nearly 250,000 miles away. There is some law of physics that says: x thrust can carry x weight to x distance. I don’t know how to write this math formula but you get the idea; an honest mathematician can tell you. To go any further, you would need a more powerful engine, but it would have its limit as to how far it can take x weight to x distance.

This is just one topic that the writers at Aulis fail to take into consideration. But then again, IF they were honest, they would allow the other side to speak or they would go to a website like you are on now, or they would watch flat earth videos. But they don’t, otherwise, they would not be able to get away with their lies.

Their next argument would go something like this: “Yea, but it’s gravity that pulls them to the next planet, and this is when they don’t have to use fuel.” Well, this is a topic for another article, so stay tuned!


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