A Stupid Claim for a Globe Earth

A Stupid Claim for a Globe Earth

CandleI was on a Christian site that has many good articles as I had been on this site before. This time, I went to their forum and saw they had a section on the flat earth. As it turned out in this section it was critical of the flat earth belief. I looked at the first post that was done by the moderator and read it. He had a picture of an eyeball on it with the following – which is paraphrased:

If the earth is flat, why can’t you see a candle 30 miles away? So, this is his great intelligent claim for a globe earth! How stupid. I’m sure he assumes, as he didn’t say outright, that it’s the curve in the that prevents one from seeing a candle light. When, in reality it’s perspective – the human eye can see only so much; that is why we have microscopes.

But, let’s explore this statement more.

Here is what he didn’t think of or maybe doesn’t want to think of is, that why can sailors see lighthouses further away than 30 miles (on a clear night). If their claim is because it’s higher, this doesn’t figure for the distance below the horizon would be greater than the height.

Another point is, if a candle was taken to the state of Kansas, for example, where for 200 miles the state if literally flatter than a pancake, you can’t see it because of the Law of Perspective. In fact, if you took this candle 1 mile you probably couldn’t see it either. Now, if you take a spotlight, place it about 6 feet above the ground, you would probably would be able to see it (weather permitting). What would his answer be? He can’t claim that the light is shinning through the crust of the earth.

Now, if you can’t see the light (because it’s not strong enough) would he admit it? If he does, why doesn’t he use a more powerful light source for his example?

If an object, such as a car were to go down a straight highway in Kansas, and it goes out of sight, would he think that it went behind the curve? If he did, he would have to be reminded that the state of Kansas is flat – so the curve excuse is not the answer.

There are several factors in why you can’t see a certain object even a mile away. They are:

1  It’s too far for the eye to see

2  The light source is too weak

3  Mist, dust particles and other particles in the air

3  Even the time of day when there is not enough light

A final thought is, that just about anything that is 30 miles away we can’t see – as it’s too far! A car is much bigger than a candle and you can’t see it. If it was a spot light as big as a car, you still won’t be able to see the light. Yet, some people make the stupidest statements it’s unbelievable.

I have been saying for awhile now that some people can be spot on when it comes to other truths but be totally off when it comes to something else. Therefore, we should not discount other good articles that a person posts. Of course, there are many people that are totally part of the Babylonian system, but other wise, we have to check what we read and don’t believe everything a person says – as there might be some areas where he/she is wrong.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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5 Responses to A Stupid Claim for a Globe Earth

  1. Richard says:

    The more they try to explain that the earth isn’t flat, the more stupid and ridiculous they look and sound…


  2. I went to their forum

    most such ‘sites’ are very heavily censored/controlled…..
    they’r not worth bothering with……
    you might be better going to an ‘atheist’ site….
    @ least, with most of those, you can say yr ‘piece’ w/out interference….


  3. It’s true, there are a lot of Christian sites that have good information with many good articles, facts, evidence, and so forth. And yet, most are still in the dark, and many refuse to even take a peek or glance at flat earth.

    Of course, many of us were much like them, we scoffed and ridiculed even the very idea of such a thing. My first thought when I heard of flat earth was, “You have got to be kidding!” So, let’s give them time, not everyone is on the same journey or path in this life. Some things will be revealed to someone else, and some others may never understand or accept it. Take and use the real facts, and good information those many sites have, and leave behind that which is not true. No one has everything correct. No one’s beliefs are all precise, or spot-on. We need to accept those who we think are in error (of course within reason), if they are endeavoring to walk in the way of Christ.


  4. give them time
    what ‘time’ do you think that we, actually, have….
    ‘time’ is, almost, UP…
    the flat Earth revelation is for the very last minutes of the last hour of time…..
    Jesus Christ could, literally, return for His Bride any time…. any day…..any hour….
    also: most people calling them-self(s) Christians are, quite simply and sadly, not ….
    The Gospel is a big ‘drag-net’ that will haul in all sorts…….


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