The Big Reset Film

The Big Reset Film

plandemic 1Just recently, an incredibly well done movie was released in Spain, in the main movie theaters. It was the story of one man’s journey for the truth about Covid. It then was scheduled for release in the UK and France.

The producers have had 1,400 attempts to hack into their website to take this movie down. Why? Because it shows how Covid began and the real families behind it, the lack of science being hidden, and the nefarious agenda, all using beautiful imagery and outstanding video quality.

You REALLY need to watch this movie. Because it will expose some of the biggest players behind the plan demic, some of whom I was not aware of or had even heard about previously. And it’s totally FREE! Simply click on the video below and watch The Big Reset!

A must watch if you want to know what is really going on. It all started in 2020 when our world changed. This film got rave reviews in Spain. Because of the nature of this film, I can’t put the link on this site. So, here is another site where you can get the link and watch this 2 hour documentary.

Click here for the bridge page.

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