Remember What You Saw

Remember What You Saw

As you know, Queen Elizabeth II died this past week. Since then, we have seen crowds of people in front of Buckingham Palace, the memorial services in St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Accession of King Charles III, with more public events soon to come. There will be public viewing of Queen Elizabeth’s casket, the crowds in the street and the future crowning of the now, King Charles. Keep these images in mind in the coming months. Save the pictures and videos if you can. Why?

If the insane leaders have their way, there will be more lockdowns, social distancing, wearing face masks and more booster ‘vaccines’ coming out; and we are told that there is a highly contagious virus that is going round. What a joke!

What has happened in the past few days, and in the days to come, show thousands of people close together, talking and singing all without facemasks.

Yesterday I saw King Charles getting out of his car at the entrance of Buckingham Palace and shake hand after hand of mourners in front of the gate. Yesterday evening there was a church service with what looked like over 1,000 people sitting next to each other. This morning at 10am there was proclamation of Charles III at St James’ Palace, with the Accession Council, where you had former heads of state, current heads of state, and other dignitaries. The room was packed, people standing next to each other talking, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Do you actually think that government and health officials would risk the life of King Charles by having him mix with the people? I think not!

Now, if this C virus is real, if the variants are real, if there is such a thing as contagious diseases, they would not allow this. Yet, do you think that the government would allow the nation’s leaders to get together? I think not! If what we were told two and a half years ago was true, it would be true today. It would be true all over the world – IF this was science.

Yet, as the same time if you go into a surgery (clinic in American English) or hospital you are told to wear a facemask. Now, they are asking to test for C if you are going to have any kind of tests done or surgery. If all is required to go to a hospital because of C, why is it you don’t need a facemask or be tested for this ‘virus’ to go anywhere else? What they are saying is, that a going to hospital is the most dangerous place to be. If that is the case, people would be safer staying at home. Well, the fact is, that this has always been the case – with some exceptions – but that is another topic.

Hopefully, people will wake up when the government tries to enforce the same measures this fall and winter; that they will use equal force as that being used against them to stop this insanity.

Remember, people are not dying being together, they are dying because of what was done to them.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to Remember What You Saw

  1. Richard says:

    It would have to take an act of The Almighty God of Creation, to get me to vaccinate for any shit that a tyrannical government imposes on me.


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