New Emergency Landing on a Flat Earth

New Emergency Landing on a Flat Earth

Hong Flight

How flight is on a globe Earth but not a flat Earth.

By Richard

There was reported on 7 August 2022, of a flight from Hong Kong to London where a lady died. This was a few hours into the flight. The pilot decided they would fly on to Frankfort, Germany.

The original article is found here (Click Here).

The mother, Mrs. Rhodes, was flying with her husband and two children. Naturally, the children had to sit next to their dead mother. She remained in her seat for 8 more hours.  This is horrible, of course, and people are asking why the plane didn’t land sooner. Herein lies two cover-ups.

The first one is, why did this young woman die suddenly at an early age? The chances are that she died as a result of the C jab. Being a nurse, you can be sure that she was given the jab.

The second reason is, why the pilot decided to fly on to Germany and land is some other country. No one would be told this but the reason is (my belief), that they were flying over Russia. As you know, the West is at war with Russia, even though many countries are fighting in a proxy war. Now, the only thing that makes sense is, that international flights are allowed to fly over Russia, but we are not told that. The reason is, passengers and the public would question it. “Why fly over Russia, when on a globe map we don’t have to?” Of Course, we don’t live on a globe.

So, in order to keep up the lie, the whole world, including Russia, would allow passenger flights to go over it, while the passengers are led to believe that they are flying over some other country (as shown on their seat monitors).

People would ask why we are flying over a country that we are at war with. They would also ask why fly over Russia, when it would be out of the way.

Flying over a country is one thing when you are supposing to be at war with it would take a lot of explanation. But if they did land, there would have to be more lies and cover-ups.

To have an emergency landing in Russia, the Russians would take care of the corpse, the passengers and get the plane in the air again. The passengers would see that Russia is not the horrible monster that the media makes it out to be; nor how can they put a twist on a good deed like this?

If there was not a war with Russia, yes, the plane would most probably land and continue on again. Some BS would have been told to the passengers; they not think it through and would have believed it. This is the case with other emergency landings like one from Thailand (or it might have been Taiwan) to California, where an emergency stop was made in Alaska.

If you look at a picture of the flat Earth, you’ll see that a straight line would go over Russia.

If you doubt that Russia would allow international flights to go over their country in a time of war, think again. Since the war started with Ukraine, Russia has still provided oil and gas to Europe but it’s the EU that has put restricts on Russia. In short, European countries ‘are cutting their nose to spite their face’. Russia has allowed the Ukrainian grain to leave port but it was the Ukrainian government that prevented it as they had mined the waters and prevented the grain from being shipped out – until now! There are also a lot of other trade carried on but the EU would not allow it.

Though Russia and the West are at odds with each other, Russia is still engaged in conspiracies. Think of the space program. Russia could have said that the Earth is flat and that all this coverage of space flights, the International Space Station is all a hoax. However, they are still playing along with the narrative. After all, it would look pretty embarrassing to come out now and say that they have been lying since the Sputnik Satellite went up in 1957. So, the ‘game’ is till played, where two opposing parties are on the same side. However, my personal belief and from research I’ve done, that Russia is in the right in this war, but that is another issue and would take a book to explain it all, so I’ll leave it at that.


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