Nuclear Weapons Hoax

Nuclear Weapons Hoax

Nuclear Bomb HoaxJust about everyone believes that there are nuclear weapons. With the current war going on in Ukraine, we hear news story after news story of a possible confrontation with nuclear war. Of course, this talk has been going on since WWII. But stop and think – has there been one accident? Has there been one war with nuclear weapons? The governments of the world have a stock answer, which is, “It has never been used since WWII because of mutual destruction.” While this would be true IF nuclear weapons were real, but it also serves as a perfect coverup for why there has been no nuclear war. IF we should hear one day that ‘the big one went off’ you can be sure that it’s a fake – just like how they faked the testing that we have all seen that were filmed in the 1940’s.

With the current war that is going on in Ukraine, there is much talk of the use of nuclear weapons. I’m going on record that it will remain talk.

So, why have a lie of nuclear weapons that can wipe out whole cities? Because this is a scare tactic; a way to instil fear on the people. We are bombarded with fear especially today. Those who want to control us know that when people fear an external enemy – read or imagined – they will do anything they are told; they will turn to the government to take care of them. And this is exactly what we see today.

“Are you saying that there are no nuclear power plants?” There  are nuclear power plants, but it’s not a bomb. The radiation can be used as a weapon, though. A nuclear power plant, as Gaylord Windsor, a nuclear physicist, once said, is an expensive way of heating water. That’s another video, which you may have seen on YouTube, which I encourage you to do so.

I don’t expect you to believe me, but if you want to talk intelligently on the subject, you have to listen to the other side. THEN, and only then make your decision.

Here is the best nuclear bomb hoax that I’ve seen.

Click Here to see the short video of footage from WWII.

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3 Responses to Nuclear Weapons Hoax

  1. Richard says:

    If they have nuclear power plants, they do have nuclear weapons… Remember what in Russia, and Japan? I usually agree with all the great information you guys put here, but this one is not entirely correct…


    • Stephen K says:

      I’m not sure about this hoax yet either. I do know that the governments of this world (who’s father is Satan, the father of lies) have lied about so many things that anything mentioned by them should be assumed to be lies until proven true.


  2. Stephen K says:

    I think you mean Galen Winsor and here’s one of his eye opening videos:


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