Sun Worship

Sun Worship

Flat Earth News, May 1978

Type from the original with the proceeds of donation money.Extract 2

      Much ado is made by astronomers about the marvelous magnitude of the sun. In Astronomy for Everybody, we are told the sun is more than a million times larger than the earth; it is the center of our solar system, and the great guiding force of the Universe. We do not believe any such stuff! We do not worship the sun, as did Pythagoras, the originator of this great sun idea, and so we do not find it as easy to exaggerate its importance.

      When we admit the evidence of our senses, we are forced to confess that the sun looks like a comparatively small body, and when we add the findings of our experience, we become convinced the sun is not a very large body. Some January day when the weather has been really cold in Chicago, zero or below, pick up a newspaper and read the story of the balmy summer weather enjoyed along the Gulf coast or in Florida, yet what possible difference could a mere 1,000 miles toward or from the sun make, it it is really so massive and so very far away? If the sun is 3,000,000 miles high as it is taught by astronomers, how much closer to it would you really be in Florida than in Chicago? Scarcely any, certainly not enough closer to affect the temperature. Therefore, we see the sun is not so far away, hence must be small in comparison with the earth.

      Now what about the diameter of the sun? 865,000 miles according to the statements of astronomers. It is never north of the tropic of Cancer, nor south of the tropic of Capricorn and the distance between these two points is a little over 3,000 miles. The sun moves north or south according to its declination, at the rate of approximately seventeen miles a day, and it takes six months at that rate traveling in a circuitous route above the earth to go from one tropic to the other, and only one day of that whole time is found over the equator.

 “The diameter of the sun is no less than 850,000 miles”. A. Gibere

“The true diameter of the sun is 866,000 miles.”

From the Story of the Solar System

      These wise (?) astronomers, therefore- as you will see from an examination of the above figures differ 32,000 miles as to the sun’s diameter.

      Let the reader study carefully the following facts  they are facts, not guesswork.

      The sun never goes farther north than the tropic of Cancer. It never goes farther south than the tropic of Capricorn. It is generally agreed that the distance between the tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn is less than 3,000 miles, and yet the sun, which these wise (?) astronomers say has a diameter of 866,000 miles, moves between the two tropics, and never goes north of the one or south of the other. How could this be? If the sun has any such diameter as these astronomers say that it has?

      Another fact is the sun, while moving between the two tropics  a space less than 3,000 miles is not large enough to light or to beat the entire year at any one time. When the sun reaches the tropic of Cancer, then wo have in the United States our longest day and our shortest night June 21; on June 2 in Australia, they have their shortest day and long night and it is the winter solstice. Then on December 21, we have our shortest day and longest night, and the date is known as the winter solstice; while in Australia they have the longest day and the shortest night, and it is known as the summer solstice. When the sun is approaching the tropic of Capricorn, we then have our coldest weather, because the sun is too far away from us to heat the portion of the earth where we live, or to light it, except for a short time.

      If this earth is the size of a navy bean and the sun is one million or more times as large as the earth, how does it happen that the little navy bean of an earth has so much night and so much cold weather? The wise (?) astronomers, of course, will answer this question by saying that the sun’s great distance from the earth explains it. This is all “bunk”.

      As to the distance of the sun from the earth according to these wise (?) astronomers, we again call your attention to the wide variance in the figures already given in this article.

      The sun could not be 865,000 miles in diameter and stay over the tropic zone constantly, as we know it to do, and not be seen over the equator at noon every day the year around.

      Here is the question. How can you keep a 365,000 mile sun in a 3,000 mile space and have thousands of miles to spare? It cannot be done!

      Now let us consider the size of the sun in reference to the amount of light it gives. If the sun were such a tremendously large thing, heat and light would be so well diffused in every direction that we would have no winter at all, and no darkness, day or night. With this sun and the millions of other suns said to exist, some of which are thought to be a million times larger than ours, and distributed everywhere in space, it would be impossible even to cast a shadow out in the open, to say nothing of having darkness over half the earth.

      We know that the sun does not cover all the earth with light at once, but only a part of it. A larger part is covered at once than would be possible if the earth were globe shaped, so that is not the reason for the limited area of sunlight, but the sun being only thirty-two miles in diameter, has a limited influence.

      By an application of the same tests, the same senses, the same judgment and intelligence we would give to the other problems of life, we conclude that the sun is a small body; that it was created, as recorded in Genesis, to divide the day from the night and for signs and for seasons.


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