Gravity Motion

Gravity Motion

From The Flat Earth News, May 1978

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      In previous issues of F.E.N. we have utterly destroyed the potency of five of the most popular so-called proofs that the earth is a whirling globe. We will now again in discuss the theory of gravity and earth motion. In order that one may grasp the full meaning of the term “whirling globe”, let us recount the figures. According to Elements of Astronomy, the earth is traveling through space at the rate of 66,600 miles an hour in one direction (orbital motion) and according to Astronomy to Elements of Astronomy, the earth count the figures. According to Elements of Astronomy, the earth is traveling through space at the rate of 66,600 miles an hour in one direction (orbital motion) and according to Astronomy for Everybody, the entire solar system is flying toward the constellation Lyra at the rate of 36,000 miles an hour entirely independent of orbital motion; then add to this 1,000 miles an hour diurnal motion; plus the wobbling motion known as the processional movement (Sec Scientific American, Sept. 1929, pp 20-), all of which motions make a total speed of more than 11,716 miles a minute, at which we are supposed to be traveling through space.

      No sane person not deluded by special training, but possessed of ordinary power of perception, could be induced to seriously entertain such a preposterous notion. Many attempts have been made to prove the earth’s motion, and every singled experiment made for this purpose has proved exactly the opposite thing, that the earth is at rest and positively stable. If there were any real proof of the earth’s motion everyone would know of it, for the fact would be heralded far and wide. There is no such proof.

      We have many lotters from writers who state that they believe the earth to be a globe because the law of gravity proves it. We have given above a brief statement of the earth motion necessary to support the so-called law of gravity. Since this necessary motion is entirely lacking, we will pass to the next phase of the question-attraction. We will show what grotesque assumptions are necessary to support the theory of attraction. Newton himself did not believe that the so-called force of gravity could influence remote bodies, from his own writings which were quoted in previous issues of Flat Earth News.

      The modem conception of the theory of universal attraction involves an endless chain of worlds, each attended by its solar system and each million of diameters larger than its dependent. Our sun, according to this conception, is 1,300,000 times larger than the earth, and is the center of our universe. It is holding the earth, moon, and planets in positions by its powerful am of gravity. But the sun is not at rest: it is racing wildly toward Lyra, and it constitutes a small part of another giant universe millions of times larger than ours, and this giant universe is only a small part of another still more gigantic system and so on ad infinitum. In theory, it is necessary to have each successive system millions of times greater than its dependent, in order that its gravitational power would be sufficient to hold its dependent system. Our sun is, according to the modem conception, only one of the stars, and the very smallest one too. It is 364,390 miles in diameter according to some, while Arcturs, which is the star next larger than the sun, and the next nearest to us, is 21,000,000 miles in diameter, and Antares; one of the larger stars is 400,000,000 miles in diameter.

      “There is evidence that some of the most distant stars may be as much as 1,000,000 light years away”. Ono million light years represent 3,882,336,640, 000.000.000 miles into space. This is nothing but a row of digits and ciphers, and has no meaning which is intelligible to men and women, regardless of their education and training.

      There is no such a distance so far as this world is concerned. Every human experience and all the powers of reason cry out against such phantasy. Who the knows the logical conclusion that must follow such a train of reasoning, as we have outlined above, can stand upright and look one in the face, and declare that he believes in such a system? The unthinking mass believe it because they do not know what is involved. They forget that the system is supported by theories only, and that those who oppose it have all the facts on their side, together with their reason and the Plain Teaching of The Bible.

      A thing falls because it is heavier than the air it displaces, or it floats away in space because it is lighter than air. The theory of universal attraction is a myth. There is no law of gravity.

Good bye, again, Isaac Newton.


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