Flat Earthers And The War In Ukraine

Flat Earthers And The War In Ukraine

What do flat earthers have to do with the war in Ukraine? Really nothing except one little thing.

Just the other day I heard an interview of a couple of flat earthers talk. The guest and the host supported what the newspapers and government said; that Russia is the bad guy. Now, really!

If you believe in the flat earth, you probably know about the other conspiracies and cover-ups the government has done. The flat earth might be the first road to discovery you have been on. For others, it might have followed a long list of roads of discovery, such as, 911, false flag shootings, who really started WWI, Covid-19, etc.

It really amazes me when someone knows the lies they’ve been told by NASA, the media, the educational system and government when it concerns the shape of the earth and the so-called space flights, yet, they believe that Russia is the aggressor and that they are doing many horrible things in Ukraine. Why do some people think that the government is telling the truth about the war in the Ukraine or about any war in the recent past for that matter when they know of all the other lies they have told?

Maybe some people don’t want to be too politically incorrect. Maybe they don’t want to be accused of being a traitor or that they will go to prison for their “un-patriotic” beliefs – I don’t know.

If you want to be open to the other side, like you were to the flat earth, you can do a search on alternative media, such as Bitchute, Gab or brighteon.social to hear the other side. If you want to lie and hide something, what would you do? You would close accounts if you were in control of social media platforms; you would not give coverage by the other side. Well, that is what is happening now. So, why do you believe what we are told about the war in Ukraine?

Hearing The Other Side

Below is an interview with Russell Bentley who is an American and living in the Donetsk region of Ukraine – here what he has to say.

Interview With An American Living In Donetsk

Over one month ago

Ukrainians Using Human Shields

Here is an article that Bentley posted on rense.com If you don’t want to hear the other side, then don’t Click Here

In the above links you will often hear of the Ukrainian troops and government referred to as “nazis” – they are NOT. They are mass-murdering Communists. Why the mislabelling? There is a reason for that. First, it could truly be out of ignorance or it could be deliberate.

I disagree with Putin in that he is calling the Ukrainian army and government “nazis”, they are not – they are Communist. Now, Zelenski (“President” of Ukraine), is calling the Russians “nazis.” They are not.

The sad thing is that there are some people who call themselves “Truth Seeker”, are saying the same thing. IF they are really seeking the truth, they should know their history. So, let me get those who are not up to speed about the truth of what happened in Ukraine during 1932-33. It’s known as “Holodomor”.

This was about the deliberate starvation of Ukrainians when Stalin forced collectivization on the Ukrainians. Below is one link to survivors during that horrible time and another one is a short over view. There are more videos you can see if you do a search on YouTube.

Short Overview

Click Here

Witnesses Stories

Click Here

More on Ukrainian Famine

Click Here

Unfortunately, the above site is taken in on the current war in Ukraine. They are correct in their history of Soviet occupation, but are wrong on what is going on today.

Another Fact Of History

Here is another fact of history, when the Germans occupied Ukraine they were welcomed as liberators. You can see old videos online of women cheering and giving flowers to German soldiers. Why? Quite simply, most people had members of their family starved to death or outright butcher by the anti-Christ Communists. In fact, the KGB who did not flee when the Germans occupied their land but were taken prisoners, the German soldiers. When they were being marched to where POW were being held, the Germans had to protect them because women running out trying to attack them. Why? Because they knew the faces personally, of those, who just hours before were ready to kill them.

The Ukrainians were Christians and they believed in free enterprise, just like the National Socialist, but you won’t hear that today because it doesn’t fit the narrative; it’s not politically correct.

If you don’t have time to read and listen to the above, fine, but don’t talk on it. If you want to talk on this subject (or any) then listen to what the other side says. In short, it’s the West and the Ukrainian troops that are doing the killing of innocents and not the Russians.

Like in all wars, “What have you heard about the war that you haven’t hear from your own side? Nothing.” All the news we hear, and what we are TOLD the other side says, is filtered.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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4 Responses to Flat Earthers And The War In Ukraine

  1. I hear you and believe what you are saying. I think I personally try to make every conflict fit into the good vs. evil model, but that doesn’t work. We’ve definitely been programmed to think American capitalism was good and German National Socialism (Nazi) was bad. I think it’s like: more evil vs. less evil now. America was a pawn in WW2 and her controllers were more evil, IMHO. These days Russia isn’t righteous, but she might be less evil than the controllers of the Ukraine pawn. For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous” (Romans 2:12-13). Neither nation in the current conflict is submitted to YHWH. His Kingdom is not of this world right now. When it does come, His servants will fight.

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  2. a couple of ‘points’ …
    ⅰ/ the KGB who did not flee when the Germans occupied their land but were taken prisoner
    actually: that was the ‘NKVD’ ;
    the ‘KGB’ was a post-WII phenomena ;
    ⅱ/ the whole ‘Ukraine’ thing is nothing more than a deliberate distraction from the mass deaths and horrific injuries that were and are and will be caused by that Devil’s Brew called the Vₓₓ ;
    and: in fact: the whole ‘COVID 19’ plandemic was, in its turn, nothing more than a deliberate distraction from the whole flat Earth ‘revelation’ which was threatening to over-turn the entire NWO ‘agenda’ …


    • revealed4you says:

      Yes, it was NKVD, forerunner of KGB.


    • stephenk says:

      “the whole ‘COVID 19’ plandemic was, in its turn, nothing more than a deliberate distraction from the whole flat Earth ‘revelation’ which was threatening to over-turn the entire NWO ‘agenda’ …”
      I would like to think that, but it’s hard to believe that FE is growing that quickly. Or maybe that just what the controllers want us to think…


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