Gagarin Was Never in Space

Gagarin Was Never in Space

A Soviet propaganda hoax has been revealed in the former communist
countries (for example Hungary, Estonia and Poland). It was a
myth that everyone had really believed in, that the Soviet Air Force
officer Yuri Gagarin had made a space-flight. Many Western governments
were aware of this Soviet bluff but did not want to reveal the
truth. It was not intended for the people to know that the Soviet
Union was a backward state.

One interesting books about this is “Gagarin: A Cosmic Lie”
(“Gagarin – kozmikus hazugsag”, Budapest, 1990) by the Hungarian
journalist Istvan Nemere. Not one word about the contradictions surrounding
Gagarin’s “journey into space” have been published in
Sweden, where the Soviet Union is still regarded with a great deal of
respect. Such a revelation would be far too embarrassing.
Until 1961, the United States had managed to send up 42 satellites,
the Soviet Union only 12. The United States also informed the
world that Alan Shepard would make a space journey in the spacecraft
Freedom 7 on 5 May 1961.

The Soviet Union was forced to do something to save face. For this
reason a Soviet cosmonaut, Vladimir Ilyushin, was sent up into space
on 7 April 1961. The Americans intercepted several radio communications
between him and the space centre in the Soviet Union. Ilyushin’s
landing failed and he was seriously injured. He could not be
shown to the public. It was claimed that he had been injured in a car
accident. He was sent to China to receive better medical treatment.
The Russian TV documentary “Cosmonaut Cover-Up” (2001) also
claims that on 7 April 1961, Vladimir Ilyushin left for space, got into
trouble during the first orbit, and crash-landed in China during the
third orbit. Ilyushin was badly injured. He was returned to the Soviet
Union a year later. Ilyushin was killed in an engineered car accident
in 1961.

More can be found in the book: Architects of Deception

NASA’s Webb telescope just captured this stunning image of a distant galaxy

Click here for article.

Satellites get more comical as time goes by. And we are to believe that this thing goes 17,000mph around earth. And, we are also told that there millions of debris float in space and they are not worried that it will hit the mirrors and break?

Cosmonauts Wear Ukrainian Flag Colours In Space – Yea, Sure

Did you see that one? There was a picture with this article (sorry I don’t have the link). Do you really think that these people who represent the Russian Government would be allowed to wear the Ukrainian colours? The picture is probably another NASA photoshop. How do we know that they are really Russians with all the other lying that NASA and the US Government does.

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