Clarification On The Mark Of The Beast

Clarification On The Mark Of The Beast

jabOnly one person out of the many who read the Mark of the Beast article think that I made a claim that if you receive the jab, the Mark, so to speak, that you will not be in the Kingdom of Christ. So, I hope that this will make it a bit clearer.

There are many good Christians who got the gene therapy jab and also the boosters that followed. Naturally, they did not know what is in the jab, otherwise no one in their right mind would got it. Naturally, they believed those in authority. But for whatever reason, they got a mark, they got a mark that is effecting their RNA and DNA. That does NOT mean that they worship the devil (accept the Satanists, of course). They got it thinking that they will be protected against the “virus.”jab 2

As a side note, I found out that the mRNA is in ALL vaccines. Even if the doctor who said this is wrong, do you really want to take the chance in getting a vaccine that doesn’t have it?

Unfortunately, these people will have their health affected is some way. It’s like the law of density. God create the physics of this world. Now, if a person jumps off a roof, he’s going to die, whether he believes in God or not, he will suffer the same effect. This is the same with getting the jab, just like taking any medication that he/she should not take. It’s simply a cause and effect. In this case, there is permenate damage to their body and a shorter life.

Just recently I read a good article at where the claim of the Beast and 666 has nothing to do with what we associate it with today. This lady used sources that date back 1,000 years. However, there is one big omission that she made and that is, she said nothing about people not being able to buy or sell. And with the agenda that is being pushed today, this is what is happening. In some countries it’s much worse. But in time, expect to see this extended to other countries. For example, in most countries right now, including the UK and the US, you can not get on a plane unless you’ve been jab.

God told us not to eat certain animals and fish. Why? Because it’s bad for our health. Have we eaten food that we shouldn’t? Now be truthful. I have. I used to eat shrimp and fish without scales. When we do things we shouldn’t it called sin. Sin is the transgression of the Law, as the Apostle John wrote. Now, eating some of these forbidden foods taste good but it’s not good for our health. Yes, we get up from the table and don’t feel anything but God, the Creator of all, knows what it does to our bodies down to the molecule.

With knowing that certain foods are bad for you. Why in the world would you put the most poisonous substance in your body? Why would you put graphene oxide in your body; the kidney puss of a money; formaldehyde or anything else?

Ingredients are put on packages of food so we know whether or not we should eat it. I’m sure you put a package back after you read the ingredients. So, why on earth would you put something in you blood that you don’t know? We accept what the “doctor” tells us – that is why we take it. Believe it on not there are dangerous ingredients to the vaccine. Just look for label or ask for it. If it’s not provided – don’t take it!

Would you put a vile of this vaccine on your food? No! So why put it in your body?

Years ago, doctors us that if you are not sick don’t take this medicine. Yet, in their “logic,” it’s OK to give it to sick people. Figure that one out. Anyhow, let’s avoid poison in our life, especially the most obvious ones.

If you did get the jab, just pray to God for healing, and think about never, ever getting another jab. But whether you are healed or not, does NOT effect you getting into the Kingdom IF you believe in Christ as your Saviour. This is my understanding of Scripture.

If you have not gotten the jab but are thinking about it, you should not get it. It’s plain poison! Is that what you want to put in your body? I think not. So, by not getting the jab, you’ll be better off. You might have to circumvent the system getting your food and making other purchases, finding work, etc. but it’s worth it. Just because you are controlled by the beast system doesn’t mean that you believe in it or support it in some way. If you have a job that supports it, then look for another job. Don’t be a “hit man” for the evil ones at the top. Have faith in God that he will find you another line of work. Since He create Heaven and Earth, don’t you think He can find you a job? You say you have faith, we’ll at time we are put to the test. Did you pass it or did you fail?

I know that there are some Christians out there that think that the beast system is not what we have today. So, based on that, they think that getting the jab is OK. But lets assume they are right (which I don’t believe) and that the beast system is the political/economic system that we have today and based on that refuses the jab. Who do you think is better off? The person that does not get it – as he would not be suffering any of the side effects.

I hope that this answers any objections.

God bless and may you be guided by His Truth. Don’t follow me just because I said so, check it with Scripture and pray on it.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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8 Responses to Clarification On The Mark Of The Beast

  1. just ‘posted’ a comment here but it is not visible for some reason.


  2. (OK… will try again…)
    FWIW, my own ‘thoughts’ on this matter…..
    to begin:
    let’s be ʙʟᴜɴᴛ …
    if Christians are deceived abt some-thing as relatively straight-forward as the shape and ‘nature’ of the Earth…
    then…yeh‼ … they could MOST CERTAINLY be deceived on some-thing like the Vₓₓ ;
    in fact: many are, even, deluded abt Sᵗ Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, XIII:i-vii ;
    The Bible does not say to ‘kow-tow’ to worldly authorities in any way, shape of form…
    Christians are NOT ‘of-the-world’ and, ideally, should have as little to do with it as possible;
    Sᵗ Paul says to ackowledge THE CHURCH AUTHORITIES and those in leading pastoral positions;
    but: only when their directions conform 100‰ to The Scriptures….


  3. so: vis á vis….
    The Revelation of Sᵗ John the Apostle;
    𝓻𝓮: chp’r XIII ….
    ‘The Mark of the Beast’;


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    tried breaking up the comment…
    but… it is NOT APPEARING…..
    perhaps some ‘settings’ need to be changed [?]




  6. pretty sure that THIS fellow hits-the-nail-on-the-head….


  7. roger47 says:

    The vaccines do NOT contain graphene oxide.


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