Eyes to See, Body That Feels and Brain to Think, part 3 (of 3)

Eyes to See, Body That Feels and Brain to Think, part 3 (of 3)

by Mr. John G. Abizaid

Note: This booklet was originally printed in 1910; this came from the 2rd addition in 1912. The grammar and the punctuational is the same as in the original.

Chapter 3

The Sun, Moon and Stars

In this chapter you will find proofs to show that the sun, moon and stars are always in motion.

I have proved in Chapter 1 and 2 that the earth is flat and stationary.

As long as the earth is flat and stationary it will prove that the sun is in motion over the earth, and traveling in a circle, lighting up all the countries that it shines upon. It cannot light up all the world at once, because the earth is larger than the sun.

People think the sun is large because they see it through a spy-glass. The spy-glass, you know, makes everything seen through it look large, even when it is not large, and you can see the sun round and move, circling above the earth; you will know that without any proof.

Do you believe that the sun is stationary and larger than the earth? For it cannot be larger than the earth. (See illustration of sun rising and sunbeams.)

If the sun is larger than the earth, it would light up all the world at once.

Think this over and you will find that what I say is correct and the proofs are correct also.

If you are in a room with windows towards the rising sun, you will find that the sun always throws its rays down near the floor and not the ceiling.

I am sure that the rays of the sun will never touch the ceiling either morning or evening. It makes no difference if you have your room on a high mountain, the sun will be higher. Its own light proves that for itself.

This will prove that the sun is high, but if you see the sunlight on the ceiling, that will mean that the sun is rising from a low place, or that the earth is round and in motion. But if you cannot see the sunlight on the level ceiling, that will prove that the sun is always high, and the earth flat and stationary.

The sun is always hight and turning in a circle above the earth.

In winter the sun goes far from us, which makes the days short and cold, but in summer when it comes back near us, it makes the days long and warm.

You will know when the sun is near you and when it is far from you, from its light; also you can tell which way it is turning in a circle above the earth from its rising and from its light, and also you know that by observation. And if you examine the sunlight you will find the sun is traveling in a circle.

Some people say that if they start from a certain place and go around the earth, that they would pass under the earth and come back at the same place they started from. They think that the earth is round like an orange; also that they have passed under the earth. The earth cannot be round, for I have given a great many proofs to show that it is flat and level.

They follow the compass, and the compass always points to the middle of the earth which we call north. They travel in a circle on a level place near the equator and they think they are going around the earth in a circle, but they are really traveling on flat and level ways. It cannot be any other way. If they started on a steamer and went south without a compass, they would get lost and find nothing but water, ice and darkness.

Here is another good sign that shows that the sun is very high and smaller than the earth: –
When the sun is rising in the United States of America, it will look as though it is rising from a low place, but the people in Europe will see the sun very high over their heads about noon time, also the people in Asia Minor will see the sun very low in the afternoon.

Do you think that there is a hollow between Asia Minor and the United States because the sun looks low to the people in Asia and to us (U.S.A.), but high to the people in Europe? No! No! There is no hollow, but it is all level, for the great distance from here to the sun shows you that.

Example from book

Explanation of the chart

The meaning of A, B, C, D and E on the lines of the sunbeams in the illustration of the position of the sun.

The first line of the sunbeam, A, means when you first see the sun in the morning. It seems to you the sun is rising from a low place. If you examine any shadow or your own shadow, you will see the shadows long when the sun is coming from a great distance; but when the sun comes near you, your shadow will be short. Examine the sunbeams and your own shadow; you will soon know that the sun is round, high and in motion, smaller than the earth and moving in a circle above it.

Shadow pictures

B means in the A.M., when the sun has come nearer to you, and is shining more directly over you and you feel it warmer. Your shadow is shorter and is passing by you. You will see that this is correct if you will take time and watch it.

C means midday. At that time the sun is nearest to you. You will see it above your head, and you will feel warmer and your shadow will be shorter than at any other time.

D means in the P.M. You will see that your shadow is growing longer because the sun is moving from over you.

E means that the sun is going to a great distance from you. You feel cooler, and your shadow is growing longer and turning in a circle. If you measure the sunbeams and your shadow before sunset, you will see that the sun is always high and in motion, passing in a circle above the earth from one country to another, and also you will see the moon and stars before sunset and after.

In the illustration of the sun rising and the sunbeams, you will see that the sun is round and smaller than the earth. Also that it is moving in a circle, above every place reached by its light. When the sun leaves a place it changes from day to night, and in the place where it was night it will be day. The illustration shows this.

Pay attention to these proofs: the fist shows that the sun is very high; the second shows that the sun is smaller than the earth, for if it is larger than the earth the people in Europe would see the sun above their heads, wile the people in America would see it above their heads, and both at the same time; the third show that the earth is flat and level.

This is another proof to show you that the sun is going around in circles above the earth: –

When the sun is rising you will never see it coming straight to you, but going in a circle always to the right above your head. You will find that from the shadow of your house, or the sunlight when it shines into your room, etc.

I know that the sun is smaller than the earth and in motion high in a circle above the earth. You will know that by looking at the sunbeams.

Here is a good proof about the sun that everybody can try at home:

Place your lamp on the table and place your hand at the side of the lamp, and you will see the shadow of your hand on the wall, and if you place your hand over the lamp you will see the shadow of your hand on the ceiling, and if you place your hand below the lamp you will see the shadow of your hand on the floor, if you watch the sun beams you will know that the sun is smaller than the earth and always in motion in a circle high above the earth.

And after all, if you want to know which moves, – the earth or the sun, – you must take time to stop a while and watch them both.

Here is another proof to show you that the earth is flat and stationary, and the sun in motion: –

If you can see or feel the earth turning down on one side and up on the other, then you are right, and the earth is in motion and the sun stationary; but if you cannot see or feel this, then the earth is stationary and the sun is in motion; and if the earth is always level on every side of you, it means that the earth is flat.

If you will take time to think you will find out the truth for yourself, – when I have shown you the way. I do not want you to believe it because I say so, but I want to show you how things are and if you will pay attention you will know what is right as well as I do.

If the sun is stationary, we would feel the earth turning, from many different things.

First the houses and posts would lean to one side with the land, and we would see one direction low and the other direction high. If you see the land low on one side and high on the other side, then the sun is stationary, but if it is not, then the sun is in motion. If you cannot see or feel the earth turning, then it is stationary, and the sun is turning. You will know from the water of the ocean that the sun is moving above it, for if the earth is turning upside down, there would be no water in the ocean.

They say that the sun is bigger than the earth. But I found out from the sunbeams that the sun is smaller than the earth, and the people that live in Asia, the people that live in Europe, the people that live in Africa and in America would see the sun above their heads at the same time. There will be noontime all over, it will make no difference. Suppose there were ten people under one umbrella, the same size as one we use now, do you suppose they would all see the umbrella over their heads? No; they cannot see it above their heads because the umbrella is too small to cover all ten people and all would see it above their heads. If there were an umbrella as big as a town it would cover all the people that live in a town, and all the people who live in the town would see it over their heads. And that is the way with the sun. If the sun were bigger than the earth it would shine on the whole earth, and all the people in the whole earth would see it over their heads at the same time. This is a good proof from the sunbeams and the umbrella, and you will find it a good proof that the sun is smaller than the earth and in motion, and the moon and stars are also smaller and in motion. The earth is flat and stationary, as I have proven it before.

The sun we can compare with a parasol – if the parasol was large enough it could cover the whole world – just so the sun. it is not large enough to throw light over the whole world at one time.

The Indian is looking at the proof of the parasol. He compares the sun with the parasol by saying that if the parasol were large enough, “I could see it here over my head, too.” Also the same with the sun – if it were large enough it could cover the earth; and the people, no matter where they were located, cold see it at the same time above their heads.

Illustration: Parasol

They used to say about 500 years ago that the earth was flat and stationary and the sun was in motion. But they had no proof like those I have in my book. This is the reason they changed their minds. But now you must wake up and judge the truth for yourself.

Read everything I say in this book and you will find it just right. There is no guess-work in my book as in the geographies. You do not have to believe what I say in this book, because you have eyes to see with, bodies to feel with and brains to think with.

The geography says that the earth is turning, but no one has ever seen it turn, or felt it, but they can see the earth flat and stationary; the geography also says that the sun is stationary, but no one has ever seen it standing on anything at all.

There is no use believing such foolish talk as we read in the geographies. The geography has no good proofs, but only guesswork, which amounts to nothing at all. There is no sense believing professors, because they made a big mistake by telling the people that the earth is round and in motion and the sun stationary.

We do not blame them for this mistake, because everyone makes mistakes.

This book is called “The Enlightenment of the World,” because it will wake every one up, and correct this mistake.

The sun does not RISE from a low place, as it appears to do.

Examine your own shadow, or any shadow, in the morning, and again in the afternoon, and you will find the sun always is higher than you, just as the sky is above you. The earth and sky do not meet, as they seem to do. It is only the distance that makes it appear so. Anything at a distance from you seems low, anything near seems high. This is a proof that the earth and sky do not meet. If you stand in a field on a foggy day, you will see that near at hand the fog is higher than you are, but a little further off it looks low and touches the ground.

No matter where you stand the fog appears in the same way, and the earth and sky do not seem to meet, and that is just like the fog around you. Examine it and you will find that what I say is correct.

I started from Boston in a steamer going to New York City.

Long bridge

As I neared the city, I happened to see two bridge ahead of me. Just as I was passing under the first bridge, I found that it was very high, then I looked at the other bridge and I found that it looked very low, almost touching the water.

But when we reached the second bridge I found it as high as the other bridge, so I looked back at the first bridge we passed under and I found that it looked very low, almost touching the water.

Then I knew that both of the bridges were high, but that it was the distance that made them seem low.

It is the same if you go on land. For instance, suppose there is a long, clear road, with telegraph poles the same distance from each other. You look at the one nearest to you, and you will find it high, but the next one looks lower and the next one still lower, and so they seem to be growing shorter and shorter until you cannot see them at all.

But it is not true that the poles are lower, as they look; it is only the distance that makes them seen so just like masts of the ship on the water. This may also apply to the sky.

The sun is the same way.

When the sun is rising and setting it looks as though it were very low. It is not low, but high always, and it is the distance that makes it seem low. When the sun is over our heads it looks very high because it is near us.

The sun, being of a limited capacity, can throw its rays only on a certain portion of the earth at one time. It is similar to an umbrella with a limited capacity to cover a certain number of persons. Of course, you can make an umbrella to cover hundreds of people, if needed, but the sun remains a certain size always, and can neither be made large or small, for it is the work of God, whereas the umbrella is the work of human beings.

The earth has been, and will always be, flat, and there are several proofs and those proofs I claim.

You will find in this chapter that I have given some proofs about the sun.

Pay attention to every word you read in this book. You must not believe anyone who says the earth is round, for you are not crazy, nor a child. Do not believe without a correct proof. Children may believe stories, but now that you are old enough, wake up! You cannot make water nor anything else stay on a round ball. It is the same way with the earth. You cannot make the ocean stay on a round earth without falling off, no matter what people may tell you. There is more water than dry land on the earth, and the water being liquid, cannot be anything else, as I proved in Chapter 1.

Do not let anybody fool you by telling you that the earth is round. As long as there is no proof that the earth is round, you must believe that it is flat and stationary. If you have a good mind why don’t you try to get the best knowledge and follow it? If you are smart, why don’t you wake up and have the best for yourself? If I were you I would not allow anybody to fool me. Don’t be afraid to change your mind when you find that you have been mistaken by following the wrong way. If you wish to know whether the earth is flat or round, read this work carefully, and you will find proofs that the earth is flat and nothing else.

If you wish to buy books and maps of the flat earth, send me word and I can supply them.

In this book we have given you facts that show that the water, the wind, the land, and the sun itself give you their own proofs. Use your own body to feel with, your own eyes and brains to see and understand these proofs.

If anyone should wish to have a further explanation of my ideas, I will answer this questions, provided I am paid for my trouble.


Boston, Mass., U.S.A.


Dear Friends, –

I should like to say this to you.

If you should like to read my Book, kindly read it two or three times carefully, and think over every sentence and proofs, and you will find that I am right.

Don’t agree without your being positive.

I don’t want you to believe the earth is flat just because I am saying so in my book; but I want you to think over the proofs and try them and find out the truth for yourself.

Now, I would like to ask for some testimony on the subject. I wish the names and addresses of those who agree with me so that I could help in stopping them teaching the small children that the earth is round, and such foolish things as the sun being stationary, and etc.

I like the truth. I also wish the people to like the truth, and for that reason I wrote my book to explain the flat earth subject and so forth. I have proofs and I have some testimonials from educated people, and I desire some more testimonials or some good poetry on the subject from any one who agrees with me. I should be glad to have their names to print in the third edition of my book; also if anyone, having other good proofs on the flat earth subject, et cetera, will send same to me, I will print it and their name also. If I die my children will build upon the same foundation.

That’s the reason I am interested to get your opinion.

Yours truly,


No. 121 Tyler St., Boston, Mass.


Cardinal’s Residence, 452 Madison St., New York, April 8, 1912

Mr. John G. Abizaid,
Dear Sir:
His Eminence, Cardinal Farley, desires me to acknowledge the receipt of your brochure, “The Enlightenment of the World” (2nd edition), and to say in reply that he congratulates you on the evidence of thought, painstaking and research shown in the work.
Yours truly,
JAMES LEWIS, Secretary.
64 Wavehee Rd., Liverpool, England,
Januay 26, 1911.

Mr. John Abizaid,
121 Tyler St., Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
Dear Sir:
I have received our wonderful book from a friend in Boston and I read it with great interest. You have excellent foundations. It is indeed the “The Enlightenment of the World” and I hope you have every success in your excellent work.
You may use this testimonial to the best of your advantage.
I am, dear sir,
Yours sincerely,
(Master of Science.)

A. F. Hill, General Secretary and Treasurer.
13 Isabella St., Boston, Mass.,
June 24, 1910.

John G. Abizaid.
Your book “The Enlightenment of the World,” is before me. Using the flat of the United States of America is a good plan.

Proper words in proper places may lead us right. Water of the ocean is straight at its surface in long distances. Water flows from high to lower grades.

May you go ahead and win great success in helping to overthrow one of the great delusions made by men of education.

The sun is less size than the earth; were it not so the rays of the sun would shine vertical upon all parts of the earth on the side of the earth toward the sun.

During a number of years I have known of the globe-earth delusion being a failure. Prove it over and over again to increase the great army in favor of the flat earth facts.

Hones doubters need education in Flat Earthism until they are wise and know that they know. Prove it in the most easy ways, to reach as many as you can of the thinking and knowing wise people.


John G. Abizaid September 24, 1910.
Dear Sir: Again I have read your important book, “The Enlightenment of the Word,” by John G. Abizaid.
I am glad of your good work to remove the foolish globe-earth delusion from the minds of the people. Yours truly, AURIN F. HILL.
Boston, Mass.

Dear Sir: I have received your wonderful letter and I thank you very much for your explanation. It interested me very much. You deserve to have more success for your useful book. Accept my love and best wishes.
Respectfully yours,
publisher Al-Hoda, “The Guidance.”

Mr. N.A. Mokarzel of 81 West Street, New York City, owns and issues “Al-Hoda,” or “The Guidance,” the best Arabic newspaper in this country at this time
he is a man of good education.
After he had read the “The Enlightenment of the Word,” he was impressed with the truths in presented that he published a long article in his paper about it, stating many of its arguments.
His article was published June 25, 1910.
Salem, Oregon, March 23, 1911
FEAR GOD…..A.G. Gy to Him
copyright June, 1909, by Lewis Hain
full of the everlasting GOSPEL
New Jerusalem, U.S.A.

Mr. John G. Abizaid,
Dear Sir:
I have read your book last night, “The Enlightenment of the Word,” the proofs give in it are true and they are the very same as mine have been for years. If you please so you may forward one of your World’s Maps and one of the Routine Maps of the SUN.
If they will prove true too, then we will agree together to reform the world. Respectfully yours,
Plymouth, Sept. 13, 1910.

My dear brother:
I read your pamphlet with very great interest, and while I cannot accept its conclusions, yet I very much admire its independence of thought and its all-around general ability.
Thank you for sending it to me, I am,
Very sincerely yours,
Rev. John P. Bland, Cambridge, Mass. J.P. BLAND.

Denison House, 93 Tyler St., Boston,
April 5, 1911
My Dear Mr. Abizaid:
We have been much interested in the writing and publication of your book and want to congratulate you on the interest it has aroused in the public. It presents a theory of the universe that receive little attention now. With good wishes, Yours truly, HELENA S. DUDLEY.

Academy for Science, New York, N.Y.
March 21st, 1911.
Mr. John G. Abizaid,
121 Tyler St., Boston Mass.
Dear Sir:
Having heard so much about your book, I decided to procure a copy and found it full of interesting reading.
The subject is a good one, and with the aid of your book, it makes it wonderfully plain.
It is true that everything above the earth moves – the clouds, the sun, etc., and that the earth is motionless.
I am distributing your copy among my friends, and am hoping for good results. Wishing you every success, I remain,
“A.F.C.,” New York City, N.Y.

Daniel J. Faour & Bros., 63 Washington St.,
New York, N.Y., June 16, 1910.
John G. Abizaid,
121 Tyler St., Boston Mass.
Dear Sir:
We received your book, “The Enlightenment of the World.” We did not get a chance to read it, but from the title it indicates that it is a wonderful book.
You ought to have thankfulness upon your application.
Yours sincerely,

November 3, 1910.
Dear Sir:
The book of your autobiography we have read, and from our point we found it built on an excellent foundation.
Yours sincerely,

Boston, Jan 2, 1912
Mr. John G. Abizaid,
Dear Sir:
It gave me great pleasure to read your valuable book upon “The Enlightenment of the World.” It is indeed very interesting. Hoping that you will meet tremendous success, I remain,
Yours truly,
60 Hudson St.
Secretary “Hudson Club” of Boston.

Notary Public and Justice of the Peace.
27 Broadway Extension, Boston, Mass.
August 6, 1910
Mr. John G. Abizaid,
Boston, Mass.
Dear Sir:
I have read with the utmost attention your “The Enlightenment of the World” and find it is a book of great importance, and which deserves the most attention of the great men of scientific work.
It shows plainly what you state and I firmly believe the whole of it to be true and interesting.
I admire greatly your “The Enlightenment of the World,” and I shall speak to al my friends to get a copy of the same.
Respectfully yours, LEWIS PENNINI

July 29, 1911.
Dear Sir:
I think your efforts to prove that the earth is flat are commendable.
W.W. RICH, Printer.
434 Main St., Charlestown, Mass.

Dear Sir:
That the earth is flat and stationary was believed for centuries and has not as yet been absolutely proved to be otherwise. I do not believe the earth is round and the fallacious theory should be exploited.
Yours truly,
Tonnurine, Mt. Lebanon, Syria.

Boston, Mass., July 14, 1910
Mr. John G. Abizaid,
Dear Sir:
Have read your book on position of the earth and see nothing but simple facts. The Bible is the oldest and best book in the world. It is as explicit on the question of the world as on any other subject: Gen. 1:9 God said, let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear, and it was so. Shall we want any other proof than that? Here is is; 14th Verse. And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night: And let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years, Gen. 1:14,15. the 15th Verse you will please read, for it is important. Read the 16th and 17th and 18th. Do you need any more proof? Here it is; when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt two thousand five hundred and thirteen years from creation at Mount Sinai Jesus gave the Ten Commandments. The second Commandment places it just where Gen. 1:9 when He spake and it was done. You may go there you will on this broad earth and you will find it as the word says. We must not forget that it is a destroyed earth for it is not what God made in the fist place. It was mostly land – now it is two-thirds water to one-third land. I will refer you to the 24th Psalm, 1st and 2d Verses, also Ps. 104:1-22, Ps. 136:6, Ps. 102:25,26, Isaiah 42:5. there are over a hundred passages that prove that this earth is not flying in the air. Let us believe in the old book and be governed by it. May God bless you in your work in my prayer.
Yours very truly,
Dr. J.B. Thompson, Burroughs Pl., Boston.
Boston, Mass., U.S.A., May 29, 1911

I received a letter from Prof. Davis of the Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., dated April 27, 1911, sayng that to print my book would cost a considerable sum of money; also that the earth turns round as some think, or stands still, as you think; still it is the same hard-working place.

I think Prof. Davis wants me to stop printing my book, by saying it will cost me a sum of money. And he told what the other people think, but he did not say what he thinks.

Also he says the earth is the same hard-working place. He did no say which way is right. I think he knows I am right on the flat earth subject, but he doesn’t want to agree with me because it will be hard from him; he does not want to say anything on the subject for the reason that it would destroy his teaching.


Geological Museum, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.,
Seismographic Station
J.B. Woodworth, in charge
February 23, 1911
Mr. John G. Abizaid,
Dear Sir:
The press of many studies has prevented my acknowledging before now the receipt of your booklet and letter.

I am afraid I am too old now to learn that the earth is not a sphere-like body.

To be frank I do not see that you have proved that the world is not just as I regard it – and there we are; you don’t see it as I see it.

It does not matter much, does it? Whether it is round or flat since we see so little of it.

I hope you prosper in your new place of business.
Very truly yours, J.B. WOODWORTH
Boston, Mass., April 3, 1911

Professor Woodworth,
Harvard University,
Dear Sir:
Answering yours of February 22nd, 1911, would like to say that at this time I was very so I could not answer you until the present time.
As you stated in your letter that you are too old to learn, I am old and I learned how to read and write the English language. As a fact, the older a person gets the more he knows, and I think that you ought to know the earth is ROUND or FLAT.
You also said that I don’t see the earth as you see it, but I as sure that I do, but I don’t see or feel that this earth is round or in motion and going around the SUN.
You did not see or feel this earth of ours going around the SUN. You also said that my booklet did not have any proofs in it. There are a great many proofs in it to make you change your mind, but you did not read it carefully.
Now you want to read it carefully and pay attention to every proof that it contains and you will find that I am right.
As to the difference it makes whether the earth is round or flat, why it makes a lot of difference between the true and the false.
Take my advice and read my book carefully and you will find the truth and you will let other people know the truth also.
Kindly don’t forget and write me and let me know whether you have changed your mind or not, and oblige,
Respectfully yours,
121 Tyler St., Boston, Mass.

Mr. John G. Abizaid,
“The Enlightenment of the World.”


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