The Immaterial Nature of the Satellites of the Earth, part 1 (of 2)

The Immaterial Nature of the Satellites of the Earth, part 1 (of 2)

Moon 6-2021

(From an old flat earth booklet.)

THE satellites of the Earth are not masses of matter.
They are luminous and transparent discs without
substance. The Moon, in particular, conveys the impression
of being an ethereal manifestation, and the
uncertain and illusive character which is usually
associated with this satellite results precisely from its
immaterial nature.

As already stated, the surface irregularities which
were thought to exist on the imaginary masses called
planets, are those of the dome of the sky, such as
they are seen through the transparent discs. The so-called
mountains, craters and depressions of the
moon are details of the structure of the dome. It may
be remarked in this connection that the astronomers
at the Mount Palomar Observatory in America have
recently reported that striking alterations have taken
place on the surface of the moon. Gigantic craters
and fissures of more than five hundred kilometers are
said to have appeared; and ranges of mountains as
important as the Alps have disappeared without
leaving a trace; but all those supposed alterations
correspond clearly to the successive structural features
of the dome which are progressively revealed by the
luminous and transparent disc of the moon as it
moves on.

This explanation applies also in the case of Mars.
The canals are most likely cracks, or may be dark
veins existing in the surface of the vault which are
seen through the disc. It has been observed that from
time to time the canals multiply and change their
form and their width, and that the dark regions,
called cases, which are also to be seen, expand or
shrink; but, as already said above, these changes
relate in fact to the gradual exposure of the vault
structure under the advancing disc. The same
remarks apply also to Jupiter which is said to have
undergone similar transformations. The notion that
the satellites of the earth are masses of matter, which
originated with Aristotle in the 3rd century B.C.,
has to be abandoned. There are no solid bodies
travelling in space, and the use in the vocabulary of
the word planet which has this erroneous meaning is
no longer justified.

It could further be said, concerning the true composition
of the satellites of the earth, that it might
have been discovered before to-day that the latter
are not masses of matter, in view of the fact that they
are able to remain at a standstill for several days
during the pause which follows their retrogradation,
irrespective of whether they are held to revolve round
the earth or the sun. It is obvious that during this
time, the supposed compensating forces which are
said to result from the movements of the planets.

and thereby hold them in space, would cease to
operate, due to the absence of motion. The only
physical law to which the planets would then be subjected
would be that of gravity and, under the circumstances,
they would normally be precipitated on
earth, or on the sun as the case might be. The fact
that the satellites are able to remain suspended in
space for days during the stationary period which
follows retrogradation indicates that they are not
masses of matter, and that they can only be luminous
manifestations, which fact is compatible with the
impressive silence ruling in the heavens.

It was recognised from the earliest times that the
satellites of the earth, particularly the sun and the
Moon was not solid, opaque bodies. They were
first, until Aristotle, considered to be souls or spirits,
which does not imply a physical nature. To the
ancients, they were simply lights, and they gave the
Sun and the Moon is a very apt name. They called them
luminaries. Xenophanes, in the 6th century B.C.
thought that the sun was an accumulation of sparks
resulting from the influence of Earth. Several
other physicists believed that it was a vitreous body,
or a lens reflecting the light of the ether, and this
theory which is based on observation is logical, considering
that the metallic nature of the surface of the
dome of the sky was probably unknown at that time.

As for the Moon, it is said that ages ago, long before
the beginning of the Christian era, the Babylonian
astronomer-priests were teaching in their temples that
it was a reflection of Earth. This supposition of
reflection is exact, but that of the origin of the reflection
is not, for the lunar disc, which is as perfectly
circular as possible, cannot be a reflection of the
earth since the latter is not round. Copernicus was the
first to assign this shape to the earth in order to support
the rotation. It should, moreover, be borne in
mind that the circular shape which Earth appears
to affect is merely due to the convexity of the dome
of the sky which bounds the horizon. The ancients
have always said that the earth is flat and this is confirmed
by the photographic records of a large number
of airmen, and also by the declaration of Prof.
Piccard when he ascended in the stratosphere. It is,
further, difficult to believe as it has been explained,
that the inhabitants of the Antipodes, as a natural
consequence of the rotundity of the earth, are able to
stand and walk, feet on earth and head down in the
manner of insects crawling on a ceiling. We may
reasonably think that the inhabitants of the whole
world walk in the same manner as we do, and on the
same plane, which is the horizontal surface of the
e arth; and it is undoubtedly that which would be
seen if Australia could be reached by television.
Since concrete notions have now been obtained concerning
the existence of a circular vault round the
earth, it logically follows that the latter is a plane
surface, apart, of course, from the irregularities of the
mountains, which fills with the oceans the lower part
of the cavity in which it is situated. The polar regions
would, therefore, lie flat and extend to the base of
some of the circular walls surrounding Earth.

immaterial nature of the Moon,

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