The Solid Dome Of The Sky, part 2 (of 2)

The Solid Dome Of The Sky, part 2 (of 2)

sun illumination 8

This shadow can only reflect off a surface. Could this surface be the “dome” or “firmament”?

The ancients have said that rain is part of the
waters which exist on the other side of the vault and
which pass on to this side through cracks. It may be
remarked, in this connection, that rain is always discharged
at the end of a thunderstorm, that is, after
the sound of the splitting of the dome, otherwise the
thunder, has been heard; and this fact would seem to
substantiate the theory of the ancients concerning

Lightning is a phenomenon which results from the
electrification of the vault; but it must be explained
that the luminous branches and ramifications which
are observed in what is called forked lightning, are
not lightning at all, strictly speaking; neither do they
traverse the atmosphere as is believed. They correspond
to luminous electrical currents which travel in
the vault of the sky itself where they follow irregular
tracks, probably metallic veins; and it can also be
seen that they adopt the convex shape of the vault.

These currents contribute eventually to the accumulation
at a certain spot of the quantity of electricity
which is required to cause a discharge towards the
earth, which occurs then in a direct line.

The comets, meteors and shooting stars are phenomena
which also have their origin, like the so-called
forked lightning, in the mass of the vault. The
author, definitely, knows this to be the case. Comets
are spontaneous luminous manifestations which are
created by electrical reactions occurring in the vault
of the sky, and this explains their unexpected and
sudden appearances, as well as their rapid and
erratic movements, indifferently direct or retrograde.

The passage of a comet is not accompanied by sound,
that is to say that there is no electrical discharge like
in the case of lightning which causes the vault to
split and detonate. It can be surmised that lightning
takes place in the thickness of the vault, whereas a
comet is a surface phenomenon. The orbit of comets
which may be seen to sweep across the vast expanse
of the sky is described as parabolic. This means, in
fact, since the passage takes place on the surface of
the dome, that the orbit follows exactly the curvature
of same and acquires, therefore, a seemingly parabolic

The formation of comets seems to be due to the
influence of the satellite discs of the earth as they
pass at certain points of the vault of the sky; otherwise,
when they occupy certain degrees of the zodiac,
particularly the 29th degree of Sagittarius. In the
case of Encke’s comet of December 21st, 1795, the
sun was at the 29th degree of Sagittarius. In that of
Brook’s comet of November ll th, 1911, Mercury
was passing at the same degree, and again for
Donati’s comet, October 2nd, 1858, it was Mars
which was effecting its passage at this very spot. The
same remark applies, moreover, to the 3rd degree of
various signs, particularly Gemini. In the last case
mentioned, that of Donati’s comet, Uranus was at
the 3rd degree of Gemini. For Hailey’s comet which
returned on March 4th, 1910, Mercury was at the
same degree; Venus at the 2nd degree of Libra;
Mars at the 2nd degree of Cancer; while simultaneously
Saturn passed at the 29th degree of Aries, etc.

All these circumstances, which cannot be coincidences,
point evidently to the existence of a mathematical
law governing the formation of comets,
through the combined agencies of the satellites when
they pass simultaneously at various degrees of the
zodiac ; and since the satellites have a regular motion *
it follows that the periodicity of comets, if it does
exist, may be due to this fact.

Shooting stars are not to be confused with the stars
in the ordinary sense, which form the constellations
and move at a very slow pace. They are luminous
manifestations which glide rapidly on the surface of
the vault of heaven, without any electrical discharge
towards the earth. They are, thus, related to vault
lightning, especially as they sometimes can be heard
to emit crackling sounds like sparks.

Meteors are also luminous phenomena resulting
from electrical reactions which occur in the vault of
the sky. It has been observed that they are frequently
accompanied by detonations and by a sound similar
to that of thunder, which is, therefore, caused by the
splitting of the dome, so that there can be no doubt
as to their real origin. It has been calculated that the
height of meteors never exceeds 90 kilometers, and

this figure confirms the estimate which is given further
on of the probable distance of the vault of the
sky from the surface of the earth.

From the ancients we know that the heavens at the
beginning of time were adjacent to the earth, which
is consistent with the primeval dislocation from the
surrounding mass; and that they were progressively
lifted in the course of ages. This rising of the vault
could not have been very great. The mere fact that
the latter can be seen through a telescope under the
satellite discs of the earth, as well as with the unaided
eye, as stated previously, indicates that it cannot
be very far away. It is not true, either, that man’s
eyesight can cover an infinite distance, even with the
help of the most powerful instruments, keeping in
mind at the same time a possible magnifying effect
due to the different densities of the various atmospheric
layers, so that it must be accepted that the
dome of the sky is incredibly low. If it were at an
enormous distance, meteorites would disintegrate and
become pulverised, and rain be volatilised before
reaching the earth.

There is not, and there never will be, an absolutely
reliable method whereby the exact distance separating
the surface of the earth from the sky may be ascertained.
It is very doubtful, as a matter of fact,
whether the laws of physics which apply to terrestrial
conditions, would be still valid in the case of the
upper atmosphere and of the spaces adjacent to the
top of the dome, but certain data can be taken into

The height of the Heaviside layer, which is the
dome of the sky, has been measured by the time
taken by radar waves to return to earth. This distance
has been given as being from 40 to 50 kilometers in
the day-time, and 90 kilometers during night-time;
but the figure obtained for the day may be considered
unreliable, since it may well be believed that an
acceleration takes place in the propagation of the
waves due to the heat of the sun.

It is known, on the other hand, that the thickness
of the atmosphere has also been measured. But the
atmosphere is invisible, and since the dome is the
only surface on which the eye can rest, it is clear
that the thickness of the atmosphere means the height
of the dome. In the 11th century the Arabs, by
measuring the duration of twilight, assuming that
their method is acceptable, established that this thickness
is 92 kilometers; and nowadays, by the same
method, a figure of 64 kilometers has been obtained.

A similar indication comes from Ceylon where the
inhabitants claim that the dome is there particularly
low, being only 40 miles high, i.e. 60 kilometers
from the earth; and it does not necessarily follow,
whether this statement is based on conviction only or
not, that it is untrue. This figure is also consistent
with the impression of the author who has seen and
observed the dome of the sky during a sufficiently
long period of time to enable its probable distance to
be judged, as well as humanly possible; and the conclusion
is that the distance separating the surface of
the earth from the sky, and which may vary in some
places, does not exceed 80 to 90 kilometers. The
first telescope used by Galileo, which was of his own
construction, had only a three-fold magnifying
power. Nevertheless, he could with this small instrument
see the eminences of the vault, described by
him as being the mountains of the moon; that is to
say, that instead of saying 80 to 90 kilometers, 50 to
60 might be nearer the mark.

The vault of the sky may not be absolutely rigid,
but may at intervals, alternately recede and advance,
so that under these conditions the changes of atmospheric
pressure would obviously result from the varying
heights of the vault.

The azure colour of the atmosphere may be due
to the presence in the surface of the sky of certain
metals or of their alloys, which provide a blue colouring
matter, such as copper oxide or cobalt. This latter
metal, particularly, which is used for producing
blue coloured glass, is found in very large quantities
in meteorites, and its colour could be diffused by the
sun on to the atmospheric layers, even if they do not
completely reach the top of the dome as the latter
could cast a reflection from a distance.

It might also be inferred that the reddish tint of
the transparent disc of Mars is due to the fact that
the part of the dome which underlies its orbit contains
iron oxide which provides a compound of this


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  1. He causes the vapors to rise from the end of the earth; He makes lightnings for the rain; He brings the wind out of His treasuries
    Have you entered into the treasures of the snow?
    Or have you seen the treasures of the hail?
    The Lord will open his excellent treasure, the heaven, that it may give rain in due season: and he will bless all the works of thy hands


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