The Flat Earth Bible Introduction, Slide Presentation

The Flat Earth Bible Introduction

Slide Presentation

Christian FE Bible 1

When you click on the link, it will save it to your computer. This is a Microsoft Power Point slide. If you just have Open Office, which is free, you will still be able to open it up.

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About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to The Flat Earth Bible Introduction, Slide Presentation

  1. Linda says:

    Numbers 23 v19

    God is not a man that he should lie; neither the son of man that he should repent:
    Hath he said and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken and shall he not make it
    The Earth was made just as he said it was.
    Think how pure rain water is. It can only come from a pure place.
    Rev 11 v18. It is man that pollutes the earth and sky to destroy the earth


    • Think how pure rain water is. It can only come from a pure place
      Hast thou entered into the storehouses of the snow, or has thou beheld the treasures of the hail :
      Which I have prepared for the time of the enemy, against the day of battle and war?
      By what way is the light spread, and heat divided upon the earth?
      Who gave a course to violent showers, or a way for noisy thunder :
      That it should rain on the earth without man in the wilderness, where no mortal dwelleth :
      That it should fill the desert and desolate land, and should bring forth green grass?
      Who is the father of rain ? or who begot the drops of dew?
      Out of whose womb came the ice; and the frost from heaven who hath gendered it?


  2. nice ‘slide’ on the set-up/configuration of the Earth/dome etc.
    n° 11
    although: Rob Skiba’s interpretation might be a smidge more accurate…..


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