Flat Earth Videos Taken Down

Liars Are In Control

Here is proof that liars are in control. Now, some people might say it’s circumstantial evidence but when you have enough of this, it points that liars are in control. I went back to the old videos that were once online on YouTube and they are no longer there. You can do a check yourself and see messages such as: “This account is closed,” or simply, “video no longer available,” or something that says it’s in violation of “Community standards.” Now, why would the owner close his own account (for those that state that). If they believe in what they put up, why close it? And, it doesn’t cost any money to keep your channel, even if you have no activity. It’s not like you stopped paying for your web hosting and your account is closed. YouTube is free. But we all know the answer to this and that is – politically correctness has reached anything that has to do with the flat earth.

Truth does not need to be censored. If we are wrong, and they are right (globe earth believers), they would encourage such videos and articles to be online – so they can debate us. The “guardians of the press” would want to debate us to show how we are wrong. But they don’t, because they can’t debate us. The most that they do is, they say what we say, and we said nothing of the sort; they take what we said out of context or completely lie about it.

It is flat earth believers who are ready and willing to debate them but they turn down the offer. The same goes for many other topics that are classified, such as: politically incorrect, racist, phobic of some sort, nationalist and Christian. Now, there are some flat earthers that might believe in all this political correctness but they should re-examine their position. The lying is systemic and they (government, media, education) lie on every subject where they can control or hurt us in some way. The biggest thing that they lie about is this covid nonsense. I don’t want to talk too much about that here as thousands have already been de-platform. And, CFEM is not on a private paid hosting site where it would be harder to be banned.

The only place you can talk at length about certain topics, like covid is: on a paid for hosting website (and that is problematic) and on alternative social media sites. Some alternative social media sites are: minds.com, usa.life, bitchute.com, etc. I do have a group of flat earthers on usa.life by the way.

I’m sure the topic of flat earth is in the cross-hair of being banned. Why? Because, when people realize that they have been lied to about the nature of the earth, it will lead people to question other topics that they were lied to. In short, they will learn the truth in areas that are deemed “politically incorrect.” Learning about the flat earth will lead people to believe in God of the Bible. From there, they will learn that we should live by God’s laws – which the churches dare not talk about because they have fallen for the lie many years ago. Now, when people learn that the laws of the land should be what we should live by – this will be the downfall of the Beast System. And, the Beast System know it.

Why do you think that the main enemy in the Soviet Union were Christians? Why do you think that millions were in prison and millions more died? Because as a true Christian people worshipped God and not the State. This, the State could not have. Russian Orthodox people also believe in biblical laws and this would end the Beast System that was set up back in 1917.

Christian churches of all denominations have bought the lie of not to say anything against the world system and this has been going on for many generations.

“So, where do you find the truth on this topic?”

Just do a search on Christian Identity or Christian Identity Church. This a loose group of pastors and individuals who believe in the Bible and are not afraid to preach against “the powers that be.”

When you do your search on Google, you’ll find that only links that are hateful about CI show up. This is expected from Google, as their algorithms are politically based, not scientifically based. So, do your search on an alternative search engine – which actually gives you the results that you type in. Such as, duckduckgo.com

When you compare the two search engines – you’ll see that the liars are in control. And this goes for any “controversial” topic that you type it. Why should there be a difference if all algorithms are accurate? Well, they are not – as Google and others like them change it when it comes to topics like this, including the flat earth.

In conclusion, continue your search for truth no matter where it leads you.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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8 Responses to Flat Earth Videos Taken Down

  1. Ricardo says:

    Since childhood, and through high school, we were taught that the earth is flat. Then I moved to America, 35 years ago, and could not believe that an educated people like the North Americans, are so easily manipulated. They will agree with everything, as long as they are comfortable, with money coming in to pay for their bills, everything else is good. Unbelievable how they (the Americans) proclaim liberty, and freedom of speech, but none understand the meaning of socialism, communism, and propaganda in order to control their thoughts. They fight and promote freedom to other countries, but, here, they are under socialism/communism for the longest time, and refuse to see. They will be so sorry, soon, for turning their backs to their rights and allowing the government to think for themselves. By the time they realize how much they are been deceived, their sorrow will be unrepairable.
    Earth is flat, the luminaries above rotate around the earth. No one ever landed on the moon, for the Moon is a thin disc, making it impossible to land on it., We are inside a dome and no one can get out. The word NASA translated into Hebrew = to deceive. The sun and moon, rotate around the earth parallel to each other. The earth rises and falls according to the number of ice that melts or freezes. Nasa was created to bankrupt other governments, thinking they have to do the same as the US, when it comes to space exploration, until the smart countries removed themselves from search imbecility, after finding out that no one can get out of the dome. THE USA (AMERICA) AND ITS GOVERNMENT ARE THE BIGGEST DECEIVERS LINED UP IN THE BIBLE. Sooner than later, it will all be revealed, and bring to the surface, exactly how it is stated in the Bible.


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    https://tinyurl.com/bbzkh6e7 ;


  4. KeepTheFire says:

    Thank goodness you people have been relegated to the murky depths of psychotic Christian websites.

    There is no compelling evidence for anything supernatural. The Apollo program proved that there is no firmament. And the Earth can be demonstrated to be spherical, right here on the ground. Didn’t you watch the flat-earthers getting totally owned in the Netflix special called “Behind the Curve”? Even the title basically called you morons.


  5. There is no compelling evidence for anything supernatural
    there’s plenty;
    maybe all y’all could start with Prof. Stephen Meyer’s latest book….
    “The Return of the God Hypothesis”
    The Apollo program proved that there is no firmament
    the ‘Apollo program’ was, pretty much, debunked back in the 1980s;
    its no longer even ‘a talking point’ with flat Earther’s ;
    And the Earth can be demonstrated to be spherical, right here on the ground
    the only way it can be 100‰ demonstrated is through (very) hi-alt’ flight;
    and: since the whole ‘space programme’ has now, pretty much, been debunked…..
    all y’all be, like, sᴛᴜғғᴇᴅ 👎
    “Behind the Curve”
    most of which, of course, ended up on the ‘cutting-room’ floor….. 🎬
    so: so ‘much’ for 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭
    ☞ keep up-to-date with the Flat Earth Debate


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