The Earth’s Rhythmical Breathing

The Earth’s Rhythmical Breathing

A surprising scientific discovery

(Flat earth believers know that the the moon does not cause tides. Though this article attributed the tides to the moon, it did reveal something that is not told today – namely, that the earth ‘rises and falls.’ This supports what we are told in the Bible that the earth came out of the water. I find this article interesting reading and hope you do, too.

Spelling is as is in the original article.)

The following paragraph was cut from The Leicester Daily Post, Aug. 25th, and sent us by a correspondent who asks: “Does not this support the view that the earth is a plane floating on the mighty ocean?” The paragraph was headed as above reads:

We all know that there are oceans tides, spring and neap, and they are due to the positions of the sun and moon relatively to the earth. “The full of the moon” strikingly affoots the sea. It did not occur to us to think whether it also affected the atmosphere and the earth itself. All that was notice about it, apart from its marine influence, was that the persons of unstrung nerves underwent crises at the full of the moon. Then so-called scientific men laughed at this belief, as being in the nature of old wives’ fables. But being founded on observation it was nothing of the sort. M. Bouquet de la Graye, an eminent hydrographical engineer, has, after long years of patient study, calculated the atmospheric expansions and depressions which coincide with the spring and neap tides. There have been cases in which air was moved in waves of 133 years high, and in places where the barometrical pressure was seven-tenths of an inch, of six and a half miles. Near the upper surface of the earth’s atmosphere condensations and dilatations of this magnitude are frequent. The human nervous system may be said to register these air waves. We are only aware they do so by the discomfort which we feel. The earth also registers them, and to its very centre. The incandescent and fluid matter under the earth’s crust acts in concert with the air and sea at the full of the moon. In 1890 a German scientist, Dr. Rebeur Pachwitz, thought he notice at Wilhelm-shaven and Potsdam earth oscillations corresponding with the course of the moon. He wrote to the Observatory of Teneriffe asking for observations to be made there in December, 1890, and April 1891, which would be propitious times for them. From these observations, and others simultaneously made in the sandy plains round Berlin, it was established that the earth rises and falls like the ocean and the atmosphere. The movements, common to them all, may be likened to that of the chest in breathing. – Paris correspondent, “Weekly Despatch.”

To the above question we reply, Yes! Certainly. Parallax, in his excellent work, entitled Earth Not A Globe, shows that the tides are caused by rhythmical rising and falling of the earth as it rests upon the sea, and not by any alterations in the absolute height of water. This explanation was so simple that the scientists scoffed at it; but now after an acknowledged “scientist” has discovered what was already known to Zetetics it is called “A surprising Scientific Discovery.”

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