How To Find Other Topics That We Are Being Lied To

How To Find Other Topics That We Are Being Lied To

New Feature For WordPress

I just found out of a new feature for WordPress and that is, I can add audio free of charge. So, in the future, from time-to-time, there will be audio of the article. Many people prefer to listening to audio, so now you’ll have a choice of reading or listening to it – provided I made an audio file. However, this does not work for PDF that I post – just for type written articles. With that in mind, let’s begin…

This audio service is provided by Spotify. They make a podcast channel out of it and distribute it to other social media sites. I don’t know how long they will make this free but in the meantime, it’s a good way to get the truth out about the flat earth.

So, on with the podcast…

We all know how the media, government and educational institutions lie concerning the flat earth. And, I presume that many of you know of other lies these same institutions say on other topics. With that in mind, I hope that you know of the out-right lies they have been making about coronavirus, vaccines and the need to keep our distance, etc.

Although this is a flat earth and Christian ministry site, I do feel that it is my duty to warn you about the lies said about coronavirus. I don’t want to cover too much here, but just to provide you links to other sites. The reason is, that when you are using an establishment social media site, you can get banned. As you know, this has happened to thousands of others who had a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube site. They were banned not only talking about coronavirus but on other topics, too. If this blog was hosted on some paid hosting site that ALSO supported free speech, that would be another story.

When you have a “justice system” like you do in the US, where they will not listen to the claims of voting fraud, you know we are doomed. Think about it, the purpose of the courts is to see the evidence and it’s for the jury to decide a case. The jurists are the real judges; the judge is really, in law, just a referee where he sees to an orderly process. It’s the People who judge if a person is innocent or guilty – not one guy sitting on the bench, not a panel of judges. So, what hope do we have with such a corrupt court system? None!

It’s also the jury that is to judge the law not just the person or company. A jury can find the person did such-and-such but that he is not guilty because the jury also judge that the law is wrong. But it’s been 200 years since we had jurists like this in America.

Assuming you don’t know the truth about vaccines and coronavirus, as an example, I would suggest the following sites. (By the way, the links are written as they are, so as the computer voice can read it, if you should chose to listen to this.)

Some sites I recommend are:

mercola dot com

natural news dot com

blog dot no more fake news dot com

For the videos, check out:

bitchute dot com

brighteon dot com

Then, do a search on these sites with your chosen keyword or keywords.

For a better search engine than google check out:

duck duck go dot com

Then, there are a host of alternative social media sites such as:

gab dot com

usa dot life

minds dot com

In short, anything that the government and media says, that is consider politically correct, just the opposite is true. An example of politically correct statement would be, “diversity is our strength,” check to see if that is true. See if there are other websites or videos that attack that claim, and you make the decision.

This also goes for most of what happened in history. Anything that you hear the media repeat, like a mantra, you can be sure it’s a lie. With this in mind, it will give you other avenues of research to see what is the truth. When you listen to the other side, you are better able to judge. If you can’t find a voice from the other side, you can bet that is the truth. When you find that Google comes up with nothing or what they do come up with is an attack on those who believe it, you can be sure (no guarantee) that they want to suppress the information. As an example, type in “cancer cure” and IF you find anything that relates to it in Google, it would be a verbal attack on believers of a cancer cure.

With that in mind, I’ll sign off. Take care and God bless.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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