Fake Asteroid Landing

Fake Asteroid Landing

NASA did it again – another fake landing, this time on an asteroid. Reading the article (see link) and seeing the videos is quite obvious.

Here are my critique on the videos:

In the first one, notice how nice and clean the extension arm is. The bottom looks like they got an air filter from a car.

What landing module took the picture? In a later video, it was taken from further away. So, were there two or just a zoom in?

Video two: The arm that touch the asteroid, looks different from the photo in the beginning of the article as you can’t see the car filter. What happened to that? You see dust but you don’t see fire from the rocket engines.

Video three: Notice how fast the asteroid is turning. How do you land on that?!

Video four: Notice what looks like large solar panels. How do you get aerodynamics from that?

Video five: Notice yet another video angle. What NASA did tell us is that other landing crafts had to of landed there first. It seems like no one thinks of these questions.

Video six: This is a video of a room full of people, desks and computers. How does the computer get signals from 200 million miles in space? What could all the things they could be monitoring? What’s really funny – and fake – is the purple and pink flashing lights that you see reflect off the back side of the monitors. Is to make it like Star Trek on a low budget? LOL! Anyone that believes this nonsense also believes in coronavirus!

Finally, another stupid claim that NASA made is that the rock samples came from the creation of the universe billions of years ago. Even if they believed in the evolution of the universe, how do you know it’s from the oldest part? They haven’t been throughout the whole universe; and what indications that tells them it’s the oldest rocks.

Article title:
NASA’s incredible kiss and back space mission

Click here for the article



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