Paul Harvey and Freedom

Paul Harvey On Freedom

It’s true today as it was back in 1965.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to Paul Harvey and Freedom

  1. KeepTheFire says:

    What a shameful video. This is a secular nation, with a godless Constitution. Yet we are free to worship (or not) according to our own conscience. That is the only way to guarantee freedom of religion

    Donald Trump never expressed any kind of Religious sentiment until his handlers convinced him that the ignorant, stupid, credulous Evangelical vote was ripe for the taking. And you morons bought it.

    President Trump doesn’t care about evangelicals, or their precious Christ. This is nothing more than a transaction. A Quid-pro-quo. ‘Get me into power, and I’ll do your bidding’.

    The video props Trump up as some pious savior figure. Shame on anyone who suspends disbelief long enough to accept that ridiculous assertion.
    President Trump is an immoral piece of trash.


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