The Globe Earth and Coronavirus: What Do They Have In Common?

The Globe Earth and Coronavirus: What Do They Have In Common?

There is something in common with the globe Earth belief and the Coronavirus. The first thing, of course is, that they are both fake! But looking a little deeper, we see the idiocy of this so-called “pandemic.”

Assuming you believe what you are told by the media about the Coronavirus, they include:

  • the virus is contagious
  • it’s much smaller than a molecule
  • it travels by air

When I was in the local food store I noticed that they have plexiglass in front of the cashier with a big square space where you hand them your food to ring up. This glass shield is suppose to protect them, right?

How is this possible for the employees when air can go through the square opening and over the top (where it’s also opened) and protect the employees?

Oh, OK I get it – it’s GRAVITY! If you are a globe Earth believer, gravity can separate two different kinds of atmospheres, just like the vacuum of space and our atmosphere! Yea, sure.

Now, there is another similarity with heliocentric belief and the Coronavirus. In this same shop, along with 10’s thousands across the world, the employees have to stock the shelves and pass customers while doing so. But somehow they are protected from the air that surround you and their protective air.

Oh, I get it, we are like individual planets where we each have our own atmosphere but somehow we are protected from one atmosphere mixing with the other! And this is done by the great magical power of what is called gravity. This gravity creates a barrier so strong that it prevents air molecules, which includes the virus, from mixing with another atmosphere. Yet, it’s so weak that you can pass your hand from the air surrounding you to the air surrounding the ‘infected’ person and not feel a thing – amazing. BULL!

Believing in the heliocentric universe is just as stupid as believing in this contagious COVID-19 – they are both lies.

Look at the face mask with plastic cover that millions of people are buying – the one pictured here. You have a mask that has a plastic cover, yet underneath you have open space. So, you mean to say that a virus that is riding an air molecule can not go under the mask and you not breath it in? Hardly.

While on the subject, take a look at the ordinary face mask that millions are wearing. You can breath through it with no problem, right? That means that air is getting through, obviously. Well, if air is getting through from the outside, what makes you think that those “little nasty viruses” can’t get through, too? And if this was really deadly, as we are told, we would all be dead or, at least, 10’s of millions more people with the rest having to suffer through it. But the fact is, that is not the case.

Maybe some good can come of this. When people starting thinking for a change, rather than accepting everything they are told by the media, they will think on the above. And when they do, they might ALSO think about so-called “outer space” and know that this is impossible. Then, they will start thinking about the flat Earth; then start believing in the God of the Bible.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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