If Coronavirus is hoax how can the world be in on it?

If Coronavirus is hoax how can the world be in on it?

Many people who don’t believe there is a cover up of the coronavirus would say, “Why is it a hoax?” They would also ask, “How do you get 100 plus nations in such a cover up and see their economy crash?” Good questions, so let me answer.

How can so many nations believe it’s a hoax? The critics, and that includes people like Mike Adams would say, “It’s impossible!”

First, it’s not impossible to have 100 nations to go along with a lie. Here are some examples:

  • the belief that the debt expansion/usury based system is the best in the world
  • the belief in evolution
  • the heliocentric model of the universe
  • that democracy is the best form of government

I could give more examples, but it would really ‘rattle some people’s cages.’ But as knowledgeable Christians we know for a fact that evolution is a hoax, yet millions of people believe it. Even if there is a sizeable number of their population doesn’t believe it, their media, educational system and government say that we came from apes, that the universe is 13 billion years old, etc. They are all in on the hoax of evolution. How? First, it took a long time and a lot of money in the right places to make it ‘official’ in these countries. Once people are heads of government department or business departments you have to obey your boss or you’ll lose your job.

Take the debt based usury system we have around the world today. If you studied this system, you’ll see it’s a way for the very rich can make money out of thin air and rob from the millions of workers. If you read, for example, “The Federal Reserve Hoax” by Eustace Mullins, you’ll get a good understanding. This debt based system creates boom and busts, and puts millions of people in poverty. Yet we have it. One reason why we have it is told in the book “I Was an Economic Hit Man,” by John Perkins. He worked for The World Bank and got heads of states to borrow money that they knew couldn’t be paid back (the presidents of countries knew this, too). But why did they borrow the money? First, there is greed; there was millions of dollars in it for certain people in high places. If they refused, they were given a warning. If they still refused, the consequences were:

  • internal revolution
  • wars
  • assassination
  • threat on their family

So, most of them sign on the dotted line which allowed the international banks to take over because the country had to pledge their resources as collateral. Now, this ruins their economies, eventually. You can read this in the above book.

About 99% of the critics of the Coronavirus hoax are mainstream media. But there is a small percentage of alternative media or those who call themselves Patriotic, fall in line with the media – but there numbers are getting smaller with each passing month. Why they believe the mainline media when they don’t on all the other issues, I don’t know!

Again, the main argument by critics are, “Why would they allow their economy to crash if it was a hoax?” For the same reason that, for example, many South American countries like Argentina is still tied up to the world banking system when they went through inflation, recession and depression in the past – that is why? They either play the game or something happens to them. But now, only if you are an Insider do you rise to the top. So, there is not really all that “arm-twisting” that is needed as in the past. Oh, there are the few, but they are the ones that the US and UK goes to war against – usually using some human rights abuse as an excuse.

So, with the Edomites, as I call them, in positions of power all over the world and heads of different government departments, they are all of the same mindset; they belong to the same inner circles, so they know what is going to pan out next. That is why they have meeting such as in Devos, Switerland each year; why they have other inner circle meetings, too. They admit that they decide what direction the world is going in but they don’t tell you the full truth.

Now, it’s necessary that you know how Communism started. For history scholars, they know that Communism in the Soviet Union was financed by Kuhn Lobe and Co. in NYC, by M.M. Warburg in Germany, by Rothschild banking in London. In China, Mao got money from the Rockefeller and Rothschild. There is a picture of the rich bankers with Mao – it’s no secret. It’s just that most people are ignorant of it.

When you study more, you’ll see that the Capitalist support Communism. It’s just that Communism is a extreme form of Capitalism – trying to squeeze every dollar from the workman. Now, we know that Capitalism controls the wealth of the world – that’s agreed by the Left and the Right. So, let me continue.

Now, the driving force of Capitalism are the super rich – not the small and medium size business, not the family run cafe or restaurant down the street. So, these evil people want to put all the small businesses out of business. To outlaw it, would cause a problem for them; there might be a civil war. So they thought of a “pandemic” where people have to be locked up in their homes because of some virus. This, the people will accept – as seen today. But also “non-essential” businesses have to close, too. Now, this is creating great financial harm to the businesses.

Many small businesses only had a small reserve. Those who have more will be open again when the lock down is over but it will only be a matter of a couple of months before they, too, close. Why? Because the people that do go back to work will have to pay off their debt and will only be buying the absolute essentials. Then, there will be millions that have no job to go back to – they will be receiving unemployment which leaves no extra money at all. They will even be short on the essentials.

How does this help the super rich? There be less competition. The businesses that they do want to remain open, they will be able to buy their stocks for 10—20% on the dollar. For example, a cruise line that is owned by competitor that is in the inner circle will be able to buy him out or at least control the company for as little as 10% on the dollar. (This is what happened in the Great Depression of the 1930s.) And that is why a depression has to be created now. This will soon be called the Greatest Depression, for it exceeds the one in the 1930’s.

The Elite know that the longer the lock down is, the poorer the people will be and the more bankruptcies, which means less competition.

By creating a “virus” that is “contagious,” and saying the solution to this is a lock down, allows the super rich to crash the economy, thereby getting more control of small businesses or putting them out of business altogether. Look at what Walmart did to thousands of small businesses across America and other countries.

Now, this is only one agenda the super rich have plans for us. Another one is, depopulation.

The UN has as part of their plan, and it’s no secret, has what is called “Agenda 21.” Look it up and read what it says. This calls for a reduction of the world population down to, as low as 500 million people! How are they doing to do this? With COVID-19, in part, anyway. In other words, there are “too many useless eaters” as they call us. Look at who is dying mostly? The elderly. Look at the FEMA camps that have gone up. Look at the morgues and crematoriums that they said they are going to build or have built. The cover story will be Coronavirus; they died of Coronavirus and who are we to say anything different when they die is some place that will be a quarantine centre.

Another way to kill people will be by vaccinations. Bill and Melinda Gates and others stand to make billions of dollars from this. People will have to be vaccinated and if they are not, in time, they will be arrest and vaccinated anyway. This will allow the Gates and certain pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars before the people die, which meets the goal of Agenda 21.

Finally, the people will be totally controlled as they are in China. No dissension will be allowed; every movement will be monitored; your whole history will be recorded. And, the western world will have what China has now, Social Credit. This is a system where you have to have so many points in order to be allowed to travel and have other pleasures. If you buy too much alcohol for example, it will be recorded that you did and you’ll lose points. It matters not that you are having a party and you need to buy this. If you think that I’m stretching this, you are wrong, this is what some people in China was accused of and had some of their Social Credit points taken away.

In short, we would be just like China. So, was it worth it for China to suffer financially? They seem to think so. After all, the goal of Communism is world control. China went into this Coronavirus thing with a huge amount of reserves. They are now open for business and people are back at work.

The future for Europe, North America and the rest of the world will be a lot different after this so-called deadly virus. But it won’t last long as this is prophetised in the book of Revelation and Christ will come not with peace but with a sword. And those who believe in Him will reign with Him on Earth.

In conclusion, is a world-wide hoax possible? Yes it is. All you Mike Adam followers better believe it. It has happened with many other hoaxes and with this Coronavirus – the most important one for the Edomites – is happening now. It’s the most important one, as all the other lies they told the world leads up to this one where they take total control. But keep in mind, it’s only for a short time.

Praise Christ the King!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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