Coronavirus and So-call Contagious Diseases

Coronavirus and So-call Contagious Diseases

Here is my take on 5G and what I learned recently, including what Icke said. There was a video I saw on bitchute hosted by the Corbitt Report. This guy interviewed some guy who has a website at: He has info as well as metres that you can buy.

Now, I certainly don’t believe in what David Icke said in the past about the “reptilians” and his ‘New Age’ type solution to everything. But when he talks about current events, I agree in the most part.

The video is at: It’s well worth listening to. Now, there are some problems. I have heard over the past year or two that the range is very short (200 metres) for the 5G, which I believe. That is why they have to put them very close for it to work. But I’ve also heard that the Elon Musk will be putting 20,000 satellites up to beam this down. Two problems with that: 1 – there is no such thing as satellites, 2 – that 5G can not travel far. Now, back to Jerry Day in the video, he said that because of the technology they will not be able to deploy it (and he lists the technical reasons why). Yet, on the other hand, we are told that this is being deployed. So, which is it?

My thought is, and it’s my thought, that they will put up these mini transmitters up anyhow (as they are already up in many places). Now, although they will not be able to do the job that they tell us it will do, it will still fulfil THEIR PLANS. And that is to fry is, to be blunt about it. So, there will be more of these small devices that will be close to our homes. Now, we are also told that they have no penetration power. IF that is the case, then any wall or window will block it. But smart metres and 4G DOES have the power to penetrate. So, 5G will still be rolled out and it will be used to make us sick AND kill us (more about that later). As long as they can pump out the power, that is all that they care about.

Everything Needs a Cover Story

Everything needs a cover story to make people accept it. In the case of 5G, it’ll be: so you can download films faster, so your gadgets can communicate to other gadgets and make it easier for you. Otherwise, people would just be happy with 4G. But that is the excuse they are using. By the way, I never saw any demonstrations of kids saying they want to download Netflex faster!

So, what is the cover story for people getting sick and dying? Coronavirus of course. And because it’s a ‘virus’ it can’t be stopped, we can’t help it, etc.

Now, Icke came to the conclusion that I came to way before I saw his video. That they will selectively turn on 5G at certain locations and times and kill so many off. They can aim this at nursing homes for example. And blame this on the coronavirus – perfect cover! The government is putting on a big show of trying to fight this, such as lockdowns. But if a EMF tower is doing it, people would want it down.

Now, this thing about a virus is spreading is a good cover to explain it being contagious. More about that later.

After seeing Icke, I thought what was the thing that would be most irritating to the that he said? Is it simply the connection of 5g to to CV or more? Then, I heard a part that sound like it. David said that the number are not high of deaths, yet, they are having all these mortuaries and crematoriums ready to go, but there are no dead bodies. Is this just stage props, which they could be. Or, is this when there will be massive deaths? I think it’s when they are able to kill people with 5G.

Even without CV, the towers are killing us and so are the smart metres. But using a virus, is a good cover. That is why an excuse had to be created. And viruses are contagious, as we are TOLD.

About Viruses and Colds

Colds and all variations of it, is the result of mucus accumulation. When we have to much it creates bacteria to clean it up. Cell excretions and parts of dead cells is what doctors call viruses. The only thing alive are cells and the bacteria. So, if you eat too much white flour, meat, junk food, etc. it create mucus. Bronchitis is a more intense form of a cold, and pneumonia, is the most extreme. In short, when you pollute your body – with whatever – you can not pass your pollution on to another person; it’s NOT congenerous, but you can see how ‘medical people’ can make it look contagious. In short, colds, including coronavirus, is not contagious. The only thing that is contagious are people’s habits. If you have a habit of eating the same foods as your parents, which most people do, you are going to, most likely, ‘catch’ what they have. It’s habits are really contagious. But with what the govt., medical industry and media have you told is CV is contagious.

In the case of coronavirus, people are not dying of the same thing, they are not dying of the same eating habits, they are dying from, IN PART, by being exposed to EMF. When I say, in part, there are people who have pre-existing health conditions that don’t have CV, (which is a strain of the common cold). One person I communicate with who lives in Northern Ireland said his cousin works in the NHS and they are classifying most everyone with coronavirus. Again, it makes it look like this is contagious – it is not.

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