Is The Corona Virus a Cover Up?

Is The Corona Virus a Cover Up?

I have a theory about this Corona Virus, it’s only a theory but one that makes sense. Let’s take a look at the facts first:

  • There is a virus going around that, is centred in Wohun, China
  • There is an outbreak in Italy now
  • There was an outbreak on the Diamond Princess Cruise Line in Japan

Now, hold this thought and let’s examine some other things. The UN has what is known as Agenda 21, where they admit that they want to reduce the world’s population. You have the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who is funding vaccine research. We all know how the Elite is saying that there are too many people in the world and the population needs to be reduced. There is also the Georgia Guide Stone (in the US) where it states that the world’s population needs to be reduced by several billion. (Yes, I know this is just a monument but it’s there anyway.)

Now, the problem is for all the Edomites who want to do this, is to find a way to reduce the population without it being obvious; without the people waking up and going after the people responsible.

They have thought of:

biological weapons

Wars: There is the problem of who to fight and the populations involved would be too small to reduce the population down to 500 million or 1 billion. So, this is not a good option.

Famine: This doesn’t seem to work. It might work on some African nations but other nations have enough good soil and climate to grow their own food. This is too slow and it won’t reduce the numbers enough.

Biological weapons: While there are biological weapons and they have been unleashed in the past, such as the Swine Flu, the SAAR Flu, the Bird Flu, they don’t seem to be working. There seems to to be a limit to what it can do, as recent history has shown.

So, I’m sure the antichrists have been thinking what they can do to kill their most hated enemy, the Christians, along with the rest of the population. Hold this thought.

Enter 5-G

We know that the world’s leading nations are pushing 5-G. We are told that this will speed your internet connection, make video gaming smother, and thus get the support of the people. Now, do you really think that the communication’s industry is going to all the expense for computer geeks?; for people who are glued to their mobile phones? I don’t think so.

We also know that 5-G is a militarised weapon, the military has admitted it. We also know that such frequency causes cancer and other health issues that are fatal.

If you go to the this video, you’ll find out that 5-G effects oxygen molecules, and this effects our breathing and ability to absorb oxygen into our blood. Check out this link to see the video.

There have been a report, one of many, where parents are taking a school districts to court for having a 5-G tower right on school grounds. The reason being is, that about 5 children have come down with cancer.

With 5-G, people are waking up. And if they are not waking up, when they see several people coming down with cancer within a short time a 5-G tower went up in their neighbourhood, they get mad, they want the local government to get it out of their neighbourhood. So, using 5-G towers are not a good way of murdering billions of people.

Now, if you watch the above video, cancer is not the only thing that 5-G can do. It affects the absorption of oxygen. What does this cause? Upper repository problems, shortness of breath, a dry cough, fatigue and sudden death. In other words, the same symptoms as those with the Corona Virus. We are told that people who have this virus have pneumonia. Well, pneumonia shows fluid in the lungs; there is fluid coughed up. But with Corona Virus it’s dry; their lungs are dry. Therefore, it’s not pneumonia.

So, when you hear about people dying of cancer from 5-G (from the alternative media), you don’t hear about people dying from upper repository disease. After all, this is pretty well accepted as common. Last year approximately 57,000 died of the common flu in the US alone. So, we are at the mercy of what the coroner’s office say, of what a person died of. If that person already has heart disease, it would most probably be put down on his death certificate that he died of heart complications. In short, deaths can be covered up from 5-G before this Corona Virus came on the scene.

Other Thoughts

We really don’t know how many 5-G towers have gone up. Those that have gone up, we don’t know the times that it’s on and when it’s switched off. Are you monitoring it? I’m not. So, this can be switched on and off whenever “the culling of the herd” needs to be done.

But my theory is, that these Satanists that are in financial power might have said: “What if we have a virus that could be used as a cover up for 5-G?” This would be the perfect crime!

The Corona Virus, if it has any ability of its own or not, really doesn’t matter, as 5-G will do the killing.

In the above video, there is mention that Wuhan city went all out for 5-G for the first time in December, 2019 – the first city in China to do so. That the Diamond Princess Cruise Line was  equipped to have super fast internet; that the cities in quarantine in Italy, had recently installed 5-G. But these places conveniently had people who were exposed from the Corona Virus.

The above should make you suspicious. Those who seem to be isolated from the towns and cities, those who were not exposed to any travellers from China could have the regular flu but the media tells us they have the Corona Virus. How are we to know the difference? But, by saying this, it throws a “curve ball” to make us think that there is no relation to the 5-G.

About people who have this Corona Virus that have not been in contact with others, it could be that they were told they have the virus, to make it look like it’s spreading. When, in reality they got too much exposure to 5-G.

Finally, there could be the misdiagnosed people, and people believe what the doctors and nurses tell them. In the meantime, 5-G is still being rolled out.

By having millions of people die in a country when we are TOLD that a deadly virus is going around, it would be a perfect cover up. If there was no “virus” going around people, would be looking for the cause. If there is no virus they would look at other factors, one, of which, would be the new microwave towers that went up, for example. People would rise up in arms. The police and soldiers would rise in arms as their families would be effected, too. The police would see their co-workers dying and will start to listen to the people; they will side with the people. Then, the police, soldiers and other policing agencies could use their weapons and use their data bases to go after the super rich; to go after the CEO’s of these companies and kill them. This is a possibility if 5-G was the only cause. But a virus,, what can the people do?

A virus, whether it be natural or man-made, the super rich feel safe. Even if people knew that it came from a biological warfare lab and that it got out, they know that there is nothing to do about it now but to fight this virus. In the meantime, millions of people are dying.

Again, my theory is, with 5-G being the device used to do the killing, it’s easy for the real world controllers to be told: don’t go to Chicago go the last three days of March, don’t go to the south side Los Angeles March 15, etc. So, they make plans accordingly.

In the meantime, there will be people who die of upper repository disease and told that it was the Corona virus. And when it’s safe to come back, the 5-G towers will be turned off. Certain super rich and their families will know that it’s safe, as it’s not some virus that they might catch but it’s the 5-G towers.

When people see that people are dying all around, they will be told it’s like the Black Plague, and there is nothing to do but pray and keep yourself quarantined. So, there will be no evil people to go after, no microwave towers to knock out with a high powered rifle; we just have to accept what is going around and pray.

Whether the people are informed or not, we are promised by Almighty God, that when the people repent, pray to God, THEN He will hear their prayers and heal their land.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people,” means Christians only, because we are called by his name. “Humble themselves” to learn and repent. “Seek my face” is to learn and implement God’s laws, statues and judgements. “Heal their land,” means God will correct what needs to be done. That means, the evil people will have to pay for what they did, as told the book of Revelation.

Prayer is the Christians’ weapon of war!

PS. I did a search on the 5 towns that recently got 5-G, of which one site said, “The 5G trial process starts today in Italy. It will affect 5 Italian cities: the metropolitan area of Milan, Prato, L’Aquila, Bari and Matera.”

Also another site called said this, “Telecom Italia (TIM) has already deployed pre-standard “5G” in Rome and Turin and recently added Naples. TIM will further extend 5G service to another six Italian cities, including Milan, Bologna, Verona, Florence, Matera, and Bari. That will also include 30 tourist destinations, 50 industrial districts, and 30 specific projects for big businesses, with speeds of up to 2G b/sec.”

Turin and Milan is in Northern Italy, and one of the towns that is quarantined is Collengno. As you can see by the map, this is an outskirts of Turin. This is no accident, as far as I’m concerned. Even if it’s not in this town, the fact is, that people travel after being exposed and then drop dead in some other town.

Another update: I just went to do a Google search on “Italian towns with 5-G”, then searched under maps, like I did before. Guess what? I come up with different countries and Italy. Strange!


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  1. I would wager to you that the “7 billion humans” number we are given is part of the globullism, and that it’s really at most 1 billion of us here. They want us to think that overpopulation is a real threat so they can keep spreading the climate change hoax.


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