Women Space Walk, Yea, sure!

Women Space Walk, Yea, sure!

19 October, 2019 The latest fake globe earth news if of the all-women space walk. Notice how they are gently floating, that is because they are – in water! You can not be attached to the space station when it’s supposedly going 17,000 mph. Ask any globe earth believers how is it possible to be outside of a vehicle that is going 17,000 mph and not be left behind? How are it the astro-nots able to keep up with the space station? Even if they were attached to the space station, they would be violently thrown back.

People who believe everything they read in the newspapers would say, “It’s because of gravity; it’s because they are in a vacuum,” giving magical qualities to everything that can’t be answered. Well, the fact is, that regardless of something being in a vacuum or not, there would still be the speed. The question is, “Are they flying at thousands of miles an hour or are they not?”

Wind, as you know, can be natural or it can be created by a moving object.

Now, there are those who say, “Maybe the space station stopped and that is why they are not left behind.” If that is the case, then where is the huge amount of fuel stored? Where is the huge tank to store the oxygen needed to burn it? And, why isn’t the fuel nozzle shown and the exhaust ever shown from the space station? If the craft is stationary when the space walk is done how can they speed up to 17,000 mph? If there is a “jet stream,” how can there be one in the “vacuum” of space?

The fact is, that NASA has told us many times over the past decades that the astronauts are taking their space walk while going around the earth at 17,000 mph (or whatever speed). So, what are they going to do, back track, or destroy any recordings that say this?

Back to reality…

If you were flying in plane going only 150 mph, and had your hand out the window, you’d have wind pushing your hand back at that speed. If you jumped out of the plane, you would be slowing down and the plane would leave you behind. Now, even if you are in a vacuum, you would still have wind, but it would not consist of the atmospheric gases that we have. If space is made of some kind of ether, that we are told many years ago, you would have this “ether” pushing your hand back.

Now, imagine going 17,000 mph our, your body would not be able to take it. If you were really in a space station going this fast, as soon as you opened the hatch – even before you went outside – you would be suck out so violently that you would die immediately. Keep in mind this is what happens if you are in a passenger plane going at the comparatively slow speed of 500 mph. In short, you would not be going at the same speed, floating around and be able to move your arms and legs against the direction you are being pushed.

One last thought, notice in a short scene the green ocean? How can we have blue in all the other pictures and green in this one. Did that mean algae spread world-wide in a short period of time then turn blue again?





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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Women Space Walk, Yea, sure!

  1. Leo Wong says:

    All those astro-nots like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and now these two female scuba divas are required to sign a non-disclosure confidential agreement by NASA. Should they ever want to violate that agreementrd by speaking to the press media, they or member(s) of their immediate families will be murdered.

    As for rockets, the Shuttle and the ISS flying in vacuum (no air particles), their Freemason Sir Issac Newton’s action reaction law cannot work in a vacuum. How would the spacecraft’s thrusters propel the craft forward if the vacuum environment is devoid of molecules?


  2. doctorlambda says:

    Why would this be so special anyway? If women are equal to men then this would not be anything special since men already supposedly did it. Only if women are inferior to men would it be a special achievement to have the first space walk with a fully female crew. Otherwise would be as special as having the first spacewalk with only left-handed people or the first spacewalk where the whole crew has blue as their favourite colour.

    Feminists make no sense.

    Either way it’s fake anyway so I’m over-analyzing it.


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