5-G Radiation from Space? Yea, right!

5-G Radiation from Space? Yea, right!

According to the wakingtimes.com alternative news site there will be satellites that will beam down 5-G radiation; that they will ‘carpet bomb’ the earth. Space X will launch close to 12,000 satellites, we are told. We are warned that there will be no ‘where to hide.’

The article goes on to say about the frequencies are very short, which causes more danger to all of life. It goes on to say that because of the very short wavelength, it will not be able to penetrate walls.

It’s true that 5-G is much more dangerous and that they can’t penetrate walls. From previous research that I’ve done, 5-G towers will have to be place about every 100 hundred of meters.

The article goes on to say: But, there’s a problem: Those tiny wavelengths aren’t strong enough to get through walls, trees and other solid objects. The solution: Multiple small phone masts, placed very close together (around 100 metres apart), and operating at much higher currencies than existing phone masts.

Since these towers have to be approximately 100 meters apart, hasn’t this researcher realised, ‘How in the hell can 5-G satellites work from space?’ I wish that more Truth Seekers stop and think. First, we know that there is no space as we are told from astronomers, so anything that is traveling across the earth is not thousands of miles up, but they will still have to be about 50,000 feet or more up so they will be out of commercial flight paths. Well, that is 6-10 miles above earth! So, how in the heck can they reach us when they are much, much further away to be effective?

The article also touches on that we get signals from satellites so we can enjoy our mobile phones anywhere on earth. Another proof that there are no satellites, as we know them, is IF there were, why don’t we get signals when we are in a rural valley?

Many times we experience or read of someone who has experienced not getting a signal where they live or a very poor one; not once in a while but all the time! Well, if satellites were up their floating around beaming 3-G frequencies now, we should not have problems like this, or only rarely. And we would have no need to ground towers. Why put up ground towers when ‘satellites’ can do this and blanket a much larger area?

This is just another proof that we flat earth believers say is true.

5-G technology should never be used as it only has military uses: killing people. And that we should live as far as possible away from these towers. Now, this article from wakingtimes.com says, ‘There is no place to hide…’ is false. IF you fall into the para-dime that we are being beamed from satellites, it would be true. But since we are not, and that towers have to be put on the ground, means that you can reduce your chance of being exposed. How? Move to a very rural area or move to another country.

It takes money to buy these micro-wave towers and the poor countries can’t afford them or can’t afford as many of them. They might have them in their largest cities but not in the smaller towns. So, there is a place to ‘hide’! Or at least a place where your exposure to 5-G radiation would be less. In the meantime, if the people who are exposed the most, such as those living in cities in the US, will start dying en mass, tell me, who will be putting the towers up? There would be too many people home sick and dying.

We just have to pray that people will wake up and stop this madness before it destroys us all.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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