Questions and Answers About The Flat Earth, 1

Questions and Answers About The Flat Earth, 1

  I hope to write more articles in the future on Q&A about the flat earth. For new people to the flat earth, they would have their most pressing questions answered. For those who are already flat earthers, it will be a reference when you are asked such questions. Of course, there will be those who will never believe but that is their choice; don’t worry and just move on.


How can the government keep a secret of the flat earth if it was true?


There are many ways for the government to do it. Briefly stated, in all police and intelligence agencies they use compartmentalisation. This means, if you work for the FBI, for example, you will be told “on a need to know bases.”

Also, many people, including private industry those who work in the military, have to sign a “oath of secrecy.” If you violate it, you can face a military tribunal and put in prison. If you work for a company you can lose your job.


How is it possible for thousands of people to keep a secret?


Secrets have been kept by thousands of people. Look at the Manhattan Project, there were something like 26,000 people working on it. However, keep in mind, that though there are thousands of people in all the agencies, very, very few are actually told about the flat earth.


How does NASA keep a secret if the flat earth is true?


Again, it’s on “a need to know” bases, so most of the people working there do not even know that they are part of a cover up. Think about it, you have many technicians working on rockets. They are not told that this will never to go Mars. All they do is work on their job at hand. You have sub-contractors that do the same. When you see rows of people sitting at a computer screen, they sit in front of some program that they are “told” its monitoring the temperature of Mars, for example. While all it’s doing is some software running in the background producing numbers for them. They are ignorant of what they are doing.

When confronted by a flat earther, NASA employees say, in their smug way, “You are crazy. I work for NASA and we send satellites to various planets. I should know!” When, in reality they don’t know, they just assume they are told the truth by their superiors.


What about those photos and videos of the Earth? We see that Earth is round and spinning.


The photos that you see are actually computer generated pictures (CGI). The videos are done with special effects, too. Don’t believe me, but look at some “pictures” the next time; look at what NASA and astronomical departments of universities have on their websites, and you’ll notice some strange things that are not possible in real life. For a short response, here are just a couple of examples:

You might find one photo from a NASA website that has North America very large and not enough room for Central and South America.

You might find a “video” where the clouds do not change, though hours have went by. Looking a little closer you may find several other clouds that are the same shape and size in other parts of the Earth (a copy-and-paste job).

All of this is not possible if they were real pictures of reality.


If you are saying that these pictures are made in Photoshop, wouldn’t that person know something is wrong?


Again, anyone that is doing it is just told to make some pictures of a globe Earth. They are NOT told, “We need some pictures of a globe Earth to cover up the fact that the Earth is really flat!” In fact, I would not be surprised that NASA now outsources this work; have an individual place the order and say, “I would like a pictures of the earth.” This way, making it look like it’s a private order from John Smith.

The person making the Photoshop picture probably already believes in a spinning ball Earth so this is not strange to him. In fact, you can go to sites like or and get anything you want do like this.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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