More On Heaven Above and Earth Beneath

More On Heaven Above and Earth Beneath

Commenting more on heaven above and earth beneath.

The southern constellations revolve around a so-called South Pole, so we know that water everywhere is level, and the earth therefore a plane. If the earth were a globe, according to popular belief, the surface of all canals, rivers and seas would be convex.

It is as inconsistent of the global believers to deny that water is level as it would be of me to deny their evidence about the southern stars. Both are evidently facts, and no fat should be contradicted. The fact that water is level is utterly inconsistent with the globular theory, but the motions of the heavenly bodies have, speaking generally, nothing to do with the shape of the surface of the earth. But you and I are both Christians, and we ought alike to respect the Word of God and the Ten Commandments which God spake on Mount Sinai. In the Second Commandment God said that “Heaven is above and the Earth is beneath. And the water under the Earth.”

Can you reconcile this with the whirling globe theory? Where is heaven on such a hypothesis? Shall we as Christians accept the teaching of God’s Word respecting his own Creation, or shall we accept the “hypothesis” of “science” falsely so-called?

If the statements of the Bible respecting the for and order of the universe are not reliable, how shall we credit it on other matters? If you try to shake the faith of flat earthers who are Christians in the inspired descriptions of God’s Universe, will you not as a Christian teacher incur a grave responsibility?

We flat earthers hold to the plane-earth doctrine because it throws so much light on Scripture statements, and strengthens our faith generally in God’s Word; but I have publicly debated the question here on the basis of “science” alone, and I have never yet met a man who could give me one irrefutable proof of the Earth’s global shape, or its supposed awful motions. We know that all infidels stand on the side of the astronomers, because modern theoretical astronomy subverts Bible teaching. Where, then, should all Christians be found? Let us stand together on the side of God’s Word. You in the south could help in the north; and we in the north may be able to help you in the south.

You say, “the Sun moves apparently from east to west.” why not believe the evidence of yoru senses, that is, that the sun does move? The Bible says the Sun moves; and the same good book says that the Earth is established so that “it cannot be moved.” Can you give me proof that the earth moves as astronomers affirm? I would like to see such proof.

One thing is certain, our teaching does not tend to subvert faith in the divine inspiration of the Bible.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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