Exposing Corpernican Deception, 4

Exposing Corpernican Deception, 4

Marshall Hall, Founder & Author
Bonnie Hall, President

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  The record of how the mathematical model of Copernicus succeeded in totally conquering the physical sciences over the past four and a half centuries–without the first fact to support it!– is truly a fascinating story of how modern man’s “knowledge” has been shaped by a False Science Idol. [See: Knowledge Impact, assumptions, Space-Science Hypnosis]

But it has been done, so that is not the subject here.

Likewise, the record of how the steady conquest of the physical sciences paved the way for the virtual conquest of the biological sciences by the still factless Darwinian model is, also, a fascinating story of the role these pagan mythologies have played in the formulation of all that is counted as “knowledge” today.

But that too is covered elsewhere, and is not the subject now.

Then, there is the indisputable proof that the Copernican and Darwinian Revolutions provided the basis for both the Marxian and Freudian Revolutions and the subsequent dominance of the “Social Sciences” and the “Behavioral Sciences” for mankind’s new “knowledge” base. [See: Knowledge Impact] Equally observable in the historical record is the absorption of the Arts and Religions by the steady march of this deceptively “scientific” juggernaut that has brought about a transvaluation of Christian values with its phony “scientific proof” that the universe, Earth, and mankind evolved over billions of years following the explosion of an infinitesimal “cosmic egg”.

But we know all that. We live with it daily. It’s rather comical when you think about it. But that is not the subject here either.

A final fact behind this astounding transmutation of knowledge and values is not; however, a matter of historical record that we can read about as it has unfolded over almost five centuries. That fact concerns the almost sudden coming out of the closet after centuries–even millennia!–of the evolutionary cosmology taught in the highly secretive and mystic religion of overtly anti-Christ Talmud/Zohar/Kabbala-based Phariseeism.

The bottom line on this particular phenomenon–as demonstrated in these seven essays –is that the change in the basis of all knowledge, i.e., the truth about the Origin of everything, is nothing more or less than a record of the gradual replacement of the Biblical account of the Origin of everything with the Kabbala’s account of the Origin of everything. This muffled but huge fact tells the world that this replacement of the foundation of all knowledge, i.e., the Truth about the Origin of everything, has been a religious movement all along…a premeditated, spiritually motivated, conspiratorial deception of the highest magnitude, one that has fooled the world by successfully cloaking itself in the academic robes of an allegedly Secular Theoretical Science Establishment.

Is it not surpassingly curious that the God of the Bible inspired the Apostle Paul over 1900 years ago to warn against precisely what has happened? Note:

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith…. (I Timothy 6:20,21)

But, even though this particular mega-Truth is just now seeping out on the Net, it too is virtually a done deal, and it is not the subject here.

Rather, the subject here accepts that all this mountain of deception is in place and in control, and then poses this title question regardless of all that, namely:

“What would be the effect of exposing Copernicanism as the Keystone holding up all evolutionary ‘science’?”

So that there will be something for both Bible-bashers and Bible-lovers alike to weigh in with the dozen top effects (just ahead) that will be listed by this exposure, I mention only that (speaking of the Devil’s pretence that his deception-based empire [Babylon] is too deeply rooted to ever be overturned), the verse that sums up both that pretence and God’s view of that doomed author of all confusion (I Cor.14:33) in the world today:

“…How much she [Babylon=confusion] hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow….” (Revelation 18:7)

Effect #1: As is appropriate, God’s “Judgment begins at the house of God”. Christian Churches exist solely to guard, uphold, and preach the Bible from the first page in Genesis to the last page in Revelation. There should be (and will be) one Christian Church because there is one true doctrine on every subject in the Bible. ALL of the churches in Christendom are trapped in satanic doctrinal deception to a greater or lesser degree. We know this is true because God plainly calls them out of Satan’s Kingdom of Babylon. “Come out of her [Babylon] MY PEOPLE”, He says (Rev. 18:4). The one false doctrine that ALL churches have accepted is the one that God knew before the foundation of the world (Acts 15:18) would–when exposed–set off a domino effect on all Satan-installed (I Tim. 4:1), anti-Bible doctrines.

Effect #2: The Theoretical Science Establishment will be revealed to be the chief tool utilized by the anti-Bible, anti-Christ Pharisaic Religion to make false-science modern man’s Idol. This modern day Idol rests upon and cannot stand without continued belief that the Earth rotates on an axis and orbits the sun. When belief in that contra-scientific myth is shattered (Rev. 17:14, etc.), Structure Pt 4 Babylon (Satan’s empire built on deception) will Fall. True science, i.e., observationally and experimentally confirmed science, will be venerated and embraced by all who love truth and the God of Truth, and vilified and hated by all who love lies and the g’d of lies (II Thess: 2:10 + Sola Scriptura 4. The technological feats of true science–all of them–present no problem to truth lovers. However, God is poised to put a supernatural can of whoop-ass on every lying use of technology that has been used to create a Kabbalic Universe [See: Virtual Reality Fraud, NASAs Hanky-Panky, Redshift Fraud, Size-Structure Pt 6] and advance the agenda of the doomed little g’d with no truth in him (John 8:44)…(which little g’d was fabricated by the Ultimate Technician to do just what he/it has done….

Effect #3: With the evolution-generating false science Idol smashed and its anti-Christ Pharisaic mentor revealed, people the world over will have a choice to make, viz.: a) They can align themselves with the newly seated, and quickly-revealed to-be Satan-empowered world government (Rev. 17:12,14; 18:2; etc.); or, b) They can align themselves with the God of the Bible and the Lamb of God Who–with His “called, chosen, and faithful” (Rev. 17:14) will expose Babylon’s roots and force this separation of the world’s peoples into those who love Truth and its God, and those who love lies and their g’d.

Effect #4: People from all religions and no religion will have the same choice, namely, align with the God of Truth or align with the g’d of lies. That’s it. The Bible makes it unmistakingly clear that the World Government will remain through the Seven Trumpet AND “little season” time frames after its satanic foundation is laid bare. Those who align themselves with it will openly blaspheme the God of Truth and openly worship Satan, the g’d of lies (Rev. 13:4-6). Equally clear is the Biblical fact that Christian Saints will not be raptured to escape the trouble ahead (Rev. 13:7, 10, 15-17; 14:9-11; 15:2; 20:4, etc.). (…a Big false doctrine domino that will fall: The Rapture: The Question is WHEN.)

Effect #5: Though not raptured out to escape the final scenes in and final acts of God’s End Time Drama, those who get on God’s side during Babylon’s Fall are spared the torment of the first five Trumpet Plagues, the first half of the Sixth Trumpet Plague, and all of the Seventh Trumpet Plagues.

Effect #6: God’s Truths will expose and destroy Satan’s goal of finishing off Bible Christianity with “hate crime” laws, [See: Hate Crime Laws] etc. They will unmask Babylon completely. Those Truths will also make known to all people how the Bible-certified “end time” will unfold through the Seven Trumpet and “little season” time frames. The unchangeable Biblical Calendar for the Rapture (I Thess. 4:13-18) and the General Resurrection (John 5:28,29; 10:16) and the meltdown (II Pet. 10-13) and disappearance of this earth (Is. 65:17; Rev. 20:11) are plainly marked as being on the last day of its history.

Effect #7: Along with these half dozen inevitable spiritual effects that will be triggered by the Fall of Babylon, another half-dozen examples of the effects of Babylon’s Fall on the world outside of Christendom are obvious and unavoidable. First of all, the whole aura of invincibility surrounding the false science Idol will be shattered worldwide. This alone will humiliate and negate all evolution-based premises in all subjects throughout all levels and facets of “knowledge” around the world. [See: Knowledge Impact] (Fact-based technology will still be available to be used by the Satan-worshiping global government in specific instances, e.g., Rev. 13:13-16.)

Effect #8: All beliefs involving extraterrestrial life forms are first and foremost beliefs in evolutionism. They evolved “out there”; we evolved here. So goes the myth. That’s the long and the short of it. Therefore, no matter whether the belief is expressed in the context of pseudo-Biblical interpretations “explaining” angel activities–or Ezekiel’s abstract visions …or quasi-scientific “explanations” about UFO’s…or just movie and TV stuff–the mostly unspoken but ever present and absolutely indispensable premise behind these beliefs is that these alleged “aliens” have evolved over eons of time. [See: Mars Missions 1, TSE Pt 1-Cosmic Ancestry, Icke et al, Kepler Telescope Lies, Space-Science Hypnosis] Babylon’s Fall removes those eons of time and thereby removes the hypothetical foundation upon which all evolutionism rests.

Effect #9: Once it is understood that “time”–the hero of the evolution plot- is revealed as the villain, not the hero, five other facts are quickly confirmed:

1) The battle for men’s minds over the foundational Origins question has not been between the Bible and dispassionate Secular Science–as the world has been led to believe–but, rather, it is a battle between two religions, namely: Biblical Christianity and Talmud/Kabbala Phariseeism;

2) Belief in Biblical Six-Day Creationism will be restored and the Kabbala’s “creationism” requiring 15 Billion Years of Evolutionism will join the ash heap of discarded hypotheses;

3) This dramatic restoration of Biblical credibility on the foundational Origins Question (caused by the exposure and total loss of credibility of the Kabbalist evolutionary model of Origins) will certify the credibility of the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation. Everyone everywhere will know that God’s Plan through Jesus as set forth in the Bible is the Truth and that the plan of the g’d behind the Kabbalic/Pharisaic lies is Satan and everyone will have to choose between the two.

4) The Copernican Model is the Keystone of Kabbalic Kosmology. The Keystone role of Copernicanism is as plain as it is indispensable; to wit: By removing the Earth from its Biblically immovable position at the center of the universe with the sun, moon, and stars going around daily and nightly (all observationally confirmed), the door was opened to a steady theoretical expansion of a universe to contain billions of galaxies and trillions of stars (all factless claims upheld by fraudulent use of technology. With this done, the 15 billion year old universe of 1st century Kabbalist HaKanna could be matched with the 15 billion light year radius of today’s Kabbalist Big Bang Kabbalic Paradigm of the cosmos. Speaking of this famous 150 million dollar TV series on “The Cosmos”, the late Kabbalist “exobiologist” Carl Sagan –clearly resting his whole Kabbalist Universe on a Copernican foundation–said: “Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of the universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.” (Howszat grab ya…from one of evolutionism’s most renowned salesmen?!);

5) As it is the Keystone, so also is Copernicanism the Achilles Heel of Kabbalist Kosmology. When the world learns that Copernicanism is merely a clever but totally factless mathematical model which is based entirely on observation-and-experiment-denying assumptions, its Biblical Role as the Achilles Heel of the ancient Pharisaic Plan for destroying the Bible’s credibility from A to Z–and thus finally getting rid of Jesus and Biblical Christianity–will be understood by everyone.

Effect #10: The Christian Churches will have been forced to these conclusions first, [See: House of God] and will have undergone a thorough purging of all false teachings. This stunning development will have a rapid and irresistible impact on all secular/ worldly beliefs. Because these false doctrines have made true Bible teachings confusing and unpalatable to many millions of people everywhere with honest hearts, a large percentage of these people have become not only atheists and agnostics, [See: Atheism] but also those who just put it all out of their minds and concentrate on their work and filling their lives with distractions and entertainments. These hundreds of millions are totally alienated from Christianity (Churchanity) in particular, and God in general, in large part because most of what they believe the Bible teaches is merely this or that doctrine which can categorically be shown not to be Biblical at all.

Effect #11: After spreading through the Christian Churches into the secular world, the Truths that bring Babylon down will also spell fini for all non-Christian religions. There is only one Truth about God, His Word, and His Plan.

The Fall of Babylon will reveal beyond all argument that the Bible alone tells who that God is, what His Word is, and what His Plan is. The exposure of the Copernican myth will lead inexorably to the collapse of the whole Kabbalist Kosmology now sustaining not only the terrestrial and extraterrestrial Evolutionism which now undergirds all of modern man’s “knowledge”, but also undergirds the Satan-empowered Pharisaic Religion of Talmud/Kabbala-based Judaism itself.

Hinduism (polytheistic…reincarnation), Buddhism (reincarnation… Nirvana), Taoism (pantheistic…nature worship) will be readily recognized as false religions when Babylon Falls…as will the even more formidable religion of Islam with its Koran. [See: Koran, Allah Moon God, Christianity-Islam] (Here are some links that will help Moslems and Jews in particular–and others as well–to understand that the New Testament of Jesus Christ plainly and repeatedly clears up the confusing and unintelligible doctrines which attempt to explain The Trinity Concept. [See: Trinity-condensed, Trinity-Clarification] Also, here is another Bible Truth that will help greatly in smoothing the transition for the honest- hearted from other religions when Babylon Falls.

Effect #12: In sum, it will be basically impossible for anyone anywhere to avoid knowing about the formation of a Global Government, its exposure, and God’s call for His people to separate themselves from the Satan-worshipping position which that unmasked Government will openly embrace (Rev. 18:2; 13:4-7).

The only weapon required by the Lamb of God and His “called, chosen, and faithful” to battle and overcome Babylon is Biblical Truth. That alone is what will be supernaturally imposed on the whole world to reveal the satanic edifice of deception that holds the worlds “knowledge” in its grip. The single-minded purpose of this “war”–this Truth Blitzkrieg–that was foreordained by God over 1900 years ago, is simple: It is to finalize in every mind the fact that what God has written cannot be changed… regardless of whether the whole world is persuaded otherwise or not.

One doctrine and one doctrine alone is perfectly suited to lodge this Truth of Bible infallibility in every heart and mind in a way that none can mistake, and in a way that will be celebrated with thankfulness and great joy by those in Heaven throughout eternity.

That long dormant, boldly twisted, and all-but-forgotten doctrine is the one that tells us repeatedly that in God’s Creation it is the sun that moves, not the Earth. [See: Sixty-seven References, Gram-Semant, Size-Structure Pt 7] Though it is true that every textbook in every school and library and university in the world repudiates and scoffs at that Biblical doctrine, as does every religion–including most poignantly all the churches of Christendom–the Biblical fact of a non-moving Earth remains. “…let God be true, but every man a liar!” (Rom. 3:4)

This restoration of the suppressed doctrinal truth of Geocentrism will begin with God’s supernaturally forced Judgment on the Christian Churches first. [See: House of God] All in those churches will realize that the initial capitulation by the churches to the factless claims about a rotating, orbiting earth was a totally unnecessary surrender. Even more importantly, they will realize that the ongoing capitulation to the Copernican Mythology is neither necessary for the Church … nor will it any longer be acceptable for God’s people who are called out of Babylon (Rev. 18:4).

The Christian Church has no other duty than to preach and teach precept upon precept, line upon line what the Word of God–the Infallible Bible alone– preaches and teaches. And, as noted, the Bible preaches and teaches that it is the sun and not the earth that moves; [See: Sixty-seven References, Gram-Semant] and true science confirms what the Bible teaches. [See: Size-Structure Pt 4, Assumptions, Size-Structure Pt 5, Size-Structure Pt 6] Those truths will become plain to all the world during the Fall of Babylon. Those who hate the truths forced upon them during that Fall will have only the Biblical options clearly set forth for them over 1900 years ago, i.e.: a) They can join in worshipping Satan and his lackey, “the Beast”, and blaspheming God for a while as part of their role in the unmasked Global Government (Rev.18:2; 13:4-7) […and end up missing the eternal blissful heaven which God has “prepared for those who love Him” (I Cor. 2:9)], or b) They can stay on God’s side to the end (Rev. 13:7; 14:9-11; 16:15 ), go to heaven, and avoid being “carcasses” “looked upon and abhorred” eternally (Is. 66:24) …along with their g’d Satan (Is. 14:16; Ezek.28:17; Rev. 22:14,15).

With both Scripture and Science confirming a non-moving Earth–and rejecting any twisting of the Word or fraudulent use of Virtual Reality Technology [See: Virtual Reality Fraud, NASAs Hanky-Panky, Redshift Fraud, Size-Structure Pt 6, Space-Science Hypnosis] by an assumption-based Theoretical Science Establishment–honest-hearted folk everywhere will be set free from the control of Satan’s lies…a mental prison that can only be opened by the Truth of God (John 8:31,32).

But there is yet that third Truth that is an integral part of the Copernican Domino effect that is stressed on pages 1 & 2 and here again because of its overriding importance. That Truth cuts all opposition to the non-moving Earth teaching in the Bible off at the knees. That Truth tells us again that the entire evolutionary concept about a “cosmic egg” exploding 15 billion years ago and “creating” the sun, moon, and stars, and you and me and the trees–a concept that is now textbook “scientific” fact!–is a religious creation scenario written in the mystic Kabbala of Judaism. [See: Kabbala 1] The nearly completed triumph of this secretive Christ-hating religion’s “creation scenario” over the Bible’s creation scenario has been attained by control of a Theoretical Science Establishment and all the academic “disciplines” and media required to bring it to its present level of success. So, in short, the interminable battle for control of men’s minds has not been a struggle between altruistic secular Science and Bible-thumping Neanderthals–as we’ve all been led to believe!–but, rather, that battle has been between the religion of Pharisaic Judaism based on the Talmud and Kabbala and the religion of Christianity based on the Bible.

The revelation of that fact alone should settle the matter for all who despise deception of any caliber, but especially this “Big Bertha” caliber deception which has succeeded in laying a false foundation about the Origin of all that exists and thereby has corrupted every single aspect of modern man’s “knowledge.

Only the Almighty God of the Bible could have written–in detail over 1900 years ago!–of a Global Government coming to power, a Government which, in “one hour” would be unmasked as being Satan-empowered and forced to become a refuge for all who hate the Truths forced on them during the Fall of Babylon (Rev. 18:2; 13:2-8).

Now that Government is at the doorstep. And only those blind to that reality–for whatever reason–can fail to see that fact staring all of us in the face.

Furthermore, only the Almighty God of the Bible could have written–in detail over 1900 years ago!–of the precise unfolding of the events that would quickly follow the Fall of Babylon, namely: a) The global separation of those who join with the exposed Government in blaspheming God and worshipping Satan and his human surrogate (Rev. 13:4); from those who “come out of Babylon” (Rev. 18:4) and stay on God’s side (Rev. 13:7;14:9-12;16:15); b) The application of the “Trumpet Plagues” over a specified time frame of 3 1/2 hears–(With the exception of the second half of the 6th plague, i.e., the Mark of the Beast period, all plagues fall on the Satan worshipping people…very similar to what happened in Pharaoh’s Egypt and God’s people in The Land of Goshen; Rev. 18:4); c) The Scriptural certitude that the 7th Trumpet time frame accounts for all of the developments that unfold during the figurative “1000 years” of Revelation 20; [See: 7th Trumpet] d) The “little season” (c. 3 yrs.) of Satan’s loosing after his 7th Trumpet binding (Rev. 20:3,7); e) The Rapture (I Thess. 4:13-18); the general resurrection (John 5:28,29;10:16); f) The complete destruction and disappearance of this earth and the present heavens (II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 20:11); [See: New-Renew] g) The White Throne Judgment of those raised in the general resurrection (John 5:28,29; 10:16), that Judgment having already been made concerning those just raptured (II Thess. 4:13- 18); h) The descent of the eternal New Earth with its New Jerusalem (Is. 66:22; Rev. 21;1) from its present location [See: Size-Structure Pt 1] to where this earth had been at the center of our universe (Rev. 21:2); i) The beginning of eternal paradise for the Children of God on that New Earth where death and pain have passed away; where God Himself shall dwell with the overcomers; and where God’s Children will inherit all things and be joint heirs with Christ….(Rom. 8:16,17; Rev. 21:1=7; Gal. 3:29)

Final Score:

Bible 777 – Satan 0


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