From Copernicanism To The Big Bang

Modern Cosmology’s Model of the Universe Is Built Solely On ASSUMPTIONS

Fair Education Foundation, Inc.

Marshall Hall, Founder & Author
Bonnie Hall, President

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The solar eclipse tableau involving the sun, moon, and earth reveals a truly amazing fact about the universal acceptance of the Copernican Heliocentric Model of a rotating earth orbiting a stationary sun. That amazing fact is this: The Eclipse Tableau exposes as no other illustration does the bald truth that the Helio Model is built purely on assumptions that deny all observational and experimental evidence.

Notice these seven assumptions which are indispensable to the Helio Model in general and are so apparent in the Solar Eclipse Phenomena.

1) It must be assumed that the Sun is stationary in the “solar” system relevant to the Earth (and to the Moon) and that it has never traveled East to West daily across the sky as observed by everyone on Earth throughout all history.

2) Likewise, it must be assumed that the Earth rotates West to East ccw (counterclockwise) on an “axis” every 24 hours at an equatorial speed of c. 1040 MPH in spite of there being nothing but a mathematical model’s “necessary evidence” for this motion whatsoever.

3) It must be assumed that the Earth is also orbiting the Sun annually (ccw) at an average speed of c. 67,000 MPH.

4) It must be assumed that the Earth’s axial alleged tilt of 23.5 degrees–in combination with its assumed annual orbit around the sun–is the only available scientific explanation for the seasons.

5) The Earth’s atmosphere must be assumed to be just an airy, fixed extension of the alleged rotating Earth. It is assumed and must be assumed that this atmosphere must have the remarkable ability to synchronize speeds of objects in it at all altitudes–birds, clouds, jets, low orbit satellites, alleged geo-synchronous satellites over 22,000 miles out–and to be unaffected by alleged Earth movements of speeds ranging from 1000 MPH to 67,000 MPH to 500,000 MPH to 660,000,000 MPH. This assumption is mandatory once the rotating Earth assumption is made and cannot be ignored in the helio model of the eclipse phenomena.

6) A particularly fantastic assumption necessary to accommodating the precise Solar Eclipse Phenomena in the Helio Mathematical Model involves the bold reversal of the Moon’s observed direction of travel. Acceptance of this occult slight of hand from the Arcane Math Department of Mystic U. has no basis in reality, of course. Rather, it must be coupled with prior acceptance of the other assumptions of a rotating Earth orbiting a stationary Sun. No moon reversal means no accurate eclipse forecasts and no accurate eclipse forecasts mean no heliocentricity model.

7) It must be assumed that the Stars do not move around the Earth diurnally (as they have been observed to do by everyone who has ever lived).

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