Twisted Thinking of Globe Earth Thinkers

Twisted Thinking of Globe Earth Thinkers

Flat earth critics use twisted thinking to keep the lie going.

Here an article by a globe earth believer (Click Here for original article.) His words are in italics.

When confronted with direct evidence that they are profoundly wrong, they typically give a handwaving explanation such as, “It’s an optical illusion.”

The optical illusion that heliocentric believers claim we engage in is what they actually do. Do you recall the meteorologists from Chicago tried to explain being able to see the city across Lake Michigan? He said it was a mirage.

If this writer is referring to ships going over the horizon, he is wrong there, too. The fact that a ship IS going out of sight, is not an optical illusion – it’s that our eyes have a limited ability to see distant objects. To the untrained person, he could believe that it’s because the earth is round. And that is because he is given a wrong interpretation of what happened. But when we show him by having him look through a telescope and the ship comes back into views – it’s not the result of optical illusion that a telescope bring the ship back in sight. Another lie for the heliocentric believer.

They can’t really explain what they mean by that, or they try and hopelessly fail…

We are very precise in our explanations and we don’t fail. We can’t help it that the person is either totally controlled or not too smart (to say it kindly) that he/she can’t follow along.

And of course they have to resort to, “It’s a conspiracy,”…

It certainly is a conspiracy! When you have a group of people hiding something from another group – that is what you call a conspiracy! This writer should look up the word in a dictionary.

…to dismiss all the actual direct photographic evidence.

We don’t dismiss all photographic evidence. If someone took a photo from a plane and it shows a flat horizon, that is what it is. But if this photo shows a curved horizon, it is still a real photo BUT with a fish-eye lens. However, the photos of the earth that is suppose to be taken from space is a fake; if it’s a video it’s a fake, too.

It seems that some flat-earthers start out as dedicated conspiracy theorists first, and for them the flat earth is the ultimate conspiracy.

It’s a fact, that you know about conspiracies before you find out about the flat earth, or if you did not believe in conspiracies before can be applied to anything. You either know or you don’t know. But once you learn about the flat earth the next logical question is: “What else are they hiding from us?” Then the new flat earth believer starts his journey on learning about all the other lies and cover ups on just about every other topic that affects mankind.

What’s In A Name?

Is this a joke or what? I had to laugh when I saw the author’s name – it’s Steven Novella. Do you see the humour in this? I don’t make fun of people’s names but in cases where some does not do honest reporting, makes me wonder.

What does ‘novella’ mean? “Something that is longer than a short story but not a novel; between 17,000 and 40,000 words.” The root word, ‘novel’ is FICTION, it’s basically a lie. Which is what his article is! Now, is this a pen name chosen by a government worker, or is it ironically his real name?

But there has been a number of times that people have names that I come across, that is related in some way to what they are doing or what they are trying to pull off.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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