No Satellites in the Sky

Satellite-dish-1  There are no satellites in the sky. I know this is hard to believe but just consider the following.

Point 1: They say we can see satellites in the sky with the naked eye. Now, they are anywhere from 100 miles up to hundreds of miles up. We are told that they are the size of a school bus. With that in mind, how far away can you see a school bus as it does down a straight road? Not far, as in a couple of minutes it’s out of sight. So, how can you see something that is 250 miles up? Even with the light reflecting off of it by the Sun, that light would be so small – you’d wouldn’t see that either.

Point 2: Did you ever notice that you can’t get mobile phone signals in the woods or in many valleys. Why should that be when satellites would beam it down to you from above. This is because the signal goes from one tower to another.

Point 3: Why are satellite dishes pointing along the horizon? Why aren’t they vertical? IF there were communication satellites, many of them would be over head and all satellite dishes would be closer to 90 degrees up but they are not. Go out and look at homes that have satellite dishes and notice the angle they are pointing. They are pointing more level to the ground because they are picking up relay signals that are also on the ground. This is how ALL mobile phones operate.

Point 4: With the proliferation of the mobile phones, especially in the past 15 years, you also see a proliferation of cell phone towers. Look at the tops of higher buildings in your town; perhaps your apartment building has one. The reason for all these microwave towers are, in part, to relay all the phone signals. This should not be necessary when one satellite could cover one country or a good part of it. Satellites would be a lot cheaper and more effective than putting up thousands of relay towers that you see.

When people get lost, it is not satellite information that is used by rescue workers, it’s from the nearest phone tower to the person that went missing that is used.

You may ask, “Do I need a satellite dish?” And the answer is, “No.” You can use an antenna – which are cheaper and not unsightly as satellite dishes. So, in short, you are being scammed into buying a satellite dish when you can use a good, tall antenna to do the work.

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