What Conspiracy Should You Introduce First?

What Conspiracy Should You Introduce First?

What conspiracy should you introduce first when talking to friends? (This is just a recommendation, of course.)  We often don’t give this a thought, at least I didn’t. But I just got a thought last night that there is one topic that you should introduce to family or friends if you are to introduce them to the world of conspiracies. Do you know which one it is?

We could talk about the flat earth, now that we are aware of it. That would be a good start, but there is one that I think is even better and that is our money system. Why? Because when you are talking to people that are worldly, the money system should stand out. Just about everyone you meet have money problems or they know of people that do.

Yes, there are other important topics that you can discuss but if others don’t see it as important, you won’t get their attention – no matter how right you are.

If you are not familiar with biblical economics verses the Babylonian money system, you should learn about this before you realise that this would be the topic to start off with when you talk about what’s wrong with the world.

We know that believing in Christ as your saviour is the most important thing. But if you are talking to a Christian, they would already know about this. If you are talking to a atheists, they would have their focus on material things, such as money.

To be as brief as I can about the Babylonian money system, it’s based on debt-expansion. That the way money is created is that someone borrows money, thus a debt is created. With the debt there is the payment, which includes principle and interest. To pay back the loan you have to withdraw money from circulation. When this money is not replaced (with more debt) there is a lack of money. With a lack of money, known as currency in circulation (CIC), you have businesses closing, unemployment, poverty and homelessness, to name a few.

You can easily demonstrate this with math; you can set up a game where you have coins and each person starts out with so much borrowed money. Then each person has to pay back to the banker. At the end of the game it’s the Bankers that always ends up with all the money and wealth (collateral that is used to get the loan). This is a matter of mathematics and not something where a person can debate this from a Left – Right perspective; where they can say, for example, “That there is no proof that vaccines causes autism.”

When talking to your friend, you can say that this is a global conspiracy (it’s when you introduce the flat earth topic that you can drop global and use “world-wide ;-).

You can show your friend a video by a preacher that talks about biblical economics. You can give him the booklet that you can get free online called, “Billions For the Bankers and Debts For the People,” by Pastor Sheldon Emry.

Here is the link for the PDF booklet: Click Here

Here is one video on biblical economics below. All young people should see this, as it will give them a good start in life.



About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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4 Responses to What Conspiracy Should You Introduce First?

  1. Dr. λ, Creator of Variables, Binder of Variables, Applicator of Terms, Checker of Types, β-Reducer of β-Redexes says:

    Good idea! Personally I preferred to start with the moonlanding hoax since it is so obviously fake and so easy to evidence but starting with money might be better because it is more pragmatic.

    However even materially inclined people are often not interested in how the money system works. They only think short-term. They do not want to understand how the money system rules their lives works, they just want to get a lot of money from it. But people like this are very difficult to wake up no matter how you start.

    Another advantage is that this conspiracy theory is more widely believed and less ridiculed than flat earth. Personally I think that the flat earth is one of the worst conspiracies to start with because it is so hard core. To me it seems most people only start with flat earth when they are already pretty deep in the conspiracy theories. If you start with flat arth they might not even be willing to discuss it ith you since they might immediately assume that you are crazy. However even people who are not deep into conspiracy theories may be willing to give this mild one about money a chance. I think that many people in the back of their mind distrust bankers anyway.

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  2. Opus says:

    I always start with the Moon Landing sleight-of-hand – not that I gain converts from doing so but because at worst people just think one just a bit odd and not much really turns on whether two men really set foot on the Moon in 1969. Try explaining the lack of evidence for (say) ball earth and ones listener becomes upset. There are other matters where one is merely shouted at or threatened and entirely immaterial facts are introduced as if they disprove ones arguments and the listener goes away satisfied – but do they?

    A friend of mine has on occasion said to me: You think the landings are fake because the flag moved. I reply that the matter of the flag is something I never mention [I have what I consider much more interesting and persuasive reasons] and thus tell him that he is presumably a bit of a sceptic. I have thus turned the table by undermining his beliefs and on the basis of his own words.

    One curious fact worth remembering is that at the time people are taken in by Hoaxes but over time the absurdity of the hoax will come into focus and people will wonder how anyone could have been so taken in.


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