Lending Money At Interest (Usury)

Lending Money At Interest (Usury)

For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee. Deuteronomy 15:6

(Check out the book below.)

We read in the Bible that, when we are in obedience, we shall lend to other nations and they shall not lend to us. That means, that we have the wealth to do so – WHEN we are in obedience to God’s laws.

I read that it was during the Reagan years as President that America went from a lending nation to a borrowing nation. But think of this, even when we were a ‘lending’ nation, we were NOT in obedience to God’s laws. So, is there a conflict with the Bible? No. Though America was lending to other nations, it was not God’s Saxon people (and related white race) that was lending the money – it was the Edomite, just like it is today. So, even before President Reagan’s time, Christians were not benefiting – it was the non-Christians. And that was because we did not have God’s laws as the laws of the land.

John Perkins worked for the International Monetary Fund back in the 1970’s and his job was to convince government leaders to borrow money. This is all recorded in his book, “I Was An Economic Hit Man.” The nations became involved in debt, thus making the IMF able to collect their collateral – which was the natural resources of the nation. The people were sent into poverty as a result of the austerity that was imposed on them. So, it was a curse to the people.

The reason why borrowing money from others – whether it be a private individual, business or government is, that interest has to be paid back. This is not how we as individuals or as a nation is to lend money.

When you hear that a nation lends money to another nation, the people of the nation lending the money certainly don’t receive any benefits and that is because it were banks that make all the money. The people of the nation that borrows money are not benefited because, they have to pay more taxes to try to pay back the loan; businesses close, people are laid off because of the general austerity of the nation; the benefits that the people did get from the nation are no longer available because they don’t have the money, either. The natural resources of the nation now goes to a foreign business and not their local businesses.

America is to be a blessing to other nations and not a curse; other Christian nations are to be a blessing to other nations but are not. The reason is simple, that we are not following God’s laws, and in this case, as it applies to economics.

Now that the American government is doing the borrowing, we are suffering; there is austerity in the land despite what Donald Trump says. When there is a burst of economic activity it’s always short lived. The reason why is, that more money is borrowed but soon it has to be paid back. And the way it’s paid back is by: more taxes, more selling of public works to private business (which results in higher prices) and cut back on government services.

America is not fulfilling its biblical destiny, if they were, they would be a blessing to other nations. You become a blessing to yourself and other nations by doing it God’s way.

With all this in mind, here is a copy of a rare book titled: Usury and the Church of England. Click Here


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