Addiction Nation

Addiction Nation

  It seems that we are an addiction nation – there are addictions of all kinds and it’s getting worse. Addictions had always been around but now it’s more than ever. Not only is the percentage of it going up but there are more kinds of addictions that were not possible a few short years ago.

Now, this article is not meant to be one that is researched with all the details, as that would take more time to put out – there are other articles out there now. The purpose of this article is to show, in layman’s terms, the various kinds of additions – even those that the Establishment says are not but really are. So, let’s continue…

Let’s take a look at the older addictions. There is alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is the oldest and probably been with us since the beginning of time. Next is the street drugs that invaded America in the 1950s onward. Later, there have been more addictive drugs such as crack cocaine and others that I can’t even name.

We are told, and witness first hand, that anti-depressants are addictive along with other prescription drugs.


Gambling addition has been around since recorded history but technology has made it worse. Not long ago, the only place you could gamble was out in Las Vegas. Now you have gambling all over. You also have online gambling and because of the speed in which the game is played, it encourages people to play more. No more do you have to travel thousands of miles to lose your money, you can do it right online. It’s the rush and the speed that fuels addictions.

Video Games

Video games, as it has turned out, is an addiction. Naturally, most people who play are not addicted but there are those who are serious about their playing; they ignore time that should be spent around the home dong things and spending quality time with the family. This was not even imagined 20 years ago, as the technology didn’t even exist.


Pornography is another addiction as millions of men watch it every day. Years ago, there was pornography but a person had to go out and buy a magazine or video. Now, all of this can be watched online and it’s free. This is replacing normal sexual relationship that a man should have with his wife.

Acceptable Additions”

Then, there are the acceptable additions, ones that we think noting of, and ones that we are all engaged in to a certain extent. There are additions from sugar, coffee, “energy drinks” (which are nothing more than sugar and caffeine). The energy drinks has made addicts to millions of young children. If it wasn’t for the marketing and the big (but short-time) boost to energy, children would not be added to this. After all, drinking energy drinks is more “fun” than sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee.

There is the smoker with manufactures deliberately putting chemicals in the cigarettes to make them more addictive.

It Doesn’t Stop There

You think that this would be all the addictions there could be, but it’s not. There is the shopping addition. While “the shop till you drop” had been around for awhile, online shopping has turned this into a real addiction. I’m not saying that just because you buy something on eBay or Amazon that you are addicted, I’m not. There are real needs for purchases. However, because of the speed in which you can buy things seems to be the key to shopping addictions.

While shopping additions do not lead to bad health, it can in the long run. When you buy too much, when you buy something that is not a necessity and not having the money to buy that which is a necessity, your family suffers.

Think about this, traditional shopping requires you to get in the car, drive to the mall. Then walking from shop to shop. Then, you have to go the department you want, find the adult section, and look through the racks. Then, you get in your car again, fight the traffic to go to another shop. In between you stop for something to eat. All of this takes time. But with online shopping you can type in what you are looking for and in a section find it. Then you can scroll down to see other like items. The speed in which you are seeing things adds fuel to your shopping; you get that “feel good factor” with each purchase. Before you know it, you’ve spent $50 or $100 dollars.

When you shop on eBay, you have that adrenaline rush when you win. Then you eye catches something else and within a couple of minutes you find yourself buying something else. It’s the adrenaline rush and the speed that you can get it that helps create an addiction.

One More Major Addiction

There is one more major addictions that didn’t exist 20 years ago, and that is social media. With Facebook and Twitter, people have to see what “their friends” are up to; what pictures and videos were posted. People strive to get more Likes and Followers.

What added a great deal of fuel to social media are the iPhones. Unless someone is actually driving, they are on their phones. And even people that are driving, you see some of them checking their messages. Teenagers and people in middle age are glued to their iPhones. They walk being on their iPhones, they go out for a drink but stay on their phones; they eat with one hand and have their thumb type out a message with the other – probably typing, “Jamie, pass me the salt please.” There literally is no social engagement though it’s called social media. People don’t have friends any more, they have Followers.

You have millions of people that are developing all kinds of emotional issues because of nasty comments they get on their iPhones; they are bullied, called names, made fun of and are even bullied if they don’t show a nude video of themselves. Children have committed suicide while others go on a rampage – all because of social media.

Children and even adults go to bed with the iPhones – being constantly exposed to radiation. They type until they fall asleep; they ignore their studies, their family and getting out in the sun and getting exercise all because of their addiction to social media.


With all the addictions, is there any wonder why we are Addiction Nation? And, it’s not just one nation involved but every industrial nation in the world.

News Flash: Right after I posted the above, I read today’s news item about Facebook and addition. Click Here to read the original article.



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