The Plastic Trash Cover Up In Our Oceans

The Plastic Trash Cover Up In Our Oceans

plastic in ocean cover up

 I didn’t think that there would be a cover up about plastics in our oceans but there is.

In the last post I wrote about plastics in our oceans and how the government is charging the people for it by placing a tax on the bags (in the UK). But I forgot to put in the article that the government is responsible for it and not the people. You don’t have people driving to the coast and dumping their trash in; they put it in the bin and the trash collectors pick it up. So, it must the government on the local level that is doing it – so, why charge the people? We know the reason – it’s simply another way to tax the people and have them go along with it.

Anyhow, I just came across an article to day that said that 95% of all the trash in the oceans come from 10 rivers. Eight of those rivers are in Asia and two are in Africa! Eight of the rivers (the Yangtze, Yellow, Hai, Pearl, Amur, Mekong, Indus and Ganges Delta) are found in Asia while two (the Niger and Nile) are in Africa.

The worst polluter of is the Yangtze, located in China, which releases 1.5 million tons of plastic waste into the Yellow Sea annually (more than is released by the other nine rivers combined

Together, the 10 rivers are responsible for dumping 0.47 to 2.75 million tons of plastic into the world’s oceans every year; better waste-management practices targeting these 10 rivers could have a major effect in curbing the amount of plastic flowing into the world’s oceans.

If you recall in other news, that there is a mass of plastic in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. And this is between Asia and America. So, with China and other nations in Asia doing the dumping, that is why the plastic problem is there – it’s NOT in the North Sea, the English Canal or around Europe.

Possible Solution

The solution lies in using hemp for our bags in the shops. And while other materials will still have to use plastic, we do have the technology to completely and safely recycle the plastic we do use. This will cut down the use of plastic a great deal. Another thing that can be used is, that there is no need for manufactures, for example, to create table spoon size portions of yogurt and put it in plastic; there is no need to put fresh cucumbers in plastic covering. Therefore, the government should be going after the corporations that do this.

Sorry to get off the flat earth topic, but when you think about it, this story of plastic in our oceans is keeping this flat stationary earth clean. So, I think that it’s appropriate to have it here.


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