Trump and Embargo of Iran

The Real Reasons For Wars

Trump is still trumping the world in keeping an embargo on Iran – because of its so-called threat to the U.S. and the West in general. This is total nonsense, my Readers well know. Just think of this, what design does Iran have to take over the US? What design do they have on Europe? The same applies to all the other nations that we invaded. Any so-called “threat” is totally made up. All this goes to show that the wars the world has been having in the past is mostly caused by some of the super powers.

Take any South American country. It could be Chile, Ecuador, or Uruguay, have they ever been worried about Iran, Syria or China invading them? Of course not. Do you think that these nations ever thought that they have to depend on the US to protect them from countries 5,000 miles away? Do you think that they ever talked about that if the US did not have troops all over the world they would not be safe? Of course not. But if you only read CNN or BBC, you would think that would be the case.

In short, the US uses this nonsense that they need 800 bases located in 100 countries to protect little nations from aggressors.

Take little Ecuador, do you think they have been threatened by Peru or Columbia? No! Even when they did feel threatened in the distant past, the dispute was resolved locally. Back in the 1830’s when there was a threat from Bolivia, I think, this was all done without another nation located far away to come to their aide. So, the same thing can be done now.

So, why are there US bases all over the world? (800 military bases in 100 countries by some counts.) I believe it’s for several reason, which are:

  • To get those nations in debt to world banks
  • To steal that nation’s natural resources (and pay them only pennies on the dollar)
  • To get them tied up in a One World godless government
  • To get them to adopt the sick laws that the US has
  • To be part of, a yet to come, world tax system
  • To be forced to take products that are not good, such as GMO food, vaccinations and all other pharmaceutical drugs
  • To be slaves and make products for wealthy American manufactures that can be sold at a high markup
  • To make these products that abiding to all the pollution laws that these very same companies would have to in the US
  • To be forced to buy products from the US that they can do without
  • To not raise certain foods for themselves but to buy them from another nation

When you look at all of this, it all boils down to the super wealthy making money off the other nations. For all the talk they have about freedom and equality, the super wealthy are really into SLAVERY. But it’s marketed in such a way that the people, who are actually slaves, think that they are free. This is the reason why the US has military bases all over the world – to really keep in line the nations that offer alternatives to their people. And, by extension, show visitors from other parts of the world how much better off their nations can be.

Nations that are totally in control by the New World Order do not want their people to see how well off people in other nations are that are not part of the Parasite Nations. Case in point is, that when the National Socialists were in power in the 1930s, the Wilhelm Gustloff was used as a holiday cruise ship for German workers. One year they were prevented from docking in England and this was before the war. Imagine, a tourist cruise ship that would bring business to England! The real reason for this was, the government was afraid that the British people would learn how well off the German workers were. In like manner, British and Americans were discouraged about visiting the 1936 Olympics. Many did go but it was not encouraged. Well, it was these visitors to the Olympics who got to see how life really was in NS Germany.

In conclusion, wars are started for entirely different reasons than what we are told.


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Plastic in the Oceans

There is a big push of making the word alert about the pollution caused by plastics. There is a recent UN meeting on this very subject. We all know of the millions of tons of plastic that is dumped into the oceans of the world; of the killing of our fish and the pollution of the sea and land. While we are all against all this, there are some things to take into consideration.

While all of this sounds good, there is an agenda behind this. Mark my words but I see a day coming where there will be a tax on all plastic and that this tax will increase over the years, just like the national income tax.

In the UK there is a 5p tax on plastic bags if you ask for one from the shops. Now, it’s planned to go up to 10p. I hope that I’m wrong but I see this being extended to buying rolls of plastic bags in the shops. For example, you can get 40 small bags for 70p (like 70 cents in the US). I can see that they, too, will be taxed; at 5p a bag, that will add an additional £2, bringing the total to £2.70. Companies that make products will be taxed but they will pass the tax onto the consumer, as they always do.

This is just another way to get the people to willingly go along and pay more tax. And this tax money will be used to pay towards the loans the government has to the central bank.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to Trump and Embargo of Iran

  1. Mr Geoffrey Ellis says:

    I concur.


  2. george bell says:

    What do you think will happen with the USA if all the countries of the world would know that
    ” nuke do not exist ” ?


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