Could Chemtrail Planes Be Flying Real Low?

Could The Government Be Spraying Us At Low Altitudes?

  A good friend and supporter of CFEM made a suggestion that maybe chemtrails are happening at a much lower altitude. Let me go back a bit and tell you what I discovered.

Just last week I watched some videos of guys who own model jet planes. They were from two feet to five feet in length (they have them larger, too). What was said in one video was, “From a distance they look real.” Then, when my friend made this suggestion, I thought about this…could it be that the government has their own remote control planes but it’s filled with the chemicals, biological and nanotech metals that we see in the sky? But they are really being dropped from these drones.

  In a couple of videos I saw the week before, a guy said that he is able to zoom closer to planes than he should be able to, IF the planes were a couple of miles up. He had previously zoomed to a Stop Sign that was actually 1,000 feet away and then compared it to the plane flying above. However, this guy had not considered that it was a drone that he was actually seeing.

Connecting the dots, this would explain how he was not able to get more detail through his lens – because the model planes are actually lower. Now, keep in mind, I have no proof of this but it would make sense. After all, if you were trying to kill flies with a spray, wouldn’t you rather be two feet away than 20 feet? But in this case, it’s the government trying to kill us.

All it takes is for someone who has a high power rifle and shot at it; if it was a military plane flying at four miles up he would not hit it; if it is a drone 400 feet up, he’d see some little model dropping to the ground.

When it comes to distance, we really don’t know how far things are away unless we have something to compare it to. So, we assume something that we are told is the truth, but we know better that it is not.

When it comes to the flat earth, we know that the Sun, Moon and stars are much closer than what we are told. Now, it looks like (or could be) that some planes are really closer than what they are.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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