Why Do Christians Get Sick?

Why Do Christians Get Sick?

This could be the most important videos that you see!

Why do Christians get sick. For many Christians they think that this is normal – after all the rest of mankind gets sick. Those that are not Christians think that we have no special protection (that’s why they are non-Christians). Finally, there are Christians who do wonder why we get sick; they often ask where is God’s protection for his people. Well, this article is addressed to them along with the video clips below.

The problem with Christians is that they don’t read their Bibles! If they did, they will see God’s instruction for his people. After all, we are promised that if we DON’T obey God, that we will get disease and the plagues of Egypt (Deut. Chapter 28). Well, if this is the case, then there is something that we can do so as NOT to get sick. This, you’ll find in the first part of Deut. 28 when God says if we listen to his voice, if we obey (that means that we have to obey his Laws, Statues and Judgements). Now, this is where modern-day Christians get it all wrong and why they think that they are like the rest of the world. They are told by their false preachers that “the Law has been done away with.” Since Christians DON’T follow his Commandments is precisely why we do get sick – and get all the other evils that come with disobedience.

Now, if they put aside what they are told, if they ignore their Baal Priests, then follow God’s Commandments, they will find out that they will get well; that God will heal them. So, put aside what your preacher tells you; put aside all the politically correct things you were told and DO what is biblically correct and you’ll see miracles in your life.

One other thing that leads Christians astray, and what modern-day false prophets (who come in Christ’s name) say is, that the Bible is just for our spiritual life and not earthly, physical life. This is another lie. The lying prophets use the excuse that this is what the New Testament is all about. No it isn’t! Christ said that heaven and earth will pass away before on iota of the Law is done away with.

So, with us to still have the Commandments, that includes the food laws that we are told to keep. When we do this, you’ll find that we will not have “the plagues of Egypt upon us;” this is for our personal lives as this is something that we can change now. As for our country, we STILL have those curses but that’s because we are breaking laws that should be done on the national level.

With that in mind, kindly listen to Pastor George Malkmus. You will learn how to get well and how to stay well.

Hallelujah Diet

How to Eliminate Sickness

by George Malkmus

1 hour, 30 minutes


If you would like books on how to get well, check out this link, where you’ll learn more. ( This is my Google Blogger site by the way.)

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