The Conspiracy That Has Murdered Millions Of People Each Year

The Conspiracy That Murders Millions Of People Each Year

There is a conspiracy that I’m sure you have all heard of, and that is the medical lies that have literally murdered millions of people each year. I’m sure you know of some lies that we are told by the pharmaceutical companies such as: there is no cure for cancer, there is no cure for diabetes, there is no cure for (name your disease).

Then, there are the lies we are told that you must have: chemotherapy, radiation, or that you need (name your drug) to get well. If you believe all this, then you think that man simply can’t live without modern-day doctors and their modern-day medical devices. Well, such is not true. There are many things that you can do to keep yourself well; there are many things you can do to over come what illness you have. If you have a fatty liver, poor kidneys or diabetes, for example, you can over come it by using God-given herbs, natural fresh juices, vegetables, etc.

I don’t know how knowledgeable you are about natural healing; you may know some of the lies but you might still feel you must see an allopathic doctor for what particular problem you have. With that in mind, Christian Flat Earth Ministry is now offering books that deal with common problems that millions of people have. More about that later…

I have to insert here that I’m not a medical doctor – Thank God! And that if you are sick, you have the freedom to consult with any medical doctor you want, other health practitioner or to go on your own.

As a Bible believing Christian, I believe that Yahweh, God created life, created our bodies where they are self-healing and self-repairing – provided IF we give it the nutrients that it needs and let the body take care of itself. There are times where we should not do anything, and simply get out of the body’s way and let it heal itself. This is known as fasting.

If we are sick, the chances are that we brought it on ourselves. There are times when there are situations where it was out of our control – such as poisoning, but aside from there, it’s our own fault if we are sick. So, if there is something that you have done to make yourself sick, then there is something you can do to get yourself well. But you have to know what to do, which is what I will be putting up, as time allows.

Power of Prayer

I believe in the power of prayer and that we can be healed by this; we can also pray for others and they’ll get healed. You may recall that Peter and the other Apostles healed with the power of their touch. Now, it was through Jesus Christ that really did the healing. So, if you think that you can eat, drink and smoke what you will and that you will be healed by just praying to God, you are mistaken. It is true that people who have a bad lifestyle have been healed by prayer, but don’t expect to be healed each time and go back eating the food is biblically condemned.

Paul was given the power to heal, too. But if you recall, there was a time when Paul left Timothy when he (Timothy) was sick. You may wonder why Paul didn’t just go up and touch him. Why didn’t he? We are not given the reason why but there was a reason. Thinking about this, I came to the realisation that we must do our part to stay healthy. IF God was to do everything, then why did He give us food laws? Why are we told not to eat pigs and shell fish? Because they will bring on disease – not right away but in time they will.

I don’t want to get side track but I know many people will think, and you may think, that “God did away with the Law.” No, He did away with the rituals, the animal sacrifice – as Jesus paid the price by shedding His Blood on the cross. A book can be written on this but I want to stay on the topic at hand.

Now, this is my thoughts only but I believe this is in line with story of Paul leaving Timothy when he was ill. That, we have to do our part to stay healthy and God gave us instructions on what to do in the Old Testament. God established all the laws we have, including biological laws that govern our body creation. We are designed to eat certain foods and not others; while certain animals were designed to eat food that would kill us. Pigs are scavengers and it’s OK for them to eat garbage and waste products – that is why they were created. But we are not to eat the pigs that eat the abominable thing. When we do our part, God does His part and that is keeping us healthy. This is done by the biological laws that govern our existence. So, Timothy just had to do what was expect of him (and of us) to get well.

There have been people who had a terrible diet and had turned to God for healing. Some people are were healed right away while others were given instructions on where to go for true information on healing; what people to listen to. Then they do what they are told to do and they get healed.

Some people are healed right away though they had a diet of junk food. But you can look at this as an emergency. Often you have heard about people saying that they prayed to God and said they would dedicate their life to Him if they just got well. This wellness can come in the form of instant healing by prayer or it can come from learning about natural healing. With God guiding them to the person (or website) they would get off their “pig diet,” start eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and regain their health that way.

Remember the words of Christ, after He healed someone, “Go and sin no more.” Now, think about it, that person should stop sinning. What was their sin? Looking at the context of this verse, it was probably the sin of eating the foods that were condemned. In the Book of John, the definition of sin is, “the transgression of the Law.” It could be any law, and that would include dietary. Maybe Paul and the Apostles said those words, too, but as you know, the Bible is not a diary of every words that was spoken by those who are in the Bible. If it were, a library could not contain all the words; it would not be one book as we know it today.

So, what do you do if you have a specific disease? This article is not about that but just let me say that if you go to the link below, you can find out about specific diseases.


A lot more can be said, and I’ll add more as time allows. Though this site is primary about the flat earth, knowing about the flat earth is just the beginning of the world-wide conspiracy that is keeping us in bondage. And with the lies told to us about health, this has to be talked about in much greater detail here. When you learn about, what is called: natural hygiene, alternative medicine, vegetarianism, then you will be better prepared to keep your family healthy. And that is what you want to do, right?

For more in-depth discussion of healing, kindly check out the books at the following link.


Books On The Medical Conspiracy

Are you sick? Would like like to get well naturally? Would you like to know how to stay well? You’ve come to the right place. Below are books on how to get well and stay well.

If you have no insurance, don’t worry, you don’t need it if you follow God’s plan on healthy living.

More books will be added as time permits. For now, we have books that will get you started.

Great articles will be posted on this blog that will help you in your goal for regaining health. So, be sure to bookmark this site, as a lot more “politically incorrect” healthy healing books will be added as time goes on.

Thank you and God Bless you and yours.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to The Conspiracy That Has Murdered Millions Of People Each Year

  1. Cyber says:

    The healthiest way of eating in my opinion is probably fruitarian eating i.e. living on fruit. Human are obviously frugivores.

    Especially bananas are easy to get almost anywhere.
    In addtiion bananas are probably one of our most natural food there is as evidenced by this:
    – Our naturally good colour vision makes us very good at finding bananas
    – Our hands makes us very good at peeling bananas
    – Our teeth are those of a frugivore and make it easy for us to bite off and chew bananas
    – Our taste buds are very sensitive to sweetness (we cannot taste animal protein and are bad at taste vegetables and greens)
    – Humans get hungry from the colors yellow and red (hence why many junkfood companies use those colors in their logo) and humans are attracted to the smell and look of fruit (every animal is attracted to their natural food)
    – Our intestines have the proper length for digesting fruit, but are too long for meat and too short for vegetables
    – Bananas grow in the environment that is most comfortable to us i.e. our natural environment.

    Obviously those arguments do not hold for meat. We are bad at finding meat, we are bad at killing animals (we need weapons to do it), we cannot taste animal proteins, we are bad at chewing meat, and dead bodies are repulsive to us.

    I am not saying that vegetables are not healthy. Clearly our body is not optimized for vegetables but I do believe our bodies handle vegetables pretty well.

    Eating healthy comes automatically for wild animals, and it also comes automatically for humans who eat raw and follow their senses (like wild animals do). If it is a raw whole food that you have not processed with anything but your bare hands and you like the eating it, then it is probably healthy for you.


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