Jet Turbine Gasoline Hoax

Jet Turbine Gasoline Hoax


Notice how thin the wing is compared to the people.

There is a new conspiracy that I discovered yesterday and that is the jet aircraft gasoline hoax. You might have already known about this but there are many who don’t. Here are two videos that tell part of the story. I would like to add a bit myself.

The videos attempt to show that jet planes do not use fuel, though they tell you they do and say how much they use. We are told that the A-30 Bus can carry 86,000 gallons of fuel and that this is stored in the wings and along the fuselage. The fuselage of on Airbus is: 4.14 m (13 ft 7 in) height, 3.95 m (13 ft 0 in) width, 3.70 m (12 ft 2 in) cabin width.

To get an idea of how much 86,000 gallons is, here is how much 9,000 gallons takes up: A swimming pool that is 12×20 with an average depth of 5 feet equals 9,000 gallons. Get a picture of that in your mind’s eye or find a picture on the internet. Now, picture 10 of these pools. So, ask yourself where is there this much room on a passenger plane?

Here is part of what is inside a plane wing. You have seen this when the plane lands. With the electronics and gear, it doesn’t leave much room for fuel, does it?

Looking at the plane, you see the passenger area – no fuel there.

We look underneath at the cargo area – no fuel there.

We look at the skinny wings (which we are told where most of the fuel is) – no fuel there.

Look at the huge turbo jets; they are fans inside with electronics surrounding it. So, no fuel there!

(Take a look at the wings shown here. In one picture you see how thin they are compared to the worker on the plane. In the other photo, you see the landing flaps, the ground underneath and the electronics on the other side.)

When you look at the wing in this photo, you mean that thousands of gallons of gasoline is in this other section of the plane? There is not space to put it.

Some might say that they have seen planes fuel up. First, I want to say that the propeller planes DO need fuel; they are prison driven. The fighter planes of WWII had fuel. What I’m talking about is jet engines.

Swimming pool

Pumping ‘gasoline’

Here is something interesting that is not pointed out in the video but I had thought of. If the fuel is in the wings, why is the pump under the wings? When we fill up gasoline in our cars, the opening is above the fuel tank NOT below. This is how it is on planes that do take fuel. The reason is simple: when you open the nozzle, any fuel that is inside will fall out. It’s known as “water seeks its own level,” and in this case, it’s fuel. The worker might think he is pumping fuel in there but he isn’t. What is it? All I can say is, I know what it ISN’T.

Concorde diagram

The pictures we do see that is a diagram of the inside of wings, we are told that is where the fuel goes. Again, “we are told.” How many times we are told things from the government and academia that is not so, such as: we are told the earth is a globe. Keep this in mind when you read about the fuel that the turbo jet of whatever make and model carries.

You might ask, “Does the pilots know about this? Does the ground crew know about this? Does the airline know about this?” IF they do, they are not telling. They might not have ever thought about this as I never thought about it and you never thought about it.

Most airline companies lease their planes – they don’t own it. So, let’s speculate a bit. The compnay that actually owns the airplanes might not say a word. The airline that leases it might know but not say anything, as this would be a good excuse to charge more for the flights; a good reason to chage more each time a barrel of crude goes up in price. The airport might be playing along in this game and there might be a deal where they charge just a fraction of what it really costs.

Do The Math And Expose the Conspiracy!

There are a lot of things that we are told that simply isn’t true. And one way to expose the lies is: just to do the math. Doing the math on many events that we are told happened or of things in our natural world can be exposed by doing the math. Exposing the gasoline hoax is one of them.

Take the amount of fuel that a given jet airplane takes. Find out the volume that would take. Find out the weight. Find out the size of the airplane. Find out the area that is not used by passengers, cargo and electronics. Does it add up? If not, that means we are being lied to!

There are other videos on the internet that talk about this topic, so I encourage you to do your own research.


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